Divine Bladesmith

by RivertheRoyal

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Gender Bender Magic Martial Arts Reincarnation

In one city, a mysterious bladesmith of considerable skill appears. Nobody seems to know much about the person, or even seen his face. What they do know, however, is that the skill of the enigmatic bladesmith could swing any number of undercurrents in the city, the kingdom, and maybe even the world itself.


Ah, hello there! A bit of a word from the author—or me, since I am the author. Suprising, ain't it? 

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you that this is pretty much a sand-box fiction. A test-bed of sorts meant to try out ideas, improve on various concepts, and see what does and doesn't work. As such, this isn't one of those great and flawless fictions. There are plot holes. There are dropped themes and ideas, and things tend to jump around. I'd advise you to not take this fiction too seriously, since it's not really meant to be serious. 

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it regardless!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Unknown Smith ago
Chapter 2: The Mystery Deepens ago
Chapter 3: The Fine Print ago
Chapter 4: The Break In ago
Chapter 5: The Floor Guardian ago
Chapter 6: The Backstory Begins ago
Chapter 7: The Hell Level ago
Chapter 8: The Crystal Sword ago
Chapter 9: The Good Man ago
Chapter 10: The Noble's "Request" ago
Chapter 11: The Whole Oath ago
Chapter 12: The A-Ranked Party ago
Chapter 13: The Noble's Fall ago
Chapter 14: The Last Sword ago
Chapter 15: The Rebellion Moves ago
Chapter 16: The Useful Teleport ago
Chapter 17: The Story's Beginning ago
Chapter 18: The Seal Room ago
Chapter 19: The Capital's Dungeon ago
Chapter 20: The New Teacher ago
Chapter 21: The Time Skip ago
Chapter 22: The Heroes Arrive ago
Chapter 23: The Successful Summoning ago
Chapter 24: The Teacher's Exam ago
Chapter 25: The Forest Encounter ago
Chapter 26: The Dungeon's Growth ago
Chapter 27: The Stolen Goods ago
Chapter 28: The Student Council ago
Chapter 29: The Reincarnated Members ago
Chapter 30: The Lost Art ago
Chapter 31: The Academy's Dungeon ago
Chapter 32: The Precipice ago
Chapter 33: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 34: The Reappearance ago
Chapter 35: The Implications ago
Chapter 36: The Fall ago
Chapter 37: The Reunion ago
Chapter 38: The Reforging ago
Chapter 39: The Meeting ago
Chapter 40: The Visit ago
Chapter 41: The Changes ago
Chapter 42: The Second Lesson ago
Chapter 43: The Train-Wreck ago
Chapter 44: The Improvements ago
Chapter 45: Level 100 ago
Chapter 46: The Demon Lords ago
Chapter 47: The Return ago
Chapter 48: The Weapons ago
Chapter 49: The Last Week ago
Chapter 50: The Summit ago
Chapter 51: The First Debate ago
Chapter 52: The Hostility ago
Chapter 53: The Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 54: The Summary ago
Chapter 55: The Encounter ago
Chapter 56: The New World ago
Chapter 57: The Campfire Meeting ago
Chapter 58: The Big Question ago
Chapter 59: The Demon's Nature ago
Chapter 60: The History Lesson ago
Chapter 61: The Royal Baths ago
Chapter 62: The Learning Begins ago
Chapter 63: The Advanced Status ago
Chapter 64: The Flower Garden ago
Chapter 65: The Unfinished Sword ago
Chapter 66: The Random Encounter ago
Chapter 67: The Grand Invitation ago
Chapter 68: The Grand Ball ago
Chapter 69: The Grand Annoyance ago
Chapter 70: The Grand Douchebag. ago
Chapter 71: The Search's Start ago
Chapter 72: The Working Family ago
Chapter 73: Scary New Weapons ago
Chapter 74: It's nice to be appreciated. ago
Chapter 75: Looming Annoyances ago
Chapter 76: One More Step ago
Chapter 77: Threat of Torture ago
Chapter 78: Training is Rarely Interesting ago
Chapter 79: Full Force ago
Chapter 80: Moonlight Revelations ago
Chapter 81: No Pain, No Gain. ago
Chapter 82: A Midnight Dive ago
Chapter 83: To peep, or not to peep? ago
Chapter 84: Rock-ets? ago
Chapter 85: Surprises of god-like proportions. ago
Chapter 86: The Puppetmasters. ago
Chapter 87: The Worth of Talent and Hard Work. ago
Chapter 88: Those Classic Templates ago
I'm very sorry about this, but the time has come. ago
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Not what I was led to expect

I think it's about time I stop clogging up this fiction's second review with outdated information from nearly forty chapters ago.

I'll leave my previous review at the bottom if you want to see the way I felt about the story back then. I haven't changed the title, as I feel the essence of what I was talking about has not been changed.

Now, in seventy chapters, I can say that this story has come a long way. However, in a similar fashion to what I observed in the first thirty chapters, it seems to be constantly changing what it is a story about. I'm not going to give examples because those would be MAJOR spoilers, but I can say that the dimension hopping and power scaling will probably reach a Xianxia level at some point in the story. What I mean by this is that everything achieved in the start of the story is rendered meaningless except as a stepping stone for what comes later, as the character's strength and later achievements leave anything they managed earlier in the dust.

Style: It's pretty good for RRL or a light novel. As Horius mentions, it's not up to a published novel standard, and he seems to be a better judge of it than me. But then again, this is RRL, you're probably not here for the style. Although to be fair, in recent chapters, the bubbles, e.g.

(Kai:) I went to the shops today.

have been replaced by more traditional indications of who's speaking, e.g.

"I went to the shops today," Kai said.

So you can see that the author accepts feedback.

Story: Now here is where my problems lie. The story seems to jump between settings all the time, without looking back. The city where Kai spent the first fifteen or so chapters has never appeared again in the story, alongside the characters in it, and as of this moment it seems unlikely that it will. There are about five characters that have appeared in more than two of the five of the settings presented in the story so far - and the main character is one of them. Many of these will come back, I'm sure, but many won't, and if they do we'll have forgotten about them. This casting aside of past characters and plot lines is usually not a good sign in writing.

Another problem is power scaling, which I will talk about more in the character section. It does still apply to the story, though, in that Kai's initial achievements are constantly overshadowed by what she does later into the story, until the new achievements start to feel ridiculous - an inherent problem of long-running stories. Take, for example, her victory over an A-rank adventurer team at the start of the story. Or were they S-rank? I can't even remember because it doesn't seem like that big a deal, compared to those assassins that time... which is my point exactly.

Grammar: A casual glance through will find you few mistakes. And more importantly, it's RRL. I didn't give it 5 because that's an 'exceptional' level, but it's respectable.

Character: OP. That doesn't change throughout the story. It gets better and worse at points, depending on where the MC happens to be standing at any point in time, but there are very few people in the story who don't find the MC's "growth" and "ability" surprising. My initial review was written at a particularly OP-feeling point (around chapter 31) but I can say it doesn't change too much.

Other than that, characters are alright and improving, although the multiple first person perspectives in the latest chapters have made me cringe a little.

I still enjoy the story, but I was over the MC's OPness around chapter 40 and I'm getting a bit more sick of the lack of... purpose.

tl;dr, it's a story with an OP main character that jumps around a lot with too much power scaling for my liking. I still enjoy the story, but I would like it better if the main character found some sort of aim other than "learn".


Previous review (same title as this):

[spoiler]Up to around chapter 15, this review would have been a 4-4.5.

From the description of this story, I expected a political and potentially epic-fantasy novel about a bladesmith who is forced into altering the balance of a nation.

After reading the opening chapters I expected to find a novel about a character struggling against discrimination and stigma against their heritage. I expected to watch the main character overcome her past as those around her tried to bend her to their own purpose in the political struggle. This looked like it would become the main conflict in the story, and the description backed up those beliefs.

I would have been more than happy with either of these.

Except now, as of chapter 31, I find myself missing both of those things. Instead we have the main character strolling around setting dungeon records and teaching at an elven academy. It has turned into a festival of stereotypes, from a student council of overpowered beings (but not as strong as the main character, of course) to waltzing through dungeons while thinking about the next sword she’ll make. This is the reason why the story score was so low – too many cliches when we were led to expect something new. Towards the start it would have been a 4.5, and if it had been handled well a rare 5. For the current arcs it’s down to a 2.5-2, and shows little signs of improving (except the most recent chapter has dropped some interesting plot hooks).

People complain about a lack of blacksmithing. I don’t think it’s that big a deal, but then again I never read this story to get a blacksmithing sim. If it’s not hyper realistic that’s fine by me.


The other aspects of the story are handled well. Grammar is good and imagery is well done. The layout of paragraphs and general writing style is also high-quality. It doesn’t go above and beyond what could possibly be expected (5 level) but I have no complaints about it.


Character took a drop because of an OP main character. It was interesting at first but when they walked into a room of ‘strong’ people and literally made them sit down speechless by releasing their mana, there’s something wrong with the world balance. Sure you can have a strong character, but they require careful handling. There always have to be complications. That was handled decently before through other people’s disrespect. However this has settled down to a few bad looks in the most recent chapters. Now while the main character is unique their interactions with others feel anything but. This could quite easily go up though if a particular foreshadowed relationship is developed well. Having people to protect often does wonders for a character’s confidence in their strength.


tl;dr title says it all really, it feels unique at the start then about-turns into a dungeon crawl/teaching novel, with a few blacksmithing elements. It’s certainly worth a read if that’s what you’re interested in (so the majority of this site) but sadly it’s not really for me.


@River, If you want me to revise my review based on updated chapters please PM me. I’ll probably still be reading unless the complaints I have mentioned get much worse. Your skill as an author still keeps me here despite my complaints.


EDIT: Well it seems all the things I was complaining about have been turned around within two chapters. I haven’t changed the score for now but I’ll revise this after chapter 35 is out. Or so I thought, but plot twist after plot twist... I'll wait until this has quieted down a bit. I can't give an accurate representation of where the story is heading if I don't know myself.[/spoiler]

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Style, the true tragedy here

I can read good works of fictions and I can read bad works of fictions. What I can't read are unpolished jewels, the kind of fiction which makes one realize how great it could be if annoying not-quite-mistakes would be worked on. For this reason, this review does have the first five chapters as it source.


The style is definitely my main problem, but mainly because the style doesn't harmonize with the story. The author does have a very detail-rich way of writing, which is unusual in casual fantasy while being more often found in epic fantasy.
Sadly even there the details would be destructive, for the simple reason that the descriptions go too far. A good author knows to show and not tell.
For example, a character does have black stains on his/her hand. Now, you could tell "Character A does have stains on her/his hand," or you could build it in a conversation: "A, stop rubbing your hands for a second, it makes me nervous," grumbles B. "Sorry, but that damn midnight dark ink seems intend to taint my skin for eternity," says A irritated.
This conversation is also a good example to how conversations should look like. Leave the bubbles, for (Character A): "I have ink on my hand." looks terrible and is a very bad style. I understand that new authors have problems in showing who said what, but the bubbles ruin your work for many.
If you use my conversation as a example, I have to give the additional tip that you literally can't use 'ask' and 'say' too much. I know, it feels bad writing 'say' dozens of times, but in a conversation the focus should remain on the conversation, if you elaborate too much on your vocabulary there, the reader will jump text.


The story seems well planned, but fails in it's presentation. For example, the readers are in the second chapter simply not invested enough to read a memory of the main character. The spark of the story - the main reason and motivation of the main character - would have been much better addressed in a prologue or much later when you built a connection with the character. A late spark/memory usually is used to shock the reader with the differences in the character, something that could have been wonderfully done here.


The Grammar seems alright, I didn't find any mistakes on a casual reading. Once again, this could be more me adjusting to RRL than anything else, but I will keep to my rule of "Only if I find grammar mistakes while casual reading"


The Characters seem interesting, but the bad style and presentation ruins much for them. I know I would care much more for them if they were differently handled. Here I have to note again that I only read up to the fifth chapter, it's absolutely possible that this is corrected in future chapters. I myself sadly will not know it.


Last thoughts: This is a story which I could recommend to casual reading friends, but no one with a passion for reading. There are simply cases where being mediocre is a greater sin than being bad. The style damages all other aspects (except Grammar), from Character to world-building. I feel like the author does have great potential, if he researches the art of writing a bit more. For that I could recommend the free online course of Brandon Sanderson (Famous and popular fantasy author) on Youtube, where you can follow him teaching a group of students for two years. Sanderson, differently than many other authors, seems to have a gift for explaining what he does and why he does it.


Edit 5.7 Just now noticed that every other full review gave style almost or even 5 stars. Are you guys crazy? 

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This is a fun story. I've enjoyed reading it, and I would recommend it. Moving on to the stick...

This is a fun story. I've enjoyed reading it, and I would recommend it. That out of the way for potential readers, I will focus on the shortcomings of it in this review to try in my way to help the author to potentially improve in the future chapters/stories.


The style needs polishing. The style is too simplistic, which is something seen often in authors writing in a non-native language. It is mostly written more like a children's story than a fiction novel targeted at teenager/adult audiences. Horius has pointed out some good points about this, and I plan to add to this instead of repeat what was already pointed out.

A very bad, and unfortunately common in web novels, style is the use of asterisks to show actions and emotions. "*shivers*" is just not as tasteful as a simple "She shivered, feeling the chilling wind creep through her dress." for the reader. There are appropriate works for uses of asterisks to show actions (comics come to mind) but they are just a terrible for novels.

The story could also use some pretty adjectives. While too much of it —like too much of anything really— become detrimental, using some big words every now and then breaks the monotone of storytelling. When used correctly, they could help greatly with emphasizing.

To summarize; improving the dialogues, avoiding uses of stylistic pitfalls like use of asterisks and a bit of embellishment would improve the style dramatically.


The story is something we are used to, nothing ground breaking, and nothing wrong with that really. It is generally nicely structured and flow nicely. That being said, there a few important damaging points in my opinion.

At points, story moves too jaggedly. Jumping from place to place, event to event before we could even start to get invested in place/event. The events after Kai joined to school comes to mind as an obvious example. Kai joining the school as a teacher, the heroes becoming her students, her disappearing into the labyrinth and fight with the lich Toledo, her teleportation into the island and training under high mana density, the breaking of the World Seal are all major plot points. We just moved through them, unable digest any of these events, unable to get invested into any of these important plot points, jaggedly moving from one to another.

Time frames are too short. Here you have a story where, for most of the characters and the world in general, a couple centuries is not much. But we moved in lightning speed from one event to another, and in six months we literally had the world breaking down. It would've been much more logical if these events had been spread over years or decades instead of weeks. What is the rush?

Is there no teacher in this school, which is suppose to be the best in the three continents, beside the ones that was just hired alongside Kai? We never see any of them. Even the heroes are being thought by one of the the new teachers, one of the more incompetent ones too. There are some little things like this that draw my attention while reading. They are not very important and I mostly forget about them afterwards, but they are detrimental to my reading experience for the short while the story is focused on them. 


Grammar is good. Though, there are a couple of reoccurring faulty words. RivertheRoyal, you should definitely learn the words "very" and "definitely". You always use the wrong words instead of these.


I like the characters. They are a bit too stereotypical but that is kind of expected in this kind of story. Well fleshed out characters are more of a pleasant surprise than the norm in this kind of stories unfortunately. Still, giving more character to at least some of them would be a great improvement in my opinion. Sarah and Jasper (not sure about names, commanding hero and brother demon lord) are two good characters to grow for this purpose in my opinion.

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Review as of Chapter 30


This story started off pretty well, but went downhill after Chapter 16 (when the MC is forcibly sent to Elf country). In my opinion, this chapter was where the story seemed to go off the rails and pacing went to hell. Characters and interactions were very forced, confusing at times, and a far cry from the mystique of earlier chapters that left me wanting. I simply feel the MC’s background was revealed too fast, too early.


The focus on smithing/crafting is another welcome change from the many action/hack-and-slash/kungfu fictions on RRL, but this concept is definitely not novel. Furthermore, I cannot say that this was the most well executed, and the story quickly fell back into the leveling/fighting pattern after Elf land. It may be that I am making unfair comparisons with other stories with a focus on crafting  like “Wizard of the Flower Blades” or “Only Sense Online”, but I do see a potential for this story to be much better, a potential that sadly went unfulfilled.


Despite its flaws, I must say it was still somewhat enjoyable, and I do hope that the story manages to reclaim the tone of its earliest chapters.

  • Overall Score

This story is both original and entertaining and is very well written. I would definitely recommend it 

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One sitting, one love

Read through this (27 chapters) in one sitting.
I’m always a bit iffy whenever I’m about to start on something new. There’s a bit of a spectrum but few stories grab me like this one did. I missed sleep for this!

  • Style is easy, well flowing and uncomplicated. Almost reminiscent of (some) Japanese LN translations but in a good way. No brouhaha or unneeded fluff anywhere but not dry either.
  • The story is pretty straightforward… for something like 16 chapters then WAM. I’m very impressed by the way the author mixed different settings into a single narrative without having it feel bloated of artificial. I won’t spoil anything here.
  • A few mistakes here and there and I’d be the first one to harangue people over their grammar and orthography but it’s not to the point of being an actual problem here. Author is willing to fix his mistakes and doesn’t write like a ponce so he’s a-ok in my books.
  • How do you make a story which incorporate 90% of the cliché’d settings oft seen on RR without also making the same thing with the characters? This is how. The MC is self-aware to some extent but doesn’t forget that she not an outside observer in this universe and that internal monologues are not pure devices for the sake of the possible reader. Of course, there are some archetypal personages in there but the variety (contrasted) ensure they aren’t flat. There’s a bit of an overlap with my appreciation of the story itself here; since the characters aren’t all dumb and plot-driven, I was simply blown away when a character setup turned inside-out against the expectations of the MC. It was well done and explained*. 

This is one of those stories I wish I had gotten around to earlier but I made the mistake of checking the growth rate and aggregates (compared to my own story which I find lacking) and saw it was somewhat similar in stats (and thus similar in quality). Which is absolute bollocks. I wish I could write like this!

I didn’t check how many chapters there were or the timestamps on the pages before and as I read through this. At some point, I was getting very anxious whenever I was nearing the bottom of a chapter, fearing I wouldn’t see that beautiful, bluebox-enclosed, [Next Chapter]. I was heartbroken when I reached the bottom of chapter 27 and found that box empty. I am eagerly waiting for me.


[*]. Remember that vindication =/= pettiness or shallowness. Never forget this.


P.S. Special thanks to users [Bloblofjello] and [Liquis] for their reviews. They were what finally got me to jump into this.
P.P.S. Of course, the author deserves the biggest thanks.

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Old Cliché Turned new Twist

This story takes the overdone cliché of your normal royal road 'reincarnation into a fantasy RPG world', makes small changes here and there creating a great fiction.  The changes add that much more to the story, giving a great appeal. I definitely recommend it if you're in the mood for a classic reincarnation story above the rest.

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May have found a gem.

No complaints on grammar or style from me, but so far the characters don’t really hold their own even though they have personality. I really hope we get to see them get more fleshed out and enriched as you go on!

*Up to Ch.6 at point of this review*

  • Overall Score

Kind of sad to see it go

The story isn't great and I found myself not liking a fair amount of stuff. But that doesn't mean I am not a fan. I do kind of love Kai and her not caring personality. 

Two issues I find the most prevalent, Are that the story doesn't really seem to have much of the main storyline. It's mostly the MC going from point A-B with things happening along the way. I am actually a fan of stories like this that don't get bogged down by some overly complicated or annoying main story. But I do feel like something more interesting should be taking place over the story. I think it'd be cool if the main story was to search for Kai's mother. With big revelations coming out as they go on.

The second thing would be that the first 20 or so chapters are very different than the rest of the story. We got nice and mysterious chapters about Kai hiding their identity in a town and dealing with everything. After that, the story does escalate into more about the MC being super OP I don't really mind as I find those types of stories fun. 

I do kind of wish the MC wasn't so experienced in reincarnation and kind of wish it was their first time. But I also understand that it wouldn't be Kai without their multiple incarnations 

I still find the story really fun to read through. I still ship Kai X Bea or Kai X Mute girl!

  • Overall Score

Wasn't what I expected what with the title of Divine Bladesmith

An interesting read, good but not great the storylines are all over the place and I've yet to see a single plot point wrap up. Not to mention that the MC jumps all over the place never really finishing anything. Don't even bring up the Nukes that come totally out of nowhere and really have no place in any fanatsy. I enjoyed it for what it is, an interesting story but it could of been much much better. Overall I'd say Blade smithing has very little to do with the actual story. I can't rate grammar since if you've read my review you should understand that I have horrible grammar.