The Attendant’s Regression

The Attendant’s Regression

by Excaliforc23

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

I was the Attendant of a Great Dragon Lord. What kind of star was he born under? I don’t really know. He never told me and I didn’t bother asking.

He gave me a job when I needed one. That’s all that really mattered. 

I served the Great Dragon Lord for decades. In his abode, hidden behind the clouds was where I lived. It was a nice place. Filled with books, treasures and nothing else.

After so long, he grew fond me. 

We became friends.

We enjoyed the occasional banter. 

Resurrection after an unexpected death. 

We even Raided prolific Families and Sects from time to time.

You know, the normal friend experience.

However, one day as we decided to try puffing some mystical grass that fell from the stars, I realized I was back in time.

The Great Dragon Lord was nowhere to be found.

Everything I worked for was gone.

The powers I once wielded no more.

But, I got my family back. 

The old family I served still existed… and that’s enough for me.

I just hope nothing bad happens.

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