Became the Strongest Cultivator Just By Existing

by MrAmoun

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Psychological Romance Martial Arts Supernatural
Christopher 'Chris' Moore is an odd high school student.

He hates this boring world and wants it to change.

What happens if a god fulfills his wish and gifts him a power incomparable to any other thing, the power of 'Money'


Just so people don't misunderstand from reading the description, this is about an RPG world with an OP MC and a lot of cruelty and gore scenes.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01 - The Talk With The God and The System (Edited) ago
Chapter 02 – Investigating the System and My Surprising Discovery (Edited) ago
Chapter 03 - Leveling Up My Skills and Trying Magic (Edited) ago
Chapter 04 - Cultivation (Edited) ago
Chapter 05 - Bloodline and Equipment (Edited) ago
Chapter 06 - Starting My Adventure and My Meeting with Her (Edited) ago
Side Chapter 01 - The Students' Predicament (Edited) ago
Chapter 07 - Revenge and Planning (Edited) ago
Chapter 08 - My Remorse and Tears (Edited) ago
Chapter 9 - Taking Over the Camp ago
Chapter 10 - Building the Stronghold and Declaration ago
Chapter 11 - Storm and Breakthrough ago
Chapter 12 - Master and Test ago
Chapter 13 - Spar ago
Chapter 14 - My First Kiss ago
Chapter 15 - Overwhelming a Deity ago
Chapter 16 - The Fight and Knowledge ago
Chapter 17 - The Deity Realm and Contemplating ago
Chapter 18 - My Kingdom and Deepening Our Relationship ago
Chapter 19 - Preparations and Improvement ago
Chapter 20 - Toy and Fun Time ago
Request - Not a chapter ago
Chapter 21 - Formally Establishing My Kingdom ago
Chapter 22 - The Guards’ System and The Strange Creature ago
Chapter 23 - Threat and Preparations ago
Chapter 24 - The Meeting and Zeus ago
Chapter 25 - The Massacre ago
Chapter 26 - Advancing Realms ago
Chapter 27 - Victor Is Weak? ago
Chapter 28 - A Big Surprise and That Kid ago
Chapter 29 - New Abilities ago

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I dunno man, this is Wish fulfillment unlimited. Like seriously, the entire story is this – “Git stronk, kill people, git stronker, kill more”. Admittedly a lot of eastern fantasies go for this basic trope, but at least there is a basic struggle to get strong and usually it’s the journey to get strong that makes the plot. 


But no, here the author just randomly decided to make the Mc ridficulously overpowered for no fucking reason and then the MC goes on a rampage for no fucking reason. Ummm.. Wow. And the change of POv, the abysmal grammar and the horrible pacing don’t really add much. Normally I’m not so openly critical of anyone’s effort, but to call this a story is to do stories a grave injustice.

  • Overall Score

Fun romp that doesn't try to be more than it is.

Seems like a fun romp, just blasted through it in no time.  Pacing isn't great, the development isn't great, well to be honest it's nothing great, solidly in guilty pleasure territory, but i'd easily say i enjoyed this far more than many other well thought out and planned out stories.  It's basically the reason most people read FF or RRL.  To read something fun and random.  The most important thing is, that it doesn't seem to be trying to be something more, it's comfortable where it's at, the whole "aim for the moon, cause if you miss" adage doesn't really work.  If you aim for the moon and miss in creative pursuits you tend to be tormented by the consumer, on the other hand if you try to be something good and fun, it's much easier on the writer and much easier on the reader.  Thanks for that.


Keep it up, will definitely keep reading and lurking.  

  • Overall Score

Its good read, but story itself isn't that good. Honestly this novel is just pure op novel, it depends on opness to shine. Nothing wrong with that.

Its something I enjoy reading as grammar and stuff is ok and you get that OP, but 5 star reviews are way too much.

  • Overall Score

The pace is too fast so it’s hard to get into the story. Slow the pace a bit, it’s like 90 minutes video converted to 1 minute unbelivable fast scene, it’s start one moment and then blink it’s over.

we also have unrealistic Character, the reaction of everyone in this story is bulshit. (Jack so friendly despite after getting tortured, had his dick broken and shoved into his ass then revived as an undead, and the first thing he said is ‘Hi Chris’)

Are you kidding me?!

  • Overall Score

haha every plot is here..

Cultivation : Checked

RPG : Checked

Apocalypse : Checked

OP MC : Checked

Dragon MC : Checked

Crazy MC : Checked

well anything you think of may be found here well as long as author don't drop it..

  • Overall Score

Finally an OP Character that knows it!

It's really refreshing to know that the character actually knows he is OP and is using his OPness properly. Infinite money? Buy the best skills, class and bloodlines! (Not like the other novels with wimpy OP characters).

Hopefully this novel will continue (rare in this site) for i shall continue to lurk this novel :D. Keep it up :D

First manga gamer
  • Overall Score


Donr drop this novel it good and will probaly get batter so dont dropppppppppp it!!!!!

  • Overall Score

Perfect so far, here's some advice for a new writer.

It's really good so far, it has a good setup and even has a few mysteries for the future such as the system and the other deity ranked combatants. Just be sure to keep your ideas put down in a notebook or something similar so you don't run out of ideas, and set up an outline of the story for future reference to prevent plot holes.

  • Overall Score

a cultivating cyborg mage could have made this even funner

  • Overall Score

I just love the MC !


Continue the good work mate ^^