Elysium's Multiverse

Elysium's Multiverse

by Ranyhin1

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Riven's life turns upside down when Elysium's Multiverse absorbs planet Earth.  On the fringes of a newly growing galaxy where magic and fantasy are both very real, the inhabitants of three merged worlds must find a way to survive the trials Elysium sets out for them.  Riven finds himself thrust into a whirlwind of chaotic events just trying to make it out in one piece, learning how to craft the dark arts to do his bidding as he strives to keep his loved ones safe.

But the powers of this new multiverse have other plans for Riven's tiny planet, and Elysium's worldwide trials are just the beginning.

*A LitRPG Novel Series, with 300k Words pre-written.*

*Inspired by 'Defiance of the Fall', 'Primal Hunter', 'The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound', and 'Infinite Realm' series.  I hope I do them justice.*

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Murdery murdery murdery, no seriously

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

A good solid start to a system apocalypse with a complete disregard for life.

The characters are a little stereotypical but the settings and "system" design are very nice so far.

Not really a lot to go on yet I know, but it's just barely started. Oh yeah there is a bat shit leggy crazy girl, who is by far the most enthusiastic character yet in the story.

lots of potential here for things to get fun.


Could be the next big Thing

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

I just binged all 28 Chapters and it was amazing.


The tempo/Progress of the Story ist excellent and Well written. The world ist brutal and that is fine. There was no peaceful First contact between two partys with highly different Power in the History so far.


The Class, system and Mechanics are Well wirtten, nothing is OP so far. I Like Bloodlines and our mc has to bei Special on way or another. 


If i would Change anything it would be the DMG value of weapons and drop it completely. With 300k words in the Bank the story is hopefuly worked Out for the next chapters to come.


Thanks for the novel!


An enjoyable read, worth at least a try.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

The story is only getting started, we haven't even had proper tutorial yet. I believe it's too raw to form any real opinion, but it doesn't mean I have nothing to say.

Style: The style leans a bit on an "edgy" side, but it's nothing critical. It isn't groundbreaking, but the story flows nicely. There are quite a few of rather colourful descriptions, be that landscapes, magic, or emotions, and I, personally, find them rather enjoyable. It doesn't bring anything new on the table, but then again, style rarely does.

Story: Now that is probably my favourite part. The premise is pretty standart, everyone saw System Apocalypses, but there are a few tweaks here, that offer an entertaining plot. I don't want to spoil anything, but it seems like not everything is as cleanly cut, as it usually is. There are also a lot of Chehov's guns lying around, if one knows where to look, and I got a feeling that they will not be forgotten. The magic system is awesome. It's complex, but not unreasonably, and very enjoyable to read about. I believe it would be important part of the story. For magic geeks it's deffinetly a must.

Grammar: Nothing wrong with grammar. I've yet to find any mistakes I would like to point out. Autor is probably more literate than me.

Character: The only character we explored so far is a mc, and he is obviously in survival mode right now. I can't even begin to guess how he behaves when he feels safe, but I have a general feel of him. At the start I was afraid we were looking at SI placeholder, but I was wrong. Then I thought he might be an evil psycho, but it isn't true either. If I were forced to place him at the category, I'd say he is anti-hero, but he doesn't completly fits the mold. He is rather plain at the first glance, but I think I can feel a sense of uniqueness underneath. He isn't really special right now, but he has potential to be.

The other characters are not developed, because they haven't got a lot of screen time. But I believe they behave realisticly given the situation. Some are panicking, some in shock, some feel that they can finally be bastards openly, as the only law in effect is the Law of Jungle, and some still clinging to their humanity. Not every one instantly turned into the beast, but a lot of peole did, and I feel it's rather realistic.

Overall it is a solid story, worthy of at least some attention. Sure, it isn't perfect, but nothing really is. It successfully caught my attention, and I feel like I am not the only one. I believe my time was well spent, and that story is worth a try.


The Pauldron Problem

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

This is another System Apocalypse so brutally cruel it feels like decadent Colosseum-class entertainment. Not surpisingly, the MC is dragged into an extremely dark progression path (at least in label, if not in function). The immediate, over-the-top grimdark reminds me of the huge, spiky pauldrons you'll find in MMOs: instead of being edgy, they just make it harder for me to connect to the story.

Another pitfall is the trope of making the System an enemy. I understand why that's useful to an author, but I like LitRPG precisely because I like Systems, and so making the System the problem is, at least to me, like making the genre a problem. The story is effectively telling me I shouldn't read or like the story. :)

On the bright side, I didn't notice the grammar, the MC seemed reasonably competent, and the pacing seemed good. Also, based on the introduction of the progression system, I'd expect it to be well thought out, so if you like ostentatious grimdark, you may like this story.


Really intriguing

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

It's been great so far. Lots of nice imagery and I'm a big fan of alternate-reality type stories in modern settings. Helps that it starts off in Dallas, too! It'll be interesting to see how many people survive or even thrive in this new world. Excited to see where it goes and learn more about whether or not this is actually an apocalypse and, if it's not, what the heck is going on.




Defiance of the Fall's Style, but not it's shadow

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

This is the first novel since I first read Defiance of the Fall, that has truly felt like a replacement for it. I was captivated by this story like I have been for very few stories on this platform, the vast majority of which I have read in order to read and are not truly binge worthy.

The author also hasn't brought in cultivation yet, which rather than being a negative is a huge benefit, as the non-litRPG reader, in general as I was before defiance of the fall, and a large block of readers struggle to read the clones of DotF that bring cultivation in to soon as it overwhelms the story line and plot.


Note to other reviewers, who raise questions about the authors negative point of writing, which it should be remembered is distinct from the author's point of view. With regards to people behaving negatively remember it is likely because of what Riven and Athela said at the beginning people freaked out and looked for strength in numbers which I think is perfectly reasonable and anything to the contrary is close to cloud-headed.


Elysium's Multiverse

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

There are only 20 chapters so far, but developed enough that it has made me want to continue reading.  I like that the author has placed some nice art in some of the chapters to support the story.  

Style: I was glad to see that the author didn't drag out setting up the story, but instead the story begins just as the major event manifests itself and starts the storyline.  The pacing of the story pulls you in and makes you want to see what happens next.  

Character: The story is told from the main character's point of view, and we see all events as they are interpreted by the main character.  So far, the only character that has been thoroughly developed is the main character, but in the current chapter I am reading, another character has been introduced that it seems we will soon see more development for this new character.  However, this lack of other character's development is not necessarily a bad thing, since it is the main character who we are following at this point.  As with any story, characters continue to develop and change as the story unfolds, that is what helps to make stories unique.

Story: I am honestly enjoying the story.  This is not a "knight in shining armor" style story.  The author does reference "Lord of The Flies," which details the dark side of human nature/society when even those who were raised as civilized find themselves without what we consider social norms/laws and deteriorate into savagery.  This is not a retelling of that story, but in this tale of "Elysium's Multiverse," the dark side of human nature does come out when everyone has to suddenly compete to survive - yet there are flashes of humanity. The story is interesting and some of the description given of the world/worlds make the story more enjoyable. 

Grammar: The biggest issue I see is missing punctuation here and there (mosty commas), but nothing that isn't easily fixed.  


Centurion C.

I've really enjoyed the story so far. I'd say if you're on the edge give it a try. The main charecter seems to be decent I'm wondering what route he'll end up going ultimately as the author has had it be a pretty slow grind so far. I'm also interested to see how powerful the MC ends up being as with all the insane things that have happened I would guess he would be considered a elite.