The Castle in the middle of nowhere.

The Castle in the middle of nowhere.

by Uriel Sceptim

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

I died. You may think that's simple. But trust me. Someone looked at me from above and told: you will die today.

Because they had a plan.

Edit: To be on the safe side I added more content warnings.

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Uriel Sceptim

Uriel Sceptim

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Table of Contents
56 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The mission ago
2. Bringing light to the world swallowed by darkness with garlic bread. ago
3. Building spree. Or how I suck in small steps. ago
4. The half-elf. ago
5. A talk under the pressure of the clock. ago
6. Upkeep? That's why the tutorials are important. ago
7. Last preparations. ago
8. First Visitors. ago
9. Trials of Avalon. ago
10. Town under the Avalon ago
Lorebook ch.1. Marie. ago
11. A quiet day. ago
12. Little steps? ago
13. Quest for the receptionist. ago
14. Adventurers. ago
15. Priestess of the Avalon ago
16. Questions and guesses. ago
17. The gift. ago
18. My own problems. ago
19. My new reality. ago
20. Being a dungeon is hard. ago
21. My first experiments. ago
22. Serious business. ago
23. Experiments result. ago
24. Last days of autumn. ago
25. Incoming winter ago
26. Unexpected visitors. ago
27. Dealing with the past. ago
28. A bad joke. ago
Lorebook 2. Irene. ago
29. First upkeep. ago
30. Auburn's revenge. ago
31. Kitsune. ago
32. Calming down. ago
33. Next raid plan. ago
34. Clearing the neighbourhood. ago
35. The farmer, the engineer and the warrior. ago
36. Zephyr ago
37. New chances. ago
38. The epic battle that almost was unseen. ago
39. Upgrades. ago
40. Nightmares and fear of tomorrow... ago
41. Jester ago
42. Reminder for the future. ago
43. Sentence. ago
44. Marcus and Sidri. ago
45. Alchemy ago
46. Unfinished business. ago
47. Gorn ago
48. Survivors. ago
49. Sebastian returns. ago
50. Lanka Goldentail ago
51. The battle for light p.1 ago
52. The battle for light p.2 ago
53. The battle for light p.3 ago
54. The battle for light p.4 ago

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The Avalon of Another World!

Reviewed at: 7. Last preparations.

So far, so good! Upto what I've read, our dungeon core mc has found a sense of purpose and is making preparations to open his dungeon up for the world. 

On to the review!

Style: It's in first person! The narration itself is reflective of the character, however the character thinks and speaks. It might take a bit of getting used to. But once I really got into it, I found myself enjoying it! You can find tidbits of a character, their past and emotions in the narration! 5/5

Story: The story so far is great! We see our mc who has lived a full life die and get reincarnated into another world as a dungeon core, with a mission to save the world. I think this little change in an otherwise common premise is very nice and unique. He's already old by the time he dies, so he has learnt to appreciate the little things in life. It's reflected in how he develops the dungeon. We see him slowly learn more and find his sense of purpose, and it comes about naturally. The story does have very nice beginnings of a romance. Even if that's not your thing, you might want to give the story a try! 5/5

Grammar: There are a few mistakes here and there. But nothing that takes me out of my immersion. The grammar improves as the story progresses. 4.5/5

Character: There are only two characters as of chapter 7. Theon, the dungeon core, and Hrrin'a/Amber, the girl who entered the dungeon and decided to stay. Both characters are well developed and while the story progresses, you start to understand them, feel connected to them and sympathise with them. I especially felt bad for the things Amber went through and feel so glad that she found a safe space! Theon has found a purpose for himself, to become the Avalon of this new world! He has determined that he wants to become the equivalent of Avalon, where there will be safety and prosperity for people. 5/5

This story takes a bit of getting used to. But I believe that litrpg/adventure/dungeon core fans will enjoy it! Everything is building up to something epic and I am here for it!



Overall: A very funny series. Sure the mc may be ridiculously OP, but the series is comedy and uses his OPness to create funny scenarios. Also, you like elf girls?! Hot elf girls?! This story got it here!

Style: It's the third person, but it's unique. In my eyes, it seems like it had first-person integrated with it on some level. We know the third person limits how much you can get into the head of the characters, but with this series, we get in their heads pretty well.

Grammar: Mostly okay. 

Story: This is what the story excels at. Especially the world-building. Such as what people calls the system, and how they use the system. Including how the system shapes how people interact with the world.
Also, peak funny.

Oh yeah. The dungeon building and how the mc develop the building, changing it, modifying it and so on which is very captivating. We got slimes, and skeletons which are made to protect the cas-- dungeon. Oh and, planting of fruits. Also, it isn't boring the way the mc develops the dungeon, but rather, it is very fun since there is constant humor being used. To be frank, there is never a dull moment.

Character score: If you are a person that requires character-driven stories, you will have to read a bit more to fall in love with the characters. Fortunately, as the story goes on, more depth and complexity are added, so the characters are not cardboards.

In short: Read it now.


Golden-Oldie Gamer Isekai

Reviewed at: 12. Little steps?

The Castle In The Middle Of Nowhere has a fairly traditional isekai dungeon core plot. Man dies, goes to new world, becomes a dungeon. Nice and simple. There are some formatting and grammar issues, but I'm still giving five stars for the content.

I binged through the first eleven chapters of the story and I'm looking forward to more. The world that Theon has been brought to sounds like a civil nightmare where even royalty is struggling in some aspects. The characters from outside Avalon, the MC's dungeon, paint a vivid picture of what kind of society the country has devolved into.

As I read, I hope to see more about the other dungeons and how they're made more bloodthirsty by a specific group of people and, perhaps, see Avalon expand into those dungeon's territories.


It's quite a solid story with likeable characters and an intriguing world. Just like garlic bread, its a simple taste and quite filling. Other than a few touch-ups to bring it to that nice golden colour, its entertaining, the prose is grabbing and it flows well.

The MC and the female lead are again, a nice duo, and I enjoyed reading their interactions.

Overall, pretty good fantasy, give it a try!


Garlic Bread Offers Salvation

Reviewed at: 10. Town under the Avalon

In The Castle in the Middle of Nowhere, Theon, the protagonist, starts as an old man who dies after being hit by a truck while grocery shopping. He wakes up in darkness and is greeted by an angel who offers him a deal; if he helps the Divine, his wife and kids will be sent to heaven when they die. 

Overall score 5/5: This story has a unique and refreshing take on the reincarnation genre that's definitely worth the read.

Style score 5/5: The writing style is immersive, engaging, and entertaining. The story flows smoothly, and the descriptions are vivid and well-crafted. The author does an excellent job of balancing humour and seriousness, and the dialogue between the characters is well-written and enjoyable.

Story score 5/5: The Book has a well-developed plot and the story is full of action, adventure, and suspense. The author does an excellent job of developing the characters and the world they inhabit, creating a rich and engaging story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Grammar score 5/5: The grammar is excellent, with clear and concise writing that is easy to follow. The author pays great attention to detail and has crafted a well-written novel that is free of any grammatical errors.

Character score 5/5: The characters are well-developed and unique, each with their own personalities and motivations. The protagonist, Theon, is a relatable and likable character, and his journey is both inspiring and entertaining. Hrrin'a is also a great character, their first interaction was greatly entertaining.

In conclusion, The Castle in the Middle of Nowhere is a fantastic LitRPG novel that is well worth the read. The author has created a fascinating world filled with magic, monsters, and adventure, and the characters are complex and multi-dimensional. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves dungeon crawling and epic fantasy adventures! ♥


"you have obtained 2x garlic bread
you have obtained 2x garlic
you have obtained 1kg potatoes
you have obtained 2 tomatoes"

The Castle in the middle of nowhere by Uriel Sceptim starts with a bang and I laughed till I stopped. 10/10 - would laugh again! Also, spoiler

Truck-kun makes a dramatic, completely unexpected apperance. 



Eh... its just. Eh.

If you came here looking for a city builder or dungeon core novel this isn't it.

Romance happens pretty quickly but it make no sense, just suddenly head over heels for someone. Plus isn't he supposed to be waiting for his family? Isn't this dude already married?? Literally so confused by the romance here.


If you like OP main characters, that's pretty much all this is.


Its early only a few chapters (14) in but sofar i really like the story. Hope the Author can keep it up and bring us a good fleshed out story.

Cant comment on grammar. For me its feels good to read. 

Mc has a clear goal. How he goes about it well see if it works. 

4/5 stars (because its early in will edit after more chaps).

Miss Nomer

In this work, Uriel Sceptim puts fresh twists into the isekai litRPG category. Though dark at times, the moments of humor make this story stand out. The first few chapters are rough, but the author finds their voice quickly. The world's system is easy to understand and get used to.

Style: The author settles into their style fairly soon, and it's easy to read and follow along. Though there are few literary devices, the word choices and sentence structure vary throughout each chapter.

Story: The plot is straightforward, yet takes twists and turns which are pleasantly atypical from the average isekai litRPG. Pacing is good, with moments of action and nice lulls for character development. However, the MC's choices and motivations are questionable at times, which can be explained by the world that he lives in and its effects on him. We rarely get to listen in to side character's innermost thoughts, and this is something the author is working on through Lorebooks. The MC can be described as OP, and I hope this is challenged in future chapters.

Grammar: Spelling is fine, though there are many grammar and punctuation mistakes. English is not the author's first language, so this is understandable. The mistakes do not usually inhibit reading. There are also some clunky sentences. As the story progresses, there were fewer mistakes, and the author is very appreciative of edit suggestions :D

Characters: The characters sometimes seem unrealistic, but generally are believeable in their interactions (given that they live in a tough world). And though Theon lived to old age on Earth, he doesn't act the way I would expect now that he has a second go-around on the carousel of life. There are dozens of side characters so far, and none of them seem like copies of each other. They each have their unique background and abilities. 

I applaud the author's ability to pull together many different threads of the characters to create a story. The darker fantasy genre is not my usual pick, but the generally light nature of it keeps me going! Uriel Sceptim, thanks for writing, and here's to many more chapters!