Until death? (Old Version)

by Andur

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the dated Version. Please search for the rewrite.

Ever been a god? Well I was! Until I died.... and got judged by the other gods!

Apparently they didn't like the whole idea that my Faith is the only true one! Oh and for the record: The Apocalypse wasn't intentional, ok? Though, I admit that ultimatively, I caused it.

Seems like I got sent onto a vacation as punishment! Or so I hope?


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Author's Comment: I was asked about reading my work on other sites. The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than royalroadl.com. Only here, I correct mistakes and errors. If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed. You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website. The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf. (http://armaell-library.net/author/andur)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Kicked by a Goddess! ago
2. I see the light! ago
Not a Chapter! But post here if you want to discuss something. ago
3. All my relatives? ago
4. A visit at the temple! ago
5. Matchmaking and Assassins! ago
6. Tied up conversation? ago
7. Headaches and a new educator? ago
8. Training! ago
Not a Chapter - List of Characters ago
9. A formal dance between the two? ago
10. Conclusion and new education! ago
11. Interlude - Another judgement! ago
12. Choosing your lesson? ago
13. A new rumor! ago
14. Interlude – A broken world? ago
15. End of the first schoolday! ago
16. The ominous notebook? ago
17. Prototype and special class? ago
18. Another raccoon geezer! ago
19. Interlude - At the centre of all things! ago
20. A new form of art! ago
21. The end of the second schoolday! ago
22. The End? ago
23. Reunion or restart? ago
24. Interlude - Henchman? ago
25. Training and mistakes? ago
26. I want my own toys! ago
27. Failure and an abandoned child? ago
28. What to do? ago
29. A mad scientist in my lab? ago
30. An angry ex-god? ago
31. A light at the end? ago
32. Interlude - Neither black nor white? ago
33. It is the first ....? ago
34. The past always returns? ago
35. A nice greeting! ago
36. School life continues? ago
37. Interlude – A certain god's hot spring? ago
38. Plan or no plan? ago
39. Coronation!? ago
40. A Dream? ago
41. A bad prophecy? ago
42. A picnic in the woods? ago
43. Graduation party! ago
44. Interlude - A stolen world? ago
45. Until death? ago
46. The day after..... ? ago
47. My daily life? ago
48. New life at the end? ago
49. Striking back! ago
50. Interlude - An ocean of clouds? ago
51. To the north! ago
52. What a god can do. ago
53. Who you really are? ago
54. Where it all starts anew? ago
55. Between father and son? ago
56. Interlude - The Sphere of Sight! ago
57. Sorting out the mess? ago
58. A mount for a goddess? ago
59. Remember, remember....? ago
60. Hide and seek? ago
61. Sending a message? ago
62. Preparations! ago
63. Discussions? ago
64. Rebellion? ago
65. Diplomacy! ago
66. Victory? ago
67. Waking up to reality? ago
68. If there is light? ago
69. Work for the next generation? ago
70. A new sport? ago
71. Gods and their children. ago
72. The daily life. ago
73. More than one Party? ago
74. Party, Ambassadors, Harem, Children and Wine? ago
75. Party, Ambassadors, Children and Wine? ago
76. Party, Ambassadors and Wine? ago
77. Party and Wine? ago
78. Red light district? ago
79. A god calls for help? ago
80. Dungeon Reward: ****? ago
81. Saving a world? ago
82. Revelations and a goddess's vacation? ago
83. A new perspective. ago
84. The Choice? ago
85. I want more children! ago
86. Searching and a damsel in distress! ago
87. Things to find out and stuff to hide? ago
88. How to climb a mountain? ago
89. Support group and aftermath? ago
90. War and leaving the mountain? ago
91. To Oblivion? ago
92. Old memories? ago
93. Ascending! ago
94. Being a daddy! And teatime? ago
95. Asheim! ago
96. Signing your fate! ago
97. The mistakes of youth? ago
98. Discussion? ago
99. This is my fiancée! ago
100. This is my fiancé! ago
101. Bad awakening? ago
102. An envoy? ago
103. Rescue mission! ago
104. Inevitable? ago
105. A call for death? ago
106. Omega? ago
107. Alpha? ago
108. ~Epilogue I~ ago
~Announcement~ ago
109. ~Epilogue II~ ago
Ebook Version of Until Death? ago

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Ardur, Keep going please! No fanfiction left for me to read....

I don't get why this gets so much hate/low score compared to the other ones like (not gonna name it..) which isn't even readable or rather it is like reading a machine translated korean/japanese light novel... The chapters are very short, to short for my taste. But they are really funny! ( No shit Sherlock it's comedy... ) Grammar might need some fixing but it is nothing that would ruin the readers experience I'd believe, like those "kinda" machine translated ones... (Yeah said it twice). I have read alot of light novels, fan fictions and so on so forth and never seen a story like this, really original! Keep up the good work, Ardur!

Don't judge on the first few chapters

This review is addressed to all the potential new readers.

The story really begin around the 5th chapter, that's what it took me to get hooked after trying to read the first and second chapter a few times.

So if you are looking for a good, original story without game elements just read up to the 6-7 th chapter before writing it off.

What I like in this story apart from the characters who have a real personality is the plot. In this story we can really see a plot (and plotting)an not a story about becoming OP.

This story can really become a great novel so keep up the good work Andur.


Original, and as funny as you can get.

First time I read the few early chapters, i totally smitten. A fallen god, reincarnated, with twisted sense of humour, and forced to marry his archenemy? The story is quite brutally funny, evil, brutal, but damn funny. Damn its truly is pure gold in originality. Not to mention the regular update, I become so addicted that Each day I check if a new story came out. Btw, good job making me an addict Lol. And Andur truly shows whats writing is all about. Just write what you want, and go to hell with others :).

Well Grammar is quite standard, not perfect as it needs some improvement, but its the only weakness. And with everyone helping Andur to fix it its not a big deal.   



I like Andur, I really do. I liked Transcendence?, and I also like Beyond?, but then I was like wait, wait, wait, I've read this before. Yea the setup might be different, a few things here and there are tossed around, characters are given more of this or that in their personalities but overall the stories are pretty much the same. You have an overpowered main character, you have the overbearing mother, and you have the main love interest who at first is usually a rival of the MC, but then the moment they actually get together the MC becomes henpecked taking the story from a 8 -----------> 5 or 4. Why does the MC always have to get married ? That is the point in every one of these fictions where everything becomes boring and the MC becomes much less interesting. 


first of all , let me thank you for this work , I was litterrally mesmerized by it . I don't know how everyone keeps complaining about "short chapters" while from what i see they're at worst about 1/2 of most fanfics chapters , but WE GET ONE EVERYDAY ! this pace is amazzing ! I'm guessing you already have most of the story and event figured out , so that would be the reason you're this fast , but that's still amazing . Finally , your sens of humor is wicked , but I like it :D had a hard time not choking because of laughter while reading this ^^ ! anyway , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! I for one will be eagerly waiting for your new chap everyday :) 


This story is well made, funny and the setting is really original and I love it!  I really like the idea of the struggle in the world of gods.

There aren’t that few mistakes but it’s readable, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that some words are written incorrectly and have a totally different meaning than intended.

Otherwise good work author, please continue with the story, it’s awesome! Don’t let the haters get to you!

P.S.:That final chapter, I definitely didn't see it coming :O It's actually really tragic if you think about it (especially for MC), but I love it so much!! My favourite fiction out of all that I've read (and I read a lot of them), the plot actually makes sense, is interesting and original ^^


 His wife is scary.

1. She has the ability to grow green muscles. (jk)

2. Her weapons are always with her.

3. She makes drugs and test them on her family.


A rather refreshing idea

Hmmm, to tell you the truth if my personal taste is involve in my reviewing i would rather give it a perfect score but do you know why i give you a 4.5? Here are the reasons i give those score to you.


First of all is that the names, the characters name are rather hard to remember but fortunately you made a character list or we would need to skim in every chapter just to find out who that character is, although you made a character list it’s still a pain to check which character it is every time we forgot who the character is or if you changed the P.O.V (Point of View) as different characters have different ways to distinguish or call a character is, like the MC, the MMC (Main Male Character) call Ireth mother in his narrative speech but the others call her differently in a dialogue or when the P.O.V change which make it easy to forget who she is, to tell you the truth it’s not really an issue but I just want to say that it’s a pain to do so.


Next is the story, the reincarnation story setup is rather already used many times in other story, but the thing that makes your version unique is that there is an explanation behind the reincarnation (I won’t spoil at this one find it out at your own) and also that the MC is not the only one that is reincarnated but also other character, about the MC background, honestly a god-dies-reincarnated-into-another-world is already used but the things that are very different or original can’t be counted on two hands so I didn’t deduct you on this one.


Third is the grammar, I don’t have much to say on this one as your grammar is already quite good but it still has room for improvements, remember this, you don’t need perfect grammar to make your readers understand what you want to express you only need to make it easy to understand instead of making it complicated but has perfect grammar, that also goes for reviewing as you don’t need perfect grammar to correct another person’s grammar as some person are better in understanding than expressing.


Finally is the style, your writing style reminds me of MT (Mushoku Tensei), the MC is in a narrative speech as I mentioned earlier, the MC is making me feel like he knows that there are people reading the story but it still does not cross the line of character and readers, I don’t have much to say in your style as I don’t normally comment on an author’s style but your style reminds me of MT so i commented on it even though that they are not completely alike.



Great novel! I like the whole romance thing going on despite who they are :3

(If I lived that long... well, I have no idea what I'd be like).


Andur you have come a long way, and your story is still the best. Period.

for me it meets all of my favorite criteria

good spelling and grammer



sadistic torture

insane main character

violent female lead




more laughs

overall hilarity 


it it is a must read!

keep up then great work andur!


love yo