Welcome to the Universal Body Exchange Program

by Mantius

Mike was a very studious person. He worked hard to get the best grades and enter a good university.

Unfortunately, life wasn't so nice.

One day, he suddenly wakes up in another body. The body of a girl!

And there is this blue screen in front of him telling he is part of the Universal Body Exchange program? Just what is this!?

Also, what's up with this weird setting? This is a middle ages setting, so why does everyone has super powers!?


I know, I know. I started my first fiction just last week and now I'm already starting another one?

The thing is, I started that one to improve my English, so I just choose a random setting and started writing. But when I started to plan the first and second Arc, I realized that I wasn't enjoy it. It felt forced and no pleasing to write it.

So I decided to choose something I'll actually enjoy writing and this came up.

Actually, the first chapter of this was made when I was traveling. I was bored asf and was sleepy, but didn't felt like sleeping. So I just started writing something random on my phone, and I actually enjoyed every minute of it. Didn't even felt time passing.

So, Rejoice! I hope you all enjoy it.
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The MC isn't freaking out about being a girl, while they did some stupid stuff, and isn't really figuring out the social norms of the way; old habits die hard. Keep it up and best of luck!

Book Cultivator

Story OK, filling the 10 characters

Okay with this story, need more chapters

Grammar 4.5 / 5.0


This is y first review, so I'll be brief. I find this book to be a good book, where the MC get's his body switched in this program called the universal body exchange program, or the system for short. The MC was originally a boy but got his body switched to that of a girl's with some interesting titles...


Really enjoying this novel, not too sure if i like the headmaster thing but the rest seems pretty cool and liked the fight in chapter 7 hyped for when you start developing the characters in the future. Only big flaw so far is lack of chapters imo.