Trinity of Magic [Progression Fantasy]

Trinity of Magic [Progression Fantasy]

by Elara

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


Ezekiel had recognized early in life that he doesn't want to follow his parent's footsteps and spend the rest of his life as a simple farmer. No, his dreams were set on a grander stage, where tales of monster hunters, mighty generals, and benevolent heroes held court. On his 14th birthday, the opportunity he had been waiting for finally presented itself. The Magic Evaluation in the capital city was open to him at last. With fierce determination, Ezekiel set out to grasp the exciting future he had always envisioned on this momentous day.


Even though you are not going to see blue boxes from chapter one, I guarantee you that this IS a LitRPG story. This is, however, NOT a pure "game world"! Instead, I have tried to integrate the interface elements of a LitRPG into a world with a very thought-out magic & power system, which will be explored over the course of the first book.

This world doesn't work like a game, where you can put '5 points in strength' and the body somehow changes magically into a stronger version of itself. It might take a couple of chapters for the world and magic to start to make sense, but I feel like a power system built on solid principles is a lot more rewarding in the long run (...and more IMMERSIVE!).


Regular release Schedule: 5 Chapters a week; Mo - Fr.
I will post more chapters in the beginning to get my feet off the ground :)
Trinity of Magic is ONLY published on Royal Road and Scribblehub. Please notify me if you find it elsewhere.

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Table of Contents
91 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: War On The Horizon. ago
Chapter 1: Leaving Home I. ago
Chapter 1.2: Leaving home II. ago
Chapter 2: Lilly and Markus ago
Chapter 3: Arriving at the Capital ago
Chapter 4: Magic Evaluation ago
Chapter 5: Fatebringer ago
Chapter 6: The Reality of the Situation. ago
Chapter 7: First day of school. ago
Chapter 7.1: Multi-Affinity Mages ago
Chapter 7.2: A Daring Plan. ago
Chapter 7.3: The Adventurer Guild. ago
Chapter 7.4: Goblin hunting. ago
Chapter 7.5: Hitting Rock Bottom. ago
Chapter 8.1: A Ray of Hope I. ago
Chapter 8.2: A Ray of Hope II. ago
Chapter 9: The Offer. ago
Chapter 10: Learning about Affinities. ago
Chapter 10.1: Making a Decision. ago
Chapter 11: Imbuement and Attunement. ago
Chapter 12: Spell Engraving. ago
Chapter 13: [Blood manipulation]. ago
Chapter 14: Goblin hunting... again! ago
Chapter 15: Perfect Body control. ago
Chapter 16: A moment of pain. ago
Chapter 17: A New Beginning. ago
Chapter 18: Rank Up Exam. ago
Chapter 19: The Duel Approaches. ago
Chapter 20: Cards on the Table. ago
Chapter 21: A One-Sided Beat Down. ago
Chapter 22: Viola Windtänzer. ago
Chapter 23: Making plans. ago
Chapter 24: Welcome, to the Trinity Project. ago
Chapter 25: The Greatest Genius that has ever lived. ago
Chapter 26: Going Home. ago
Chapter 27: My cat's got a great purr-sonality. ago
Chapter 28: Home, sweet home! ago
Chapter 29: Going on an adventure. ago
Chapter 30: The worst adventure ever. ago
Chapter 31: The Baumgarten Underground Empire I. ago
Chapter 32: The Baumgarten Underground Empire II. ago
Chapter 33: The Baumgarten Underground Empire III. ago
Chapter 34: The Baumgarten Underground Empire IV. ago
Chapter 35: The Baumgarten Underground Empire V. ago
Chapter 36: The Heart's Desire I. ago
Chapter 37: The Heart's Desire II. ago
Chapter 38: The Heart's Desire III. ago
Chapter 39: A Fair Price. ago
Chapter 40: The Trash Heart. ago
Chapter 41: No Way Home. ago
Chapter 42: The Right of the Strong. ago
Chapter 43: Alexandria von Hohenheim. ago
Chapter 44: Becoming a True Mage. ago
Chapter 45: Why does my Brain hurt? ago
Chapter 46: The Grand Heist. ago
Chapter 47: Combat Classes. ago
Chapter 48: Combat Classes II. ago
Chapter 49: Combat Classes III. ago
Chapter 50: Combat Classes IV. ago
Chapter 51: Happy Birthday. ago
Chapter 52: Birthday presents. ago
Chapter 53: Meditation research. ago
Chapter 54: Making Progress. ago
Chapter 55: Finding a style. ago
Chapter 56: The Terror of the Geistreich Family. ago
Chapter 57: Finding the right spells. ago
Chapter 58: Training the Body. ago
Chapter 59: Blacksmith competition I. ago
Chapter 60: Blacksmith competition II. ago
Chapter 61: Visiting a Friend. ago
Chapter 62: Traveling through Space. ago
Chapter 63: An unexpected Twist I. ago
Chapter 64: An unexpected Twist II. ago
Chapter 65: An unexpected Twist III. ago
Chapter 66: An unexpected Twist IV. ago
Chapter 67: This is what happens. ago
Chapter 68: Only One will Live. ago
Chapter 69: Stories and Celebration.   ago
Chapter 70: Learning Mind Magic. ago
Chapter 71: The Tournament I. ago
Chapter 72: The Tournament II. ago
Chapter 73: The Tournament III. ago
Chapter 74: The Tournament IV. ago
Chapter 75: The Tournament V. ago
Chapter 76: The Tournament VI. ago
Chapter 77: Battle Royale I. ago
Chapter 78: Battle Royale II. ago
Chapter 79: Battle Royale III. ago
Chapter 80: Battle Royale IV. ago
Chapter 81: Battle Royale V. ago
Chapter 82: Battle Royale VI. ago

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1. MC gets handed everything on a golden platter. He has a very easy time aside from the random bullying he gets, but even that he is saved from.

2. Mostly telling rather than showing for the first 50 chapters of the series. Writing gets much better after that as the author learns the craft of showing not telling. 

3. Characters are childish and act like anime characters sometimes, doesn't happen often at least. 

4. The reason for why he gets a lot of hate in the novel is interesting and fun but also doesn't make sense sometimes. His magic sounds and is really OP but people act like he is only capable of shooting out glitter and unicorn farts. 

5. Cliche storyline with flat characters.

Overall, it's a slice of life magic school story with immature characters set in an adverse environment with lots of discrimination and bullying. It would be a lot more interesting of a story and would transcend past slice of life if the MC didn't have it so easy and solved everything himself. He is given everything instead and is helped hand and foot the entire way. It is still good overall despite that and is definitely readable. 


When I started reading "Trinity of Magic", I wasn't sure if it would be a good read or just another story where I wouldn't get past the initial chapters, because of lack of interest. I gave it a try and it didn't disappoint. It's one of these books where you can't exactly put a finger on the reason for why it's so catching. The build-up is a pretty regular arche-type of a commoner who discovers his magical talent, goes to a special academy and gets into fights with petty nobles, only to grow stronger and find friends for support. It's luckily a little more complicated than that but that's still the basic layout of the MC's path. There's some interesting world-building (I f.e. liked the dwarven blacksmithing back story and that the country this plays in isn't the good guy in the international field), Characters aren't thoughtlessly left behind, but, and that's a critique point of mine, they sometimes lack depth. To explain this a little bit further: Our characters do have backstorys, emotions and reactions, they are sometimes just over the top, in a way that Anime-characters often are (which is a big reason why I don't watch it). A character is either hyper-active and joyful, or serious, a battle-junkie, etc. I really enjoy the feeling of deeper aspects in characters that we might never fully see and now and then shine through. That doesn't mean the current cast is two-dimensional and without secrets, there's definitely more to some of them than we have seen so far. The grammar is good, I can't think of any glaring mistakes right now, so it definitely didn't hinder my reading experience. Lastly there is a last point of concern on my end and that is the possibility of a future harem for the MC. I don't generally have a problem with this decision, it just often downgrades a stories quality and it's character interactions and relationships a lot. I prefer reading about well-thought out relationships between a regular couple or no romance at all. Whatever happens though, I'm willing to see the plot evolve and can't await future travels and more magical world-building. If you haven't given "Trinity of Magic" a read yet, be sure to do so and decide for yourself if you enjoy the ride. There sometimes are nice pictures, portraying the cast. It's always a joy to look at them.

Trey Kilburn

I love this story so far. The magic system is very interesting and the character development is awesome. 10/10 would recommend and is well worth the time to read. The main character is very interesting and is not just given power but gains it as he works for it. 


Despite having slightly above 200 pages at this moment, the story feels like it has only just begun so I expect many aspects mentioned in this review to change a bit later on.

Overall, the story is pretty promising. The beginning follows a well-known trope of the MC having pretty impressive talents but them not being recognized for what they are because of, in this case, politics. It only kicks off for real after chapter 8 so those unsure about reading the story after the first few chapters should read at least till chapter 9 to make a final decision.

Nothing too spectacular for now - MC has amazing talents (i.e. affinities) that are publicly ridiculed, gets bullied and schemed against yet tries to survive school life as a commoner with no friends. The issues are solved pretty early on though and his talents being amazing isn't an act of discovering how to use them right - it's just "common sense" that they are bad. Nonetheless, it seems like the story now wants to move on to other things - but it's not quite at that point yet as I have caught up to the latest chapters.

I noticed no mistakes or weird phrasings that threw me off so full points from me.

Character Score:
Characters seem mostly realistic, not a strong opinion on this though since much of the story is training and being bullied right now so some development is still necessary here. Some standard villains exist that are pretty 1 dimensional though so there is some room for improvement here.

This one I'm really not so sure about. The writing itself isn't bad and I have binged through all available chapters till this point without issue. Still, like some other commenters have pointed out, much of the story is described rather than experienced (Mc went on to train, went to class, worked hard, slept etc.) so I guess it's the usual "Show, don't tell"-advice. Didn't really bother me from reading all chapters and like I said the story only really begins to unfold now so maybe this would put the later parts even further behind. To me personally it still feels off, here is a non-spoilery part that shows what I mean:
"He remembered that she was supposed to be meeting with her grandpa right about now, so how could she be here? They were only supposed to meet up in a week from now. He asked her how come she wasn't with her grandpa, but she didn't answer. Instead, she buried her head in his chest and remained silent."
The style is consistent though so if you don't feel the same you don't need to worry about it.

I quite like the story the way it is right now. As I pointed out, some parts still need some work or time to develop and I can't describe my personal gripe with the style but overall - I'd definitely recommend to give reading it a try.


An entertaining coming of age / magic school story

Reviewed at: Chapter 70: Learning Mind Magic.

Despite a few surface level similarities this story feels very different from most other magic school stories I have read.  The biggest difference (from my perspective) is that it takes place in what I would describe as a pretty archetypical evil empire (which we see from an outside perspective in the prologue then from inside after).  This means that almost all of the characters in the story are either being trained or already military assets for said empire, but this is their home, there is no indication that anywhere else is actually any better, they have deep family and personal ties.  I have no idea where it is ultimately but so far rebellion or betrayal toward their nation doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar (with one possible but completely unconfirmed exception). 


Thats the world, the story itself mostly focuses on the MC who has to deal with most of the typical prejudice and difficulties that come up in these type of novels, a lot of it would feel cliche, however because it integrates so well with the world building characters actions and reactions actually make sense within the context of the story.  Character development and inter character relations play are huge role in the story are one of perhaps even the main focus.

The characters themselves have some real depth and heart to them and tend to grow on you with time (some faster than others).  They make mistakes, have misconceptions, and generally feel alive.  There is a pretty large well developed supporting cast though the main focus never really moves off of the main character (at least so far, which is also my preference).

Grammar wise the story is excellent especially by Royal Road standards, which is generally quite hard to maintain for a story that updates as frequently as this one does.

Style wise the author tends to set up sequences of shorter vingettes that link together to form a story arc, with the conflicts slowly revealing characters true natures.  It feels somewhat episodic with a few longer subplots going on in the background.  The author also inlcudes a lot of nice artwork (I am guessing AI generated but am not sure, it is quite well done regardless) that adds a lot of flavor to the chapters and characters.

All said it is a fun story, it doesn't read like a typical magical school story, it has excellent worldbuilding, and vivid characters.


Basic breakdown: Trinity of Magic is a High Fantasy story about a boy who has to wade through many obstacles to fulfil his dream of becoming an amazing mage. Ezekiel recognized early in life that he doesn't want to follow in his parent's footsteps and spend the rest of his life as a simple farmer.
Overall score 5/5: The protagonist, Ezekiel, finds themselves facing a world full of challenges and obstacles. Death is all around all the time. The author does an amazing job showing the emotions of the main character's experience. The story is intense and fast-paced, and the character development is top-notch.
Style score 5/5: The strength of the story is the gradual reveal of the intricacies of the worldbuilding that at first sight may be underestimated. The writing style is incredibly engaging and easy to read. There are lots of vivid descriptions and moments that bring the world to life. The dialogue between characters is natural. 
Story score 5/5: The story starts out slow, but is very easy to read. The story is a coming-of-age story of a boy with magical powers. I have a few theories about what will happen next! The subsequent challenge he faces is fresh. The world-building is fantastic. There seems to be a rich history and culture that adds depth to the story.
Grammar score 5/5: Pretty much flawless grammar and easy-to-follow style. The grammar is solid, making for an easy and enjoyable reading experience.
Character score 5/5: The main character, Ezekiel, is well-developed and possesses a unique set of skills that are just waiting to be explored. His reactions to the challenges he faces are both realistic and heart-wrenching. The characters are well fleshed out and act as if this happened to real people. Characters have clear-cut relationships and believable interactions
Trinity of Magic is pretty promising. Overall, I would recommend this story to people who don't mind a slower start and are interested in stories that grow to be morally complex with a versatile magical system. I know it hooked me. I appreciate the higher than usual attention to the emotional experiences of the characters. The writing is fantastic, the world-building is rich, and the characters are well-developed and engaging. I would highly recommend it to fans of fantasy!


Really enjoy this story. The main character, Zeke, has three magics, hence the title. 

The three magics are blood, space, and mind.

I like how they link the three magics together, with one being used for the body and one for the mind, with the last being movement.  The suppression of the magics Zeke posseses makes sense for a magic world, but the reason why is interesting 

They are suppressed because it's not one of the four main elements, fire, water, air and earth, as well as the mind magic being exclusive to one family, with space being a rich person's magic, and blood being suppressed because it's an enemies magic. 

 Zeke pushes himself to grow as much as he can, so that he can become strong. At the beginning he is bullied because of his affinities, and one of his friends even stops being his friend as a byproduct of it, even if it was not directly. Lots of interesting interactions between characters too. Zeke's Mentor is an interesting one, with a backstory that is fascinating. I give it five stars in everything because it's enjoyable and it doesn't deserve the treatment royal road gives when you give a review less than five stars.


Ive been following this story for a while and i can freely say that its one of the best ive read so far its a slow burn in a good way and the characters are all quite likeable I recommend giving it a shot and if its not your cup of tea well oh well lol 


Well i don't have words to describe this novel, i don't know but this becomes a part of my daily life and that s how amazing is it. Well i wil suggest you have to try this novel ones in your life well i wanted to say more but enough for now 


Excellent story with an interesting and well-developed magic system with significant potential for growth and expansion. The characters have a decent level of depth to them so far, which is only growing, with no apparent issues with grammar either. The one thing I feel the need to point out is that as of writing this most definitely doesn't fit my definition of a LITRPG, even Gamelit is a stretch. This isn't a negative by any means just potentially misleading. Trinity of Magic is an excellent high fantasy with some quantized stats, presented in traditional Blue Box fashion, once you get to the later chapters. It has it's flaws, it won't be on the best sellers shelf at your local bookstore anytime soon, but is it worth the read? I say yes.