A note from Dastaan

If you could actually hear it then even silence has it's own mystifying sound, it's own scintilating rythm and that goddamn annoying noise - RAP


    CHanGE 5 : 


The Ding sound woke me up and a huge mouth opened right in front of me scared the shit out of me. A mouth full of pointy teeths and rotting smell. I scrambled backwards before the owner of the mouth came into my vision and I remembered the whole flying-to-my-death episode and checked my body. Amazingly the wounds were gone and the only scar I could find was that bluish little circle right beside my heart which I swear to GOD, was fucking glowing like a small ball of flame inside my chest. 

I touched it gingerly but it felt normal if a bit cold to the touch. My shirt had been ripped apart sometime in the fight because all I had was a (bruce banner after he wasn't hulk) small outfit and a body full of dirt and blood. Though I felt weird for a second the amount of system notices made me forget everything else.

Achievement System unlocked... Distributing rewards based on Achievement difficultly 
Host Achievement's score pending....


Achievement : 
- First to level up (Rank E) (Reward Unique Title) 
- First to level up to level 10 (Rank D ) (Reward Unique Title) (Reward Perk) 
- First to level up 10 level. (Rank B) (Reward Unique skill) 

- First to kill a monster (Rank E) ( Reward Unique Title) 
- First to kill Legend-Rank Monster (Rank SSS) (Reward Random Unique Class) 
- Legend-Rank Monster Core acquired (Rank SSS) (Gained Legend-Rank Bloodline) 
- Since you are the ??? and observing you to be a great help for future Plays, The system grants you a permanent Job (Rank X) ( Unique Job) 
- You unlocked 1st of the God's Steps (Rank ???? ) (Reward Random Legend-Potential item)
Assigning Rewards.... 
Awaiting Host's assent...


  Then a second later, something lodged itself inside my head and I blacked out before I could even scream in pain.  The screen turned black in front of me.


Error..Error..Use of a *^&^& detected...

Host consciousness being merged with another. Degree of compatibility with invading soul with invading soul : 85 %

Cannot complete the merger unless 100 % match.

Seperating the Invading soul but access to memories granted..

 Restricting specific memories based on %^%$^$^^

Restricting specific memories above Host Access Level.

Invading Soul sealed.

Process complete.


         I felt as if I was watching a movie about myself, this wasn't the first time it had happened. I saw myself as a super hero in plenty of movies while I dreamt but this dream was different, so very very different. It was about an apocalypse that suddenly shook the world over, of Monsters and Magic, of Mayhem and Murder, of Sacrifice and Sacrilege , of Freedom and Fate. Oh and that damn fate so fucked me up ...well the other me up quite too much actually. The future was so fucking dangerous that I felt rather stupid when I understood what the other me had done . He forcefully made his consciousness travel back in time even though he knew that there was a chance that it might just end up vanishing in thin air, he still did it. And here's what pisses me off; he did it because he trusts me, the balls on this guy. If his memories are anything to go by, his wish is a very tall order. I took a deep breath afterwards and calmed my heart which was thundering like a storm.

Was it too much? Of course it was.

Is it going to be dangerous? Of-fucking-course it is going to be.


Whatever he did, whoever he became..did I feel anything for him..sure I did. For all his actions and thinking I wouldn't know how to react. I mean sure now that I could see his life like a reel it was easy to make decisions just like an audience thinking they could have done better than the main lead. I withheld all the judgement and focused on making sure that I didn't have to make the same mistakes he did.

Did I have a Choice? No-Fucking-Way...There there is an apocalypse on the way and it won't stop just cause I am having a time travelling brain-siezure. It will come and it will destroy everything I held dear if I don't do something about it. The other me, he didn't know better but I 

For what it's worth, HE IS ME so ofcourse his wish is my wish.

          "Sigh, Fine. I will fulfill our wish and thanks for all that knowledge you gave me.That was awesome....", I said to no-one and turned around towards the huge corpse of a long time friend of mine. The Heavenly swalowing beast looked just as fresh as any other giant monster corpse-that-just-died-a-second-ago should look like. It still scared me but I also felt stupid thinking that once I had just ran away from this treasure of mine. 

          I touched the blur glowing ball on my chest and felt it's slight rythm before focusing. I uttered something for the first time and yet I felt as if I had uttered them a million times already.

          "Log since the beginning of the change."


System Log

You have been injured by fall damage...(click for further details)

You have inflicted by Common Effect :Fear ...(click for further details)

You have overcome the Fear effect without the help of any outside interference ...(click for further details)

You have unlocked God's Step: First ......(click for further details)

As the first person to unlock God's Step after System Initiation; System has initiated God's Protocol ...(click for further details)

You have killed a Unique Legendary creature; Heavenly Swallowing Beast ...(click for further details)

Your body has chosen to accept the Bloodline of Heavenly Swallowing Beast ....(click for further details)

Initiating Rewards System..

First to level up ...(click for further details)

First to level up to level 10 ...(click for further details)

First to kill a unique legendary level beast...(click for further details)

First to obtain unique Legendary level bloodline...(click for further details)




I looked at the window and felt nostalgic all of a sudden. The memories told me of all that is to come and my own actions in the following times. They contained precise instructions on when and how I was supposed to make sure that I did not make the same mistake the other me did. Looking at it this way, it was almost like knowing that you are going to regret doing some things before you even do it. The next thing was very important for my (my other one's)plans.

"Add all points to Luck and Intitate Reward collection."

Luck Stat + 20 

Initiating ....


Unique grade Titles : 

Step-Up (U), Slayer of Legends ®,  Pioneer (U)

For more details about the respective titles please click on them.


Perk ®:   

- First to access the World Rankings (Rank B) (Gain secondary rights to the World Ranking System, World Chat System, World Log System, World Map.)

For more details please read the Rules Book in your Menu.


Unique grade Skill :  {Given to the one who levelled up by 10 levels for the first time; Ramdomized skill.}

Store (U) [Active/Passive] Lv 1 : A sub-dimensional space pocket designed to be used for storage of anything. It may store anything that you can touch. Current space size : 1x1x1.


Unique grade Bloodline (already acquired): {Acquired due to high compatibility and merger success with ???.}

???? (U) : You have been transformed into ?????. The changes are highly unprdictable but due to the your high compatilbility rate your human form has been preserved. 

Bloodline Effects : 

1. Every level up you gain a  +50% to your health and mana. (Your mana has been unlocked)

2. You cannot distribute any system stats to any attribute except Luck and Charm. (Your Luck attribute has been unlocked and can now be affected by system.)

3. Your Level up Experience requirements have been quadrupled.

4. ???? (Time required to unlock : ?? )

5. ???? (conditions not met )

6. ???? (Unique Lifeforms required )


Unique Job : {System Job given based on Host's ability to further help the system.}

The Beta - tester (Rank X) : The system has observed that the host has a greater probability and can be useful in order to better make the system assimilate into the present environments and society. The system has assigned a specific permanent Job for the host. 

For more info on your duties and rights, please read the Job book in your Menu.  


Host has gained the right to gain a unique class, has satisfied a secret achievement of killing a Legendary creature : The Heavenly Swallowing Beast (cannot process more info, host's authority too low). You have a chance to obtain one of the few Unique Classes availaible. The host can be allowed to use the Lucky Draw and select one of the chosen classes as his own.

Do you wish to use your chance at the Lucky Draw? 


 "Yes", I said without hesitation and still thinking about how the last time my other self had obtained the class.  Suddenly the world expanded and the sky above tore open to reveal the galaxy and billions billions of stars. It was beautiful much more so because I knew it was going to happen already and yet I still felt my breath hitch and stop. I ignored the box that popped up in front of me and just kept looking at the stars.

This didn't mean that the atmosphere had vanished from above me, it was just a flashy way of telling everyone around that I had done something phenomenol. It happened on a regular basis just not at the scale that it presently is.  The surrounding sky darkened and started thundering as if the heavens were angry at being swept away just like that. I took one last look at the sky before turning away and looking at the incessantly blinking box in front of me.


Unique Class : {Select any one of the following.} Basic Stat changes : (displayed basic info due to Host being a Beta-tester. )

1. Heaven's Beloved.

Will further change after reaching the pre-requisite level for Class advancement.

Class advancement : God's Blood. 

Every level-up : Magic related stats +4, Charm stat + 2. Holy Faith stat unlocked. 
Additional stat points : 5
Error : Host cannot use this stat distribution due to Race effects take precedence.

Can only learn Holy skills. All other skills restricted.
All Holy skills can be learned (skills requirements nullified)
All Holy skills learned will ascent to Lv.2 immediately after learning.
Error : Host cannot be allowed this specs due to Race's Chaotic allignment.

All further details restricted. Host access not enough.


I felt weird looking at the class because in the near future this class would belong to a dear friend of mine. I didn't know how to feel about that so I swiped above and he screen changed to show another class.


Unique Class : {Select any one of the following.} Basic Stat changes : (displayed basic info based due to Host being a Beta-tester. )

2. HellBoy

Will further change after reaching the pre-requisite level for Class advancement.

Class advancement : Prince of Hell (Hellboy)

Every level-up : All physical stats +4, Charm stat +2. Dark Faith stat unlocked
Additional stat points : 5
Error : Host cannot use this stat distribution due to Race effects take precedence.

Can only learn Dark skills. All other skills restricted.
All Dark skills can be learned (skills requirements nullified)
All Dark skills learned will ascent to Lv.2 immediately after learning.
Error : Host cannot be allowed this specs due to Race's Chaotic Allignment.

All further details restricted. Host access not enough.

 It felt weird to know exactly the information that I couldn't read due to my low access. I mean the other me had all these info about their strengths, their weaknesses and what exactly made them so special so naturally I knew exactly what the system was trying to hide. Unique classes were powerful and rightfully so, they were the only one in all of existence. That means there can not be two 'Hellboy' or two 'Heaven's Beloved' in this world. This makes them different to the majority of classes which can be taken by anyone who fulfills the criteria. Since they are the only one in existence it becomes some sort of balancing factor to make them as strong as possible with a hell lot of criteria requirements. The system was still in it's development phase so there could be errors but for things this special, the system always maintains a balance. 

I looked at the remaining classes and what I saw just made me sigh.

3. Cyborg Error : Host cannot use this class due to Race. 
4. Son of the Sea Error : Host cannot use this class due to Race.
5. God of Thunder  Error : Host cannot use this class due to Race.
6. Adventurer   All stats distribution applicable. All skill effect applicable. Host's Race Choatic Allignment matched. 
7. Tinkerer  Error : Host cannot use this class due to Race.


'Ah there it is...', I stopped myself and wiped off the imaginary sweat from my forehead. The lucky draw was fixed and thus could not be re-drawn. Last time my other self didn't actually learn of this until way too late. My other self was scared shit-less after waing up and just ran into the school trying to find his/my friends. The situation by that time had just got way too complicated. So he or should I say me missed up quite an opportunity. You see monsters gave out loot after being killed. The matter was just that at the start of 'The Game', the System hadn't implemented the automatic loot drop. So if someone killed a creature then that someone had to keep his hands on the creature and say..

"Loot", I said simply. The massive creature glowed like a small golden star before getting turned into little gold lights and disappearing. Combined with the massive aurora of stars around me, it was quite a amazing view. Something that I hope to always remember.  

Before alocating my class, I reached out to the little orb on the floor and the Ring lying besides along with a couple hundred gold coins scattered around the clearing. 

"hu..I am quite Lucky. First skill on first kill", I said while holding the tiny orb at eye level. Skills orbs were rare, so much so that in the future they were almost considered a modern myth. They weren't. The idea of loot is being given random amount of items which have to have some connection to the monster killed. In the case of monsters they have skills (Stronger the monster Rarer the skill), Items (which have similar properties to the monsters; System generated), Coins (stronger the monster greater the amount; System generated). But in the case of Humans, they drop everything they have on person after being killed. 

A scream woke me up from my thougths. Clutching the orb closer to me, I looked towards the huge school which at the moment had turned to the very first test of my new Life.

A note from Dastaan

Mwah whatever....see u guys next chapter.....

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