A note from MDW

NaC stands for Not a chapter.

There WILL be a new chapter today.

Hey, everyone. We are not done yet. I'm doing some housekeeping, fixing the System design, updating the Status page, and lamenting not using some ideas I had in hindsight.

Perhaps this peace[SIC] of garbage will get a rewrite. Perhaps not. Most of its charm is in the spontaneity. Or so I think.

Anyway, I need sub-Class ideas. What sub-Class do you think will jam nicely enough with Skip's future? Or which ones would be hilarious to see in the story?

I had a blast with the Plains master idea. It shaped the direction of the story too. Most of the time, I don't plan much ahead. I'm often surprised to what goes on the paper (not really paper) after I draft a chapter.

So, don't be shy. Make your suggestions. I might even go back and see some of the suggestions back then, maybe there's a hidden nugget there.


About the author


Bio: The author would like to reinforce for the umpteenth time that the characters' opinions are their own, may be intentionally wrong, do not reflect my (MDW's) personal viewpoints neither are included in this work to further any political agenda (I don't even live in the same hemisphere or country as you, whichever those are. I'm writing from the Earth-Sun L3 point for all I care). My works serve no purpose other than to tell stories with conflicting viewpoints. Use of the reader's critical sense is highly advised.

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