Looking back at the last twenty minutes Hayden Pryor had to convince himself he wasn't dreaming or dead. He was almost positive he was about to die back there or potentially worse as unlike on earth laws weren't applied equally or even agreed upon between areas. What's allowed is mostly dependent upon what sect, clan, guild, corporation or noble territory you reside in. From what he'd heard asking around or listing in to the rare imperial official that imperial law existed yet only implied to those who reached a high enough cultivation for the empire to register as a citizen. The so called nobles weren't even citizens they just hold the title because they trace ancestry back to an imperial.

With all that being said he knew that no one would care if a random mortal was killed or enslaved. If his new benefactor he currently marched behind hadn't shown up like his guardian angel the black turtle disciple would have had the right to do whatever he Pleased just because Hayden didn't have the strength or connections to stop him. Clutching the letter to his chest Hayden knew he would have to keep up the Sherrod for a while longer as his signing bonus on the offer included two foundational materials of middle grade or equivalent resources of his request. He had no clue what they could possibly want him to do for that princely ransom but Hayden was determined to fake it at least until he's able to make a clean break.

Hector head throbbed and not just from having his new hire body check him as a first impression. Having made a brisk escape from the sect thug he'd gotten the chance to eye the vaunted Pryor elder Windcrest had him fetch. The man was lanky and unkempt like many travelers yet walked and talked like a sect member. He didn't bow and scrape like earlier nour did he give right of way to the few cultivators they had passed as if he was unaware of mortal etiquette when dealing with cultivators. "Definitely a noble of some kind but not from ArkWood province" he muttered under his breath as he made his way to the warehouse housing his second task.

"What was that" Pryor said following behind him "nothing we're almost at the pickup location for our main assignment". "And would you care to enlighten me on what that assignment is " Pryor said with hesitant curiosity. "We'll be managing and training a team of pit fighters to represent the verdant path in the Westbank regional tournament" Hector said feeling the weight settle onto his shoulders like a mountain crushing his spirit. Turning to look at the enigma of a man walking behind him he made eye contact "the last man who held my previous didn't live to regret disappointing verdant path corporation so let's make sure you don't either". Turning back around and pointing to a building in the distance "move along we're almost there".


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