Deathgod Chronicles

by FlameLord

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural
This is my first attempt at writing something other than poetry so it may be crude at the edges, please bear with it. I will try to improve with time. Tags may change as the story progresses but I will try not to get side tracked. I welcome any thoughts or comments you have about my work and will greatly appreciate it.
Born with the power to save the world from the clutches of its impeding threats, Rafil was torn away from his parents a few months after birth from one of those impeding threats. What will now become of Rafil as he embarks on a journey to his destiny of bloodbath and slaughter.
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Good start, lacking World

Maybe it is early to make a review, but a review often helps a story get notices

The Good Stuff

  • Interesting setting
  • Excellent descriptions
  • Acceptable style of writing

The Bad Stuff

  • Lacking characters
  • Cookie cutter motivations for the MC
  • No explanation for the World.
  • Minimal worldbuilding

Well, it's a story that can be so much more, but lacks a lot at the moment. I'll change my reviews in the future if there is improvement. I think there will be improvement, and frankly I don't blame the author for ignoring worldbuilding at the moment, for a lot of stories focus a lot on worldbuilding and forget the characters. Well, I hope the author can use this to further refine the plot