My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World

My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World

by CubicleHermit

“ other worlds with magic are real, and supposedly my mom was a princess from one of them and they’re asking me to go there because I’m next in line for the throne.”

High school friends Mark and Joel have their lives uprooted when Joel discovers that his late mother was a princess who fled from another world. With the King old and infirm, Joel is asked to return to that world and take his place as the rightful heir.

Before that, he must graduate high school. How will Joel be able to live in a new world and claim his throne?

Mark, a nerdy and isolated young man, follows his one close friend to a new high school in a new world. It can’t be worse than NYC in the early 1990s, can it...?

Author's note

This site is caught up with the original (ScribbleHub); future chapters will be posted as close to simultaneously as practical.  I  have been writing about one chapter a week, usually on Sunday or Mondays (US time, and expect to keep to that up going forward.

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Group Leader (II)
Word Count (7)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
46 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Pt. I, Ch. 1: “…even if it’s a hoax, it’s an interesting one.” ago
Pt. I, Ch.2 : “…it still feels like it was just one of my wife’s eccentricities.” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 3: “You two don’t really expect me to believe this story, do you?” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 4A: “I told you we aren’t barbarians.” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 4B: “That’s about my mother’s family, right?” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 5A: “Welcome to Queen Sara.” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 5B: “A friend of Joel’s who could remind him of home” ago
Pt. I, Ch 6: “That’d be nice, but computer geeks are probably just as much girl repellent there as h ago
Pt. I, Ch 7: “There’s been an accident.” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 8: “You know, huge tracts of land.” ago
Pt. I, Ch 9A: “This isn’t an easy place for a bright but unmotivated student” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 9B: “Explosion at the Obdresti Parliament.” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 10: “It makes sense that you’ve never seen a magic mirror before” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 11: “Just to let us know if there is anything of note at the school” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 12: “Whatever she thought was waiting for her here, it was worse than dying to her.” ago
Pt. I, Ch. 13: The last day of the Wizards’ War, revisited ago
[Bonus] World Map and Pt. I Character Profiles ago
Pt. II, Ch. 1A: A new bed, in a new house, a new city, in a new world. ago
Pt. II, Ch. 1B: “She’s cute, right?” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 2: [Interlude: Amy] “I hear we’re getting a couple of new students” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 3: “We’ve kind of got ‘new here’ written all over us, huh?” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 4: “He’s one of the two reasons the team is going to be less fun than it used to be” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 5: “I’m a mage with the Foreign Ministry" ago
Pt. II, Ch. 6: [Interlude: Elise] “Have you noticed anyone unusual this year?" ago
Pt. II, Ch. 7: “OK, maybe there would be a bright side to it.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 8: [Interlude: Violet] “Are you two giving her a hard time?” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 9: “Never mind that. I just rescued a girl.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 10: “How do you not know to be prepared in advance for a lab?” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 11: “Last, and I suppose not least, we have the Dueling Club.” ago
Pt. II, Ch 12: [Interlude: Alvar] “I did not like how he was looking at me.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 13: “You aren’t the only politically sensitive student at Queen Sara” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 14: “She’s in your history class, right?” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 15 [Pt 1 of 2]: “This isn’t funny, and you’re wasting my time.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 15 [Pt 2 of 2, Interlude: Elise]: “Do you expect me to have believed their story?" ago
Pt. II, Ch. 16: [Pt 1 of 3] “I know that this must come as a shock to many" ago
Pt. II, Ch. 16: [Pt 2 of 3][Interlude: Violet] Daddy is not going to take this well. ago
Pt. II, Ch. 16: [Pt 3 of 3] “Since when is being dead reversible?” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 17: “…it’s not like you’re the first student from another world who’s been here.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 18: [Part 1 of 2, Interlude: Elise] “My uncle saw a very interesting news report” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 18: [Part 2 of 2] “Of course, magic shops are a thing.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 19: “Since neither of us has a patron deity, it would be good to introduce ourselves" ago
Pt. II, Ch. 20: “I can always tell when I’ve got a fan.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 21: “Dude, you left a dirty magazine sitting out.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 22: [Interlude/History] “Your people brought me to this world and then forgot me.” ago
Pt. II, Ch. 23: “If I see that thing with all the eyes again, even in a dream, it will be too soon" ago
Pt. II, Ch. 24: “If you have a problem with that, take it up with the administration.” ago

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