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(3° person POV)

After that pointless thing with the others, Vergas announced:

(Vergas): “Alright, now we will divide you guys in pairs, dudes and ladies won’t pair up together. You guys will practice with weapons for now on, since you guys need to learn how to defend yourselves!”

He says, while two knight bring in some weapon racks. On them, a lot of wooden weapons. As they get their weapons, the number of guys leave one alone by default, Fafnir. Seeing that, Vergas approach him and says:

(Vergas): “Hey, big guy. They left you out? You didn’t choose a weapon either.”

Fafnir just smiled wryly, saying:

(Fafnir): “I already know how to use one, so I didn’t pick one up. Also, I don’t think that I would be a good opponent for the guys of my class…”

Vergas just laughs, and says while smiling:

(Vergas): “Well, I guess that I will be the judge of that, if you know how to use a sword or not then! When you need a sparring partner just tell me, ok?”

He says, walking to the weapon rack and taking two swords. A one-handed sword for himself and a bastard sword for Fafnir, that looks like a one-handed sword in his massive hands. Fafnir sighted. He knows that Vergas isn’t the type that gives up easily. Everybody can see that.

Raising his sword, Vergas looks at Fafnir with a serious light in his eyes, prepared to fight seriously. Fafnir sights, and holding the wood sword in his right hand, he points it at Vergas. Vergas looks at Fafnir, feeling a strange pressure.

(Vergas): “This guy… he’s good.”

He thinks. Certainly, the pressure that he feels from Fafnir is different from what he’s used to. At his 45 years old, he’s known as the strongest human to live at this moment. However, right now, he isn’t so sure about it.

(Vergas): “It has been some time since I last faced an opponent on my level… no, in terms of pure physical strength and technique he’s clearly above me… he’s no normal kid, if I can even call him that. Well then, I guess that I have no other choice but using magic!”

Silently he channeled mana to his wooden sword, taking another instance with it. Fafnir noticed something, a strange feeling coming from Vergas. However, he didn’t had time to think, since Vergas immediately attacked.

(Fafnir): “I’m having a nasty feeling… anyway, it isn’t good to clash with him right now. I’ll avoid he’s attacks until I figure what to do!”

Fafnir stepped to the side as Vergas slashed vertically and downwards. As Fafnir avoided his attack, Vergas immediately attacks again, this time sweeping to the side, making Fafnir backstep. Fafnir looks shocked to the cut on his shirt, even if the blade missed it by at least 40 centimeters.

(Fafnir): “As I imagined, he did something to the sword. Is that magic?”

As he avoids more attacks, he analyses the wooden sword in Vergas hands. As he focusses, he sees a very faint energy surrounding the wood sword. Widening his eyes, he finally is sure that it’s indeed magic. Smiling, he thinks:

(Fafnir): “Well Vergas, you are taking this sparring a bit too seriously… well then, allow me to pay you in the same coin!”

As he avoids Vergas attacks, he focuses his mana, ad channels it to the sword. Of course, in a much more crude and unrefined way. Fafnir is aware of this, so he channels a bigger amount then Vergas.

Vergas widens his eyes as he clearly sees the mana seeping out of the wood in Fafnir’s hand. Suddenly, Fafnir’s sword disappears in front of his eyes, and his body reacts by pure instinct, blocking over his head.

A heavy impact falls on his hands, and he’s barely able to make the sword slide along his blade, falling to the side. He thinks about countering, but a truck hits him. No, not a truck, it was Fafnir, hitting him with a shoulder charge, sending him flying almost five meters back.

He recovers his balance in the air and manage to land in his feet, however, when he looks to Fafnir, and sees him waving the sword in his direction, slashing the air. For a fraction of second, he wondered why he did that, but he got his answer soon after.

The air distorted, moving in his direction. Air pressure. Fafnir’s slash created a wave of air pressure, infused with mana, but still air pressure. Not that Vergas never had seen something like this before, but he has seen only monsters do that before.

Therefore, he wasn’t prepared, and the air pressure wave hit him, making a strong “BOOM”, raising a lot of dust. Of course, everyone stopped what they were doing since the fight started, staring in silence.

The dust settled slowly, revealing Vergas, bruised all over his body with blood coming out from the corner of his mouth. Vergas smiled as Fafnir asked:

(Fafnir): “Did I go too far on you?”

(Vergas): “No, it just looks worst than it seems. Only my skin is hurt, I protected what’s inside with magic.”

He said, surprising Fafnir as his bruises started to heal slowly, but fast enough to be able to see with the naked eye. Fafnir nods, saying:

(Fafnir): “Neat trick.”

(Vergas): “Yeah, it saved my ass a lot of times. And what are you guys looking at?! Back to training!”

He screamed to the other students, who hastily scram back to their training, still finding hard to believe and whispering among themselves what they just saw. Mainly, four figures were thinking than most people. First, their teacher, Higaki.

(Higaki): “Holy fuck… that kid is a monster! Thank god he didn’t take me seriously!”

Second, Taichi.

(Taichi): “Why is he so strong? I can’t believe that even being the one with the Hero title I’m weaker than him…”

Third, Shinra.

(Shinra): “Oh my god, such power! Dexterity! Technique! It’s so amazing!”

And finally, Akame:

(Akame): “As expected of Fafnir-san. To imagine that he would master magic so quickly! I’m barely able to perceive it, but he already learned how to use it in combat!”

Vergas, now completely healed, approached Fafnir, who is looking to the wooden sword on his hands, full of cracks and about to break. As the Captain approached, Fafnir said:

(Fafnir): “I need a weapon that won’t break if I use.”

(Vergas): “Well, although I do know a thing or two, I’m not a master of magic. From this training session, you guys will go to the magic class with the Head Royal Magician of the kingdom. Ask about that.”

The chatted for a bit, trading pointers about combat until the training was over. Fafnir dressed his shirt as the rest of the boys in his class and everybody walked to the castle again, this time, to a wide classroom.

Fafnir walked a bit behind from his classmates, with only Akame by is side as his classmates seemed a bit weary of him, although there was clear admiration on their eyes. As they walked, Akame asked in a low voice so that her classmates wouldn’t hear them talking.

(Akame): “So, Fafnir-san, how did you use mana like that?”

(Fafnir): ”Genetics, Akame, genetics. I’ll tell you in detail later, but first, we should focus on the present task.”

(Akame): “Alright, what should we do?”

(Fafnir): “This is a great chance to acquire combat strength and support while we are in the royal palace. Don’t miss one magic class and practice every day. I’ll try to make some connections on the castle with some nobles, but meanwhile, I want you to find any way to make a lot money quickly.”

(Akame): “Why is that?”

(Fafnir): “Because no matter what we do, we will need a lot of cash to accomplish. Going to the demon continent certainly won’t be easy and relying on the king is out of question. We need funds to do whatever we can with the best equipment possible.”

(Akame): “Understood.”

As their talk finished, they arrived at the classroom where they will be instructed by the teacher. And then she walks in. a really tall woman, around 1,95 meters tall. Her skin is dark gray, with silvery hair and a gorgeous face, full of nobility and confidence, although a bit cold.

Her silky white hair goes straight down to her butt, glittering slightly to the natural light coming in through the windows. Her body has wonderful curves, with big breasts and wide hips, with thin waist, everything covered by a marvelous white and golden robe.

She stops on the table in front of the table dedicated to the teacher. She turns to them and says, with her seductive and mature voice echoing through the room, making everyone in the room, including the girls, les Fafnir, have a slight dance with their hearts.

Her eyes with black sclera and glowing silver irises scanning everyone as she says:

(Faera): “My name is Faera, Head Royal Magician and your new teacher for magic. Now, is Higaki here? It was told to me that he was the teacher of this class…”

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