Rules-Free VRMMO Life

by Mirikon

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reader interactive Strategy Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The year is 2076, and mankind has perfected VR technology, using the Chip, an implant that interfaces directly with the human brain, using it like an organic computer. Age of Anarchy Online (AAO) is the newest game released by Icestorm, makers of the legendary World of Destiny (WoD). Unlike VR games before it, AAO promises a 110% 'Better Than Life' realism experience, and to showcase this, Icestorm announces that AAO will have no 'Out of Character' rules, save for actions like hacking or exploiting system errors. Players can do anything to NPCs and even other players, and there will be no consequences save what one may suffer in game. "Do what thou wilt, but it may be done to you in turn." Mike Greene, better known in WoD as Torgan, a max level Paladin and leader of the Lords of Light, one of the top 'light side' guilds in WoD, now sets off on a new adventure in AAO. -------------------- Author's Note: If you haven't guessed, and the mature tag didn't help clue you in, there's going to be all kinds of nastiness in this story. Violence, language, racism, sexism, sex, gore, vore, and more! If you have triggers of any kind, this is your warning. If you're looking for a nice, heartwarming tale like Sword Art Online, keep looking. There will be 'good guys' as well, but this is a story where Might IS Right. However, if you've read Watchmen and Wanted, and like what you read (READ, not the movies!), then you just may find this story in your strike zone. And for f*ck's sake, this is just a story! Don't take this as an endorsement of any of the actions in this story.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Age of Anarchy Online ago
Chapter 1 - Heroes ago
Chapter 2 - Character Creation, Part 1 ago
Chapter 3 - Character Creation, Part 2 ago
Chapter 4 - Character Creation, Part 3 ago
Chapter 5 - Character Creation, Part 4 ago
Chapter 6 - Tutorial, Part 1 ago
Chapter 7 - Tutorial, Part 2 ago
Chapter 8 - The Cabin ago
Chapter 9 - The Ruin ago
Chapter 10 - First Conquest ago
Chapter 11 - Before the Altar ago
Chapter 12 - The Priestess and the Princesses ago
Chapter 13 - First Night in Fathon ago
Chapter 14 - Testing ago
Chapter 15 - Class Change ago
Chapter 16 - Professional Opinions and Work History ago
Chapter 17 - Slave Market ago
Chapter 18 - Guild Card and Second Night ago
Patreon account (Not a chapter)
Chapter 19 - Preparing for a Journey ago
Chapter 20 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 21 - Fierce Battle ago
Chapter 22 - The Lair ago
Chapter 23 - Gepheart Village ago
Chapter 24 - Wyrmwood Border ago
Chapter 25 - Meeting the King ago
Chapter 26 - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 27 - Down to the Grind ago
Chapter 28 - Class Act ago
Chapter 29 - Dungeon Research ago
Chapter 30 - To the Pits ago
Chapter 31 - Traps and Trap ago
Chapter 32 - Hunger and Longing ago
Chapter 33 - Frozen Time, Fiery Rage ago
Chapter 34 - Shattered Pride ago
Chapter 35 - Wild Abandon ago
Chapter 36 - Demon's Pawn ago
Chapter 37 - Exorcism of Pride ago
Chapter 38 - The Guild ago
Chapter 39 - Traveling to the Caverns ago
Chapter 40 - Ullelone Village ago
Chapter 41 - Forebodings of War ago
Chapter 42 - Answers ago
Chapter 43 - Operation: Jailbreak ago
NAC: Update ago
Chapter 45 - Demon's Duel ago
Chapter 44 - Operation: Jailbreak, Part 2 ago
Chapter 46 - Trade Chat II ago
Chapter 47 - Gates of the Underdark ago
Chapter 48 - The Next Step ago
Chapter 49 - Gaining the Keep ago
Chapter 50 - The Trial of Ascension, Part I ago
Chapter 51 - The Trial of Ascension, Part II ago
Chapter 52 - The Trial of Ascension, Part III ago
Chapter 53 - The Results of the Trial ago
Chapter 54 - Lithaes Village ago
Chapter 55 - Base Building for Beginners ago
Chapter 56 - Initiative and Boundaries ago
Chapter 57 - Cursed Mine ago
Chapter 58 - Knightmares ago
Chapter 59 - Dark Daughter ago
Chapter 60 - The Liberation of Duskhaven ago
Chapter 61 - Trade Chat III ago
Chapter 62 - Return to Fathon ago
Chapter 63 - I Deserved That ago
Chapter 64 - Blood Rites ago
Chapter 65 - Raiding the Renegades ago
Chapter 66 - Bloodmaul and Shyrl ago
Chapter 67 - Hunting the Dead ago
Chapter 68 - The Vault ago
Chapter 69 - Hammer of Death ago
Chapter 70 - Blacklake ago
Chapter 71 - Wild Oats ago
Chapter 72 - Away from Human Lands ago
Chapter 73 - Sharp. Pointy. TEETH! ago
Chapter 74 - The Lost Archive ago
Chapter 75 - Goblin Loremistress ago
Chapter 76 - Hunting the Hunters ago
Chapter 77 - Abyssal Rift ago
Chapter 78 - Trade Chat IV ago
Chapter 79 - Trolling the Trolls ago
Chapter 80 - Black Rock Hold ago
Chapter 81 - About as Expected ago
Chapter 82 - Entering the Cells ago
Chapter 83 - The Warden ago
Chapter 84 - Firewatch ago
Chapter 85 - The Door in the Mountain ago
Chapter 86 - Monwihr ago
Chapter 87 - Hardbottle Clan ago
Chapter 88 - A Request ago
Chapter 89 – Villains’ Feast ago
Chapter 90 - Trial of the Gods: Moradin ago
Chapter 91 - Trial of the Gods: Lolth ago
Chapter 92 - Trial of the Gods: Tempus ago
Chapter 93 - Trial of the Gods: Necron ago
Chapter 94 - Trial of the Gods: Loviatar ago
Chapter 95 - Trial of the Gods: Sharess ago
Chapter 96 - The Trial's Reward ago
Chapter 97 - Leaving Dwarven Lands ago
Chapter 98 - The Slime Mistress ago
Chapter 99 - The Deep One ago
Chapter 100 - Phantom Shop ago
Chapter 101 - The Border ago
Chapter 102 - Sudden Assault ago
Chapter 103 - Coup de Main ago
Chapter 104 - Trade Chat V ago
Chapter 105 - Family Matters ago
Chapter 106 - Preparing for the Crucible ago
Chapter 107 - Crucible of the Drow, pt 1 ago
Chapter 108 - Crucible of the Drow, Pt 2 ago
Chapter 109 - Into the Dark ago
Chapter 110 - Dungeon of the Lost Legion, Pt 1 ago
Chapter 111 - Dungeon of the Lost Legion, Pt 2 ago
Chapter 112 - Reset and Recover ago
Chapter 113 - The Labyrinth of the Spider Queen ago
Chapter 114 - The Ancient Drider ago
Chapter 115 - Blade in the Dark ago
Chapter 116 - The Crypt of Vaemzu ago
Chapter 117 ago
Chapter 117 - Trade Chat VI ago
Chapter 119 - The Phantom Bridge ago
Chapter 120 - The Gates of Amyaththalas ago
Chapter 121 - The Deep Crystal Inn ago
Chapter 122 - The Grand Temple of Lolth ago
Chapter 123 - Audience With the High Priestess ago
Chapter 124 - The Queen of Dragons ago
Chapter 125 - A Consort's Duty ago
Chapter 126 - A Summons to House Kalreban ago
Chapter 127 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 128 - The Grand Slave Market ago
Chapter 129 - Selections ago
Chapter 130 - The Academy ago
Chapter 131 - The Archmage ago
Chapter 132 - The Binding ago
Chapter 133 - The Disavowed ago
Chapter 134 - Preparing for War ago
Chapter 135 - The Fields of Amhelin ago
Chapter 136 - Conference on the Eve of War ago
Chapter 137 - Blades in the Dark ago
Chapter 138 - Rain of a Thousand Flames ago
Chapter 139 - Battle at Dawn ago
Chapter 140 - Dragonflame ago
Chapter 141 - Lightshadow ago
Chapter 142 - Clash of Kings ago
Chapter 143 - Victory ago
Chapter 144 - Trade Chat VII ago
Chapter 145 - Clipping Her Wings ago
Chapter 146 - Chained Princess ago
Chapter 147 - Dragon Taming ago
Chapter 148 - Replenishment ago
Chapter 149 - Guild Management ago
Chapter 150 - Summit of Good and Evil ago
Chapter 151 - Nothing Bad Will Happen ago
Chapter 152 - Conference With the King ago
Chapter 153 - Dungeon of the Brain Eaters ago
Chapter 154 - Demons and Psions ago
Chapter 155 - The Lord of Slimes ago
Chapter 156 - The Stormcaller's Sigil ago
Chapter 157 - Trade Chat VIII ago
Chapter 158 - The Steel Dwarf ago
Chapter 159 - Soulforged ago
Chapter 160 - Caledon ago
Chapter 161 - Dominion ago
Chapter 162 - Family Reunion ago
Chapter 163 - Heir to the Throne ago
Chapter 164 - Royal Obligations ago
Chapter 165 - Resolution ago
Chapter 166 - Return to Black Rock Hold ago
Chapter 167 - Consort ago
Chapter 168 - Doorway to the Abyss ago
Chapter 169 - Xanl City ago
Chapter 170 - Meet the Parents ago
Chapter 171 - Xanl Slave Market ago
Chapter 172 - A Stiff Drink ago
Chapter 173 - Xanl Mage College ago
Chapter 174 - The Next Move ago
Chapter 175 - Crusaders ago
Chapter 176 - Lago de la Ira ago
Chapter 177 - The Laboratory ago
Chapter 178 - History of the Betrayed Monk ago
Chapter 179 - Contract of the Betrayed Monk ago
Chapter 180 - Humiliation of the Betrayed Monk ago
Chapter 181 - Return to the City ago
Chapter 182 - Pillager's Lust ago
Chapter 183 - Miomanta ago
Chapter 184 - Six Sacred Pools ago
Chapter 185 - Rivenheart ago
Chapter 186 - The Marketplace of Pleasures ago
Chapter 187 - Selections ago
Chapter 188 - Plans for the Future ago
Chapter 189 - The Tournament, pt 1 ago
Chapter 190 - The Tournament, pt 2 ago
Chapter 191 - The Tournament, pt 3 ago
Chapter 192 - Daughter of Pelor ago
Chapter 193 - Shudderwall ago
Chapter 194 - Meeting the Queen ago
Chapter 195 - Demon Queen's Pleasures ago
Chapter 196 - Planeswalker ago
Chapter 197 - Dinner Seduction ago
Chapter 198 - Snuff Play ago
Chapter 199 - Fallout ago
Chapter 200 - Dark Summoning ago
Chapter 201 - The Queen's Ritual Begins ago
Chapter 202 - Demon Goddess ago
Chapter 203 - Trade Chat IX ago
Chapter 204 - Out of the Abyss ago
Chapter 205 - Return to Lithaes ago
Chapter 206 - Sharess ago
Chapter 207 - Mirelth ago
Chapter 208 - Lolth ago
Chapter 209 - Sehanine Moonbow ago
Chapter 210 - Beshaba ago
Chapter 211 - Sheela Peryroyl ago
Chapter 212 - Red Knight ago
Chapter 213 - Luthic ago
Chapter 214 - Deep Duerra ago
Chapter 215 - Loviatar ago
Chapter 216 - Mystra ago
Chapter 217 - The Hour of Twilight ago
Chapter 218 - The Caress of Twilight ago
Chapter 219 - Resistance ago
Chapter 220 - The Martyr God ago
Chapter 221 - Temple District ago
Chapter 222 - Sentinel and Moon ago
Chapter 223 - Temple of Sezphy ago
Chapter 224 - Elistraee ago
Chapter 225 - Grand Crusaders ago
Chapter 226 - God of the Sun ago
Chapter 227 - Godslayer ago
Chapter 228 - Trade Chat X ago
Chapter 229 - Old Magicks ago
Chapter 230 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 231 - Before the Trial ago
Chapter 232 - Trial of Ascension: Gargauth ago
Chapter 233 - Trial of Ascension: Shar ago
Chapter 234 - Trial of Ascension: Selune ago
Chapter 235 - Trial of Ascension: Torm ago
Chapter 236 - Trial of Ascension: Helm ago
Chapter 237 - Trial of Ascension: Tymora ago
Chapter 238 - Trial's End ago
Chapter 239 - Avatar ago
Chapter 240 - Living God ago
Epilogue - What Followed After ago
The End ago

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l nimbus
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99 problems, but Grammar ain't one.

If you having word problems, that's bad for you, son.

So. Here I am. Reviewing this. A story I've never liked. But I can't just sit back and hatebash or rant on it. No, a story like this deserves something else. I'm going to get objective here. Examine this as not a story based on my personal feelings, but on what is and what it tries to be.


This is going to be a LONG review, with me covering multiple topics, subtopics and questions. Don't expect me to brush past something, or to parrot myself. I'm going to say this once, and I have absolutely no regrets about it.


I expect, no, I welcome the hate I'll probably get from this. But I don't give a fuck.


I embrace ya’ll with napalm.


This needs to be said, needs to be done. And if I have to be the one to do it, then so be it.


So, homie, sit back, crack a bottle and settle in. This is going to be a long read.

Table of Contents.



- Misleading tags.


  1. Story.

- The setting.

 - The execution.

  - The plot.

   - The plot-holes.


  1. Style.


  1. Grammar.


  1. Characters.

- Main Characters.

 - Sub and side characters.

  - Antagonists.




- How does it rate as an Evil story?

 - How does it rate as a LITRPG?

  - How does it rate as a Sexual story?





Misleading Tags

Right off the bat, the author already lies to you. I've read all of this story, up to the current chapter, and the 'Anti -Hero' tag is a blatant lie. That tag implies some sort of heroism, and there is none to be found in this story. It's been close to two thousand pages since this synopsis was put up. But the author leaves it up. In order to draw in readers who would otherwise be turned off by a straight-up villain lead.


The 'Strategy' tag is bullshit too. There is no strategy in this story. There is no need for that strategy at any time. Why not? We'll get to that topic later.





  • The Setting



One of the few things interesting about this story is the  lore. It manages to create a VRMMO with an actual not half-bad backstory. Set in a world where magic rises and falls in cycles, it is advertised as 'post-apocalypse'. And that proves to be a lie in itself. It functions and operates as your usual High Fantasy world, with nothing you would expect from a post-apoc advertising. Taken, and blown. You have your usual kingdoms, with lands owned by humans and elves, tribes of goblins and orcs, so on and so forth. The same old formula we've seen dozens of times.


Oh, later on, once it runs out of steam, it gets a little creative with it's lore and new creatures to make up for other parts of the story, but nothing we haven't seen before. Just combinations of old tropes and  monsters.

- The Execution.


Horrendous or brilliant, depending on who you ask. Me, personally, I neither like it, nor, as an author, respect it. To be short and brutal about it, the story is a blatent self-insert power fantasy. Nothing more. Hell, the core of the story itself was stolen from another story on Royal Road, called Soulshard: Willbender. Don't believe me? go read it and marvel how the author managed to write so many similarities without reading it.


There is never any sense of suspense, any visible threat to the main character or anyone near him. No matter what odds he faces, he always breezes right through. In the first few chapters, during the character creations chapters, I was genuinely interested in the story and the game's mechanics. Then I realized it was all futile.


Despite playing the game on the 'hardest difficulty', there is never any challenge at all. The A.I, touted for how advanced it was, functions like a twelve year old child. It makes some of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen. And that is saying plenty. The 'Gods' of the game seem to be unaware of obvious mechanics. In current chapters. Does more need to be said?


There are entire chapters dedicated to item descriptions explaining just  how awesome the main characters gear is, and how it allows him to flawlessly succeed at everything he tries. Everything.


Here's where I explain what I said earlier about the 'Strategy' tag. See, the entire premise of that relies on the MC outsmarting opponents through loopholes and technicalities. Which he pulls out of thin air/ the author makes up from chapter to chapter. Every situation is in the Main Character's favor, or is easily twisted by the power of the Main Characters dick.

- The Plot.

Little to none. The plot so far seems to be 'go from place to place, do shit and squash anyone who gets in the way.' Now, done right, this might even be good. But the plot here is beaten upside  the head with the Main Character's dick, knocked unconscious and roughly shoved in the corner until it needs to be brought out and shown to the readers again, just to make sure it's alive. If it isn't a new one is quickly made and shown off, before suffering the fate of the old one. Oh, they're getting more and more resilient over time, but not enough to justify all the bodies in the corner.

-The Plotholes.


Much more prominent and obvious than the actual plot are the holes in it, put there by the Main Character's dick. They are glaring, and never addressed.


So, despite the game promising 'consequences' in the first few chapters, the law of any sort has yet to come after the Main Character. And I don't mean the pitiful excuse of a war he somehow caused, I mean the guards in every city have laws against almost all of the actions he’s taken, which they have knowledge of, and don't do anything.


The fact that two 'Good' allingned character were PERFECTLY fine with the Main Character cooking a woman alive and eating her in front of them, before joining in. That's about what to expect from the story.


Rules and technicalities are pulled from thin air, used and never explained. For instance, in the latest chapter, the Main Character and crew pull a 'Grand Demon's Duel' mechanic from thin air, which was never explained or mentioned beforehand. Never. Said mechanic allowed him to handily defeat an army of 900 players. By issuing an unrefuseable challenge to their leaders, upon which their accounts are locked in, and they can't reset. Just like that. No explanation for it, just, there it is, and that’s how it is.


The Main character spends sixteen years in a game. A game. Doing something he professes not to like. So he can get starting bonuses. For a game that was announced only a few years ago. Sixteen years.

The Main character and companions spend sixteen years being 'Good' characters. While the Main Character seems to force himself to be a goody-two-shoes, the rest enjoy it. Yet, they have no qualms about turning around and shitting on what they spent sixteen years doing. Because the Main Character is doing it.


  1. Yet the author tosses in references to modern day fiction in order to entice and hype up the reader, trying to draw them in.



Honestly, one of the few things palatable so far. The story is decently written, if with gaping flaws.


Attempts at dark/dry humor seems to try to carry the plot when awakening it proves impossible. Sometimes, they even succeed.


One glaring flaw, however, is the lack of descriptions. While entire chapters are dedicated to the Main Character's items and gear, most characters don't even get a round description, just a name. Dungeons aren't described, simply saying he moved to the next floor or the next room. That’s it.


Honestly, the wording and prose is one of the few decent things in this story.



One of the few sections where I have no complaints. The authors grammar is above average for RRL, so this doesn't drag the story down any further than the rest does.


- Main characters.


Are you sick of seeing Main Character? Well, so am I. You want it short and dirty? The Main Character is a hypocrite. He's a rapist. Cannibal. Desperately tries to be dark and edgy. Tries to be a tween's  version of cool. In short, self-insert power-creep.


He professes to have no problem with people who don't try to harm him or his. Yet turns around and kills, enslaves, rapes, trolls and antagonizes people for shits and giggles. The author tries to portray him as honorable in some twisted way, then turns around and shits on that. Before trying clean it up and do it all over again. The only thing he comes off as is hateable. Plain and simple. He sees women as nothing more than sex toys, to be enslaved and raped in obedience.


His words speak one way, but his actions prove another. At this point, I think the author is just making him more and more hateable, just to see how much the reader is willing to put up with for the sake of a hard-on.


The other Main Characters exist for two things. Attempts at banter, and agreeing with the MC, polishing his ego when they're not polishing his dick. Nothing more.

Sub and Side characters


Let’s put it this way. They don't even have descriptions. No backstories. No relevance to the plot. No memorability at all. Of the hundreds of slaves the MC has collected, I can't remember the name of a single one. He collects a new one every few chapter, who's goes along with the MC, polishes his wood, falls in love with his dick, then is tossed in the background and forgotten as the next comes along. Lotsa names. No faces.



Fuck, this section is even worse than the Sub character section. Stupid. Stuck-up, have the thumb of goodness shoved so far up their asses they can't see out of their eyes, or just plain stupid. They're irrelevant, existing only so the MC can take a few pages to show off a new skill or fuck another hole. Not a single memorable encounter so far. And in nearly two thousand pages, that's saying something.



How does it rate as an Evil story?


I don't know wether to laugh or cry. All I can think of is that Rules Free desperately wants to be A Practical Guide to Evil when it grows up. It tries to be dark and gritty, but that's laughed off whenever the Mc's dick comes out, which seems to be every other chapter. Or multiple times per chapter. I lost count sixty chaps in.


his story, is what i loosely refer to as 'shock lit'. The MCs actions are designed to shock the audience, but in the story itself, they are irrelevant. Nobody cares.


The Main Character's actions, while portrayed by the author as the epitome of evil, mean nothing. They affect no one. Now, you may argue that the 'Good' guys in the game actually take action against the MC multiple times.


Bullshit. Look at it a bit. They always appear out of nowhere after he's done something, sprout some cute phrases, and are promptly killed off. That's it. Token resistance. Despite boasting 'uber advanced NPCs', said NPCs never react to the MC's actions in the slightest. They don't fear him for the supposed thousands of points of Reputation he has, don't admire him, don't...well, anything. They just move on with their lives.  


A Good aligned King is perfectly fine with an Evil aligned Incubus, who he has knowledge of being a rapist, murderer and cannibal, tromping around with his two daughters. He doesn't bat an eyelash, just smiles and decides his cup of tea is more important. Despite all his crimes, he is welcomed everywhere. Everyone is all smiles and hugs, and if they aren't, a few consoling words get them to be.


In short, despite being touted as the most Evil character in the world, nobody gives a shit. Oh, yes, he's the subject of frenzy filled message chatrooms, worldwide System messages and so on. But these are temporary insertions by the author to remind everyone the MC is 'relevant' to the world and to stroke his own ego.

How does it rate as a LITRPG?

It fails. Spectacularly. Oh, it starts out good, with an interesting system and mechanics, but then does a u-turn and dumps all that out the window, splashing the corpses of the plot the were thrown out once the corner got too crowded.


Lots and lots of big numbers. That don't mean shit. The MC casually beats characters hundreds of levels higher than him by whipping out his dick and waving it at them, breaking the game.

The MC is always the first to get new and shiny Titles, stroking his ego and confirming his worth to the world at large.

The MC is the only one, out of thousands of players, to think of the oh-so-obvious build he's running.

The MC is always the first to get new achievements, showering him with skills and stat points.

The MC's 'fatal weaknesses' is never exploited, instead nicely covered up and forgotten.


If you like a boring, predictable system where you've seen the same sequence of leveling events happen before, then sure, give it a read. If not, this is a waste of time as a LITRPG.

How does it rate a Sexual story?

"women are worthless fucktoys' this seems to be the recurring theme of this story. 

Me, nope. Not a fan. I only drink the 'respect women' juice. Not the 'women are worthless fucktoys' brand you seem to love.


I'm going to stop being objective here. It is obvious that Stuart has never had  an actual conversation with a woman in his life. To him, women require one thing to forever fall in love with you: A Good, Hard Dicking.

Once they have received A Good, Hard Dicking, they then give up all their ways to follow the MC, stroking his ego and wood for the rest of their days. They lose all opinions, semblance of personality and blindly worship his dick. They require his dick to live their lives. Angels, Demons and Godesess trip over themselves to get a taste of his dick.


The story FREQUENTLY makes references to the MC's sexual prowess, jokes about sexual prowess, comparisons to others sexual prowess. EVERYONE knows about the MCs sexual prowess. It teases the reader frequently, then turns around and shit on them. For the majority of the story, 'sex scenes' are either 'he fucked her for hours', fade to black, or, more blatantly, locked behind Patreon paywalls.


The author has revealed their complete lack of experience with actual sex, slapping a 20-inch dick on the MC and expecting it to fit anywhere. Actual descriptions during sex scenes are replaced by in-game skills, which the MC activates to do sex for him. Take from that what you will.


Oh, and now lets get to something else. The fetishes. Normally, i'm not one to hate on people for having a few, but not these.


- Vore. The sexual desire to be EATEN alive. No, not eating pussy. Women get wet from being torn apart and actually eaten. Happens multiple times in the series.


- Rape. You know what it is. Here, it's everyday, commonplace and laughed off by the MC.


- Guaro. The act of killing someone via sex. Again, seen multiple times. Wether it the MC choking an elf to death on a blowjob, one of his friends laughing about ripping a dwarf in half while fucking her by using his dick, or any other number of events, it's there, and rubbed in your face.


- Pedophillia. While it had been since removed by the mods, there was a section where the MC encouraged a young boy to rape his aunt and then watched.


- Sexualized Cannibalism.


- Sexualized Murder.


- Sexualized Slavery.


I'm not listing everything, but this is the type of thing to expect from this story.

It's right in your face, rubbed into your eyes like the MCs balls. Nobody wanted it, very few liked it, but people just accept in order to fulfill their harem fantasies.

Conclusion. .


This story seems to thrive on RRL, despite all the obvious flaws. It raises a question.


Just how much will a person accept and normalize in order to get their hard-on? A whole fucking lot, it seems like. Not me, people. I'm perfectly fine with respecting women and their boundaries, and don't need a powerfantasy to feel good about my life.


If, despite this all, or because of it, you want to ignore this or lash back out in anger because i'm saying the goddamn truth, i suggest you take a long, hard look at what i'm actually saying. Maybe you'll see this story for what it actually is.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story is a rather blatant power fantasy, and if that's what you're looking for you'll probably enjoy to read it as it can be a valid genre. The main character can do no wrong and every action they take works out perfectly.

I enjoy the setting (even if much of it is stolen from Forgotten Realms/WotC which you should probably beware of if you're attempting monetization) and the system created for the in-game MMO is interesting. The characters are horrendous, but perhaps a by-product of too many being present and attention can't be paid to any of them to a great degree. Regardless, when they are given attention they're pretty much just extensions of the main character with little thought or will to themselves, even the side characters that aren't NPCs but other players. There are few female characters written with any degree of strength, poise, or strong characterization but to be fair there aren't any male characters beyond the MC written with any depth at all.


It's well-written with good grammar, and while there does appear to be a plot in the development it's a bit mired in lewd scenes that lack any significant detail to really be called erotic. They're a touch too frequent and too little detailed to be of great interest. It could do with a bit more imagery, which is probably where it's most lacking in terms of technical skills. Areas aren't really described, and neither are people which should be one of the greatest strengths in the fantasy genre.



P.S. In that scene where he had to keep the two weak NPCs alive in the dungeon, could he not have just put them in that extradimensional tent he has? It doesn't really matter as it was a foregone conclusion that he wouldn't fail at anything.

P.P.S. One of my questions is: what occurs in game while the player is not in game? Does their avatar fade out or is it locked in game asleep ready to be ganked? How does the time dilation factor into that? If they go outside the game to sleep/eat (as they must surely do) days/weeks might seem to pass in game. The only way to account for that at the moment is that perhaps years can pass in game before needing to go out of game (though that in itself could lead to some power level discrepancies like if Zayn logged out his enemies would have years to work against him).

P.P.P.S. Please be consistent in the pronouns used for Hrozne. In one chapter you refer to them as "hir/shi" in another it'll be "her/she" and in yet another it will be "him/he". I dislike artifically crafted pronouns such as "hir/shi" but at least be consistent.

  • Overall Score

Before any of you start throwing bricks at me. Read why first.

This story is essentially the fantasy version of Into The Black. Only much less well-written. The story has next to plot, the encounters are all over the place and the charm character and slavemamcer are not the fun kinds.

When I play RPG, I often find myself looking forward to the next level up and skill, but slavemancer pretty much explains itself. Afterwards, he did change his class into Hex Blade but the change did basically nothing as there is still no tension.

Bosses die too quick, MC power-ups way too fast. Unlike the satisfied and excited feelings Into The Black gave me, I came out of this severely disappointed.

As for characters... It's a Mirikon story, all of them are gonna be fucked in the heads, what do you expect? Still, I find nothing interesting about character development, I doubt MC is gonna change anytime soon, if at all.

The fighting scenes are lack-luster. No tension to be had since MC stealth-kills, schemes at almost every turns. It'd be fun if it only happen a time or two, but when he uses it for the tenth time, it just lost all meaning.

And really? 20 inches dick? That's fucking unreal, there's nothing real about that shit. And it's fucking retarded to have. Firstly its size would affect his agility, and I doubt it could fit in pants. Not to mention it's an easy target for enemies to kick..

I came pretty much for the genderbender tag, only to find it disappeared along the way. I pretty started to read Into The Black for the same reason, but stay because the story is good, at least way better than this. The characters there are also more diverse in personality. The women are not mindless sex-bots like in this one.

Elina Violets
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Reveals one's kinky side

First of all, for those that keep saying stuff like "this is so kinky, yadayada I'll give this a negative review cause I couldn't handle all the copulate-related scenes" I want to say this: "Clearly you didn't read the entire description the author has given this story, because there they already wrote that this story has sex-infested scenes, and even have the warning that this story fiction contains:

  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

so I really do not understand why some of you seem to be whining about it being like this. I understand that this is not everyone's favorite type of story, and that's completely understandable, but to hate it because it uses, in the author's own words, 'sexy-time to build the story', is a bit insulting the author that already warned you that sexy-time will be present in the story. Honestly I admire how nonchalant the author has been about that type of hate, because they could of just as well stopped writing all together because an overload of negative crittisism can really damage an author's will to continue writing, so I applaud you author, your determination is outstanding."

The second thing I want to say to the author is that I really don't mind that some sexy-time is patreon-only, as long as it trully does not disrupt the storyline itself. I get enough sexy-time from what you use to build the story, so if you want to earn some cash from those good extra scenes is fine by me :3

So on to the ratings!

  • Style: I see you have developed your own style of writing that really compliments the flow of the story, so I have no complaints here.
  • Story: It is indeed an awesome story, but in the latter chapters I really got overwhelmed by all the things the mc has to go do. That in itself is actually a positive sign that your character can still do many things to keep the story running, but it kept this 'need to do this, then do that'-string of events that it came over as overwhelming. I would suggest there being chapters of True down-time for the mc; where his to-do list should be out of sight (for atleast a moment). For the rest the author balances the times of action and the times of rest pretty well, so the rest is also good in my book.
  • Grammar: I am really amazed by how good the grammar is, it's so good that even honest dislikers of the story have rated it pretty well. It even came to that I find it an accomplishment if I found even one letter out of place, and I have only had one or two accomplishments in finding such errors (there was this once that a hir/shi character has been accidentally called a she, but even that could have been auto-correct thinking it was correct).
  • Characters: the characters we have been interacting with have all been pretty 3-d to me, and all have a reason for doing what they are doing, some having a pretty interesting backstory which leaded them to be in the mc's 'party'. The only one that puts me a bit off is the hir/shi character, being a bit of a fan-made character (which shi partly is). I feel the mc doesn't look eye-to-eye to this character, but that can also just be me.


This has been my opinion and my review, you don't have to agree, but I hope it proves justice to how good the story is :3

Have a nice day~

- Elina Violets

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I'm too old for this sh*t!

This story easily places itself well below the average quality.
The opness is annoying, i can understand the inital stats trope but the unique self made gears whith their profession skill low or at most basic level is just dumb and a little insulting to readers. 

A mix between wish fulfilment and attempt to shock value, a template story written by a 13 years old trying(and failing) to be edgy.



  • Overall Score

Summary and title is accurate, MC of course is OP, blue screens don't matter, and I long since lost track of the charcters. The good thing though is that its kind a realistic. This is a gameworld, he is not stuck in it or transported to one, its just a game that he is playing and that's refreshing. Because its a game MC treats it like one. Ya know how go around killing everything in open world games like Grand theft auto, well that's what he does. 

He kills,rapes, tortures. He is not trying to end slavery or take over the world for the greater good. He is just messing around being the bad guy after playing games going the good path.

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People look AT the description,

I am not sure if I am the only one here, but one of the only things I am grateful for elementary school is they taught me to read the description of a book before actually reading the book itself. Like for example one comments said this story is "Really Really Creepy". Well the author clearly said it will have Violence, language, racism, sexism, sex, gore, vore, and more. There books that are even more creepy, trust me. But non of them have reviews saying the book is to creepy. Right doesn't that sound stupid saying a book is to creepy, when the author say itself it will be creepy. 


So people for crying out loud, read the description first.

Also guess what, when you say the book is creepy, well that kind of a complement, as this fiction is done in that way a purpose. So instead of me seeing one stars for creepiness, it should be seeing five stars. 

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Had to change my review, Author decided to put a paywall on the story

The Author seems to have decided to put the story behind a paywall. Decides to give the ‘complete’ storyline if your a patreon of his. Unless you pay, you won’t get the full interaction and events that happen. Dissapointed.

redman s trials at writting
  • Overall Score

This is a side note but your fans seem intent on defending this story by saying 'it is the sjw and blah blah blahs that hate it' for god's sake anyone with at least half a neuron would see that this is not good edgy it is poorly written edgy for the reasons down here.


My boy I'll say it right off the bat, I love stories with characters who get traumatised,gory descriptions and rape, so how did you and your retaded little dickhead manage to gain my dislike?

Well it is quite simple my boy.

It's the reactions to the mc's actions, tell me now, what is the point of being a monstrous person if everyone doesn't care? What is the point if everyone is doing the same? There's no fun in being an horrendous person if no one important cares and if the only nuisances are 'those darn light types!' who have sticks up their asses plues the way that every single 'evil' action gets emphasized and made to be important is fucking annoying, yeah he ate the priestess and he punished his slave yadda yadda yadda what is the point, my boy, if the people either forget or have mild minor and forgettable reactions to him and his actions?

Plus, he is the dumb version of a villain, the guy who puts his face out there and acts shameless with the cheesiest lines out there to justify his 'evilness' that once again doesn't exist because the people who are important don't care either way the only effect it has on the plot is that since apparently every single important enemy or side kick in this fiction is a girl he can either add ehr to his harem or he can eat her.

Now I'm not saying I know how to write non cheesy lines for characters but everything that happens in this story has the basis of 'you know what? I'm going to do all the evil things! Rape? Sure thing! slavery? Why not!?' and so on and so forth but once again I ask you, what is the fun in being evil if everyone just likes you anyways?

Plus he goes and gets the good 'ole slave harem! Once again I repeat myself but if they are in a harem then they probably have a twisted version of love for the mc and let me tell you no matter what excuse you have slave and harem don't go together well.

What the actual fuck goes on in your mind? Apart from the constant self conscience of your miniscule dick and fake sense of self esteem?

You are a massive pussy who wants to do all the 'evil' things but is too afraid of being hated  for doing so.

The only people who dislike and hate the mc are either written to sound like THEY are the bad ones or they are made annoying on purpose so that the other 'smart' background characters can laugh at them like the clerk when the girl said to not ignore her.

For fuck's sake you massive cunt do you have a shred of understanding of WHY being evil is fun? 


  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Well, I'll be damned...

not gracing this with any detailed report excerpt.


This story is the first thing i have read in a long time that actually causes my internal monologue to glitch repeat "blah" over and over inplace of the story. That said, I still missed nothing noticeable.


Came for a "gender bender" tag and found it gone after reading 1 chapter.


all major decisions were passed off to readers, and even without entering the game, the balance is already being broken.


Oh, and out of all the sick crap you posted and likely will continue to post, 20" by 3"... really?? you are the only halfwit on the planet who want actually want that and still think that every man alive is like you. but hey, some science for you, at least we get to watch you die from blood deficiency the day you get your first erection.


this story easily places itself well below the quality of the average story. And no number of negative ratings on this review will change anything, would not even bother me in the least.