The Soul Reacher

The Soul Reacher

by RavenLight666

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

What if there were such a thing as demons who weren't evil?

What if music was the only way to save the world?

Jack Harper is no ordinary demon. He’s a Soul Reacher, able to connect to humans through emotions and steal their souls, bringing them to Hell before they have a chance at redemption. But that’s not the only thing that makes him different. He has one of the most coveted jobs among demons and he hates doing it.

When the violent, music-loving demon, Prince Buriel, escapes Hell and begins a deadly rampage on Earth, he unknowingly spawns a half-demon, a child that Lucifer wants to capture before he becomes worse than his father and causes a holy war. To accomplish the task, he sends Jack and three companions to hunt him in the most unexpected way: as a heavy metal band using music to bait him.

An angel in denial, Annabelle Colmyre has the boy under her wing, the child her Evangelical family claims is a demon. All she knows is she must protect him from something. When the passion for heavy metal comes out in him, she worries it’s too late. But there’s something about his favorite band that intrigues her too: a front man who has as much of a grip on her soul as he does on the boy she must protect.

New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Word Count (9)
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Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Close Call ago
Chapter 2: The Life of a Demon ago
Chapter 3: An Unwelcome Visit ago
Chapter 4: The Summoning ago
Chapter 5: The Angel ago
Chapter 6: The Lockdown ago
Chapter 7: The Birth ago
Chapter 8: A Discovery ago
Chapter 9: The Child ago
Chapter 10: The Power of Music ago
Chapter 11: The Trip ago
Chapter 12: Lucifer's Idea ago
Chapter 13: The Assignment ago
Chapter 14: New Skills ago
Chapter 15: Performing for Lucifer ago
Chapter 16: Return to Earth ago
Chapter 17: A Taste of Fame ago
Chapter 18: From Whence I Came ago
Chapter 19: A New Home ago
Chapter 20: Making Plans ago
Chapter 21: The Meeting ago
Chapter 22: The First Lesson ago
Chapter 23: Learning the Truth ago
Chapter 24: Questions ago
Chapter 25: Breaking Down ago
Chapter 26: The First Memory ago
Chapter 27: Memories ago
Chapter 28: Not a Date ago
Chapter 29: Infiltration ago
Chapter 30: Forbidden Attraction ago
Chapter 31: Joey's Discovery ago
Chapter 32: A Forbidden Night ago
Chapter 33: Regrets ago
Chapter 34: A Friendly Talk ago
Chapter 35: The Truth About Dorian ago
Chapter 36: Caught in a Lie ago
Chapter 37: Sentenced ago
Chapter 38: A Heavenly Meeting ago
Chapter 39: Heavenly Orders ago

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 This story is an original and dark supernatural thriller. One that takes the perspective of the demons instead of the side of the angels. The descriptions are excellent, the characters are well-established, and the worldbuilding is superb.

The protagonists are rapidly established and the author does a good job of making them three-dimensional.

Even so, it is a very bleak storyline. The world the characters exist in seems to be at the mercy of horrors beyond comprehension. Three or four chapters in, there seems to be no heroic faction. The demons, meanwhile, are trapped in hell. They are every bit as tormented and miserable as the humans they target. While the humans themselves seem to be helpless victims of fate. They are totally unaware of an enemy they can't fight. It does seem that the main protagonist is building toward a heroic journey. However, this story takes a very slow-burn approach to it.

I'd recommend it if you enjoy horror or enjoy bleak settings. However, if you want something a bit more optimistic, it probably won't be for you.