The Court of Souls?

The Court of Souls?

by Andur

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Author's Comment: I was asked about reading my work on other sites. The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than Only here, I correct mistakes and errors. If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed. You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website. The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf. ( ———————————————————————————————

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What do we talk about tonight? ~“How about a story?”~ Fine by me. Which story? Hopefully a good one. ~“There was once a lonely child in a world filled with myths, gods and demons. Only power counted there and the weak were worse than cattle. A world where survival of the fittest ruled.”~ Was it strong then? ~“No, but the child had a power. One that made him stand between light and darkness. Nothing could escape him, so he was shunned by his people.”~ What did he do? Did he fight his fate? Did he hide his power? What was it? ~“Oh, he fought. He fought a lot. And no thing could escape his power. It was something that everyone had to live with.”~ So he became a hero and changed the world? ~“…”~ Tell me. ~“Nooo, that's not how the story goes. This isn't a story of a noble man, doing good amidst a sea of monsters. This is a story of a demon who was... kinder than the rest.”~ A kind demon? How boring. ~“I think it would be better if I tell the story, so you can judge for yourself.”~ So tell the story!

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Table of Contents
72 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. ~The Court of Souls.~ ago
2. ~Another Route.~ ago
3. ~Sewers.~ ago
4. ~Sleeping Problem.~ ago
5. ~The Yard.~ ago
6. ~Relations.~ ago
7. ~The Town.~ ago
8. ~Vermin.~ ago
9. ~Escape.~ ago
10. ~Journeymen.~ ago
11. ~Ice.~ ago
12. ~Ties.~ ago
13. ~Letter.~ ago
14. ~Food chain.~ ago
15. ~I am...~ ago
16. ~Raid.~ ago
17. ~I am prey?~ ago
18. ~Split wood.~ ago
19. ~Nightfall.~ ago
20. ~Draconis.~ ago
21. ~Night.~ ago
22. ~On the battlefield.~ ago
23. ~Two.~ ago
24. ~Interruption.~ ago
25. ~Discussion.~ ago
26. ~Trinity.~ ago
27. ~Family.~ ago
28. ~About.~ ago
29. ~Interruption.~ ago
30. ~Art.~ ago
31. ~Courtship.~ ago
32. ~Departure.~ ago
33. ~Murder.~ ago
34. ~Waiting.~ ago
35. ~Rain and Mud.~ ago
36. ~Next Steps.~ ago
37. ~Blessings.~ ago
38. ~Party Crush.~ ago
39. ~Mountain trail.~ ago
40. ~Return.~ ago
41. ~Deception.~ ago
42. ~Hearth.~ ago
43. ~The enemy of my enemy.~ ago
44. ~Trap.~ ago
45. ~The Court.~ ago
46. ~Proceedings.~ ago
47. ~Veto.~ ago
48. ~Judgement.~ ago
49. ~I wish.~ ago
50. ~Design.~ ago
51. ~Catch.~ ago
52. ~Interrogation.~ ago
53. ~Split the Dragon.~ ago
54. ~Welcome, Guests.~ ago
55. ~Accusation.~ ago
56. ~Patience.~ ago
57. ~Dragon ribs.~ ago
58. ~New Start.~ ago
59. ~Debatable.~ ago
60. ~Alliances.~ ago
61. ~Additions.~ ago
62. ~Solution.~ ago
63. ~Advance.~ ago
64. ~A path.~ ago
65. ~Back and Forth.~ ago
66. ~Closed Portal.~ ago
67. ~Time.~ ago
68. ~Crystal City.~ ago
69. ~New rule.~ ago
70. ~Patience until the end.~ ago
Book II - Agent of the Realm? ago
PDF/Epub-Version ago

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Another Fantasy story of Andur!

I alread read every other story of Andur and thought that he really deserves a review.


first of all and the most important point is that Andur is always finishing his storys!

this is something that really annoys me on royalroad since many autors stop writing or try to rewrite their storys. You can see that Andur is planning his story very well and his characters have always a deep background story that is connected to other characters. 

His different world are always interesting and you really know that he invested a lot of time to work on his storys. 

At first i thought all of his main characters have slight similarities since this are all his storys but now i can also understand why this was the case.


in his new story he is connecting all of his former storys in a really interesting style.


well i will hope that we can enjoy more storys after this one ;)


And now my rating at first i thought it is really unnecessary to give five stars since no story is completely perfect but i also cant give him less then five stars since all other user give five stars to writers that are far worse then even three stars.



Great story with many similarities to prior works.

I’ll preface my review by stating that I have read all of the chapters as of June 6th 2016.

This review is solely my opinion of the novel, it may vary vastly from yours but it is what it is.  Due to some points I want to explore this review will not be entirely spoiler free.

            The Court of Souls is an excellent piece of fiction.  Andur continues his track record of writing well written, well developed and well thought out stories.  The Court of Souls once again features the same characters from his prior novels who continue to act the same way.  All of Andur’s novels seem to follow the same pre-determined path.  There is a character who is very powerful reborn into a new world where technology and magic have not yet reached his level of insight.  The character then meets up with his physically powerful wife who reigns in his more dastardly intentions in a comical way.  The Court of Souls is no exception to this.  If you were to evaluate The Court of Souls as an independent novel it’s absolutely fantastic, especially by RR standards.  The characters all have well thought out personalities and the dialogue between them is both believable and true to their previous actions.  I have read most of Andur’s previous works and if you do so as well I’m sure you’ll be able to see the striking similarities between some of them.

            Andur’s writing itself is fantastic he rarely makes errors and any that do find their way into a post are quickly fixed to ensure a smooth reading experience.  His transitions are well thought out and add rather than subtract value from the story.  I’m often amazed how well he describes his environments in a way which allows for so much immersion into the story.  If you were to rate The Court of Souls on its own I would have no qualms about giving it a 5/5 star rating.  My main critique of Andur’s stories in general lies in the lack of originality from story to story.  Though it is explained by the character being the same person over many different lifetimes there is often room for originality of uniqueness with is not explored.  I would love it if Andur’s next work would feature a new set of characters as to allow for a unique story not so bound by the actions undertaken by characters in his previous works. 

            If you remove the similarities to prior novels as a criticism it’s very difficult to find flaws in Andur’s work.  The Court of Souls is a phenomenal read which I thoroughly recommend you check out.  In this novel each chapter is told from the transitioning perspective of two characters.  The transition is well done, but I can’t help but feel as though something is lost during the constant jumps.  I feel as though the novel would benefit from less frequent character jumps to allow for more development and world building.

            Andur’s characters are very well written and you can tell that he knows exactly what he wants them to do before he starts writing.  It’s clear that a lot of effort and planning goes into the creation of his stories and the results speak for themselves.  Andur routinely has fictions listed on the top weekly and top overall sections of the website.  His stories are often given 5 star ratings by a plethora of users, with many of them eagerly anticipating his next chapter release.  No story is completely flawless and like every author you can find minor flaws in his works.  If you don’t mind constant perspective swaps then I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Court of souls as it is a wonderful and well thought out piece of fiction.  Purely evaluating The Court of Souls without comparing it to his other works would lead me to rate it 4/5 stars.  If I were to view his novels as a whole they would lost some points for being strikingly similar to one another.  If you take that into account then I would rate it 3.5/5 stars.


It's an Andur novel, what do you expect?

If we look into the past, all Andur novels finish with ~100 chapters in about 5-6 months.

All MC's  and heroines are similar, yet it is always amazing and fun to read.

This guy is definitely one of the best authors of Royalroadl. (actually the best one for me)


thats all that needs to be said.


premature review (updated)

First chapter is awesome. Everyone should read this. I know almost nothing about this book yet, but it will be awesome.


Well, I just read chapter 31, and its even better than I expected. This book really ties all of his other books together. Everything about it is amazing.


looks great just like your other works.
i dont really like the switching between pov’s between chapters but that is just my preference.

Keep up the great work !

Style : looks a lot like his other works a bit darker at times.
Grammar : is looking hella fine (as far as i have seen)

Characters : keeping up the trend of main character reincarnation from his other books. the world and characters have a nice twist that i have never seen before and i like it!

Story : the story looks interesting with a lot of diffrent mythical creatures and religions woven together
into one story. the description of the world is really good imo and i think it has a great start for a possibly good story .

(This review was made with 13 chapters released)

John Kash

This is shaping up to be the best story written on RRL I start hitting F5 about the same time everyday waiting for the chapters.


A great beggining as usual, the writing flows nicely, and the characters are being well developed, the characters are also great and likeable, even the Tormentor witouth name is well-in-line with his characters with each action flowing nicely, the plot is interesting as well, and doesn't feel convoluted like the last one, good job.


The Usual Andur Reincarnation Story, With a "Slight" Difference

This time the author dwells on a story "during" the reincarnation process.


All I can say is, "dis goin' to be gud~"



Huzzahhhhh!! Hats off to you sir. You are by far my most favourite author in RRL :D


Greek Gods and other gods and demons in general is a very a  interesting topic ! I cannot wait to see this story progress. keep it up.


To those who are reading this novel b4 other works by Andur

Ok to every1 whose new to Andur's work (tho i dont think any1 will come here without reading his other novels first) READ HIS 1st 4 NOVELS B4 U READ "Court Of Souls". U can find them all in top 5 of "completed Novels".

Good novel - liking it so far - lets see when they 2 "meet" again.