A moment later they landed inside the mansion. The woman led them to the bedroom where the man kept the beautiful women. They arrived in front of a room that had no door. When they got inside, they saw the man was sleeping and there was a woman next to her who had her eyes open.

They recognized it was the gagged woman. They saw a room to the right side that had a door. They flew through the door and saw ten beautiful women sleeping in the same bed.

“The door is soundproof”, said Qing and removed his domain.

He waved his right hand, and they could suddenly feel a gush of an ice-cold wind blowing past them. When the women felt it, they woke up and sat up in the bed.

When they saw Mei Mei and the others, they didn’t know what to think.

Suddenly their eyes fell on the woman and one of the beauties said in an angry voice: “What do you want from us at this time?”.

Mei Mei noticed her expression and said: “We came to save you from this misery. We plan to destroy this place. Do you want to stay when we destroy it or leave with us?”.

When the woman heard her words their eyes widened.

“We want to come with you please. My daughter and I was taken away from our home”, said a woman.

When Mei Mei heard her words, she looked at all the women and suddenly realised something frightening. She was reminded of all the pregnant women earlier. Some of them were siblings and even mother and daughter. That man was more than just disgusting he was not even humane.

“Get everyone out even that woman in the bed”, said Mei Mei and looked at Qing.

He nodded and pulled all the women close to them then with a vroom he opened his domain. They flew through the door and stopped in front of the bed. Qing waved his right and hand they saw the woman in the bed started flying slowly towards them. They saw her shocked face and when she was inside the domain, she landed in front of them. Yingyue took out a cloak and covered her.

“Who are you?”, asked the woman nervously.

“We’re destroying this place. Do you want to come with us?”, asked Mei Mei.

The woman nodded and said: “Yes, I was taken away from my kids”.

They all flew outside the mansion and landed on a hill. Mei Mei and Yinqyue covered all the women in cloaks.

“Wait here we’ll be back and then bring you to a safer place”, said Mei Mei.

Qing enveloped the women in his spirit flow and said: “It will conceal you so don’t move from this spot”.

“Thank you”, said the women and looked gratefully at him.

Mei Mei and the others flew towards the mansion but didn’t fly back to the bedroom. They were currently in the air looking down at the buildings.

“That man has a beast so we must force it out”, said Yuanming.

“I can’t force beasts out from dimensions only domains”, said Qing.

“We need to force him to make that beast reveal itself”, said Lin.

Mei Mei looked at everyone. The strongest man here was Qing, and they were currently in the deity realm so that man must be strong.

“Is that man strong or weak?”, she asked.

“That depends on who you ask”, answered Qing.

Suddenly Yuanming heard the voice of Blackie say: “Let’s show them”.

When Yuanming heard his voice, he was surprised because he had never offered to help before ever since he was healed. He also wanted to test his own strength now that he knew he was related to someone with a powerful background.

“I’ll draw it out”, he said and his lips curled in an evil smile.

When everyone heard his words, they looked at him in surprise and shock.

“Are you sure you want to go?”, asked Mei Mei.

“I want to test my strength. That man is tainting the true god’s name”, answered Yuanming.

When everyone heard his words, they looked at him in astonishment especially the men and Lin.

Mei Mei hugged him and said: “Be careful. Qing will help in case you need him”.

Yuanming flew out from the domain and was floating in the air looking down at the building where the man was sleeping.

“Get out scumbag!”, he said in a loud voice.



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