The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life. An OP Dungeon Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG.

The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life. An OP Dungeon Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG.

by MDW

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

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The world ended. Bam! The Apocalypse opened the gates of Hell, demons killed everyone. Including me. But I got a second chance of life. Though it was as an apple. Which was eaten by a starving survivor, not that I fault them. But to toss my half-eaten core into a landfill?

To add insult to injury, an earthquake brought the landfill and everything in it a mile underneath the earth. I guess I'm not in uncharted waters, because good luck finding any nearby.

Not that it would matter. I am pretty sure the apple I was reincarnated as was a GMO hybrid whose potential to germinate was as stunted as the empathy of a corporation CEO. So there's that. Also, no sunlight.

** DING **


Oh, for the love of all —

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Table of Contents
86 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Reincarnated as an APPLE CORE. How could anyone get THAT wrong? ago
ANNEX I: Sanity-Preserving Glossary ago
This Dungeon is Garbage! ago
Radio Shank Versus Nickel Mice. ago
All that the Landfill touches is your Domain! ago
You Son of a B****, I'm in. ago
Rest In Peace, Ms. Josselyn. You'll be forever remembered. ago
Getting a Kid Sick was the Answer after all. ago
When your kill starts kill stealing, steal the kill from the kill stealing kill. ago
That's a Bad Bet. ago
NOT A CHAPTER: The Errata your Fiction Wished you Smelled like ago
Oh, so that's why they're called Splinter and Shredder. ago
Physics-chan has left the room ago
Abandon all hope, ye who enters here. ago
They won't ever stop tossing people in here, will they? Wait, its that the Dungeon Devotee by Nixia? ago
Yup, just as expected. ago
Yes, it is that dragon. ago
Savanna, Prairie, JQuery, Grasslands, and Hidden Tigers. ago
The Lion Mourns Tonight. ago
This Chapter was brought to you by Michael Bay (no, not really). ago
Pseudo-Interlude: The Weight of Rarity. ago
What the... is this now a 4x GameLit story? ago
Nowadays, cultivating trees is all the rage. ago
In Soviet Russia, Money Chases You. ago
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality ago
Operation Blackjack Six. ago
Musical Interlude: Chat GPT, what have you done! ago
If our Pains never Return! ago
The Little Artillery that Could! ago
Blimey, it seems that they REALLY like to cultivate trees! ago
Maim one, Get one free. ago
Only my Railgun can make Skyrim Memes. ago
Living here in Jersey (not really Jersey), Fighting Monsters from Beyond. Chicks dig... ago
Go Go Ranger Ork. Only you can get a-Head! ago
Everybody is Gangsta Until the Engines Jam. ago
The Ballet of Steel and Blood ago
All the Dank Memes ago
NaC: Sub-Class brainstorm ideas. ago
Guardians of the Sacred Tree. ago
Welcome, you Summoner's Bitches. ago
You are a Ranger-Wizard, Harry ago
On Cloud Computing and Thrown Gauntlets ago
Hugging Momma Bricks Windows! ago
Episode IV: A new Dope ago
Episode V: The Whale Strikes Back ago
Episode VI: Return of the Fly (why the heck is it "return" when they just arrived?) ago
Meditate on this Zen Koan: "If you find the Buddha on the road, kill him." ago
That's some Dumb Stuff, Larry. ago
In Soviet Russia's 4th of July, Fireworks Shoot You! ago
You activated my Trap Card! I Cast Summon Bigger (jelly) Fish. And only bones shall remain! ago
Doki-Doki Power! Super Puririn Magical Princess Tranformation! Bloom! Apple Blossom Princess Mode! ago
It's time to change the genre (again). Now its a Princess Rearing Social Sim! ago
Raindrops keep failing on my head. But that doesn't mean... something. ago
All shall bow to their new God! Or have a one-on-one with an angry Valkyrie. Choose. ago
Don't say you weren't warned! ago
Such is reality. Yesterday's boss is today's random encounter. ago
Quantum Conundrum ago
Rescues Washington DC / Unless something better's on TV ago
Visit Scenic Post-Apocalyptic New York. The Best Place to Touch Grass! ago
In Soviet New York, Grass Touches You. From the inside out. Yikes. ago
Physics-Chan favors this one! ago
Now Reciting: Reconciliation, by Walt Whitman. ago
When Immortal Slaughter fails... time travel is not an option. At least not here. Deal with it. ago
The Apocalypse after the Apocalypse, the one your Four Horsemen wished your Armageddon smelled like. ago
Once A Jolly Swagger Apple Camped by a Billabong. ago
We are based out of the back of Bourke, but she'll be Apples, mate. ago
Wait. I think I know these people from somewhere... It's on the tip of my tongue... ago
I Hate to Admit it, but Marshall was Right. ago
Instant Wonder: Add "quantum" as a Prefix. ago
You load 16 tons* / and what do you get? / Another day older / and demons be dead. ago
Mecha vs Dragon, Part 1 — Rumble: First Blood ago
Now Playing: Giant Robot Love, ft. Daffy Duck. ago
What? The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core is Evolving? ago
Power Overwhelming! ago
Additional Supply Depots Required. ago
The RECAP episode you (probably don't) deserve, and not the one you need right now. ago
Marvelous Magical Extinction Reversal Bingo and a Suspicious Easel Crossover. ago
Legendary Fixtures? More Like Legendary F***ups! ago
Eternal Ground Pounding and the Third Apocalypse. ago
How to Kite your Boss ago
Khardashev Type 1 Dungeon ago
Martian Antimatter Diplomacy — So Long, and Thanks for all the Chips. ago
Epilogue: Cyber-Dryad Mark I ago

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This is a semi mobile dungeon core novel. Portions are spent entrenched in a death trap and portions are spent wandering around.

Piloting mechs or otherwise.


There is plenty of referential humor. A surprising depth and span of information and, above all else, an addictive litrpg filled numbers going up sensation pumping pure amphetamines into your soul.

The system is loose but well defined. It manages to not feel wishy washy or unimportant. 

Alll in all I definitely recommend.


So a story of a half apple core that just wants to live. Whilst simultaneously pissing off steroid rats, a human lord, multi-headed tentacle monsters, and impossibly large jellyfish with skulls inside.

How tf do I make a review on this???

The flow of the story starts of slow (though not in a bad way). It gives you time to get used to the MC - which pays off incredibly well once the story kicks into high gear (don't worry, you will know when that is).

You'll see the struggle it got to in order to get to that point, so whilst the MC does get inhumanly strong, it is evident that it was all earned + a smidge of luck (though the MC would probably call it unluckiness).

Many, many references can be found especially in the later chapters. Doesn't matter if you are an uncultured swine like myself, there will be lots of things which you will be able to recognise.

The litrpg format is different enough that for me at least it was a relatively fresh look into that format.

Definitely give it a read if you are into comedic stories and litrpgs. I promise it will be worth it (it's basically my go-to casual read at this point)


Very trashy novel filled with lots of garbage.

Would give half the stars because there is only half of an mc, but the novel makes up for it with the amount of literal garbage that gets consumed, so 5 stars it is, also pears get thrown more than I thought they would


I only have 50 words to describe this, Overall it's a nice dungeon building story, which becomes a city building story, which becomes a kingdom building story, you get the point. Anyway, I find the protagonist enjoyable as a mostly apathetic character, with in my opinion, a still existing, if loose set of morals. I'm still pretty pissed at not seeing a KIND OF A SPOILER BELOW:

Magical girl transformation for our Apple. I wanted to see how that worked! Research purposes only.

Soft foam

It's my first review/rambling so yeah

Reviewed at: Epilogue: Cyber-Dryad Mark I

 Good read , I have no qualms about the story the grammar is good ( not that I'd fully know I'm not that fluent in English mid you ,but it was a smooth read nonetheless),

The writing style is good ( in my preferences at least or perhaps not just mine , meh to each there own i suppose), the characters and the antics of our mc is funny ( or perhaps it was the writers antics I dunno).

All and all I enjoyed,love and relished the story ,and there's a lot of technical/techy things I don't know so there's all that , meh I enjoyed it nonetheless, thank you for the story, you've done good author San .



I love this so much, So many dungeon core tropes have very slow power creep or try and sneak their way to power, but this totally blows all those tropes out of the water. This story doesn't take itself very seriously, but that's what seriously makes me love this story so far.


The soundtrack for this thing is Powerhouse by Ramond Scott, you know, that music in the 40's cartoons whenever they need an out of control factory making killer robots.

A great, goofy concept, piles of inside jokes and references, a fun and engaging system and a protagonist that goes full-on Swiss Family Bobiverse at the bottom of a garbage dump. I imagine a tiny, wrinkled, half-eaten Matt Damon playing the lead role in the inevitable Netflix mini series.

The System is interesting and it's obvious thought went into the perks and progression. The gadgeteering is glorious. But What I really appreciate is that this story is an honest to goodness story. I care about the characters and what happens next. My only concern is that the author is apparently an actual room full of monkeys with keyboards, and I'm not ever going to get a chance to sleep ever again, am I? How the hell does one generate this much good stuff this fast? The quality is great for the velocity, there's the occaisonal odd word choice or typo, but they're hardly notceable and the author has already mentioned an edit somewhere in the future. If you're on the fence and wondering if this one is worth your time, just give it two chapters, and you'll be hooked. 

Thank sweet baby Nodens Skip didn't decide to make paperclips.


A Loving Tribute to Pop Culture and Nerdness

Reviewed at: NaC: Sub-Class brainstorm ideas.

First and foremost, let me tell you that this book is clearly written with love.

Don’t let the strange title discourage you from jumping into this amazing story.

The tale of the protagonist begins with a fast and weird introduction that gets right down to it. At the very first chapter you are presented with our usual apocalyptic events that are common in many other stories in this site. There’s a twist however.

I won’t spoil the experience here saying what happens next, but suffice to say that the weird title the author chose for this story becomes self-explanatory pretty much from the get go.

From there, the story progresses in a comfortable pace, something interesting and exciting happening at every chapter. And during the whole journey, we are showered with well-placed references and quips that will leave you laughing hard or bursting with nostalgia.

Though I am sure you are bound to miss a few memes and references here and there (as no one can know every single meme, anime, book or television show there is), the multiple tributes to pop culture ensure that there’s something for everyone in there. Maybe you will even discover some interesting things after a simple google search.

In terms of style, grammar and characters, I can only say that the story is impeccable. The author has a clear mastery of the written English and it is easy to lose yourself reading it. The sass ever present also makes it easy to get into the skin and flesh of the main character (heh).

It is a truly worthwhile experience.

Maybe the only critic I can offer is that the author sometimes describes facets of computer engineering and sciences with too much detail, leaning on it too heavily in my humble opinion. This might prove a little hard on the eyes of people with little to no background on such areas, though this might be just my personal preference speaking here. After all, some people do enjoy their details.

Altogether this a wonderful read. You won’t regret giving it a chance.


The title is a mouthful but it all starts with a non spherical dungeon core that doesnt follow the usual tropes, the system gives him useful abilities to build and protect trees for humanity survival, he doesnt care, instead he makes deadly traps to kill anything that breathes and level up until he feels safe enough.

And he is not a stationary dungeon since in a few chapters he is already far away from the landfill and moving himself by mashing the buttons of discount bin mech, going around a ruined city to kill demons and absorb more electronics.

Currently only a dozen chapters but very promising for fun and other contents.


1st of all : Mc is TRASH !!! Literraly. He is rotten also most to the core and try to play with Some Cool Undecomposeable Electrical devices in a I-Dungeon theme . Hoping it can lure in some innocent demons and kill them . I know he is heartless , But this too much .


2nd , The world is DOOMED. (Physically) People interactive with Mc just feel Like talking to a Dead thing with a Soul.


3rd . The System part is jumble with stats and skills , traits, description that only make me want to READ it. Arghhh to much Painnnnnn...


4th The Wall. Why This Damn Handsome Author keep breaking that Wall. I know it for Comedy sake . But Twice then Thrice ??? Lol , u think i will laugh??? . Yet I do . So keep writing more.


All In All , why there is still many other frustated opinions. I Hope this Wacky review of Mine help u avoid this Garbage Hole ( Just click the Blule Butoon below the Novel name to exit. Believe me , im Ain't hired by the Author anyway) .No TFTNovel 🍎