Because of the great feedback I got from the bonus features I added to the end of my chapters, I decided I would write a little about where some of the characters ended up after the events of Invasion of the North. 

Kaia earns her third and final bead for the events that occurred at the end of this book. Namely, her cool head and awesome bird communication skills that were essential to Genticus' victory. Her three beads make her eligible to rule the First after her parents either pass away or abdicate. She doesn't take the throne for another ten years. It is only when her mother dies that her father decides to step down as Rei and she takes the throne with Navihm. She spends a lot of her time traveling while Navihm is finishing his education.

The professor convinces the school to include the considerable amount of time they spent traveling as a part of Navihm's education. He doesn't end up going back to school until the following year and by then, he is in classes with the second years. However, it becomes apparent that he is too advanced and he moves to third- and fourth-year practical classes. In the months following the war, Navihm spends time in both the Tenth and the Ninth as a delegate from the First, organising the rebuilding and dealing with the aftermath of war.

After he had finished his schooling, he spends the next few years travelling to the Nomads, helping raise Ira and Bohan's child. He usually visits for a few months of the year, and Kaia regularly goes with him. One one such trip Navihm takes Eamonn and Hart. Hart notices that many of the Nomad children are growing up without parents. That is an issue as children are mostly taught at home. Together, Hart and Eamonn work together to start a school for Nomad children. Eamonn eventually moves in with the Nomads (who are much more accepting of his half-breed status than the Lowlanders are) and runs the school.

After only five years, Hart is considered one of the greatest warrior in the North. He has won tournaments in almost every tribe and is unbeaten in hand to hand combat. He grows up a bit, finds a nice girl and settles down. Eventually, he earns all three of his beads and is eligible to rule the Second. However, when his parents step down from ruling, he declines the throne. The Second then votes, and elects a young Enfeitar who becomes very good friends with Hart.

Hana and Conan adopt Stephan (the young orphan who worked for Conan during the war) and they all continue to flourish in their little home at the edge of the Tenth.

Rose, I won't say much about as I am planning a whole other story with her. Just know, that she does a lot of growing up and a lot of soul searching. Her time with Navihm improved her in ways she didn't even realise at the time.

And now for the announcement part of this post. I have started a new book!

It is called Hollow Moon and it is very different from Chronicles of Genticus. I have currently only posted a handful of times (which you can find here) but I update every Monday and Friday (Australian time).

It is a fantasy trilogy set in modern day England and includes a lot of English folklore. It has been in the works for a while because of the sheer amount of research that was necessary to pull it off but I have finally put enough of it down on paper that I'm comfortable I can provide constant updates.

Don't be alarmed, I will still continue Chronicles of Genticus (I have the plot of the next book mostly hashed out - hint; it follows Conan and Hana and how they met). At this point, the plan in the work on the second instalment after I finish Hollow Moon, and then do the second book of Hollow Moon etc. etc. 

Hollow Moon Synopisis:

She doesn’t like being told what to do.

He knows what’s best for her.

She is fiercely independent but he is determined to save her, whether she likes it or not.

Del and Nyssa live two very different lives and that’s the way Nyssa likes it. She is beholden to no one so when Del comes knocking on her door, she sends him on his way with a wink and a sarcastic “no way in hell.” When that doesn’t work, she bolts. She just wants to live her normal life; gambling with fairies (the not-so-nice kind), befriending ghouls and painting the future all over the whitewash. No boy is going to get in the way of that.


He snagged her wrist gently before she could flounce away, his fingers warm and firm.

“You need to come with me, girl,” he said earnestly.

“I don’t need to do anything.” She was indignant. She knew that sometimes her kind of abilities could be unruly but Nyssa was quite capable of taking care of herself. She’d lived with her abilities since she was thirteen. She’d learned to handle them herself.

“It’s dangerous for you to be on your own,” Del said, tightening his grip on her wrist. She pulled her arm from his grip and he let her go. He could force her to go with him, she knew, but he wouldn’t.

“I don’t need your help, Superman.” She didn’t look at him.

“I’ll be back in a week,” he said, ignoring her protests. “Be ready to leave with me.” He breezed past her, discarding the necklaces he still held on the desk and leaving.

Nyssa sighed, watching his back as he disappeared down the street.

“Fat chance, Superman.”

Hollow Moon

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