Reborn as a Demonic Tree

Reborn as a Demonic Tree


Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Ashlock awoke in the courtyard of a demonic sect... as a tree.

A tree that eats people.

And one that grows stronger over time due to a daily sign-in system and cultivation.

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Tree Demon

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Tree Myths permeate All Creation. And Undo it too.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: A Pact With The Devil

Trees have populated the human imaginarium since our hominid ancestors first gazed upon a forest, which was right after they left the caves where they were born, I reckon.

The Norse believed that Yggdrasil was a cosmic-spanning tree and upon its branches all worlds rested.  This is the most popular one, I am sure.

In Egypt, the Acacia Tree was an avatar of the Goddess Isis, whose resin was very sought after.

Égig érő fa was revered in Hungarian and eastern European countries, where shamans dreamed of climbing it and reaching the skies.

The Greek Gods weren't immune to the myth, either. Athena and Poseidon fought for the honor of naming a certain city, and they presented gifts. Poseidon gifted a spring of salty seawater while Athena planted the first ever Olive tree. The bounty of olives and its oil was forever a treasure of humanity.

Even in a certain popular mobile game, trees are very ubiquitous.

And now, XKARNATION brings us another tale about a legendary tree that might redefine a world, or unravel it entirely. I can only wait.

STYLE: You watch the world from a tree POV. Yes, it will be slow but the magic woven into the words more than makes up for the pacing.

STORY: Plant-based progatonists are on the rise. How will the demonic tree spread its wicked barbed roots across the world?

GRAMMAR: Impeccable. Word and verb choice are amazing and only add to the experience.

CHARACTER: One might say the tree MC lacks some personality and a call to action, but you can't fight the premise. In fact, compared to your ordinary tree, MC is a sapling and has a lot of room to grow.


Yew see, I came to leaf a review fir this novel.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: A Pact With The Devil

Are you considering reading this novel? If so, boy are you in for a tree-t!
There's good reason it's become so poplar so quickly, it's well written, gramatically solid, clear and logically sound worldbuilding, and I wood highly recommend the read.
A nice change from sappy romance in harem isekais, it is a story that, at its roots, has Tree-mendous potential.
Make sure to log in and toss this budding story a follow, and maybe even a favorite~

XKARNATION-san, I'm rooting for you!


There isn't enough reason for me to care about the characters. Ashlock, the main character, is a tree and that makes it difficult for him to be a part of the story; very little is done to change that. Stella is a girl that has the plot, but little is done for me to care about her.

The relationship between the two is a sticking point. Ashlock has no reason to care for Stella, the only reason he does is because there is nothing better to do. Stella herself talks to the tree for some reason, and holds him in high regard just because there is no one left for her. It could work, but little is done to make the connection. If, for example, Ashlock watched Stella grow up and became her guardian angel of sorts, while Stella uses the tree as an imaginary friend, something like that could work.

The second problem is the system, it doesn't do anything except get in the way of the plot, which is about Stella becoming strong enough or become homeless if she fails. I stopped when Ashlock got a skill that allowed him to summon an eldritch entity and used it in front of Stella for some reason. Keep in mind that Ashlock can't talk, is low level, and doesn't know what the skill does exactly.

In the end, Ashlock is the protagonist yet has very little reason to be in the story, I found Stella to be more interesting when she wasn't talking to a tree.


Did not think I would enjoy the tales of a Semi-Sentient tree, but here I am, eagerly awaiting more chapters.

We follow Ashlock the Reincarnator on his, uh... wild(?) Adventures in Xianxia land! There will be sillyness, missunderstandings, waiting, patience and, yes, time-skips! Sometimes years at once. But honestly? So far, I've laughed, smirked, chuckled, chortled and nodded my head in agreement.

Is it worth reading, to you?

If you enjoy systems, growth, xianxia tropes being poked fun at, then yes.

If you abhor time-skipping, relatively static MC's, systems, xianxia or poking fun at afformentioned tropes? Then no.


It's well written and interesting to read but the pace is godamnnnnmmed slow. I get it. It's a tree and trees don't do things, unless you're aeon. But at the pace the book is written it's more a birds eye view around the tree than the tree actually doing anything. Feels like the story is more about random power girls and general xianxia contempt than an place where rhe mc actually does something. Lots of time skips already but well see how it takes til tree can fight back


Pretty good, it has some roots.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Supernova

Alright! It is a pretty good story.

I am hooked but also not. I am having a hard one with this. We are very limited. There is basically the main MC aka the tree. Then two supporting characters. Daughter/elder of a clan and the daughter of the elder from a rival clan.

Basically... my negative is I am not really connected to the supporting characters or non powered people. 

Also the tree needs to eat more people! 

I will change my review if something more happens with my tree bud.


TLDR: Not exactly what I expected, but the flow is entertaining. I've spotted no real issues with spelling or grammar, at least none that pulled me out of the story. The Main Character is still forming up to now, but he IS a tree so that kind of makes sense.

Style -

Can't comment here entirely, but what I've seen to now has me interested. The style is informed by the context of the story, so it can be a little distant at the moment. Then again, due to how time flows within the chapters, I'd imagine this could shift drastically sooner rather than later. Even if it doesn't, its still interesting and has a good flow.


Story - 

A slow start, but with enough hooks to pull you along. Lacks a little bit of the characters background in my opinion, but seeing as there are only two chapters out I'd say there is enough there for the time being and this can be expanded on once the main character has more agency. Can't say much beyond that without potentially spoiling it, so give it a go and see what you think.


Grammar - 

Nothing really to complain about here. Dialogue is smooth, mostly internal thoughts / talking to himself for the Main Character, none for the others. Spelling wise I haven't spotted anything up to now, which is nice compared to some new releases on web novel sites. Good start.


Character - 

Only two chapters up to now, so not much to say. The main character, Ashlock, is a little loose, but there are reasons for it. One other character, potentailly another secondary main, has been introduced, and some interesting hints have been dropped about her. I'm assuming due to the flow that we'll see some good shifts in her character over the next few chapters.

Alex Beaumont

What's it like to be a tree?

Not question I've considered much, if at all, but this story does approach several aspects of such an existence. Such is Ashlock's life after he was reincarnated in a world of cultivation, evil young masters, and the few with eyes to see the mountain... Or whatever the saying is.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable story, if a little slow on occasion. Time skips are plenty throughout the formative years of our young tree MCs life, though he does grow at a nice rate throughout the initial chapters. Up to now there are few side characters to mention, though each one seems to be well built up and have their own intriguing plotlines.

The main thing I'd point out is that the synopsis says it all. This is a story about a tree. If that interests you at all, give it a go, but up to now the author has been true to the narative hook and has yet to transform tree-bro into something basically akin to a human-tree. I think that's a plus, but there is still time for my opinion to shift on the matter.


Style: Due to the perspective of Ashlock the style is relatively focused, but has enopugh room to grow the story in interesting ways. This is a difficult one to comment on as it can be pretty subjective, but I enjoyed how the story was laid out overa..

Grammar: No problems seen, and any slight things mentioned are fixed quickly. Can't say much here as all looks good, especailly for a web novel release such as this.

Story: Despite the occasional time skips, the story is on the slower side, though I don't see that as a negative.

Character: Ashlock has some interesting thoughts and logic, despite his rooted nature. Up to the point where I have read he has a slightly detached link to the world, though that point is shifting more and more with each new chapter released. In regards to the other characters, mainly the demon-like young mistress who has seen through to his 'true power', there still remains a well of plot and backstory, all well hinted at throughout the first meetings / growth between the two.


You should really read this novel!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: New Neighbours

Yesterday I was procrastinating and I was trying to find anything to delay a paper I have to write for college... that was when I found this story. Well what can I say? I started reading Reborn As A Demonic Tree and at some point I realised I had no more chapters to read which is funny x). Usually I don't like to read anything related to cultivation stories because a lot those stories end in a never ending hiatus and that makes me sad... but everybody is talking about this story so I decided to give a try. I did not regret.

The story is really well written and I could not find any grammar flaw which is amazing! The story is centered around a tree and that makes the flow of this story really slow but the author manage to kidnap our attention so well. There is always something happening around our dear main character and the way he reacts to those situations and questions he always ask while he digress is amusing.

The world's setup is going really well because we, readers, are learning as the Tree is acquring that knowledge in natural way. There is no dump of unnatural amounts of information. At first we don't know nothing and get to learn step by step how the system works and how the cultivation is based. How each part fits perfectly with something wrote a couple chapters ago. The side characters, well I'll be talking mainly about the girl on the art cover, are amazing! We have Stella and somehow I'm always expecting to see her fighting something. There is also some other characters that need to be put down. I mean we are reading a cultivation story... there is always people that need to meet that demise somewhere...

I'm not really that greating writing well you can see that based on my review... I'm a reader through and through no questions ask. I gave the 5 stars to everything not because this novel is perfect and doesn't need to improve but because I want to encourage the author to keep going. I'm not really good with words but you are seeking anything to read you should try I can guarantee you will like.


Reviewing the story early on (as of this time, only 14 chapters are out) it seems very interesting. I'm always interested in a story where the MC is something nontraditional, and tree characters have a lot of room for potential, with both unique perspectives (author does a good job showing how the main character struggles between spending literal months asleep hibernating and having it feel like only a day passes to the mc) and unique challenges (how to not go insane when you can't communicate beyond the occasional "make fruit fall on someone"). Story hasn't moved much, and we haven't had enough chance to really see how the MC will develop over the course of the story (he seemed pretty gung ho about turning  to eating people once he realized how much power he could get) and how secondary cast characters will evolve and change the story progress.
I'm really interested to see how the one female character will continue growing in this story, and if our MC will end up turning into an entity similar to Aeon in Tree of Aeons, where through the powers of cannibalization, gatcha, and cultivation if the MC will end up becoming a god like ruler in his root based home or if he'll just always be a sort of lazabout, passive cultivator while snacking on the occasional sacrifice. Only time shall tell. : D I do want to know if the tree will eventually specialize in an odd set of martial art techniques like formations (considering he's pretty stuck, but can tunnel through a mountain and move rocks around, wouldn't be surprised) or maybe illusion techniques as he can create some pretty interesting fruit so far.