Reborn as the Black Knight

Reborn as the Black Knight

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

[I was reincarnated in a fantasy world as the manifestation of absolute void — the Black Knight, and my goal is to return the destitute, sickly, youngest-born princess, who is kind of a loser, to her throne because it beats doing nothing]

War rages across the continent as a foreign power sets foot on the soil of the nation beneath the glow of strange starlight. Emptiness fills the eyes of people everywhere as their faces become as hard as the loveless hearts hidden beneath them. Those who are not involved in the war-effort can only do their best to survive on the fringes for the time being.

One of these people is the exiled, youngest princess of the nation, the ill Acacia Odofredus Krone, who lives forgotten in destitute squalor as an abject failure, being not even capable enough to become a low-ranking adventurer. An equally lost soul, reborn from another world, suddenly finds himself reincarnated at her side as the powerful manifestation of a creature of old prophecy; der Schwarze Ritter — the Black Knight.

Together, faced with the pressures of the horrific conflict, dire poverty, Acacia’s fatal sickness, and the looming threat of her noble bloodline that hasn't been forgotten by the world hanging heavy over them, the two of them are forced onto a journey to find a way to live together, fighting their way out from the lowest shadows of forgottenhood in order to reach the pinnacle of either of their dreams — a life that feels like anything more than total emptiness.

[litRPG] [Isekai] [Reborn in Another World] [Power Struggle]

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As an (occassionally) optimistic nihilist, this speaks to me on levels that have me reconsidering my 'I don't need therapy' stance. It's also just really really good. The characters feel... I don't want to say alive, because these two hopeless leads are dead inside, but because of that they feel real. I, too, feel like a hopeless mess of nothing and strive to matter in an opressively uncaring universe.

Also, as most of my friends could vouch, I love Void as a concept and asthetic. Really ties all the nothing together quite nicely. 
A+. S, even! Can't wait for more.


I think my math is right anyway

So far we're up to chapter 4, and you may ask whether this is far enough to write a review, the answer is yes because chapters are simply thrice as long as most on this site.

Between the actual story, this author is renowned for the most out there concepts for stories and the most creative writing styles on seemingly bland ones, so give it a try, this one doesn't disappoint!


razzmataz wants you to rate the story, so follow razzmataz and rate the story, just like a good reader would, this story is very fun to read though, it's nice seeing someone that isn't a OP guy in nike trousers and a adidas hoodie being immune to practically everything, yes, the MC is a Dark Knight so naturally he would be able to utilize powerful abilities, and powerful body memory, but that is all apart of being a Dark Knight, which is a powerful enemy in practically every game / book you may encounter them in.


A Whole Lot Better than the Description

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: The Poison of Tongues

While the title and description makes it seem like some basic isekai trash, this story is actually really well written. The tag is a comedy, but it's actually a slightly sad yet uplifting story about depression and self improvement. It's a very nice feel-good story, and I'd definitely recommend it.


Here we have a morbidly depressing story focused on existentialism and absolute void, cleverly disguised as a wholesome isekai with a knight and a princess working together to save the kingdom. I really like it, if the first chapter is anything to go by. Cheers to the aspiring Wizard-King for the creation of another masterpiece. 


Razz wrote it, 5 stars. He makes good stuff, alright? Now onto the review.

Four and three had their time, now it's time for zero. basic premise, man is boring enough to annoy the literal nothingness and gets isekai'd, and now aims to bring the equally boring ex-princess to become queen. I didn't think he would get truck'd but apprently not even Razz can resist the allure of truck-kun. So far I'm intrigued but it's only one chapter, though it is a long one. Can't say if that's setting a precedent for long chapters or not but I can hope, it lets more mistakes slip through (Not that that's a bad thing, I like making corrections.) Overall, I want to read more and that's good enough for me at this point.


The opening chapter is excellent both on it's own and providing information on the characters and their motivations. 

After the first chapter things slow down a bit focusing on raising the main characters status in order to persue their goals. It's still good but much slower than the first chapter.

People outside the 2 main characters are all fairly thin which might become a problem as the main characters seem to be interacting with each other less. 


I can't say much about the story seeing as we're only in chapter two right now, but I can assure anyone reading this that the story will be superb by the time Razz is done. He is a truly unique and intriguing author, I've read almost all of his books and can say I have genuinely enjoyed all of them. Knowing Razz this story will be no different. I'm Looking forward to continue reading as more chapters are posted, and can confidently say the best is yet to come! So put on your blue light reading glasses and get comfortable.




As some other already wrote it is new to me as well to writte a review after only two chapter. However, this story pushed all the right buttons for me to like it and ultimately rate it. (The picture was just the last straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak).
The individual chapters are much longer than usual, without the update rate suffering (although you can't really tell with two released chapters that may have already been "pre-produced"). The premise is also interesting for the first time, even if I can't say yet what will come out of it. And the LitRPG elements are okayi'sch but have so far only disturbed me when reading, even if they were there as an explanation for MC character. Maybe they get a deeper meaning, we'll see.



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