The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer

The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer

by kayenano

Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess. Overshadowed by her siblings, she's left with little to do but nap, read … and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette's swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.

Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle, and taking matters into her own hands, escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom's finances.

Update Schedule: Daily. Average chapter length: 2500 words.

Cover Art by BeforeDreams.

Discord available.

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Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: To Cut A Shortcake ago
Chapter 2: Princess's Gardening Tool ago
Chapter 3: Kingdom In Debt ago
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans ago
Chapter 5: Boot Of Authority ago
Chapter 6: Forgotten Neighbours ago
Chapter 7: Royal Requisition ago
Chapter 8: A Simple Barkeeper ago
Chapter 9: Woodland Stench ago
Chapter 10: The Strongest, Ultimate Technique ago
Chapter 11: Coppelia ago
Chapter 12: Incidental Damage ago
Chapter 13: Clockwork Doll ago
Chapter 14: Yearning For Stars ago
Chapter 15: Withering Town ago
Chapter 16: Starry Eyed Alchemist ago
Chapter 17: Well Of Courage ago
Chapter 18: Candle In The Dark ago
Chapter 19: Awakened Stone ago
Chapter 20: Moonlight And Flames ago
Chapter 21: Arcane Nature ago
Chapter 22: Something Rotten In Tirea ago
Chapter 23: Valuing Crowns ago
Chapter 24: Princess, Villainess, Genius ago
Chapter 25: Daily Grind ago
Chapter 26: Braised Slime ago
Chapter 27: Alchemist's Gamble ago
Chapter 28: Key Provisions ago
Chapter 29: Blotchy Horizons ago
Chapter 30: Troll's Quest ago
Chapter 31: Bargain Hunting ago
Chapter 32: Seashell, Seashell ago
Chapter 33: Frozen Curse ago
Chapter 34: Princess's Bargain ago
Chapter 35: Beneath The Shell ago
Chapter 36: Practical Adventuring ago
Chapter 37: The Oldest Dance ago
Chapter 38: Fae Wine ago
Chapter 39: Royal Slumber ago

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The prose is good. The story is cute. And overall I'd say that this is an enjoyable read. There is just one element that disagrees with me, and that happens to be the fact that the princess seems to be unaware of her own strength. Willfully so. 

Misunderstandings can help add to the complexity of a story. Give it some spice. Alas, in this scenario, the main character seems to just be willfully ignorant of their capabilities, in the worst of senses. There is no real room for exploration or character growth with an ignorant princess simply wandering around and seemingly solving problems without a grasp of their own relationship to the world. 

Overall, good prose, but personally I just see a flaw in that one element that has ruined my reading experience. Great job author, take your five stars. 


A shotsighted overconfident guide to Ruling.

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Withering Town

Found this little gem by accident. Read through it quick given its just started. 

Pros: hilariously inept but skilled protagonist with the most absurd way of looking at the world. 

The world that cant comprehend the simultaneous fact this ultimately is.

Cons: the obliviousness of our heroine is stretching the limits of plausibility already.


Such a good idea, and some very amusing lines.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26: Braised Slime

The idea is so good of a princess so confident of her own superiority that it overwhelms the reality of the sitution is so good and it overwhelms the negatives in the story.

The story has very good bones and I expect the problems to get fixed as the story progresss.

But it is a little inconsistent, she has overwelming confidence except when it comes to her sword and fighting, I could see her considering it a commoner activity and her natural superiority when she is forced to means she wins. But the idea she isnt good at something does not fit into the narrative of the story.

The idea she is go arogrant of her superiority that everything just falls into place, needs to be more consistent and ideally way more extreme.

I do like the sword being used as a reading light. Max brightness was very funy, but outside of the reading light it is a tad clunky what she used the sword for in the garden and how it applies to reality.

I like how she automatically expects everyone to do what she wants and they do.

I like her slowly growing engagement with the normal reality such as needing coins.

I like that when reality cant be denied she basically has a psychotic break and wakes up when it is all over eg the food being commoner food but she had to eat it.

Something similar is "Vainqueur the Dragon" on RR. with the same idea of superiority though think it pushes the extreme more to be funnier.


First!!! Beware the [Princess Boot], slayer of men

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: Forgotten Neighbours

So far, I am incredibly amused.

Our lovely princess Juliette, what a wonderful, knowledgeable, kindly soul she is, is off on her quest to save the kingdom!

Well, yes to the quest anyways. As for the rest... Her overconfidence is a mountain and her entitlement feels like it can level cities. 

The kingdom isn't prepared for the terror this young princess will bring, and I feel like I will be laughing the whole way along!

I'll make an advanced review later, but 10/10 I think you really should give this a try. 

Otherwise, you may find yourself on the receiving end of the most terrifyingly hilarious official skill I have ever read... The [Princess Boot].

Russ M

an endless font of amusing dialogue

Reviewed at: Chapter 36: Practical Adventuring

Characters that leverage charisma (or maybe anticharisma?) are ultimately gated by the ability and creativity of the author, moreso than any action character in my opinion.

I'm that regard, this story is a serious cut above the rest. I'm constantly surprised at all the dialogue the MC has and I can't wait for more.


An amusing Look into the life of a Royal

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: A Simple Barkeeper

Overall your story gives off an amusing and lighthearted tale of a spoiled Princess. A Princess that is completely ignorant of her own skill, to an amusing end. 

Style: Your writing is impeccable. It flows nicely and makes it quite easy to get lost in the story and continue reading. You've shown quite a knack for writing and it reflects that throughout the story. 

Story: It's a light hearted tale of a spoiled princess that decides to single handely fix all the problems plaguing her kingdom. Juliette is woefully ignorant of her skills and the way others view her and her family. It's an interesting read to say the least and I found myself enjoying it immensely, when I wasn't expecting to. 

Grammar : I found no errors that jumped out at me. Either they are non-existent or the rest of your writing covers them well. Either way, well done. 

Character: At first Juliette comes off as a dreadfully spoiled Princess, but over the span of a handful of chapters you show that while this is true, she also shows at least some redeeming qualities. My first thoughts on her were that she is quite ridiculous, but the more I read the more she grows on you. She may be a spoiled Princess but deep deep down she shows a spark of actually caring about someone other than herself. 

Well done. I was hesitant to read at first because my initial impression of the book, screamed this isn't something you will enjoy as it's outside your normal reading preferences. I was quite wrong, this had turned out to be an incredible read that I will continue to read. I mean who can resist not continuing the exploits of Juliette. Also, well done with the Princess Boot part, I laughed loudly enough to nearly wake my child. 


A princess' unlikely successful adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Starry Eyed Alchemist

Inexplicably gifted swordsmanship, a hefty amount of luck, and haughty naivete honed to a razor's edge is a winning recipe!

There are plenty of spoiled princess tropes, but turned on their head to somehow become advantages in Juliette's adventure.  I'm really enjoying so far, and looking forward to more.

The Villainess part of the title feels like an error - Juliette is just a sheltered girl who is only likely to engage in villainy by accident.


There are other stories with similar premises and titles. But while most have a typical cliche storyline where you already know what happens the next few chapters, this story shines with an outstanding charme and wit which awakens the interest for what is to come.

It is written in first person, so we see the world with the eyes of the main character. It comes with all flaws, self-lying and focus on topics interesting for her.

So while it may be a bit slow and (due to being first-person) very heavy on inner monologe, it is a truly funny and captivating read.


Welcome to the Review section, oh brave readers. Have you come to hear the exploits of our most humble and capable princess? If so, sit back, relax, and empty all your crowns into the kingdom’s treasury at once. Lady Juliette has strongly insisted that all citizens must now contribute to the fight against the evil of nonexistent capital which plagues our land!


Style and Story:

If you are looking for a light-hearted read filled with misunderstandings and comedic moments, then congrats, for you have found it. This novel features the (mis)adventure of a young, ordinary princess as she embarks on a quest to save her kingdom from the gravest threat of all: Bankruptcy! Along the way, Juliette will face off against various challenges, which she skillfully solves using brilliant diplomatic tacticsTM (just please ignore the suspicious sword slices littering the road)



The grammar is brilliant, much like the extensive use of colorful words and phrases that add so much to the hilarity of this novel. Truly, reading Juliette’s thoughts is always a treat, given how she uses her noble vocabulary to describe the most unnoble ideas on a daily basic



This novel is a subversion of the usual villainess genre… for there isn’t even a villainess in the first place. The only villainy one can claim Juliette being guilty of would be her princess privilege and slothful lifestyle, though one would also need to be ready for 10,000,000 bars of soap scrubbing punishment for uttering such a defamation

At the moment, Juliette is the shining star of our story. Imagine Mr.Bean, but a princess, and much more well-spoken, and you can see how dangerous it is for everyone around her. The world itself is a deadly yet quirky place, where even bandits are reasonable and prone to slapstick humor. Furthermore, side characters are also memorable despite barely having any screen time, which is simply the cherry on top


All in all, this novel is definitely a gem in the making. Some people might complain that the misunderstanding is too much, that Juliette is too oblivious of her own strength. However, you need to remember that this princess is no one-trick pony. She can scheme, smile and cry Ohhohoho all day long before having to rely on her might, which is always her last resort. Thus, I can assure you that the tale of her (mis)adventure is worthy of a read for ages…

Overall, 5/5, 100,000,000 bars of soap out of 10,000,000 bars of soap, I’m biased and I love this, praise the lazy lady!


Lighthearted, silly, and a lot of fun

Reviewed at: Chapter 38: Fae Wine

This one is very lighthearted and silly, but a lot of fun noentheless. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something light to read and laugh over very silly characters and situations! Juliette's unfounded and endless confidence is particularly fun, as is the way the spolied princess' family may be affable fools or out of touch tyrants depending how you see things...