My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World



Pt. II, Ch. 18: [Part 1 of 2, Interlude: Elise] “My uncle saw a very interesting news report”


Saturday, Sept 12th, early evening
Shopping gallery, Riverside terminal

On Friday, the student council received the printed copies of this year’s school directory and were going to be distributing them through homerooms on Monday. Elise had helped herself to an extra and then left a message with Magnus Trading to let them know she had it.

She was not surprised on Saturday when Brinna Jekanis caught up to her as she left work, just as she’d done a couple of weeks prior. Brinna, once again, suggested going into the lunch counter.

After they sat down, and Brinna ordered coffee for them both, Elise handed her the directory. Brinna took it and passed an envelope back to her.

“My uncle saw a very interesting news report,” said Brinna. “Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Elise nodded.

“Have you heard anything about it at school?”

“Yes,” said Elise. “It sounded horrible. They cancelled classes on Thursday when he was found.”

“Is there anything you can tell me about that student?”

“Not much,” said Elise. She was suddenly uncomfortable and wasn’t sure why. “They said it was an intentional killing, and what his name was. Alvar Leto. I hadn’t known him.”

“Nothing else?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“That’s alright, miss,” said Brinna. “I’m sure my uncle explained it, but we just keep an eye out for things that could affect the shipping business. If he had been the child of someone important, it could mean there is instability on the horizon, and we can get ahead of higher costs before the insurance rates go up.”

“I see.”

“Along with your pay, there is a list of students we would appreciate more information on. I know it may not be possible to find anything, or there may not be anything interesting to find, but if you find anything our company is prepared to be especially generous.”

“And you’re looking for anything that could impact foreign trade?”

“Yes,” she said. “Especially among the newer students. We had someone helping us, but they left at the end of last year.”

“I’ll do what I can,” said Elise.

Brinna smiled. “I’m glad to hear that. They say time is money, and if you find anything, the sooner we know the more generously the company could reward you.”

The two said their goodbyes, and Elise left for the long train ride home. When she got there, she found her original copy of the second-year classes’ roster. She wanted to see if it had any reminder of who Alvar Leto was, and when she saw his entry, she realized why she’d been so uncomfortable earlier.

Leto had been one of the two foreign transfers she had pointed out to Brinna when they’d spoken previously. His address was at the embassy, so he must have been the child of someone important. What a horrible coincidence! she thought.

The envelope she’d received today had the same amount as last time – two imperials – as well as the list of names. She found herself torn on whether to try to find more information on them.


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