Chronicles of Genticus: Invasion of the North

by Birdie42

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Supernatural
Navihm is a foreigner who has come to the Ianterran school for the gifted to learn to control his strange magic. Gifted with both Spirit and Elemental magic, Navihm must learn all he can from the Elemental masters of the Lowlands if he wants to stop his magic causing havoc.
But When trouble threatens the North, Navihm must return to his home country of Genticus to defend his home and his family from invasion.
What will happen when his beloved's life is threatened?

“Come here, child,” the Rei said. “We have guests”.
The King’s daughter made her way to his side as he gestured for her to do, her eyes never leaving Navihm’s and his never leaving her’s. She pressed one hand against her mouth, it seemed to be the only way she could stop gaping at the other boy.
“Meu Rei,” Navihm addressed the King without breaking eye contact with the girl. “May I have your permission to greet Regina Kaia?”
The Rei nodded formally.
“You may.”
Navihm surged forward just and Kaia’s face crumpled with an emotion that Rose could not quite discern. Rose looked on as Navihm wrapped his arms around this stranger intimately and murmured softly in her ears. He pressed his forehead against hers as one of her hands reached up to grasp firmly onto his lapel, fisting around the soft fabric, the other pressed even more firmly to her mouth as if to stop a great rush of emotion from spilling out.
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Satisfying and logical

Well-built logical world without too many dues ex machinas that are so staggeringly prevalent in stories on this website.

Not all characters are well developed but the author doesn’t give any pretense that this story is anything but focused on the MC, and the MC is very well developed. He is a smart, straight-laced (in thinking and behavior) and seemingly powerful man who has his priorities right.

The story itself has been great so far, except for some parts where I believe a clearer explanation would help. I like the fact that the author doesn’t go into long-winding explanations and gives room for the reader to imagine and put things together. However, a little more detail on how things work and look in the world will be helpful. Like the physical characteristics of the Genti. The population size of the world (which seems a bit too small). 13 tribes with around 500 people each makes a country? and so on..


Either way, I love the story and only crave for MOAR!!

  • Overall Score

 Only thing I don't like is there isn't more.

  • Overall Score

Such a nice story with only few views, i recommend to give it a shot its original and interesting!!!

Darth Meowsers
  • Overall Score

This is an amazingly written story with dynamic characters and a wonderful plot. I wholeheartedly recommend this. Two paws up.


  • Overall Score

Like where this is heading

Read upp to cp9p3 and its seems like a good story so far. Looking forward to the rest.

  • Overall Score

Totally in love with this!

This is a story where the characters are real and not everything goes as planned.There are no game elements to this story and thats a good thing it has the same kind of feel as The name of the wind and The wise mans fear by Patrick Rothfuss. 

Really excited for this. Good job and keep writing.

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Great world building and fleshed out characters.

*** This is for the review swap. ***

As of chapter 11. (By the way I liked it a lot, so I plan to continue reading and review may change based on the next chapters)


Style: 5- Easy to read and follow. It has a nice flow to it. The only thing I don’t like is how the author uses the word “savage”and “boy”. It kind of seems weird because “savage” is used a lot, but I think the author could come up with another word in it's place. All in all, it’s good.


Story: 5- So far, so interesting. I love the story so far. The culture differences could be clearly seen, the language barrier. I like how “realistic” it seems. The beginning starts off throwing you right into action, which took me off guard, and I also liked it. The pace is pretty fast in my opinion, but it’s nice because it doesn’t feel rushed. The main character is likeable, and relatable, will get onto that later.


Grammar: 4.5- There were mistakes such as present tense vs past tenses, and some of the sentences were structured weirdly but nothing too distracting.


Character: 5- All the characters are fleshed out and realistic. The Lowlanders (this name always gets me off guard though because they have like a fancy and high society, values, etiquette, but their name is Lowlander so it just kind of throws me off) are people who take a lot of pride in themselves, seemingly kind of annoying. I do like our main character. I like how he’s eager to learn, how he is respectful, and values his ethnicity. All in all, pretty good.


Overall: 5- It’s a really good story so far. The one thing I really like about this story is how the cultures could be seen clearly. It’s nice to see world building that’s smooth and not just a bunch of info dumps, or boring info dumps. Totally recommended for someone seeking a novel with a good world build up.

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This story is one of the best on royalroad. I liked characters(even rose), they were very well written, I like the fictional world itself, magic was also interesting and it had pretty good action. Though I like longer stories usually, but I prefer this piece of work more than several other stories which were long but were also filled with plot holes, had characters which were unbelievable and annoying, situations too unrealistic. I enjoyed this story so than you author!!!

  • Overall Score

Different and awesome!

This story is oddly satisfying... Story telling style is slightly unique in positive way. And I love the bonus bits! :D

Rarely you read stories which makes you relaxed as this one. Characters unravel bit by bit and setting and story is differs nicely from rest.

I recommend the story! 

  • Overall Score

Simply put: Its beautiful!

Very thought out story, it's obvious how much time the author has spent on the universe. The main character gives off the feeling of the typical RR 'OP MC is the best!' feel, but is executed in another fashion, contrary to the typical way most other authors do. He is well educated, trained, good with people and so bastardly lucky! Love it! His foresight gives a feel of a 'powerful' mc, but does it in a mild fashion.

Just the depth of the universe is enough for me to become addicted to the story, simply because i get the feel for the time the author spent on his idea. As for @bharg7 comment about the size, i think it's connected to the fact that it's just one of the continents? But i do agree, the world feels a bit too small, but i doubt the current arc is all the author has planned. 

Keep up the good work!