A Hero's Common Sense



Prologue - Mighty Warrior, Truck-man!


It was a story as old as the humanity itself.

A noble hero that always remains victorious.

A demonic villain that always perishes.

An eternal conflict between two opposites.

Honestly, at this day and age, people still love to abuse such utterly hopeless concept, twisting the original formula in an attempt to be creative. In my eyes, they are pointless to the core.

A hero that consists of nothing but faults won’t be any better than a hero that lacks them, and a “hero” that does more harm than the main villain cannot be even called so.

A villain that always acts righteous is the same. In fact, the audience may even cheer for him more, which is, in my opinion, not a good thing. However, an opposite is even worse. If a villain’s motivation can be described as “bad because he is bad” that is a no, too.

It is good to sometimes stray from basic premise, but an overcooked dish is still an overcooked dish. As one once said, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck, and same goes for boring stories.

That said, I still love such kind of stories. In the world where you cannot discern between black and white, such naivety is refreshing in its own way. Heh, what kind of a tsundere character I am?

I always prided myself on always being rational. It is no surprise that I was known as the Poker Face Yamada during my middle school days. Nowadays, I am called only chief executive Yamada and nothing more.

Ah, it is that late, huh? I said, while passing the crosswalk. As if agreeing with me, street light shined upon my costume-clad form. Behold, a very model of an office plankton is right before you. Name is Yamada Satoru, thirty years old and still single, much to my parents’ dismay.
Suddenly, as if it was the work of fate, a truck appeared out of nowhere, moving at the high speed. I could clearly see the face of a driver, who appeared to be dead. My last thoughts were: “So this is that kind of a story, eh?” After this, tons of steel slammed into my body, leaving an angry red mark behind.

Yet again, truck gained an outstanding victory against a common man. Go, mighty warrior, Truck-man!

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