Wolf of the Blood Moon [LitRPG, Blood Magic, Progression Fantasy]

Wolf of the Blood Moon [LitRPG, Blood Magic, Progression Fantasy]

by WolfShine

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

When a Demonic Assault occurs, most people stuck inside of a Fracture end up hiding inside of a bunker in the hopes that they don’t end up killed by a demon.
Others might even hope for the slightest possible chance at signing a contract with a spirit and becoming a Guardian.
What they don’t expect is to become a demon themselves.

Exactly two centuries ago, humanity was struck with their very first Demonic Assault.
The skies above the capital of the US, shattering as if made of glass; demons of all kinds appearing out of nowhere; and no way to effectively stop them before the end of the Assault.

On the brink of devastation, some of the humans managed to find themselves offered a contract whilst inside of a Fracture.
Who these beings are that are offering these contracts, the humans don’t know. Nor do they care.
All they care about is that by becoming a Guardian, they were offered a chance.
A chance to rebuild.
A chance at life.

And, in the case of those Guardians, a chance at power, fame, and fortune.

Now, long after every nation of the world joined together to form the Terran Republic, Scarlet finds herself stuck trying to find a university from the Republic’s capital that will accept someone from a lower tier city into their midst.
But, as if that wasn’t already enough trouble for one person to bear, she somehow ends up stuck in one of the Fractures of a Demonic Assault while visiting her father figure’s company building.

However, she doesn't perish in the darkness and rather awakens her dormant bloodline as a noble demon.
A Blood Lycan.

Turns out she had been a demon all along and had literally been born for the apocalypse.

What to expect: LitRPG, Progression, Lycanthrope MC, Blood Magic, half-demon gradually turning full demon MC. And while the story does have the sci-fi tag, and feels relatively sci-fi, it technically isn't sci-fi, since the 'advanced technology' in the story is simply regular technology enhanced to do what it normally wouldn't be able to do through magic and skills.

There has been a review or two complaining about something that just wasn't explained yet in the story. If those things bother you, then simply wait a little bit and everything will be explained clearly for you.

2 chapters daily.

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Shane Purdy

Top List #300
4th Anniversary
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
49 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
B1 | Chapter 1 - A Visit Gone Wrong ago
B1 | Chapter 2 - The Contract ago
B1 | Chapter 3 - A Change and a Rush ago
B1 | Chapter 4 - Changes ago
B1 | Chapter 5 - First Blood ago
B1 | Chapter 6 - Skills ago
B1 | Chapter 7 - Healing Under the Moonlight ago
B1 | Chapter 8 - People ago
B1 | Chapter 9 - Free Point Distribution ago
B1 | Chapter 10 - New Instincts ago
B1 | Chapter 11 - Eavesdropping ago
B1 | Chapter 12.1 - The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Part I ago
B1 | Chapter 12.2 - The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Part II ago
B1 | Chapter 13 - Risk and Reward ago
B1 | Chapter 14 - Fright and Education ago
B1 | Chapter 15 - Survivors ago
B1 | Chapter 16 - Assistance ago
B1 | Chapter 17 - Questions ago
B1 | Chapter 18 - The Biggest Hunt Yet Part I ago
B1 | Chapter 18.2 - The Biggest Hunt Yet Part II ago
B1 | Chapter 18.3 - The Biggest Hunt Yet Final ago
B1 | Intermission 1 ago
Patreon Announcement ago
B1 | Chapter 19 - Awake ago
B1 | Chapter 20 - New Skills ago
B1 | Chapter 21 - ‘The Talk’ ago
B1 | Chapter 22 - Names and Calls ago
B1 | Chapter 23 - A Job ago
B1 | Chapter 24 - Royal Fae ago
B1 | Chapter 25 - News ago
B1 | Chapter 26 - A Bloodthirsty Hunt Part I ago
B1 | Chapter 27 - A Bloodthirsty Hunt Part II ago
B1 | Chapter 28 - A Bloodthirsty Hunt Part III ago
B1 | Chapter 29 - A Bloodthirsty Hunt Finale ago
B1 | Chapter 30 - Plans ago
B1 | Chapter 31 - New Home Part I ago
B1 | Chapter 32 - New Home Part II ago
B1 | Chapter 33 - New Home Part III ago
B1 | Chapter 34 - Evaluation Part I ago
B1 | Chapter 35 - Evaluation Part II ago
B1 | Chapter 36 - Evaluation Part III ago
B1 | Chapter 37 - Evaluation Part IV ago
B1 | Chapter 38 - Evaluation Finale ago
B1 | Chapter 39 - Call For Help and a Talk ago
B1 | Intermission 2 ago
B1 | Chapter 40 - Registration Part I ago
B1 | Chapter 41 - Registration Part II ago
B1 | Chapter 42 - Registration Part III ago
B1 | Chapter 43 - Recruitment Part I ago

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Well narrated, magical girl adventure

Reviewed at: B1 | Chapter 15 - Survivors

I'm a sucker for the magical girl/guardian genre so finding this story marked it as an instant try for me. Binging the first 15 chapters (all that's available for now), I'm very happy to say it delivers.

The first thing I noticed is the first-person present-tense style. I'm not reading many stories currently with that style so it already offers something fresh for me. Readers are treated to an almost stream of consciousness narration by the protagonist, Scarlet. Her thoughts in this manner really help with the world building without reading as too exposition-y. As other stories rely on character interaction with each other to unveil details about the world, this method works well given Scarlet's 'lone wolf' nature. In addition, the first-person style is great for unreliable narration, which can offer solid development when contrasted with other points of view.

The story itself, like I said in the intro, scratches my post-apocalyptic, magical defender-of-humanity itch. Protagonist's normal day thrown into chaos, check. Progression fantasy with a system, check. Well written combat with observable protagonist learning and growing, check. Nothing to complain about here.

Grammar is solid, couple of typos occasionally but nothing distracting.

As a first person narration, I'm happy to say the story is carried well by Scarlet. She's likable, thinks rationally, and her decisions and thoughts all make sense when we learn her reasoning. If there's any critique I would give, it's that sometimes when she makes a discovery or a secret is revealed, her reactions, especially her thoughts, seem muted and she's occasionally too quick to accept at face value. That could totally be just her personality coming through but it's something I took note of. Overall, still very early in the story and it will be exciting to see how she develops.


Right so I don't normally give out reviews to books with this many chapters but I felt like this one deserved it. At the time of writing this review I am at chapter 14, though not by choice I assure you, but rather because thats all that has been written/published. As far as the review goes I think this will be a wonderful book and I genuinely can't wait for more. Even with only 14 chapters it is already one of my favorite books.

Style: As far as the writers style I think It is worthy of 5 stars, even with the few chapters I had to read I found myself being pulled in to the story. Being able to pull someone into a story like that takes talent, and I truly enjoyed the imersion that the author was able to bring me.

Grammer: All things considered the grammar was fine, I noticed that a few (2) typos but ultimately so minor in scale that they didn't take away from the story in anyway. Sure It could be better but It is good enough (so far) that only the most picky of readers will probably care, because of this I am giving 4 stars.

Story: The only reason I am giving this a 4 and not a 5 is because of the lack of current chapters. I have a strong feeling that this will be an epic story after all bad stories don't draw you in the same way good ones do. As soon as there is more 'story' I will revise this section to better reflect the state of the story.

Character: I decided to give this category a 4.5 because well the characters are well written (so far), and that is the only thing I have to judge this category by so far. The characters haven't broken down in tears and spontaneously given out their life stories (It would be odd If they did) and so this early on how well written the characters are is the only thing I have to go on. I will of course update this section later on as well


Very good start to the start story, easily understood start to the world, interesting lycan girl character with her own tanku shaped fae, some interesting mysteries to be explored later in the plot, a system that is both simple to understand whilst having lot of potential for growth and achievements, overall can't really see this going wrong anytime soon.


Highly enjoyable would recommend.

Reviewed at: B1 | Chapter 16 - Assistance

I have read all the currently available chapters. They have been incredibly enjoyable. The world and systems involved are well written and being revealed at a decent pace. A thoroughly enjoyable main character. I'm looking forward to more and would recommend this to anyone that has enjoyed other series somewhere for example solo leveling.


The MC starts off with rough edges but is not unlikable (as seems to be common in origin stories).

As someone else mentioned it does start out with a bunch of tropes.  That doesn't bother me.  There are only so many starting points for stories.  It is what the author does from there that I consider and how long the author takes to go his own way.  So far, I am very happy with the direction the story is going.

About character growth, at chapter 31:

The chacracter's mentor has insisted that she get actual combat training.  That is needed for the chacter's growth since she has been fighting instictually so far.  She will also be applying to a top tier university (higher than she was aiming for).  I expect to see bullying based on class but I hope that there isn't too much of that.  People with money aren't automatically jerks.  There are the same percentage of jerks with money as without.



I rate based on how much I enjoy the story and it gets 5 stars because I do look forward to new chapters.

EDIT:  I just found out that if you hilight text and then hit spoiler, it deletes your text.  It is nice that one of the controls on the top bar acts completely differently than all the other controls and does so destructively.


This is a First Chapter review so please no judgements.

first impressions: the first things that struck me were the existence of tiered areas, while this is not a new idea, it has an interesting blend with another important thing: the technology level. The story starts by talking about flying cars and a futuristic city. This instantly creates speculation about how the tiers and technology will synergies. And finally from this first chapter review, I would like to talk about the immediately interesting events that occurs in the first chapter:

a monster invasion which captivated my attention.

While this is only a first chapter review, I can say I certainly will be reading more.


Okay reviews are definitely not my specialty so I'll keep it simple it has been awhile since I have found such a fascinating story that has me looking forward to new chapters this much I have found a new priority read story for when new chapters come out as I am highly looking forward to how the story plays out 


This book has a girl with Wolf ears, people in mech suits, Tanukis, Blood Magic, Fae, Epic combat scenes with demonic creatures from another world, and more!

What more could you possible want?

...Oh, that's right. For the MC to get a tail.





Seriously though, this book is great. WolfShine is probably one of my favorite authors at this point, and this book in particular is me of my favorite.

While still in the relatively early parts of the book at the time of this review (Chapter 31, the chapters are admittedly short) there is so much going on, and the world is quite a vibrant one. And at the same time, the pacing of the story is just slow enough to not have readers scrambling to catch up to what's happening. I can't wait to see where this goes in the future.


Happy Reading!


I'm really liking this story so far. Scarlet has a style I find very enjoyable, and the worldbuilding (while somewhat lacking at this point in the story) is intriguing enough to keep me coming back.

Writing style is an easy 5/5, very compelling.

Grammar is nearly perfect as well, I've only caught a couple typos in everything that has been posted so far.

Story is a little generic right now so I'm only giving 4/5 stars, but again it's super early chapters still at the time of posting. Given time to grow past the beginning tropes I think this story could be something great.

Character is nearly perfect as well, Scarlet is well-defined for what chapters she has had to shine, and I feel like I understand her wants and needs.

Story spoilers below:

One of my only gripes is that the opening chapters are fairly tropey. Our MC is an underprivledged orphan who despite her background has managed to claw her way up to some incredible societal heights through grit and determination. She's about to try and solidify her place when disaster strikes, and it turns out she's also the only half-demon in the world. Also her demon parent was some kind of super-powerful demon noble?

The story as it stands seems to be moving away from the heavy tropes so it isn't a persistent problem, but that opening checks just about every item on the list.



So far the greatest flaw I've seen is the lack of a tail which I think needs to be a result of a further transformation skill later on anyways.  Other than that the flaws I see are all things that are going to be solved eventually, such as it's too short as of now.  But there's still 60ish chapters of backlog that's Patreon locked so that's more a result of me being a cheapskate.