(3° person POV)


A katana materialized in Shinra’s hands. Perfect, without a flaw, of a perfect, silvery blade and white hilt with golden guard. The blade was so clear that you could see yourself in it, and it had a blue hue to it.


(Vertras): “Wow, a great sword! Perfect one! Oh, and we two rarities here!”


He said, looking at Fafnir and Akame. Akame is holding a weapon, a tantõ, around 40 centimeters long, way too long for this kind of blade. On her arms, two black and smooth shin guards cover from the back of her hands to her elbows.


Similar greaves covered her legs, from her knees to her feet. But the one that called the most attention was Fafnir. Head to toe, covered in a red overcoat… no, there was no way of opening it from the front, probably dressed like a shirt.


This “shirt” extended all the way down to the ankles, open in the front, like an overcoat, exposing the legs that are now covered in heavy, black pants and the feet in black, heavy boots. The arms covered in the sleeves of the armor, and the hands in fingerless gloves.


In the head, a loose hood from the coat and a face mask that covers until the nose. The coat, the hood and the mask are made of the same material, white leather with white fur in the inside, covered with finger-sized red scales, assembled together like the hide of a dragon.


In the waist, a belt like Zoro’s, but covered with red scales like the coat with white fur poking out from the edges. Kinda cool, actually. Looking at that, Vertras said:


(Vertras): “Hoh~, a complete armor! Also, this dragon attribute, and in such abundance! A rare find, this one is!”


  • A few seconds before –


Taichi summoned his weapon, a bastard sword with wide blade and many decorations, making it a beautiful blade. A whole, yellowish holy aura covering it. The name of the blade?


Hero’s Sword

Type:Souls Equipment


The sword of a savior, who carries the hopes of the people.


(Breas): “Oh, there is something rare! A holy blade with a heroic name…”


Taichi felt proud when Breas said that. A heroic blade, a very cool thing that could help him to go back home with everybody. No, he will help everybody to go home, no matter what it takes. Suddenly…


(Breas): “Wow! Is that a full body armor?”


He says, looking at Fafnir. Completely letting Taichi as a second rate, going to the big guy with the full body armor. In that moment, Taichi felt something boiling inside him, but couldn’t really say what.


Some of the gods looked at Fafnir, but decided to keep guiding the humans. The only two gods that decided to take a closer look at Fafnir was Breas and a goddess. Approaching him, Breas said:


(Breas): “Oh, quite a rare one that we have here, having the aura of a dragon right of the bat!”


(Vertras): “Right? I picked a good one! Hahahaha!”


The goddess approached Fafnir and said, smiling. Blonde, with pink clothes that hugged her tightly, revealing her body lines. Her straight, soft blonde hair goes just below her waist and her breasts had an attention-grabbing size.


She isn’t that tall, around 1,60 meters tall, Fafnir himself towers above her. Looking up, she smiles cutely.


(Qiulla): “My name is Qiulla, I’m the goddess of love. Nice to meet you, big guy.”


(Fafnir): “Same here, sweetie.”


Fafnir said, jokingly. Qiulla then smiled again, this time with a seducing smile. Touching her lips, she said:


(Qiulla): “My my, we have a bold one here, don’t we?”


She touched Fafnir’s chest. Feeling her touch, Fafnir strangely felt his heart beating a bit faster. Ignoring it, he said in a provocative tone:


(Fafnir): “You have to do better than that to make me feel something, little lady.”


(Qiulla): “Heh~, I’m not pretty enough for you?”


She asks, making puppy eyes and making a cute pose. Any normal man would fall for per in this moment, or at least have their hearts skip a beat. But Fafnir, who was expecting for this, almost didn’t felt anything… almost. He did felt his heart beat a bit stronger, something that doesn’t happen easily.


(Fafnir): “I’ve seen prettier.”


He says. She pouts cutely, and Fafnir chuckles. Fafnir ponders a bit about what he felt when Qiulla teased him a bit. You can say that Fafnir didn’t stood still during all his life, he had his romances like any other man, and had quite a bit.


He was saying the truth when he said that he has seen prettier woman than Qiulla, and some of them tried to seduce Fafnir. Being him, he doesn’t budge easily, and he has a perfect control on his feelings, to the point that it’s extremely hard to make him feel something. Akame was experiencing this in first hand.


Seeing this exchange, Breas talked with Fafnir.


(Breas): “Kiddo, come with me for a moment, I have something to speak with you.”


Touching Fafnir’s back, he takes him to a place a bit more isolated than the other ones, so that they can’t be listened talking.


(Breas): “I know about your lineage and the experiments done on you.”


Fafnir takes off the mask and the hood, frowning a bit, surprisingly getting a bit angry at this, a reaction that even him wouldn’t expect.


(Fafnir): “What about it?”


(Breas): “I only want to say that people like you, a mix of two races, is pretty common in the world that you are going to. Relax, none of us will judge you for this. What I want is to make some questions and give you some advices.”


(Fafnir): “….. Alright, go on.”


(Breas): “First, do you know which kind is your non-human part?”


(Fafnir): “… I have some suspicious, and since I’m going to a fantasy world right now, I think that isn’t absurd to guess that it’s a dragon.”


(Breas): “You’re right. You will find the answers for you questions about who that dragon is in this world with the other dragons. Please, don’t ask about it to me right now, our time here is limited, and I won’t be able to explain everything now. The other dragons will be able to give your answers, so please, hold back.”


(Fafnir): “……. Alright, what else?”


(Breas): “Alright, that was my question, since you don’t know which is your lineage. But now, let’s talk about puberty.”


(Fafnir): “Hey hey, if you know enough about me and the experiments you must know that I went through that a long time ago…”


(Breas): “Yes, I know. But the problem is that there are more factors to it right now. You have dragon blood in your veins right now that was dormant. Now that you are going to the other world, this blood will awake. Then, some differences will happen in your body.”


(Fafnir): “What do you mean?”


(Breas): “Well, you will enter in contact with mana, which is something that barely exists in your world, but it’s overflowing in the world that you are going to. Your blood, which is originally made to adapt to mana, will make your body change a bit, and will have similar effects to puberty, dragon version.”


(Fafnir): “Alright, you will most likely to experience emotional fluctuations and your emotions will be a bit easier to come to you, and harder to control. You may experience some muscular growth and some of your teeth may begin to sharpen. Your eyes will become more sensitive to light with the time, and your night vision will improve greatly. Basically, the mutations that your body didn’t had when you were injected with the DNA will happen now.”


(Fafnir): “So you mean that I will become more… dragon-like?”


(Breas): “Yes, youngster. If you have the opportunity, I suggest that you train your body as most as you can. Also, meditate. A lot. Adapt to mana as soon as possible, this will happen to keep some emotional bursts. Also, there’s something else…”


He made a pause, seeming a bit flustered in talking in the next thing. Fafnir looked at him, saying:


(Fafnir): “What?”


(Breas): “You will have… a sex drive.”


(Fafnir): “… What?”


(Breas): “You second puberty isn’t for show, it will make you get excited easier, and most likely to feel excited around girls. Also, you were sterile in your world, right?”


(Fafnir): “Well, yeah. Dragon DNA isn’t compatible with human DNA…”


(Breas): “Yeah… that’s actually wrong, dragon DNA is extremely compatible, they can breed with almost any species in existence. Humans are no exception. However, for reproduction, they need mana. It was a miracle that you were compatible with the DNA, you are probably the only one that can breed with a dragon in a mana-less environment. Anyway, in the world that you are going, that’s full of mana, will make you… fertile again. That means that you can have children in that world.”


(Fafnir): “Oh.”


(Breas): “Oh. That said, I end this here, I don’t anything else to say. Let’s go back before we worry the others.”


They went back, and then, they spoke a bit more, just chatting a bit to keep the kids comfortable. All the gods were surprisingly knowledgeable about the modern world, about earth. Making some jokes, talking about some movies, which they surprisingly enjoyed, even some games.


(Fafnir): “So, you play games…”


(Vertras): “Yep. You world is incredible, when we first toke notice of your world, and what you were doing without magic… wow, it was mind blowing. And when the first games came out, it was a good distraction from the boring shit that was being a god of war in an almost pacific world. And since I can’t interfere directly if not by an avatar, I get bored easily. Almost all of us gods like playing games.”


(Qiulla): “He’s right. I enjoy some adventure games, action, etc. Vertras enjoy any kind of violent game, when that Kratos guy appeared he even shaved his head!”


(Vertras): “Oy!”


(Fafnir): “Pfff, HA HA HA HA!!!”


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