A moment later they arrived in front of a herb hall. They all rushed inside and walked to a backroom that led to an institution.

They waited and a moment later an old man with a white beard appeared. When he saw Yuanming his eyes widened in shock.

“Welcome back master”, he said and bowed to him.

Yuanming nodded to him and said: “You must be the doctor. Please help this woman. She does not want this child”.

The doctor looked at the woman with a complicated expression.

“I can remove it but healing the womb will be difficult”, he said and stroke his beard.

Mei Mei looked at the doctor then at the woman’s womb and suddenly got an idea.

“My potions can unblock the spirit flow, heal, and has miraculous effects. Can you use that?”, she said.

When the doctor heard that he looked at her in surprise but wasn’t shocked. His master would never find a normal woman, so he trusted her words.

“That will help”, he said and nodded in agreement.

Mei Mei didn’t know how much he needed but took out five jade bottles and placed them on the floor.

The doctor pulled out a stretcher and said: “Place her on that”.

They helped the pregnant woman to lie down on the stretcher. Yingye pulled out a cushion and placed the woman’s head on it.

The doctor took out a silver basin and poured the content of the jade bottles into the basin. He placed his hand in it and looked at the woman.

“I’ll try and make it less painful. Don’t be scared”, he said.

The woman nodded while gritting her teeth. There was no way she was keeping this disgusting thing of that evil man.

“Just remove it”, she groaned.

The doctor looked at everyone and said: “If you don’t want to watch then look away”.

Everyone understood the meaning of his words. It was targeted to the men and the girl.

The girl did not intend to hide because they had already been through a lot and seen a lot.

“I don’t care just get it out of me now”, said the woman.

She could already feel the child was kicking and she was afraid it would eat its way out of her womb before the doctor could start his procedure.

“Lift up her skirt”, said the doctor.

A man bent down and with a wave of his hand the woman’s skirt was lifted.

The doctor retracted his hands from the basin, and they were glistening with the potion.

He closed his eyes and a moment later they opened. He looked at his hands and suddenly a glove of golden dust appeared around them. He slowly inserted his left hand into the woman’s vagina and suddenly his eyes widened.

He clenched his teeth and placed his right hand on the woman’s belly and suddenly they heard a loud vroom and a golden circle appeared above it. He pressed the golden circle towards the belly and when it hit the skin, they heard a whish and the golden circle moved into the belly.

A moment later they heard a crack sound like cracking bones.

The doctor pulled out his left hand and they saw he was clenching on something small and bloody. There was a bloody furry tail, but they couldn’t see the face.

“What is that?”, asked Mei Mei in shock and her heart sank.

That was clearly not a child, but it was something else!

“We call it a parasite here. They choose a host and eat its way out”, answered the doctor.

“Thank you”, said the woman and looked grateful.

“Rest now. Your belly will return to normal, and I’ve fixed your body with the help of the potion from this lady. You will be reborn when you wake up”, said the doctor and looked at the woman.

When the woman heard, his words tears started falling down her cheeks. She was given a new life by these people. A moment later she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The doctor looked at the bloody parasite in his hand and clenched it tightly. They saw the body explode and the body started to disintegrate.

A moment later it had completely disappeared. The doctor looked at the pregnant women who were standing watching him in fear. They thought it was something normal, but in fact they all had a parasite inside them now.

“Please help us”, they said and started crying.

The doctor looked at Yuanming and then at Mei Mei waiting for their decision.

Mei Mei wanted to rescue the rest of the woman at the mansion so they couldn’t stay here.

She was relieved now that she had stockpiled her space ring every evening.

She sat down on the ground and started pulling jade bottles one after another.

She recalled the doctor had used up all her potion and she gave him five bottles.

She needed five per woman then. When she had pulled out a thousand jade bottles she stood up and looked at looked at them. She wasn’t sure if these were enough, but they had to rush back and save those women.

“We need to save more people so for starters use these and please arrange them a permanent place to stay. We’ll be back tomorrow to check on them”, she said.

She looked at women and said:” You will all be given another chance to be reborn”.

“Thank you, my lady,”, said the women and bowed to her.

“I’ll need to wake up my disciples and people”, said the doctor and disappeared.

Mei Mei turned her attention to the woman and said: “Lead us the way”.

“What about the girl?”, asked Yingyue.

They knew the way back to the mansion and it was safer for the girl to stay here.

“I want to come. I won’t cause trouble for you”, said the girl and pouted.

She wanted to see those people punished for their evil deeds.

“It’s late so you should go to sleep with the other kids. I’ll visit you tomorrow”, said Mei Mei and took out some candy.

The girl looked at the candy and said: “Lady, you can’t bribe me with candy. I’m smart”.

When everyone heard her words, they laughed. They knew Mei Mei was good at throwing candies to kids, but this girl had refused her.

Mei Mei wasn’t mad but surprised that the girl was adamant to see that man being punished.

“Okay let’s go”, she said.

Qing enveloped them in his domain, and they all flew back to the mansion.

“He didn’t make a move. He’s sleeping”, he said.



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