Adam thinks Eve is crazy, but Eve doesn't mind. In fact, she sometimes thinks Adam is right.

For as long as either of them can remember, it's been Eve's sworn duty to watch over the trees, helping them keep Evil in the ground where it belongs.  Eve helps the trees keep Evil at bay by smashing unwanted pumpkins with a pitchfork in the fields of her mother's farm.

I did mention Eve is crazy, right?

Now that Eve is seventeen, she's having cuter thoughts about Adam as they spend their time together. She's thinking more about their budding romance, and less about what the trees need.

That may not be the best idea she's ever had.

"Adam, I know you think I'm crazy and you're probably right. But there are things inside the Earth--stuff that should never be seen."

The trees are losing the fight. Stuff is getting out.

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Sci-Fi Action Adventure, propelled by a little Romance.

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Ferryman Art
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Okay! I gotta talk about this one. First, WOW. This is an EASY 5-star---there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind. Second, the characters! I've fallen in love with them! They're this adorable family that I will root to the end of the earth for, and that, in my opinion, is the BIGGEST compliment one can give any writer. Well done. Seriously.

The writing is easy-to-read, but, also, very well detailed. The dialogue is spot-on, realistic and really true to each character’s personality. I loved following the back and forth between characters. The story and premise is great, but, honestly, this is pretty much a solely character-driven novel; like I said, I would have followed them anywhere!

I'm a fast reader and so, often, I easily skim through long paragraphs to get the gist without even thinking of it. Here, I did not skim. I was engrossed in the action and the banter of the characters. I was on the edge of my seat for them! Definitely suspenseful and action-packed!

There were no glaring grammar errors, and I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style. I have no complaints. In fact, this is a JOY to read. I can't wait to read along as the story develops. I have to find out what happens next!!!! Followed and favorited!