“How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, Mother… so please let me go. I promise to not sneak out anymore.” Tied to a bamboo bed frame from all sides, I could only plead to my mother to release me. Well, what warranted this kind of action in the first place?”

She had a fierce look in her eyes. But inside she was the gentlest woman I have ever known. Her methods for raising children are… questionable. But it all worked out in the end.

Her name was Talia, she is my mother.

As for what I did yesterday? The amount of crying I did was truly something I never thought I would be able to do at this age. I was crying and apologizing for a good hour and even started bleeding.

I only stopped because I fainted—it was not pretty. So now, they were doing anything in their power to get me to stay put. I was already tied to the bedframe when I woke up.

“Hoho, don’t think that will work, my dear. Not with what you tried yesterday. Nina, keep watch of your older brother.”

Ninaappeared from behind her and saluted our Mother as though she was a tiny soldier. “Yes, Mother!”

Mother left the house to forage and get water. Leaving only my sister—no, the little soldier.

“Will you let brother go, Nina?” I pleaded to her to let me go.

“I am not Nina! My name is General Ninaberus of the Tenth Hell! And my namesake comes from the Cerberus of the God Hades. And in my name I will not allow the prisoner to escape my watch.” Ninaberus raised her sword—the ladle from the kitchen—and announced her rule over the army of Hell’s tenth Layer.

Hell only has nine layers and Cerberus, the legendary Dog of the Ruler of Hell Orobas. She was a very powerful being who could plunge the world into a Calamity with the raise of her hand. She also happened to be Milady’s friend who would come to the surface to drink tea every four months. She scared the world, but she was really calm and beautiful.

But if I had to say, Ninaberus was cuter. If she says Hell has ten layers, then I’ll dig a deeper layer for this little fallen angel to rule over!

Ninaberus, or rather Nina, was the name of my little sister. She was only six years old and was still relatively tiny, just above my waist. Her hair was the same color as Fathers, but her eyes and skin were different from the rest of the family. She had fair skin like snow and even when she gets injured when playing she always heals without leaving a mark.

Not only that but her round eyes were also the very definition of cute. Those blue eyes of hers looked like the skies.

“I will give you my Side Dish for the next month.”

“Ninaberus sees this as a necessary investment for future endeavors and thus accepts the bri….the offering .”

It was very easy convincing the General of the Tenth Hell. I was freed by the tiny general’s grasps.

“Older Brother, you better keep your promise. OKay?” She raised her pinky and made me swear from the bottom of my heart. Oh she is already so cautious at this age.


For the time being, I left Nina to play on her own. Well, to be more precise I set Ninaberus to the other children, but such a faith was the last of my concerns.

I stepped outside and breathed in the fresh air of the countryside.

“Ah! Archon! Are you well enough to stand around like that?” The aunty from the house opposite of ours asked. I forgot her name.

“Hahaha, I am good, Aunty. The Doctor really did a good job patching me up.” I answered.

“Talon! You’re awake!” One of the young Patrols called out to me and I nodded in response.

Talon was the second name that I got for killing a Hawk for my trial to earn my position in the Patrol Squad. There were many youths in the Village who are referred to as such and the proof of their second names would always be seen hanging on their waist.

I walked around the Village and was greeted by the people with worry in their eyes, But there were also those who showed pride in the fact that they knew me. Some girls even waved in my direction before giggling and running along to do their tasks.

To survive the Bakunalis was a feat of its own. But to walk not even a week after such an incident would make you into a celebrity.

After all, in this side of the world. Where a man’s strength measures a man’s value was nothing short of attractive to the ladies… or is what you would wish.

“Talon, what did you do to survive the Bakunalis’ poison?”

:”Did you really save a Noble? Was she wielding the Excalibur that I have heard of so much?”

What surrounded me were men. Or rather, teenage boys whose eyes shone with anticipation. They were once my friends and companions, sadly… I could barely even remember ever interacting with them.

I faked my laugh as I moved along. Going along with them until they were satisfied or had to go to their timely patrol.

It took some time for me to escape, but I eventually managed to be free from their meddling. After some more walking, I finally reached the edge of the Village that led to the Forest, ‘It should be now, right?’

From the position of the sun, it was two 8:00 in the morning. I exited the Village when no one was looking and started walking to the Forest.

I followed a certain path and arrived at the main road. This road was connected to the Next Town. It was connected to the Village but through a roundabout way. So, I took a shortcut,

“No tracks yet. It should be any minute now, right?”

I can still remember that time clearly. It was, after all, one of the happiest times of my life.

A good ten minutes later, clopping sounds echoed in the forest. I got up from where I sat and started walking to the middle of the road where I stopped and stood.

Soon a carriage entered my field of vision.

“Hey! What are you doing! Get out of the way!”

He shouted at me but I did not listen and they had to stop or else they would run me over,

“Are you crazy!? What do you think are you doing, you fucking bastard!? Get out of the way. Do you know who you are inconveniencing!?” The coachman raged. But I could hardly blame him so I remained silent for a good second before explaining myself.

Besides, I know that this coachman was a good person despite his temper.

But even before I could open my mouth to clear his anger. The carriage door suddenly opened.

“Mister Capone, what’s happening? Why did we suddenly stop?” It was a voice that I had not heard for decades.

A voice I had forgotten that it only echoed on the back of my mind from time to time.

“I’m sorry miss, but someone is on the way! I think he’s one of the Serfs in the Village we’re about to go to.”

“Huh? Are they hunting here our someth—you.”

A beautiful woman with beautiful black hair stepped out of the carriage. She was a Noble, but she wore armor instead of a dress. On her waist was a Knight’s sword.

Upon seeing me, her eyes opened wide as her eyes fell upon me, “You’re the one who saved me. But, how can it be? You’re supposed to be bedridden right now.”

I responded by placing my hand on my chest. I bowed my head slightly as I greeted her, “Serf Archon greets Lady Nuremberg.”



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