My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World



Pt. II, Ch. 16: [Pt 2 of 3][Interlude: Violet] Daddy is not going to take this well.



Violet and Tess were sitting together, and Violet found herself gripping her friend’s hand tightly. A murder? Her father had taken the posting here in part to get away from violence back home; she was small enough when they’d come that that she had only distant memories. Daddy is not going to take this well.

“It’ll be OK,” said Tess.

“I hope so,” said Violet. “This feels like a lot all for one student.”

“There are the kids of some real big shots here, right?” said Tess.

“I guess,” said Violet. Do I count as one of those? she wondered. Her family wasn’t especially wealthy or important by local standards, but her father held a senior diplomatic post, and back at home they were part of a very old noble family.

Tess and Violet talked about their classes for what seemed like a long while, when the Dean came back to the microphone. “Thank you for your patience,” he said. “Please return to your homerooms for an attendance check, and to be dismissed.”


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