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  • Profanity

Natasha Morozova was a renown Russian hitman. However, she was betrayed and died in the middle of her mission.

When she thought it was over, she found herself in a fancy bed, being treated by small children.

She discovers that she is a good-for-nothing sixth daughter of Quas Empire’s Prime Minister in a world called Rulea. With the use of her experience from previous life, she sets off on the harsh road of cultivation.

However, she is not the main protagonist of this story?!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Losing Mind ago
Chapter 2 - Good-for-Nothing Sixth Miss ago
Chapter 3 - Miss Had an Accident ago
Chapter 4 - Miss is Strange! ago
Chapter 5 - Miss is Merciless! ago
Chapter 6 - Miss Gave Me a Name! ago
Chapter 7 - I Have Reincarnated into a Good-for-nothing Miss? ago
Chapter 8 - Miss in Library? No Way! ago
Chapter 9 - Miss is a Genius?! ago
Chapter 10 - Miss is Going to Eat Me?! ago
Chapter 11 - Miss, You Are Really Scary, You Know?! ago
Chapter 12 - This Miss is Stunned ago
Chapter 13 - This Miss Will Fluffing Roast You! ago
Chapter 14 - Miss, Are You Okay? ago
Chapter 15 – Miss, What’s This Weird Development?! ago
Chapter 16 – Miss, Don’t Fall For His Tricks! ago
Chapter 17 - Miss, What Does Chaste Mean? ago
Chapter 18 - Miss? What About the Cultivation?... ago
Chapter 19 - Miss, Stop it! Stop it or I Won't Be Able to Hold Myself Back! ago
Chapter 20 – Miss, Don’t Ask For the Impossible, Please! ago
Chapter 21 - Miss, Sophia is Really Cool! ago
Chapter 22 - Miss Really Wants to Taste My Secret Technique! ago
Chapter 23 - Miss, I Like This Prince Si More! ago
Chapter 24 - Miss, Are You Sure We Can Trust This Person? ago
Chapter 25 - Miss, Why Are These Men So Loud? ago
Chapter 26 - I Won't Lose Miss to You! ago
Chapter 27 - Bandits? I Must Protect Miss! ago
Chapter 28 - Miss... Could You Smile, Please? ago
Chapter 29 - Miss is Oblivious... and I Like it! ago
Chapter 30 - Was Miss Making Fun of Me All This Time? ago
Chapter 31 - Miss... Help me... ago
Chapter 32 - This Miss’s Flames Will Consume You! ago
Chapter 33 - The Demon With Miss's Face ago
Chapter 34 - I Want to See Miss's Lively Face ago
Chapter 35 - Miss is Miss ago
Chapter 36 – Reading Miss’s Mind… ago
Chapter 37 - Miss! Why is Your Breathing so Rough?! ago
Chapter 38 - Miss, I'm Sorry. I Think I'm Dying ago
Chapter 39 - Miss This Development... ago
Chapter 40 - Umm, Miss? ago
Chapter 41 - Miss, Please be Careful ago
Chapter 42 - Miss, Why Do I Feel So Weird? ago
Chapter 43 – Miss! You Should Totally Try it Too! ago
Chapter 44 - This Demon... is My Miss...! ago
Chapter 45 - Miss... Am... Am I Dying?... ago
Chapter 46 - Miss, Cultivation is Great! ago
Chapter 47 - This Miss Swears... ago
Chapter 48 - Right Now, She is This Miss's Servant! ago
Chapter 49 - Miss Stole My Two Firsts ago
Chapter 50 - What Were You Thinking, Miss?! ago
Chapter 51 - Miss, Are You Trying to Kill Me?! ago
Chapter 52 - That's Elder Sister Sand, Miss! ago
Chapter 53 - Miss, I Did it! ago
Chapter 54 - Miss, This Technique is No Good! ago
Chapter 55 - This Miss is Useless Without You ago
Chapter 56 - What's Wrong With Miss? ago
Chapter 57 - Is This Person Perhaps, Miss's...? ago
Chapter 58 - Miss, Your Mother Understands Me! ago
Chapter 59 - Miss is the Best After All!! ago
Chapter 60 - What in the Name of Miss Are You Doing? ago
Chapter 61 - Miss it's Misae! ago
Chapter 62 - Miss, Just What is Going on With Misae? ago
Chapter 63 - Flawless Miss Attention Grabbing Technique! ago
Chapter 64 - Miss, This is Too Embarrassing ago
Chapter 65 - Miss, I Should Become a Prince ago
Chapter 66 - Miss, is Sophia a Fire User Just Like You? ago
Chapter 67 - Miss... I Thought You Were Going to... ago
Chapter 68 - Miss... Just What is That Annoying Man Doing? ago
Chapter 69 - Miss... I'm not Sure Whether I Agree ago
Chapter 70 - Miss, What is That Man Planning? ago
Chapter 71 - Yes, Miss. Please Let Me Have a Taste!! ago
Chapter 72 - If It's Latifa Then... This Miss Doesn't Mind... ago
Chapter 73 - Miss... Witness Latifa's New Secret Technique ago
Chapter 74 - Miss Would Normally Scold Him! ago
Chapter 75 - Latifa's Secret Miss Nursing Kit! ago
Chapter 76 – If Miss Resembled Master… Pffft. ago
Chapter 77 – Miss… Mommy… ago
Chapter 78 - I Have no Idea What Miss and Mommy are Talking About ago
Chapter 79 - Miss is Pouting With Misty Eyes ago
Chapter 80 - Miss, Mommy Must Be Really Angry ago
Chapter 81 - Miss's Face Looks Funny ago
Chapter 82 - It's my Duty as a Maid to Take Care of Miss ago
Chapter 83 - What in the Name of Miss Happened in the End? ago
Chapter 84 - Miss, Your Sisters Are Too Terrifying ago
Chapter 85 - Let's Focus on Miss's Battle... ago
Chapter 86 - Miss, I Think I am Going to be Devoured!!! ago
Chapter 87 - I Can Imagine Miss Sticking Her Tongue Out ago
Chapter 88 - Miss, Look at Him! ago
Chapter 89 - Miss, Did They Just Try to Escape? ago
Chapter 90 - Miss, I Think There's Something Wrong ago
Chapter 91 - Miss, She Seems Fake ago
Chapter 92 - Miss's Next Opponent ago
Chapter 93 - Miss, What's Happening with Elder Sister Sand!? ago
Chapter 94 - This Miss Appreciates People With Sincere Hearts ago
Chapter 95 - Now My Miss Fainted! ago
Chapter 96 – Miss, I Wonder if Miss Tinesia Will Be All Right? ago
Chapter 97 – Miss, Isn’t This Bad? ago
Chapter 98 - All I See is Miss' Chest ago
Chapter 99 - Miss, Mommy, Sophia. Why Did Your Faces Get Pale Too? ago
Chapter 100 - Miss, I Was at Fault, Okay! ago
Chapter 101 - Pills are precious, Miss. ago
Chapter 102 - Miss, I Tell You, This Little Prince is an Expert! ago
Chapter 103 - Miss, Do You Have a Fever By Any Chance? ago
Chapter 104 - Miss, Am I Supposed to Hold it in For an Entire Month? ago
Chapter 105 - Miss... it Was Nice Knowing You ago
Chapter 106 - Succumbing to Miss' Attacks Increases My Cultivation!? ago
Chapter 107 - I've Grasped Miss's Weakness! ago
Chapter 108 - As Long as I Have Miss... ago
Chapter 109 - Miss, I'm Not Mentally Prepared yet! ago
Chapter 110 - Miss, You Really Didn't Think This Through... ago
Chapter 111 - You Can't yet, Miss! I'm not Ready yet! ago
Chapter 112 - Miss, You are so Confusing at Times ago
Chapter 113 - Don't worry About Me, Miss ago
Chapter 114 - I Shall Rule Over Miss' Lap ago
Miss, it’s a Christmas Special! ago
Chapter 115 - Miss, What am I Going to Do? ago
Chapter 116 - M, Miss! Let's Turn Around ago
Chapter 117 - Miss, Aren't Those... ago
Chapter 118 - Now, Miss. Tell Him, Tell Him Off! ago
Chapter 119 - ... and Then Miss Started Humming, So... ago
Chapter 120 - Miss, Why Are You Averting Your Gaze? ago
Chapter 121 - Miss My Nose Hurts... ago
Chapter 122 - As Expected of My Miss! ago
Chapter 123 - This Miss is Stupid! ago
Chapter 124 - Miss, Are These Two Princes Okay? ago
Chapter 125 - Miss Told Me to Put My Hands Up ago

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interesting and frustrating at the same time

i find the book interesting and frustrating


interesting because the story is not told from the POV of the OP and reincarnated character but at the same time it is frustrating since most people expect that role


It is also frustrating that the chapter are so short and update are relatively slow for the short chapters


Interesting realization as a wuxia novel

An Op-Mc is always something enjoyable, coupled to the fact that the Grammar and Style are barely criticizable.
Beside the few Updates, I would always like to see more (I understand though that takes a lot of time to write a good story.. A man can still dream, right?), I could only critize that the story isn't advanzed enough for a better review.

Expactatly waiting



an excess of pink.... which is not a bad thing

the story is absurdly cute considering the origin stories of both the characters. the grammar and writing style are excellent and my only real complaint is that the cultivation and world building aspects are rather neglected at the time of this review. the story is still a good palate cleanser and is a great contrast to stories that take themselves way too seriously


i like the plot for this stroy its quite different from most others lol how often is the MC not the reincarnated individual anyway so long as this keeps updating ima keep reading it (if only the chapters were a tad bit longer though :(.... )


Don't really know what to say

I normaly realy like cute stuff but in this case it is just to mutch. With all due respect for the author i feel like the story has been puched to the background and only the cute pinkness remains. one way or the other i am sorry to say that i will leave behind this story at chapter 82.

For others who like this or somthing like this but without a lot of the cuteness i recomend: The Demonic King Chases His Wife - The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Baka-Updates Manga link:

Translation website link:


It's a Chinese Light Novel

What else is there to talk about? It has the standard vague charm like all of the others, the characters are all likable, the story progresses one or two lines at a time, and the grammar needs tweaking.


In other words, it's built like any other Chinese light novel out there.


Do I hate it? No. Would I recommend it to others? Only if you're into short, sweet chapters that won't explain everything to you. As well as to those of whom have read Asian light novels.


Latifa is so cute! Nuff said.


Side note: I would recommend updating the summary to reflect who the true main character is. Her background does not lose out one bit to the reincarnated Miss and hence, would make for an equally good synopsis.


Not bad but it could be so much more

Short, and too much sweetness for no fill

It's a nice and sweet story, but there is no background construction of the world. the description of the world is left mostly to the reader imagination. While I like cute sweet and funny story, here I have an overdose, since the characters all appear to me as marshmallow.  Without living spoiler all I can say is you should give more depth to your characters and more depth to the story, because it could be great. 

Your writing is good an simple, the chapters lenght is short but that mainly because there nothing much except dialogue. 

Try writing as a third person.

It's not bad but it could be so much more. 

Keep up and improve. wink