Unintended Cultivator - A Xianxia-inspired Cultivation Novel

Unintended Cultivator - A Xianxia-inspired Cultivation Novel

by Edontigney

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Living on the streets of Orchard's Reach, Sen never dreamed about becoming a cultivator. He barely even knew what cultivation was, let alone wanted to do it. When fate intervenes, though, he finds himself the disciple of a cultivator. Like all who find themselves on the path to defying the heavens, Sen will have to decide what kind of person he wants to be and what kind of mark he wants to leave on the world.

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Chapter 1 – The Escape ago
Chapter 2 – The Cultivator ago
Chapter 3 - Luck? ago
Chapter 4 - Leavetaking ago
Chapter 5 - The Wilds, Part 1 ago
Chapter 6 - The Wilds, Part 2 ago
Chapter 7 – The Wilds, Part 3 ago
Chapter 8 - The Wilds, Part 4 ago
Chapter 9 - The Wilds, Part 5 ago
Chapter 10 - The Wilds, Part 6 ago
Chapter 11 – A Manor in the Sky ago
Unintended Cultivator - Poll ago
Chapter 12 – Uncle Kho ago
Chapter 13 – Learning, Part 1 ago
Chapter 14 - Learning, Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 - New Year ago
Chapter 16 - Gifts ago
Chapter 17 – The Second Time Around ago
Chapter 18 - Practice, Part 1 ago
Chapter 19 - Practice, Part 2 ago
Chapter 20 - Practice, Part 3 ago
Chapter 21 – Practice, Part 4 ago
Chapter 22 – Scrolls ago
Chapter 23 - Cultivation ago
Chapter 24 - Cultivation, Part 2 ago
Chapter 25 - Growth ago
Chapter 26 - Killing Intent, Part 1 ago
Chapter 27 – Killing Intent, Part 2 ago
Chapter 28 – Killing Intent, Part 3 ago
Chapter 29 – Killing Intent, Part 4 ago
Chapter 30 – Killing Intent, Part 5 ago
Chapter 31 – Killing Intent, Part 6 ago
Chapter 32 – The Mountain, Part 1 ago
Chapter 33 – The Mountain, Part 2 ago
Chapter 34 – The Mountain, Part 3 ago
Chapter 35 – The Mountain, Part 4 ago
Chapter 36 – The Mountain, Part 5 ago
Chapter 37 – The Mountain, Part 6 ago
Chapter 38 – Walk and Talk ago
Chapter 39 – Making Peace ago
Chapter 40 – Medicine ago
Unintended Cultivator - Poll V.2.0 ago
Unintended Cultivator - Poll V.2.0 Results and Commentary ago
Chapter 41 - Breakthrough ago
Chapter 42 – Another Stage ago
Chapter 43 – Knowledge ago
Chapter 44 – Year’s End, Part 1 ago
Chapter 45 – Year’s End, Part 2 ago
Chapter 46 – The Way of the Spear ago
Chapter 47 – Foundation Building ago
Chapter 48 – Foundation Building, Part 2 ago
Chapter 49 – Body and Spirit ago
Chapter 50 – The Jianghu, Part 1 ago
Chapter 51 – The Jianghu, Part 2 ago
Chapter 52 – Reflection ago
Chapter 53 – The Path Forward ago
Chapter 54 – Fighting Ways ago
Chapter 55 – A Distant Call ago
Chapter 56 – Next Steps ago
Chapter 57 – Parting Ways, Part 1 ago
Chapter 58 – Parting Ways, Part 2 ago
Chapter 59 – Parting Ways, Part 3 ago
Chapter 60 – Orchard’s Reach ago
Chapter 61 – Grandmother Lu’s Heavenly Wares ago
Chapter 62 – Unexpected Boons ago

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This story, as clearly stated by the author, is inspired by the xianxia genre, by also conscious of the diferente historical and cultural backgrounds of the original xianxia writers in the East and this author's western background. We are still in the beginning of the story, but it is enough for us to see that the text is competently written, with few to none misspellings or grammatical mistakes and good flow of the prose. It is satisfying to read a story without a super OP MC and with less murderhobos on average. Concluding, I would recommend this fiction to anyone that likes the xianxia genre. 


Reviewed as of chapter 40


This story has all of the core aspects of cultivation novels, without the Young Master phallus-waving or toxic facial politics.  There's room in the setting for it, but our MC is at this point being prepared by a small gaggle of Old Monster / Hidden Master rogue cultivators due to a chance encounter that drew him to their attention.  

What strikes me most is that none of the characters shown are flawless, and all have their depth.  The first master makes critical mistakes in his teaching due to being so old he's forgotten what being mortal is like, but admits his errors and takes responsibility.  Another character gives another a painful reminder of his past as an insult, but both immediately regret the argument and hash things out.

The sheer humanity of these characters is a breath of fresh air in these sorts of stories, and I very much hope to continue seeing more from this author. 

Steffen Thorup

Good story with great characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 52 – Reflection

Great read. Poor orphan taken in by wondering cultivator, grows up around figures of myth and power, slowly getting a skewed sense of his own power. cant wait to see what it will be like, when he is finally realeased into the wild.

Well written with hardly any errors.

Great Characters! So far the story is centering around our MC living with 3 legends. A Famous Warrior, an Alchemist and a Teacher. MC also has a taking Cat. Every Characters is distinct and likeable in their own way.

F.L. Riley

An orphan, starved and abused by nobles, gets a chance. A chance to serve a cultivator and for his service is taught. To read, to protect himself, maybe to cultivate? 

It's hard to decide whom I like more in this novel, the MC, the ghost panther, or Uncle, but each character has an identity that draws the reader in.

This follows many of the cliches that most novels dealing with Cultivation follow, but there is an added dimension, a fresh perspective that elevates this novel from bland to engaging.


very solid cultivation novel. read it. really.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26 - Killing Intent, Part 1

Don't know exactly what to say...the author has done an excellent job so far and I am enjoying the novel. Solid characters, solid writing, solid pacing, solid logic, solid worldbuilding (in the little that has been revealed). No plot or logic holes. No idiotic MC (yes, MC has one major OOPsie, but hey, OOPsies are a thing that happes to real people). I'd rate this a 4.7 borderline 4.8 so far (on Amazon Kindle). Kudos to the author.


This story feels a bit different from most cultivation novels. Yes, there's arrogant young masters, old monsters, cultivation realms, pills, and annoyingly spirit panthers that don't respect formations meant to keep them out. But the focus is on the main characters' growth, to the point their cultivation is tied to their perspectives and motivations. For instance, he experiences those elusive moments of enlightenment not when face slapping some arrogant young master but while learning to forgive and whien resolving to explore the world. This, along with the emphasis on balance, gives a unique taoist vibe to the setting, and this beginning portion of the story feels very slice-of-life.

I'd like to see a more detailed plot develop, but so far I'm enjoying the characters and their interactions.

Lord Vitor

If what you are looking for is just a random xianxia story, with a typical MC having sudden epiphanies powering him in the middle of a battle and learning many techniques with imposing (silly) names that he will constantly abandon for stronger ones, than this is the wrong place.

Instead, we have a novel with real depth, explaining the reasons for how, and why to cultivate.

The characters are really well-built, both in the human aspects and the inhuman traits that a cultivator acquires 

MC behaves appropriately for his background, and we can see his growth in the story. Looking forward to see how he will keep progressing in the jianghu.

Sebastian Lindblad

Sen is an orphan, who eats trash and hides in dark corners. One day he has a bit of good fortune, one which will take him far away from the mud. It'll take him up, far away, on a journey which that goes inwards as much as it does outwards. The journey will make him more confident, more astute, and where it began we know, but where it ends? Who knows.

Unintended Cultivator possesses a certain humble, numbers filed-off feel, where the focus is less on advancing, but on characters. This approach is excellent; with less focus on what is happening, but more on why.



A charming combination of cliches and broken patte

Reviewed at: Chapter 43 – Knowledge

I usually try not to evaluate fictions with a small number of chapters, but this one pleased me that for almost 30 chapters I had no complaints. And I also just found out that the presence of reviews affects the popularity of works, but this is not relevant.

As stated in the title of the review, this story simultaneously uses many templates of stories about cultivators and at the same time breaks others, which may appeal to fans of the genre who are tired of repeating the same thing over and over again and hope to see something different, but not too much. The pace of the work is quite slow, which was the reason that the author resorted to a training installation, which in my opinion is a good solution not to change a good established style, but at the same time not to let readers get bored.

The narration is conducted from the point of view of a orphan street boy (this has never happened before and here it is again), whose picture of the world is rather poor and full of speculation and rumors that have little to do with the real world (their world), which is the main reason for his mistakes and misunderstandings. And therefore, together with him, we are slowly learning more about this world of cultivation, and what is most remarkable is that we are not overloaded with information, but got it gradually. The very process of cultivation and other esoteric things like the sixth sense is interestingly shown from the point of view of someone who does not know anything about it.

My English is poor, so I can't properly assess grammar, nevertheless, I didn't notice typos or strangely composed sentences, so by default, you can assume that 5 stars in the grammar are set just like that.

Although the characters are shown at first as if taken from the standard set of characters "write xianxia yourself", but gradually their distinctive features are revealed, which slowly add a third dimension to them.

PS do not rush to participate in the first vote, as it is set too early.


Took me 2 nights to get caught up to current. Kept getting drawn into the next chapter. 

I held off a while on this story as I didn't really understand the premise of an unintended cultivator. I was so used to the stories where the drive of the MC or some need pushed them to cultivate. This story takes a new approach with a character that's get drawn into the path without intending to initially. Great character development without all the constant fighting you normally see. Highly recommend giving this a read to see where we end up.