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This is the story of a lonely girl with an affinity for the macabre. Although she had never been the type to believe in ghosts, she couldn’t help but indulge fantasies of romance beyond the veil. However, when a cocksure spirit with a dangerous infatuation drags her deep into a private purgatory of blood and decay, what was once an innocent fantasy quickly becomes a precarious negotiation that could cost the girl her life.

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Tyrel Pinnegar

Tyrel Pinnegar

Tyrel Pinnegar

I Am Taking Off (II)
Word Count (6)

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I need a graphic novel of this

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

I love when I stumble upon a story and it blows me away. The story itself really felt like falling down a rabbit hole into a beautiful hell.

The imagery is so intense and striking and cinematic that I totally feel like this would make an incredible graphic novel. I can see it fitting right along with a lot of Neil Gaiman's graphic novels and adaptations. 

But of course the real make or break point for me is always going to be the characters. While there are only two in this story, they are both so immediately intriguing and engaging. I actually adore the spirit, she is my favorite part of the whole thing and her development over the course of the story is so human and raw and emotional and universal, I feel like. 

The stylistic aspects, descriptions and vibes and mood and all that, were so in sync and really worked to support each other. I think I found only one typo and I'm not even positive it wasn't intentional.

Pretty much I only have positive things to say. Excellent work, Tyrel!

Gem <3