Rise of the Devourer [Isekai LitRPG]

Rise of the Devourer [Isekai LitRPG]

by Altzheimer

Noah Brown had a gift for fighting. Unfortunately punching things didn't pay the bills, at least until he died and an Eldritch god found his soul. The encounter led him to a new world, summoned by bloody cultists, with nothing but the shirt on his back, and a strange item in his system menu.

[???] : A source of infinite potential.

Perhaps he'd finally get to put his gifts to good use.


The MC will become quite OP, so if you don't like that, this isn't the story for you.

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The initial start is similar to He Who Fights with Monsters. MC is isekaid from Earth to a new world. He arrives in a lair of evil cultists. He has a game interface, along with an inventory and quest system.

But there's more going on. The MC has a mysterious past. Specifically, the events that led to his death (and isekai'ing) seem pretty important, like life or death of planet Earth important. He doesn't remember how he died, though--and how a seal with "infinite potential" got merged with his soul. A seal that eldritch and godly entities are very interested in.

The world he isekais to seems pretty standard fantasy world so far but has its own unique aspects. It'll be fun seeing the MC master his abilities and grow.

The MC is a weeb (it's not obnoxiously overdone, though--MC just makes some obvious weeb and gamer references) who seems to have combat experience/martial arts background. He takes to killing and fighting monstrosities like a fish to water. Very mysterious. It's hinted that he has a natural affinity for this kind of stuff, almost like Jake's natural instincts in Primal Hunter.

The style is clean and the story feels pretty well edited. Only a few tiny typos or odd sentences.

If this story updates consistently and isn't dropped, I think it could turn into something really awesome. Definitely one to watch.


I'm conflicted. Feels like HWFWM. Read chapter 1

Reviewed at: 15 — Delivery Quest

This is my first review so I don't know how to start and what to say.

Let's start with the good. The writing is very solid. Like top notch. I would have not notice that the author isn't an english native. Prose flows well and grammar is solid from what I can tell.

That being said, you will see if you like the story after completely reading chapter one and two. So go ahead and try it out.

What I do struggle with, is some of the claims the author makes. The following is taken from the synopsis.

"The MC will eventually become quite OP, so if you don't like that, this isn't the story for you. That said, his progress to becoming OP will be gradual, and he won't instantly have access to game breaking cheats."

I will now add a few chapter 1 spoilers, to set the scene.

Our main character has an item bound to him through some means, that some ancient void god being entity wants. So far so good. I guess you need something to make your character be special. So far no complains.

But now the void god wants the seal. And mind you, the character we've had no exposure to, just says no.

And this might be me, but if some infinitely powerful entity were to approach me, I feel like I couldn't resist.

It's not explicitly mentioned as far as I can remember, but it reads like our boy Noah should be on the opposing end of some mind magic here. Maybe that's not the case, but this is what it feel like.

And our boy just says no.

Maybe it feels off to me, because the author said not immediately op. Maybe it's because the scene is a bit absurd, weird odd. I don't know.

That being said. I was ready to move on. Like the scene is not bad or anything. Just not my cup of tea. Especially when I came into the story with the premise of the MC not being immediately op.

Either way. Not a deal breaker.

Second chapter is giving me major HWFWM vibes. Again, not a bad thing if you like the story. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the story, besides of Jason's character which was surprisingly light (mind you, I've only read book 1).

On the topic of the second chapter, we get introduced to the LitRPG system properly. And NOICE. Cool system. I'm intriqued.

But wait. What's that. Not only does the MC get a the mysterious seal from chapter one, but he also gets two more very powerful Perks.

While his fate marked attribute is divine quality, I don't mind that too much, as it is mostly a tool to further drive the story and explain absurd situations the character no doubt will end up with.

So let's let this one slide.

Next up, Voidborne, the name sake of the story. It's not entirely clear what it does to me. Void creatures have to listen to Noah's command now? Maybe? But can resist? Not entirely sure, the phrasing is a bit ambigous. But maybe those that resist are now hostile to Noah, or feel hostile, or Noah has to be hostile towards them?

You be the judge of that.

Anyway. Another indicator of the character being powerful, early on.

But wait, there is more. Of course we lack a powerscale thus far. But one can imagine that most characters immediately after transmigration/reincarnation aren't super powerful or anything. Usually they would start of the bottom of the ladder, right?

Well, Noah refused (not literally but the way it is written) to adhere to any powerscale and kills a level 27 opponent as a level 1 or 0 (can't remember).

While he had help, I would argue that this entire situation was not clear enough to feel justified. Also, I think Noah had a sword inside him at some point during the fight but managed to pull it out and kill someone else with it.

Anyway story moves on and I like a lot of stuff in chapter three and four.

But what is this. Surely our character isn't insanely overpowered by chapter nine. Or... could it be?

This story has a ranking system, which we know fairly little about, but given that

Anyway, in chapter 9 our level 15 MC kills a monster level 120 or so. And I don't know this goes pretty directly against the authors promise of no immediate op mc.


All that being said. I'm a fairly critical reader, and if you are not, you should definitely read this story. For me it just ticks too many boxes that I don't like or find unplausible.

Now, author. If this review is not to your liking or anything feel free to hit me up. I think you've got a very solid story going for people who are more into the power progression fantasy domain than me, so I feel like this review won't matter to a lot of people interested in the story. If you want I can take it down again, but you should probably remove the last part of the description.


I've been on this site for a while now and am pretty much reading whenever I can so there's really no better feeling than finding something that's just right. I like what I've seen from the character so far, I loved the opening chapter as I always hate the MC losing freedom but he completely turned it around and managed to make it benefit him rather than become a slave. It's a great start to the story and I hope it continues for a long time, honestly wish I could binge more chapters right now but I'll be patient ! 




While nothing too unique so far, its been solid in its premise and story. At the point I've read to so far, things are just starting to really shift into gear I think, but our protagonist hasnt fully come into their own yet. Besides that, its a pretty standard system reincarnation novel, so if you enjoy those at all I feel like this would be worth your time as it has a lot of potential for ways it could branch out from here.