Duke Brake Carter was a young man who was handsome with black hair and dark blue eyes .

He a powerful duke who controled over the military .

His assistant was Mr James a vassal of Carter Dukedome.


"Sir , the evil beast have been suppressed . In 3 months it will be their breeding season and we would have to go for a subgulation . "James reported .


"Hmm i see , before that we need to have a meeting with the second prince .

Prince Albert " Brake spoke


Duke Carter supported the second prince behind the scenes though they stood neutral in front of everyone .

This was because Brake did not like the Crown Prince personaly .


"Sir , we should also investigate the black magic that is practiced by some higher nobles ." James told duke and gave him a report file.


" black magic .....hmm.... james who do you think is the centre of this ?"


" sir i am not sure as there is no proof yet , but as per our primary investigation there is a dukedome and 2 Marquess family that is involved deeply in this matter ."


" hmmm.... black magic , more evil beast ...! What is their aim .. and who benefits from these .? "


" anyway the training for our knights will be doubled for the next three months . Prepare everything accordingly "


"Yess sir "


The handsome Duke Carter was a cold blooded beast .

He did not value human life or morality if he achieved his goal .


He was someone who had a minor role in the original novel .


Helen met the landlord and bought the 4 store building .


Next what lusava and helen did was go to a slave center where they bought few slaves .


" all need nutrition and energy to live well.

Dont worry from now i will feed you until you are loyal to me "


To be continued ~~


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