Primordial Majesty (原始神)

by Dream

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead Supernatural Xianxia


Among the countless stars, at the highest level of nirvana, there was mystical place known as the Jade Heaven Land. As the grand Imperial Commander of Heaven, Shen Qin was worshiped for his cultivation talent and tremendous achievements in the paths of Dao; being one of the guardians who maintained order in the immortal plane. However, on a certain fateful night, in order to chase down and eradicate an ancient god who had heavily sinned, Shen Qin had to pay an immense price and was thus, godly wounded. With his life hovering between immortality and eternity, the will of life inside his tranquil heart, which had been tamed through millenniums, began to once again burn fiercely…

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As of Ch. 26

Now I've read A LOT of different Xianxia/Xuanhuan etc. type novels, so I like to think I know pretty good quality stuff when I see it... and this story has been awesome so far.

First off, the premise is very different compared to usual, and it works well. The MC is very refreshing and definitely has the type of worthy personality you'd expect of someone who has lived for a LONG time. The world and story has been built well so far, and the same goes with his interactions with other characters, even though there hasn't been much.

My only concern is the logevity of this story. It has A LOT of potential, so I can only hope that the author "Dream" can keep this updated regularly and doesn't drop it. I can tell you right now as someone who's read and is reading DOZENS of other CNs of this genre, that even if this story doesn't stay super consistent in quality and more original-ish, as long as it stays ongoing, it'll get HUGE and I see the potential of this being one of the top RRL novels AND something that is amongst the best Xianxia novels out there.

This isn't a great review, but thanks for the current story and I really hope you keep on going!


Same yet Different

As of Ch 2 for now.


At least, the very first chapter had a little unexpected element for me. I am looking forward to seeing how this will go! 


The story starts out differently from the rest of the typical martial arts novels. It's less like reincarnation, but more like possession of a new body. And the owner of that body, well, is quite refreshing for me to see. This may even be a fast paced novel, from what I've observed (which I like)

Great potential. :)


This is not a cultivation novel about the road to being OP, it starts off with the MC being a God.    

Anyhow once you remove the nonstop grinding in a easter type cultivation novel then it gets VERY HARD to get a good story.    

To me this story has value not in its exelency alone, but in how few other stories take the same road and pulls it off.     

This is indeed the road less traveled.


Really good so far, keep it up!

This looks very promising to me, the MC is OP, but in a good way, and the story seems to progress in a good speed.

For a story that is "only" 19 chapters long as of now, this looks very promising and may have a lot of petential.

The beginning is somewhat special which i like, and it's refreshinh to have a MC that starts in a stronh sect and doesn't have to get there over 400 boring chapters^^

It looks good now and may even be one of the greater novels by the time it's finished.

Definitely a read so far if you are into strong MCs and want to see something (at least a little) different than the normal stuff! :)


One of the best Xianxia Originals.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

One of the best Original Cultivation Novels I've read. I almost have no complaints, this is interesting. Though It could use a little more details, it was well written.

My only complaint is that: How could the MC make such a noobie mistake? He had to call his "Disciple" Brother as in equal status. I get that it was suppose to be funny but it does make the MC seem incompetent. 


All in all, despite a few inconsisties I really think this is awesome. Better then most Originals I've seen. I really want more from the Author. 

When you think about it deeply though, Isn't he just NTR'ing the Body Host previous romantic partner? Lol. Nah forget that inconsistincy, I ship them.

7th Sovereign

So far I am enjoying this story. While the MC seems OP, I want to believe that the author will tone him down a bit; otherwise, this will just be another typical crap novel. So please, dear author, don't f*ck this up! xD


On another note, the story is being built up; with chunks of information being dumped on the readers, but then again, we do need to get to know about the world at least in a tiny bit way, no? 


As for character and plot-wise, this has great potential and I am looking forward to seeing how it will play out. I may change my review depending on how the story progresses after like maybe chapter 20 for a more "accurate" quantification. 


What the ever loving f*ck is going on in this story?

Who's who?

Why are there so many names and no explaination?

Where is the discriptions?


I just.... this is damn near incoherent for me.