Hello everyone!

I'm Who Cares?, the author of this story, and all I wanted to say was thank you! Thank you for reading this story, giving it your precious time and energy, your brain cells, and possibly some bone marrow! This story began as an experiment on my part but I'm glad some people enjoyed it nonetheless.

Going forward, I intend to release a new story or two in around a month, and hope you'll come with me for another journey. I may not be the most prolific author in the world, nor the most experienced, but I'll try my best to craft something both you and I can enjoy.

Until then, I'd love any and all feedback you can give me about this project of mine. I firmly believe that the artist is dead and art lives solely in the minds of those who experience it, so give me your best shot!

Thank you very much for everything, have fun, live long and prosper!
Yours in fiction,


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Bio: Hi, I'm Who Cares? I write webfictions all day! Isn't that great?
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