The Discarded Harem Member’s Counterattack [Isekai Villainess Tale]

The Discarded Harem Member’s Counterattack [Isekai Villainess Tale]

by MarytheGorgon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A gothic fantasy set in a magical version of Eurasia. If you like portal fantasy (isekai), twisted protagonists, magic, and strategy over brute force this novel is for you! 

Updates every Wednesday and Thursday unless I have health issues affecting me. Chapters are typically 1k to 1.8k long in the word count.

Content Warning: Incest, Torture, Beheading, Misogyny, and Abusive Relationships.

Read ahead by five chapters on scribblehub and web novel!

General Summary

Eighteen-year-old Leila was reading a web novel when her world turned upside down. Taken from her reality and thrust into the world of the book she was reading, the teenager enters a battle of life or death. To the outside world, she is an assassin who is the former fiancee of the crown prince, Cleo. Before being beheaded the woman was cast aside by him so he could marry a commoner woman. With her last breath, she begged for vengeance against everyone who betrayed her. Hearing her cries the teenager takes control of her body and life. With the plot of the novel aiding her, the teenager must master Cleo's hidden magic, take over the girl's corrupt noble family and rebuild her reputation before facing the prince. 

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Next Chapter:
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1.1: The discarding of Cleo ago
Chapter 1.2: Universe's Challenge ago
Chapter 1.3: Execution? ago
Chapter 1.4: Ten Lashes ago
Chapter 1.5: Things are looking up ago
Chapter 1.6: Goodbye for Now ago
Chapter 1.7: Mad Woman ago
Celebratory QNA & Chapter 1.8 Preview ago
Chapter 1.8: 36 days of suffering ago
Chapter 1.9: Brother's Shadow ago
Chapter 1.10: Perfect Victim ago
Chapter 1.11: History of Dark Magic ago
Chapter 1.12: I cannot afford mercy ago
Chapter 1.13: A sister's loving glance ago
Chapter 1.14: Lines Crossed ago
Notice: Author's Health Worsening ago
Chapter 1.15: Showered With love ago
Chapter 1.16: Mind Your Tongue ago
Chapter 1.17: The Feast Begins Part 1 ago
Chapter 1.18: The Feast Begins Part 2 ago
Chapter 1.19: The Feast Begins Part 3 ago
Chapter 1.20: The Snake's Bite ago
Chapter 1.21: The Snake's Venom ago
Chapter 1.22: The First Jewel Part 1 ago
Chapter 1.23 Preview ago
Chapter 1.23: Gossip Mongering ago
Chapter 1.24 Preview ago
Chapter 1.24: Dealing With Consequences ago
Chapter 1.25: Another Side Part 1 ago
Chapter 1.26: The Gold & Red Part 1 ago
Chapter 1.27: The Gold & Red Part 2 ago
Chapter 1.28: The [dressmaker] ago
Chapter 1.29: Blow for Blow ago
Chapter 1.30: The Blonde Killer ago
Chapter 1.31: Mind Reader ago
Chapter 1.32: Miss Caregiver ago
Chapter 1.33: The unwavering violet ago
Chapter 1.34: I am your commander ago
Chapter 1.35: Bejeweled Prima Donna ago
Chapter 1.36: The Fontaine Family ago
Chapter 1.37: Tea With Cake ago

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