(ISSTH Contest) Menghao and Chu Yuyan's romance

by thejman09

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Short Story Martial Arts
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Menghao and Chu Yuyan's romance

The story starts at chapter 110. This is a fanfiction story, so expect this fiction to be a bit different from the original plot and at the same time the same.

To be honest, writing this fanfiction feels like I was copying the original chapter, but then I said to myself “Meh, this is how I want to write the fanfiction”

In other words, it’s like I have rewritten chapter 110 of the original ISSTH to my own liking. (Just the auction part)
Expect the unrealistic plot of Chu Yuyan and Meng Hao’s love story.

Disclaimer: This is an ISSTH Fan Fiction Story. I do not own ISSTH or any related products.

WARNING! This story is R-18 for descriptive sexual content.

Credits goes to the Author of ISSTH, the Translators and thejman09
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