A moment later they saw the man flying out from the building. He was floating in the air wearing a black robe. He looked at Yuanming and studied him closely.

Where did this bumpkin come from?

Does not know who I am?

“How dare you enter my domain”, he said coldly.

“Kneel for me”, said Yuanming in a mocking voice.

When the man heard his words, he became angry because the man in front of him was looking down on him.

From where did he get the guts to act like this?

Yuanming saw the man didn’t react and rushed towards him. He clenched his fist and when he was up close, he threw punches at him. The man quickly dodged and evaded them. Yuanming smiled and retreated then he waved with his right hand and suddenly they heard the screech of a bird. Suddenly the sky turned red and an enormous red phoenix appeared above him.

When the man saw the phoenix, he squinted his eyes.

Did he summon a real phoenix?

He couldn’t tell the difference and suddenly panicked.

“Go”, commanded Yuanming.

The phoenix started flying towards the man. When he saw the phoenix got closer he could feel the hot burning flames from its body. When it was close to him felt his skin was melting and there was a strong burning sensation.

His eyes widened in shock and surprise. There was no mistake it was a real phoenix.

He quickly retreated a few steps and shouted: “Come out!”.

A moment later a crack opened behind him and an enormous fox walked out. It stared at the phoenix and flew towards it. When it got up closer it bit the phoenix on its neck and the phoenix instantly dissipated.

“Thank you”, said the man and heaved in relief.

“You fool”, said the fox and glared at the man.

He is so weak. No wonder he made a pact with me back then.

It was clearly an illusion, but he couldn’t tell the difference. How pathetic.

Yuanming smiled and said: “It’s your turn now”.

Mei Mei thought he was referring to Qing and looked at him and nodded but when Qing was about to remove his domain Blackie jumped out from Yuanming’s chest and floated in front of him.

When Qing saw him, he stopped his action and looked at Blackie. He couldn’t feel the aura or presence of him, but he recalled Mei Mei had mentioned him as Blackie. He was Yuanming’s contracted beast. He had never met a beast with no aura like himself and he was a unique case in this realm.

Are we related somehow?

Where did he find that dragon?

When the man saw Blackie in his small form floating in the air, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t feel any aura on him and therefore thought he was weak.

“This will be easy”, he said in a mocking tone.

The fox squinted his eyes while staring and Blackie.

That dragon indeed looks weak because it doesn’t exude an aura, but it gives me a creepy feeling.

The dragon was in a small form and therefore its power was limited. The fox decided to test the dragon first. Clashing with an unknown beast could be fatal or suicide. It had already worked so hard to come this far. Building its army of soldiers wasn’t easy and it was lucky this man behind it was such a fool to make a pact with it.

These deities sure are pathetic and weak.

When the men inside Qing’s domain saw Blackie, they weren’t surprised because that was their master’s contracted beast. The person in front of them was indeed their master but they had already confirmed the truth by his eyes.

“Restrict your powers to one percent to test the fox first. We need to capture it alive”, said Yuanming in a telepathic voice to Blackie.

“I know master. Don’t worry”, answered Blackie back telepathic.

He spoke: “Do you want the man alive too?”.

When everyone heard that they looked at Mei Mei who was the leader of the group.

Mei Mei wanted to kill him for what he had done to those women but the woman next to her loved him and they were husband and wife.

She wished she could squash his head or smash it into a stone, drown him in a barrel of acid, stab his body countless of times, cut off his head and put it on a spike, put him on a breaking wheel, tie his limbs to horses and have them ride off in separate directions or pour chlorine down his throat.

She wanted to torture him to death for making those women suffer.

She looked at the woman who was waiting nervously for her answer because she had promised to spare his life. That man was cruel to the max and Mei Mei had no connection to him at all. All those women had suffered because of his selfishness and cruelty even the woman in front of him.

Even if they spared the man now who knows if he will continue his evil deeds somewhere else.



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