A Black Market LitRPG.

A Black Market LitRPG.

by M.G Driver

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kyle woke up in a land of fantasy and magitech. The usual 'I died and woke up' bullshit, skip all that.

Except he used to be a crime lord, and society here needs that extra kick.

Cover #1 by Jack0fheart, check out his stuff!

Cover #2 and #3 by Fabio, using StableDiffusion.

BlackMarket Gif Banner by Lara, based on Cover #1. Check out her fictions!

Setting: Victorian-Era Magitech (1800-1900s + magic)

Daily chapters.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge starting from Chapter 15 onwards.]

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M.G Driver

M.G Driver

Royal Writathon April 2023 winner
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Table of Contents
70 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Birth of a New Crime Lord ago
Chapter 2 - Seven Snakes ago
Chapter 3 - Carving Out A Market ago
Chapter 4 - Reorganization ago
Chapter 5 - Supply and Demand ago
Chapter 6 - Bring To Market ago
Chapter 7 - Scaling ago
Chapter 8 - Lesson Delivered ago
Chapter 9 - Red Lion ago
Chapter 10 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 11 - Addiction Symptoms ago
Chapter 12 - Arcite Technology ago
Chapter 13 - Assault ago
Chapter 14 - Horizontal Merger ago
Chapter 15 - Repercussions ago
Chapter 16 - Inquisitors ago
Chapter 17 - Moonshine and Plans ago
Chapter 18 - New Expansion Plans ago
Chapter 19 - Beyond Raktor ago
Chapter 20 - Forest Ambush ago
Chapter 21 - Perfect Underlings ago
Chapter 22 - Mental Fatigue ago
Chapter 23 - Industrialization ago
Chapter 24 - Raiding a Fort ago
Chapter 25 - Secret Agents ago
Chapter 26 - Secret Agreements ago
Chapter 27 - Attempted Takeover ago
Chapter 28 - Hijacking ago
Chapter 29 - Unexpected Windfall ago
Chapter 30 - Secret War ago
Chapter 31 - Failsafe ago
Chapter 32 - Auction ago
Chapter 33 - Bidding. ago
Chapter 34 - Preparations ago
Chapter 35 - Kidnapping ago
Chapter 36 - Rescue ago
Chapter 37 - Boss Fight ago
Chapter 38 - No Holds Barred ago
Chapter 39 - Allocating Points ago
Chapter 40 - First Volley ago
Chapter 41 - Close Quarters ago
Chapter 42 - Demise ago
Chapter 43 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 44 - Trump Card ago
Chapter 45 - Innovation ago
Chapter 46 - Light Thrower ago
Chapter 47 - Protest ago
End of Writeathon Announcement - No Change In Chapter Schedule. ago
Chapter 48 - Hypermall ago
Chapter 49 - Collusion ago
Chapter 50 - Sustainability ago
Chapter 51 - Hierachy ago
Chapter 52 - Ambush ago
Chapter 53 - Retribution ago
Chapter 54 - Undercurrents ago
Chapter 55 - Degradation ago
Chapter 56 - Sabotage ago
Chapter 57 - Arms Industry ago
Chapter 58 - Double Agent ago
Chapter 59 - Refocus ago
Chapter 60 - Inkling ago
Chapter 61 - Plans for Expansion ago
Chapter 62 - Regicide ago
Chapter 63 - Counterattack ago
Chapter 64 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 65 - Saviour ago
Chapter 66 - Evolution ago
Chapter 67 - Warlord ago
Chapter 68 - Queen ago
Chapter 69 - Subclass Selection ago

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5 star story, but maybe not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter 55 - Degradation

As the title says, I think this is a fantastically written story, but probably not one I'll continue to follow.  I was really impressed with a lot of the elements of the writing.  The story follows a logical progression with a nice balance of build up and action, the characters are interesting with realistic motivations, given the story setting, and the grammar is good.  The style is what both makes it and breaks it, for me. 

There's a lot that I like about it, and I feel like the author is quite skilled.  There's a slowly accumulating dribble of information that I really appreciate.  The author doesn't smack you in the face with a lot of exposition about the character and his back story right out of the gate.  Instead, we find things out bit by bit over the course of many chapters. We find out he was a crime lord, then we find out a tiny fragment about how he died, then a hint that there was a betrayal, then another hint that continues building up the picture of his past life puzzle piece by puzzle piece.  The setting he's been reincarnated into seems to be building up the same way.  We're introduced to the neighborhood, then the district, then the city, and then we start getting fragments of history and international politics...  The information only comes out as it's actually relevant and as a reader, it makes me feel engaged and interested every time I "manage" to catch another hint and add another piece to the mental model of the world that I'm putting together.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I did not take the content warnings seriously when I started reading this story.  Most of the stories that I've read that tag for gore and/or traumatizing content are, in my opinion, pretty laughable for what they consider potentially traumatizing or triggering.  Likewise, most "villainous" MCs are not terribly villainous.  So yeah, I've started taking a lot of those warnings pretty lightly.  This story is not like that.  This story has moments that are truly dark and brutal, with descriptions of violence that I find both realistic and vicerally disturbing.  They are extremely well written scenes, so well written that they make me physically uncomfortable from the mental images they paint.  I'm not taking any points off my rating for this though; the author is delivering exactly what he advertised and delivering it well.  I'm just not sure that I can take it.  So my advice for others is to take a look at the content warnings, and then give it a try if you're interested in exploring this genuinely dark and disturbing dipiction of the criminal underworld.


Entrepreneurial Progression + Villian MC = AWESOME

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Horizontal Merger

If you like economic progression and crafting, read this! This story will perfectly scratch your OP MC "rags to riches" itch. This is the first time I've seen that combined with a true Villian MC which is awesome! However, it has issues that I'll note below so I can't give it an overall 5 star rating.

Style: Fast-paced and direct. There isn't a ton of imagery or world building. Words aren't being wasted on pointless dramatization. The dialogue tags are smooth. Minus the grammar, I have no issue being immersed in the writing. For an OP MC story, I think the style is near perfect.

Story: This is the economic progression of a magitech gang. What more could you ask for? 😍 The business decisions make sense. The marketplace responses are reasonable, however, they definitely aren't optimal. Oh, and there's crafting! My only critique is that the author could take more time to add greater detail to the financials. However, I'd rather get more chaps 🤷.

Character: The MC is well depicted as a sociopathic gang leader business man. Also, the MC is a bit carucaturized, but it's not bothersome. However, the supporting characters are too simple for my liking. I don't need fully developed side characters, but I would like it if they could reason to a greater extent.

Grammar: There are issues. However, I don't care about them enough to ask the author to add editing to their process. I'd rather just get more chaps. 

Now, read the damn story yourself! 


Enjoyable story, but forgettable characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 45 - Innovation

I very much enjoy this story, and the weak-to-strong, team-building protagonist set up is popular for a reason. The only major downside, to me, is that the characters feel a bit two-dimensional.

-Style and Grammar: There are a few noticeable errors, but they don't cause confusion, and the style seems to work well for the story.

-Story: Weak-to-strong story in a magical sci-fi setting with noble and common factions. It's not an uncommon setup, but the premise and situation are unique enough that it doesn't feel recycled.

-Characters: This is the story's weakest point. The MC is a bit flat, in that he seems like an idealized alpha-male.sociopath. Never makes mistakes, always has everything planned out, and he never panics or shows empathy except as deception/manipulation. That said, the MC is an evil crime lord from another world, so pehaps that's just how he is supposed to be. Side characters will naturally be a bit less fleshed out than the MC, but this story suffers from a phenomenon you see in a lot of wish-fulfillment stories where the MC will help a character once and then the character willingly gives up everything important in their life to become the MC's devout worshiper with unquestioning obedience.

Warix Viviana

I am pretty biased but I've always loved the villian MC. The smooth criminal. The man that's evil yet you want to win. And that's exactly what you get in this story. As others have said, economics and crafting work well, especially when combined with the main character. It really itches that number go up feeling we all like to indulge in. Definitely recommend giving it a read.

Blaxk Dext

Black Market hit the road running, not a slow moment. It's all meat and no fillers. It's about how one man kick-starts his puny street gang into a Business empire and more.

The characters are exciting. I mean, everybody have Alvin in their life. He’s the one who’ll bite the dust. We sympathize for him, but don’t want to get caught anywhere near him. So imagine the good feel when we saw Kyle rising up with cold hard determination and boy how he delivers with tons of big-brain moments. 

Story is Black Market’s selling point. This is the return of the good old mafia classic. A ruthless businessman starting their journey from nothing but the clothes on their back and a set of hard knuckles. Then it snowballs out of control, from just youngsters, thugs, and street goons, into an elite mega corpo level.

The style is nothing but excellent. Perfecto. Love those status boxes. I thought it gonna be repetitive, but man, I’m sold. I mean, give me more and you won’t see me complaining. 

Grammar? I hardly found anything big. Just some typo and small things. It's smooth to read. This guy got better English than me tho.

Overall, this story is lit, Lit! Nuff said. I highly recommend Black Market to enjoy who enjoys Isekai and got tired of the usual search-your-identity trope. Here, we got a Godfather incarnate, running the mafia from the get-go. Expect tons of guilty pleasure. That's what convince me to finally register just to send my best wishes, Good Job Mr writer. Looking forward for the next chapter. 


Story is pretty to good to start with, experienced high level crime lord is isekaied to a world with a system. The LITRPG elements in this story feel a bit hollow, characters seems to be strong based on knowledge and power rather than levels or skills like most system based settings. Which in this situation is totally fine, given that the planning, strategy and business acumen of the MC should be and is the driving force of this story. So far it has been interesting and exciting. Seeing the MC use the system to uncover potential sources of income is a good start. Be warned the MC is a brutal street lord not some random homeboy. Having said all that the chapters are pretty solid inidividually not excessively short except at the beginning. Definitely give it a try. 


Man I just love when the main character is on the more villainous side of things. I've been playing a game called City of Gangsters and this seems to be vying to scratch that same itch. Story is well written so far, and while I'm not so grammatically inclined everything seems to flow together smoothly. Not much to say after only 3 chapters, but I'm personally excited to keep up with this story. Also, did I mention purple boxes? Purple. Boxes. My favorite color popping in every now and again to deliver me some savory stats? Yes please. Nothing to lose by taking a peek and seeing if the writing tickles your fancy.

Polvane the Eraser

Excellent story of villainous entrepreneurship

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - Forest Ambush

A Black Market LitRPG is an overall great story.  I found it very easy to become immersed in the story and to want to read more chapters of it.

Good grammar, good setting, great plot. Characterization is reasonable. The main downside, if you can call it that, is a complete lack of morality. Not one person I've seen so far in the story is a good person. The main character Kyle is perhaps the most evil of them all, or perhaps just the most effective.

Kyle dies and gets reincarnated into another body and another universe with very different laws and a System, for him but not for most other people. 

Kyle is not confused. He does not hesitate. Kyle instantly seeks to seize control of his situation and get benefits for himself, and he does so in the most expendient and bloody way possible.

From then on, armed with all the knowledge and skills of his former lifetime, Kyle works towards his usual goal - ownership and domination of all he surveys. 


Solid grammar and greatly paced so far.

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Carving Out A Market

Three chapters in and the MC has already achieved more then most do in half an arc, despite that the story does not feel rushed at all. 

The grammar is really solid and everything is pointing to this being an excellent work going forward. 

Excited to see where this progresses. 



Decent all around except for some clumsy dialoge

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Perfect Underlings

The premise, setting, system, plot, and main character are all acceptable to good. Meaning there aren't any glaring problems that should pull you out of the story in the previous categories. That said, the dialog can be rather mediocre to poor throughout the story. Lots of instances of characters saying things to each other out load that they are already aware of for the readers sake. A lot of the in fight dialog feels like it's trying to hard and comes off as larpy.