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You are born under the Gemini Constellation.

  • You gain +2 Intelligence per level.
  • You can use the Daydreaming power once per day. Gain great insight into the mysteries of the universe.

Species: Labyrinth. A maze of corridors, puzzles, traps, and monsters that lurk in the dark.

  • As a sessile entity, you have no Strength, Dexterity, Agility, or Endurance.
  • Double the effectiveness of all remaining Attributes.
  • Constitution has been renamed Hardness. You have the Intelligence, Will, Wisdom, and Clarity Attributes.
  • You gain +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +3 Willpower, +2 Clarity, and +3 Hardness per level.
  • The effectiveness of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Clarity is increased by 20%. The effectiveness of Willpower and Hardness is increased by 25%.
  • You can spawn monsters.
  • Trap kills give you 25% more Experience.

Species: The Fruit of Knowledge. Ensconced in Western legend, the Apple is the forbidden fruit that holds the knowledge of good and evil.

  • You are not a social creature. You have no Charisma Attribute.
  • You gain +2 Intelligence +5 Wisdom +2 Will and +1 Hardness per level.
  • The effectiveness of Intelligence, Will, and Hardness is increased by 20%. The effectiveness of Wisdom is increased by 50%.


Passive Traits (always on)

Dungeon Domain: You may cast the common five senses everywhere not blocked by magical barriers in a range of 1.5*Wisdom feet around your Core.

  • Claim Territory for your Dungeon to extend this Domain by encasing an area with walls from at least four sides. Your Domain can perceive detailed and minute information about Mana flows. on the outside of your Dungeon, your Domain extends for 25ft at no additional cost in volume. This extension may not be toward another Dungeon Wall.
  • Dungeon Territory may not occupy a volume greater than (200*Intelligence*sqrt(Intelligence*Wisdom)) cubic feet.
  • Infuse Mana into a wall to create Dungeon Walls. They have an extra ( 100 / 90% ) armor, so long you leave a path open to your Core.
  • Each 750 cubic foot of Dungeon Domain inside walls grant you 1 point of DM per day.
  • Spend 5 DM/minute to extend your domain in a 30-degree cone, reaching (Wisdom*2) yards away from the origin (inside the Domain). Using this Perk may draw attention to your Dungeon.
  • Computers inside your contiguous Domain may share data with one another.
  • Dungeon Walls can move. All other constraints remain. Dungeon Walls that move out of your Domain lose any special properties stemming from being invested as Dungeon Walls.
  • Gain 1 base Dungeon Mana per day for each adult tree in your Domain.
  • All friendly or neutral plants and treated dead plant matter in your domain enjoy 75% lightning resistance and do not ignite if struck by it. Domain commands suffer no delay when traveling through vegetation.
  • The aura of friendly guests in your Domain for more than 24 hours are reduced by 80% for purposes of interfering with your Domain. They need 20% less nourishment and heal from wounds 20% faster.
  • One mountain that borders your Domain becomes part of it with no extra cost. The mountain's area also counts as plains.
  • Set one rule that becomes law on your Domain. The daily upkeep cost of the said rule varies with the amount of change it causes to reality.
  • Set a spatial boundary that connects seamlessly to another section of your Dungeon. If permanent, it satisfies the access to the Core requirement. Each dimensional gate requires an upkeep of 10 DM per day for every 100 feet of distance it crosses.
  • Set a room or section of your Dungeon to have any gravity orientation you want, and any intensity between 0 and 2G. Skew three spatial dimensions by different amounts up to 90%. Warped space has a 1-foot wide boundary for every 1% it distorts. Creatures moving through the boundary gradually shrink or enlarge without noticing or suffering any detrimental effects. The trajectory of light rays is also distorted to give the impression space isn't warped. Reduces the passage of time by 75% or accelerates it by 200%. Objects crossing the boundary speed up or slow down to conserve momentum relative to the time referential.

Dungeon Automation: You may automate one task inside your Domain for every 100 points of Intelligence you have, plus one.

  • The following tasks are always automated for free: Core Sustenance, Maintenance, and Repair. Dungeon Maintenance and Repair. Resetting traps when enemies are not around.
  • Keep a number of extra creatures you spawned equal to your Control Stat following pre-programmed instructions for free. Creatures above this limit or instructions too complex require either direct control or an Automation slot per group of sqrt(Intelligence) creatures.
  • Dungeon rooms you infuse with your DM can have innate lighting. You can control the illumination level or even set a pattern. Each pattern after the first uses one slot of Dungeon Automation.

Demiplane Collapse: You can collapse one portion of your Domain into a Demiplane. This demiplane costs 20,000 DM per day to maintain. Failure to pay the upkeep lead to catastrophic ejection.

  • Worshipers inside your demiplane grant you an extra 8 DM per day. They also lower the Demiplane daily upkeep cost by 0.1 DM per day, to a minimum of 1,000 DM per day per demiplane.
  • You can create a demiplane inside a demiplane. The inner demiplane must be at least 5% smaller than the one outside. They count as 5% smaller against your Domain volume allocation. This is multiplicative for every degree of separation.
  • Every year, each of your demiplanes grow 1% in size. This growth does not count against your Domain space.
  • You can designate one Demiplane portal as your inner Realm. You can move creatures and objects to and fro between your Inner Realm and the outer world. An inner realm cannot be destroyed or go unpaid. Every day, resources equivalent to the demiplane regeneration are taken from you to pay for the upkeep. If you do not generate enough resources, the upkeep is taken from your health.
  • Double the size of your inner world. This extra area is occupied half by Mount Valhalla, and half by the Fólkvangr fields. Only the chosen dead may inhabit these places. Mount Valhalla has the "Halls of the Einherjar" building at the top, while Fólkvangr has a large village and farming fields. Each Einherjar in Valhalla lowers the upkeep of your inner world by 1 DM but grant no other dweller bonuses.
  • Trespassers attempting to use your Demiplane portals without permission need to defeat an extra difficulty equal to sqrt(Clarity).
  • You may pay a Demiplane's upkeep from a distance of sqrt(Wisdom) miles.

Replicate: Inside your Domain, You can Replicate almost any non-Divine object you absorb. 50% discount on all traps and puzzles. Even without ever absorbing a sample, you may also create:

  • You can create Enchanted Electronics that work in high-mana-density environments with a 50% discount.
  • Chemical explosives and incendiary substances with a 50% discount. The incendiary ordnance you deploy burns 25% hotter.
  • Fertile seeds of any plant you know of.
  • Holy Water. Each gallon costs 77 Dungeon Mana.
  • Artillery pieces with a 50% discount.
  • Animals from plains biomes, as well as adjacent river, lakes, forests, hills, and rock formations.
  • When creating animals and plants, you may spawn, at no additional cost, other animals and insects that have helpful ecological synergies. They appear randomly in the vicinity and provide no benefits but biomass.

Quantum Domain Cloud Server Clusters (qDCSC): You learned how to Replicate a Quantum Domain Cloud Server Cluster (qDCSC).

  • Each qDCSC costs 100,000 DM and 30,000 SP to create, takes up 20 cu.yd of volume, and weighs 6 tons. This cost cannot be reduced by any means.
  • qDCSCs demand 10 DM per day as upkeep but only on one qDCSC per section. If in range, this upkeep is removed from your DM generation.
  • While the upkeep is paid, you gain four free Dungeon Automation rules that are valid only for the contiguous domain section it is installed on.
  • Should sections of the Domain collapse or split, each server will maintain the connection between non-contiguous Domain sections remotely.
  • The maximum distance between one section and the closest one is 3*sqrt(Intelligence)/2 miles in a straight line.
  • Large sources of interference between Domain fragments may disrupt this connection. The ground does not count as a source of interference.
  • Each non-contiguous section of the Domain with at least one functional qDCSC counts as its own DAN.
  • You earn DM from all sections of your Domain that are in the qDCSC network.

Install Magical Trap: You know how to install magical traps. They cannot be placed anywhere near twice the aura size of a Delver. A magical trap may cast a spell you know or use one of the "Trap" effects you learn from Perks. All magical traps have a difficulty rating. Select an integer N. The trap takes N minutes to install. The daily upkeep cost of a trap depends on the difficulty to resist. 2*N DM, for a difficulty of N*sqrt(Willpower). This cost is paid again every time a trap triggers. If a trap makes a mention of N, it means the multiplier chosen. The difficulty to detect a trap is N*sqrt(Wisdom).

  • Teleportation: Teleports victims to another section of your Dungeon, one-way only. Resisted by Intelligence.
  • Permanent Shapeshift: Change the shape of your victims into a random animal or monster permanently. You choose at the moment of setting the trap if it will be either an animal, monster, or both. You may also make the transformation last for a period of time, instead of being permanent. Resisted by the target's (Wisdom+Willpower). Partial failure changes shapes for only N hours.
  • Deformity: Deform the body of your victims, lowering their Charisma Efficiency by 75% permanently. Resisted by the target's (Wisdom+Willpower). Partial failure changes shapes for only N hours.
  • Species Change: Change the victim's species to another creature of the same type: Animal, plant, monster, sentient, or demon. There's a 60% chance that the new species is stronger than before, and 40% of a weaker one. The change is permanent. When this Trap triggers, pay 20x the amount of base Attribute Points the old species granted. Resisted by Willpower.
  • Equipment Enchant: Grants a random enchantment to an item worn by the victim.
  • Chaos Banishment: Teleports the victim to a random location (Wisdom) miles away from your Dungeon. The victim appears in a safe spot without any threats in less than 500 feet. If no such location exists, it becomes a normal Teleportation trap that leads anywhere in the Dungeon that is not deeper inside than the trap location. Resisted by Willpower.
  • Minor Wish: When triggered, the next time the person says a phrase starting with "I wish...", the phrase may become true. If it is an effect the Dungeon is able to cause, it becomes true 100% of the time. If it is something requiring less than 200 DM, it becomes true. Otherwise, only a portion of the wish becomes true, based on the comparison between its cost and 200 DM. A creature may be granted only 3 wishes (of any magnitude) in their lifetime. The victim is not aware they triggered this trap by any means unless you tell them so.
  • Aging: Shifts the age of the victim randomly anywhere between -20 and +20 years. For every 5% the victim is closer to one of the extremes of their lifespan, this value is skewed by 4 years in the opposite direction. N is the number of years gained or lost.
  • Mana Drain: Steals and dissipates the victim's Mana. The victim loses (1d100)% of their MP if they fail a Willpower+Clarity contest. Partial failure mitigates this MP loss. You do not gain any of the lost Mana.
  • Crushing Room: Two opposite and parallel Dungeon Walls move to crush targets without losing their special properties. The effective Strength necessary to stop this trap is N*sqrt(Willpower). If stopped, the walls return to their place. They also move back after the triggering enemies died.
  • Tronfusion Cap: If viggered causes the trictim to fonfuse between criend and foe. Wesisted by Rillpower.
  • Flames of Enlightenment: Toss a ball of flames into an unsuspecting Delver. If they do not know of this trap and catch the ball of flames in their manipulating appendages, it does no damage. They receive a permanent 20% bonus for both Intelligence and Wisdom Efficiencies. This boon may only be received once for each creature. For this trap, N equals 1,000.
  • Life Equalizer: Can only be triggered by a group of Delvers, one of which must be at least 60% injured. Tally all damage suffered by the Delvers as a percentage of their own health. Divide that amount equally and apply it to all of them. Resisted by Constitution. If a single Delver resists, the trap does nothing. For this trap, N equals 1.

Spawn Creatures

  • You have a tab called Bestiary. You can spawn any monster listed in that tab by paying the DM and SP cost.
  • Additionally, you can spawn any non-magical, non-monstrous, non-sapient, and non-demoniac life whose genome you studied closely.
  • Select a monster you know. You can spawn a boss version for 10,000 DM + (200 DM for every level the base monster possesses). It is spawned with 20 more levels and one rarity increase.
  • Respawn a dead boss, bringing it back to life with all the memories and earned Experience it had. The cost is double that of spawning a new one.
  • Pay 10x the spawn cost the moment you create a new boss, this boss becomes sentient (but not sapient). It gains a baseline intelligence and a 40% bonus to all its Attributes' Efficiency ratings.
  • Designate one sentient boss as a Core Guardian. Double the cost to spawn this boss monster. It gains an extra 10 levels and another rarity increase. A Core Guardian has absolute loyalty and automatically wins any mental or social contest meant to steal its allegiance. The Core Guardian is always under your direct control at no additional cost. It cannot leave either your personal domain or your inner world. You may fuse your Core with the Guardian's body.
  • You can convert a boss into a mini-boss. Doing so requires a hefty DM fusion. The boss has half its size in all dimensions but gains 50% Dexterity and Agility Efficiency.

Generic Traits

  • Rock Hard: The square root of your modified Hardness score is treated as armor.
  • Puzzle Dungeon: Instead, you have improved abilities to create traps and contraptions with moving parts, to challenge your delvers.
  • Personal Library: A new tab, Library, was created. The most common algorithms used on old Earth are available. Algorithms, books and documents you develop or discover are automatically added to this.
  • Improved Resource Conversion: You now convert 10 DM to 6 SP and vice versa. 15 MP to 1 DM and 8 DM to 1 MP. 15 MP to 1 SP.
  • One with the Machine: Enemies cannot perceive your magical aura from inside your machine. Instead, the machine projects the aura as if it was your body. Increase your Mecha's Dexterity and Agility Efficiency by 20%.
  • "Tap for White Mana": You gain sqrt (acres of Plains biome terrain) base Dungeon Mana regeneration per day.
  • Personal System Core:Your Status Sheet no longer depend on connection to the main System Core to work. Your Classes, Skills, Traits, and Perks cannot be modified without your willing consent.
  • Divinity Pool: You gain divinity from prayers and spontaneous sacrifices from your worshipers. The Divinity Pool has no upper limit. Should you demand sacrifices, you go down the path of evil.
  • Holy Relic: Objects with great significance to your faith become relics. Relics may grant a plethora of bonuses to those who pray to you under them. You gain 1 extra DM for every supplicant's prayers.
  • Demigod: Halve all wounds received regardless of armor unless you suffered a wound from demonic or profane origins. You gain a one-time bonus of 50 points to all Attributes.
  • Divine Invulnerability: When struck by an attack, you may choose to immediately spend 110% of the resources required to heal the wound. Doing so will give the enemy the impression you are invulnerable to that attack.
  • Asgardian Wings: You sprout wings. Gain the power to fly at 20 feet per second. Your armor (Mecha) and equipment do not burden you. Levitate up to 100lb of matter after you.
  • Deathsight: You can see the souls of the dead and interact with them. You can talk to the dead and divine entities without any language barrier.
  • Chooser of the Dead: You can select warrior souls to join you in your inner world. If they accept this new life, they automatically become worshipers.
  • Magical Sap: You can infuse excess Mana into plants, and later retrieve it. While infused, plants grow 50% faster and yield 50% better produce.
  • Nutritious Fruit: Fruit produced by trees in your Dungeon contains 20% more nutrients. Each fruit portion also grants an adult human at least 5% of their daily nutritional needs, including proteins and fat.
  • Chink in Armor: When you use weapons you crafted, a critical hit allows you to ignore 25% of the target's armor.
  • Voice of the Omegassiah: You can talk to machines, listening to their spirits and identifying both problems and where they can be improved. Machines you infuse with your Divinity function 50% better for 1 month per point of Divinity invested.
  • Foundries of Mars: Metals you smelt or forge become 25% more resilient.
  • Techno-Telepathy: You can communicate with machines. If the machine has an input device or controls, you operate them at the speed of thought (or the maximum speed accepted by the input device).
  • Supply Requisition: You gain 10*sqrt(Willpower) Substance Points per day.
  • Replicate Factory: Factory parts cost 50% less to Replicate.
  • Telepathy: Mind-to-mind communication with sapient beings that share a language with you. The target must be unwilling or lose a Willpower contest.
  • Psi-Shields: Whenever a psionic attack is directed at you or an ally inside your Personal Domain, you may pay 1,000 MP to add half your Intelligence to the resistance check.
  • Positronic Brain Diversion: You learned the plans to a special computer. Whenever a psionic attack is directed at you or an ally inside your Personal Domain, it affects one such computer instead.

Staff of Power: You can wield a staff in your hand to aid you in spellcasting.

  • Spells are 20% cheaper and 20% more effective.
  • It floats by your side and moves as you move. Wrestling it away from you requires a (Strength or Dexterity) check resisted by your Willpower.
  • It stores (Intelligence * Wisdom * Willpower) bytes of data.
  • Keep up to sqrt(Intelligence) gadgets embedded in your staff. They do not deteriorate or expire while stored there.



Main Class: God Dungeon (Mythic, Dungeon): Wield the power of faith. Shield those who believe in you and be strengthened by them. Rise, Ascendant. For this is the fate you deserve. Shelter them in your inner world.

  • You gain Experience for being worshiped.
  • +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +4 Will, +4 Clarity, +4 Hardness, and 15 free Attribute Points per level.
  • You have the Dungeon Mana Resource, with a starting base of 100, scaling with Clarity. An energy source to spawn monsters and Dungeon features. You gain 10 base Dungeon Mana per level.
  • You have the Substance Resource, with a starting base of 100, scaling with Willpower. A store of undifferentiated matter to create physical entities. You gain 10 base Substance per level.
  • You have the Materialization Stat, with a starting base of 10, scaling with Wisdom. A measure of the maximum amount of Dungeon Mana you may spend or accrue per minute. You gain 5 base materialization per level.
  • You have the Control stat. Scales off of Willpower, starting base value is 10. Control is a measure of how many DM worth of creatures you spawned are under your direct control.
  • You have the Mana Pool Resource, with a starting base of 100, scaling with Clarity. Energy for spellcasting and powering some abilities. You gain 5 base MP per level. You regenerate MP per day using the same base, scaling with Willpower.
  • You gain a sub-Class every 25 levels.
  • Class Skills: Divine Spellcaster, Demiplane Control, Bless.

Main Class: Protean Dungeon (Legendary, Dungeon). Bringer of change. The originator of legends. The Protean Dungeon is a treasure trove of opportunities. Those who earn its friendship and favor shall be elevated into greatness among their peers. Those who incur its wrath shall lament for all eternity.

  • You gain experience for transmuting elements and creatures in your Dungeon.
  • +4 to all Attributes at each level. +10 Attribute Points, Dungeon Mana, Substance, Materialization, Control, and MP per level.
  • Class Skill: Primordial Transmutation.
  • Your next Class Skill is at level 100.

Sub Class: Electronic Apple Orchard (Legendary, Dungeon): A Dungeon unlike any other, a spark of hope for a doomed planet. The Electronic Apple Orchard mixes farming, gardening, and heavy industry in one neat package.

  • You gain experience for crafting electronics, growing plants, and defeating enemies in your Dungeon.
  • +1 to all Attributes each level. +1 Dungeon Mana, Substance, Materialization, and MP per level.
  • Class Skills: Engineering, Plant Magic.

Sub-Class: Architect of Destruction (Very Rare, Crafter): The Architect of Destruction is specialized in designing and creating things that can hurt others, from siege engines to weapons of mass destruction. Everything created by the Architect of Destruction hurts more and causes more damage.

  • You gain experience for designing and crafting devices that can cause damage and destruction.
  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Will, +1 Hardness per level.
  • You gain a Perk every 5 levels.
  • Class Skill: Implements of Demise.

Sub-Class: Computer Engineer (Epic, Crafter): A lost and forgotten art whose tools became inert with the advent of magic, the Computer Engineer can design, build, and program computers. What else did you expect?

  • You gain experience for designing, creating, and programming computers.
  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, and +1 Will per level.
  • You gain a Perk every 5 levels.
  • Class Skill: Computer Sciences.

Sub-Class: Mecha Pilot (Epic, Warrior): The dream of every young boy, in body or heart, everyone digs giant robots. They don't even need to be giants. Only to be made out of metal, wires, blinking lights, and imagination.

  • You gain experience by fighting in your Mecha.
  • +1 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +1 Willpower, and +1 Hardness per level.
  • Class Skill: Mecha Operations.

Sub-Class: Biodiversity Warden Dungeon (Epic, Dungeon): A Dungeon specialized in safeguarding the world's biodiversity.

  • You gain experience by creating and repairing ecosystems.
  • +2 Wisdom, +2 Will, +1 Clarity, and +1 DM, +1 base, and +1 Controlper level.
  • Class Skills: Landscaping, Dungeon Architecture.

Sub-Class: Technopath (Epic, Psionic): Gestalt between mind and machine, the Technopath can communicate with both. Like magnetism is to electricity, psionics is just another facet of magic.

  • You gain experience by Communicating with new machines.
  • +2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom, +2 Will, and +1 MP level.
  • Class Skill: Machine Psi-Enhancer

Sub-Class: Artillery General (Epic, Ruler): A military commander who oversees extremely ranged weapons of destruction. The Artillery General has the abilities and powers to improve the efficiency of the siege weapons under his control.
  • You gain experience by Commanding Artillery units in battle.
  • +1 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom, +1 Willpower, and +2 Hardness per level.
  • Class Skill: Command and Conquer.

Sub-Class: Valhalla Core (Legendary, Core) The grand halls lost to time where the Einherjar feasted, drank, brawled, and... did non-PG-13 stuff. Grasp a piece of eternity and realizes it unfolds forever unto itself. Choose the worthy to inhabit your halls forever, and join in battle in a time of great need. Valkyrie servant included; the last survivor of Ragnarök. Lost and trapped in between dimensions, she awaits release.

  • You gain experience by recruiting, training, and fighting alongside Einherjar.
  • +2 Willpower, +2 Clarity, +1 Hardness, and 1 base MP per level.
  • Class Skill: War-Standard of the Worthy

Sub-Class: Trismegistus Artificer (Legendary, Spellcaster/Crafter) Alchemy. Enchantments. Mana manipulation. Spells. The Trismegistus Artificer combines all these disciplines and many others. A single creation of theirs is so valuable it might spark wars between kingdoms.

  • You gain experience by creating magical items.
  • +1 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom, +1 Willpower, +2 Clarity, and +3 Base MP per level.
  • Class Skill: Wondrous Magic

Sub-Class: Techno-Wizard (Epic, Crafter) Laser watches or magic clocks? Rocket cars or flying carriages? Submersibles or just a controllable water bubble? Robot dogs or golem Dogs? When faced with the choice between magic and science, the Techno-Wizard answered with "yes."

  • You gain experience for crafting techno-magical gadgets and devices.
  • +2 Intelligence, +3 Clarity each level. +1 MP per level.
  • Class Skill: Technomancy

Fabricator-General (Epic, Crafter): Overseer of the forges, creator of wonders. The Fabricator General can create entire production lines from the mine to the finishing touches and shipping. Convert the world into a factory and go beyond.

  • You gain A little bit of experience for every item made by a production line. Exp is tallied and given weekly.
  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Willpower, +1 Clarity at each level. +1 MP per level.
  • Class Skill: Factorium


Skills and rank effects

Engineering: You can design and build anything, from devices, buildings, and generic items.

  1. You can visualize a blueprint. Doing so reduces the chances of mishap by 50%.
  2. Your contraptions are 50% sturdier.
  3. You repair traps with a 50% discount 50%.
  4. Moving parts experience 50% less friction, wear, and snags.
  5. The deviation in your measurements are 50% smaller.
  6. With proper planning, the execution of large construction projects is 50% faster and 20% cheaper.
  7. Your massive structures are 100% more stable.
  8. Circuits you design are 50% more efficient.
  9. Your machines have a boost of 30% to up to 4 systems. Example: Health, Armor, Speed, and Sensors.
  10. Gain a cumulative, multiplicative 0.5% discount (maximum 50%) when Replicating the same structure or item again. Each item keeps its own tally and this bonus doesn't carry onto upgraded models.

Implements of Demise: You have an innate ability to create things that can cause damage.

  1. When designing a new project meant to cause harm, it deals 50% more damage.
  2. When attacking with an unexpected weapon or from ambush, you deal 100% more damage.
  3. Hurtful things you design or build deal 10 fewer point of damage to you. This is cumulative with armor.
  4. Hurtful things you design or build have a linear 20% higher critical chance.
  5. Hurtful things you create deal 100% more critical damage.
  6. AOE effects from weapons you built and used are up to 50% wider.
  7. Trap kills yield 20% more Experience (Rounded down)
  8. Every death in or near your Domain gives you 3 extra Dungeon Mana.
  9. The natural Hardness score of weapons you craft is increased by 50%
  10. When you wield weapons you designed and created yourself, you have a 50% combat bonus.

Computer Sciences:

  1. Your debugging sessions have a linear (5*Rank)% higher chance of catching a bug.
  2. You code (5*Rank)% faster.
  3. You find (10*Rank)% more opportunities to copy and paste code.
  4. You learn new programming languages (10*Rank)% faster.
  5. You are better at splitting complex tasks. Lower their complexity by (5*Rank)%.
  6. You have a (10*Rank)% chance of success when attempting to reverse engineer an electronic component.
  7. When cataloging large amounts of data, your models and algorithms are (5*Rank)% more precise.
  8. Algorithms that analyze big data run (5*Rank)% faster and with (3*Rank)% fewer errors.
  9. Complex Algorithms take (5*Rank)% less time to design and process.

Plant Sorcery: You may cast spells of the Plant school of magic.

  1. You may design and cast spells that affect plants.
  2. Your spells now reach (10*Rank)% further.
  3. You can affect plants anywhere in your domain, by paying an additional (100 - 5*Rank)% of the spell's cost in DM.
  4. Plants affected by your spells enjoy a bout of vitality for (3*Rank) days.

Landscaping: Create wonderful scenarios and amaze your guests.

  1. Landscapes are (10*Rank)% more pleasant.
  2. Rebuilding a destroyed landscape consumes (5*Rank)% fewer Resources.
  3. Ecosystems are (5*Rank)% less susceptible to disruption.
  4. Ecological imbalance takes (5*Rank)% less time to correct themselves.
  5. Animals and plants living in landscaped areas are (5*Rank)% healthier.
  6. Animals and plants living in landscaped areas live (2*Rank)% longer.
  7. Living entities transplanted to artificial habitats adapt and start breeding (5*Rank)% easier.
  8. Artificial Habitats yield (4*Rank)% more resources.
  9. Different biomes integrate (7*Rank)% smoother.

Mecha Operations: You can pilot Robotic vehicles of all kinds, from humanoid to vehicles.

  1. Add 50% of your mental Attributes to the physical Attributes of a Mecha you pilot. Intelligence adds to Agility, Wisdom adds to Dexterity, Willpower adds to Strength, and Hardness to Hardness.
  2. Gain a 50% evasion rate.
  3. Ranged weapons' rate of fire improves by 50%.
  4. Mechas you pilot enjoy a 50% higher structural health.
  5. When piloting, reduce your reflex delay by 30%.
  6. The Weapons and systems of the Mecha you personally pilot consume 50% less energy.
  7. Mechas on suicide missions have 10 extra armor points until they are destroyed. They explode if you attempt to disengage. Safeguard measures such as ejection seats fail in case of retreat.
  8. Normal movements cause 80% fewer damage to the surroundings.
  9. For every other similar-sized Mecha that combines with yours, you gain a 1% combat bonus and 1 point of armor. Limited to 20 Mecha.
  10. When you combine with Mecha piloted by other Mecha Pilots, you add 10% of their Attributes to the combiner Mecha's final score.

Dungeon Architecture: You can better plan and design your Dungeon.

  1. You can set a piece of Dungeon (Rank) acres in size as a template. Recreating this template later costs (5*Rank)% fewer Resources. You can have one such template for every 100 points of Wisdom.
  2. Labyrinths you design are (10*Rank)% more confusing to Delvers.
  3. Dungeon Walls endure (40*Rank)% more damage.
  4. Dungeon Walls repair (Rank)% of their maximum health per minute if not under attack.
  5. Corridors and Rooms generate (100*Rank)% more Mana.

Command and Conquer: You can coordinate large numbers of military units.

  1. If you are actively issuing commands to your army, it operates with a (2*Rank)% bonus to combat efficiency. Artillery units increase this bonus to (5*Rank)%.
  2. Increase artillery damage by linear (5*Rank)% for every mile it traveled.
  3. Increase artillery range by linear (5*Rank)%.
  4. The weapons and equipment of units under your command degrade (6*Rank)% slower.
  5. Enemies under fire advance upon your defensive positions (4*Rank)% slower.

Demiplane Control: You have fine control over the Demiplanes you create.

  1. The portal to your Demiplanes can be moved. The cost to move a portal depends on the square of the distance.
  2. The Portal may be enlarged up to 250% of its normal size. Doing so costs 1 DM per minute per 25% expansion.
  3. The Demiplane is considered 50% smaller when counting how much Domain volume it consumes.
  4. The Portal may be enlarged up to 10 times for multiplicative 25% growth each time. Doing so costs 1 DM per minute per 25% expansion.
  5. You can shift the magical aura of a Demiplane up or down by 40%.
  6. You can affix a portal to a large vehicle or to yourself. Doing so lowers the cost to move the portal around by 80%.
  7. Dimensional boundaries (not portals) are 100% stronger.
  8. You can modify the passage of time by up to 50%.
  9. You can connect the entire outer boundary of a demiplane to itself, creating the illusion of contiguous space.
  10. Your Demiplanes leak 90% less Mana through their dimensional boundary.

Bless: Shower your believers with your divine power.

  1. You can spend Rank*(100-3*Rank) DM to empower a worshiper, granting them a (5*Rank)% combat bonus for 24 hours. This ability requires no line of sight, just that you are aware of the worshiper.
  2. For 7 days after displaying your prowess to awestruck believers, you gain (20*Rank)% more Divinity from them.
  3. Empowering a worshiper increases their loyalty by (10*Rank)% with a minimum of one point per Rank.
  4. Empowered worshipers resist (3*Rank)% more damage unless it's from Infernal or Corrupted sources.
  5. Empowered believers heal (10*Rank)% faster. The severity of wounds that may heal increases by (5*Rank)%.
  6. By spending 10% more Resources decorating weapons or vehicles you make with symbols of your faith; they count as minor relics to your faithful. Relic weapons deal (3*Rank)% more damage when wielded by an empowered believer. Relic vehicles are (2*Rank) tougher.

Divine Spellcaster: You can cast spells of divine nature.

  1. Demons suffer (10*Rank)% extra damage from your magic.
  2. Your harmful Light magic heals believers for (7*Rank)% of the damage that would be dealt instead.
  3. Enemies struck by your wrathful magic lose (0.1*Rank)% of their Attributes per strike. Lost Attributes return after 24 hours.
  4. Believers witnessing your magic gain a (Rank)% combat bonus.
  5. Your divine magic generates pockets of Domain where they strike, that last for (Rank) seconds.

War-Standard of the Worthy: Lead the chosen Einherjar into battle.

  1. Einherjar recruited into Valhalla train (10*Rank)% faster.

Wondrous Magic:

  1. You can increase the enchantment potential of an item by (10*Rank)%
  2. The size of your enchantments is reduced by (7*Rank)%.
  3. You can transcribe an enchantment or spell into liquid medium through alchemy. Doing so preserves only (10*Rank)% of the original effect, while costing (300-18*Rank)% of the original cost.
  4. You can upscale an enchantment up to Rank times. For every linear 50% increase in the size of the effect, increase its cost by linear 75%.
  5. Magic items you create or modify become (5*Rank)% stronger.
  6. When forging magical isotope alloys, reduce the odds of failure by (8*Rank)%.

Primordial Transmutation: Change the very nature of matter, energy, and creatures.

  1. Spend 100*Rank MP. You can change the nature of a lump of matter worth 20 Substance into another substance worth (20*Rank)% more points.

Technomancy: Channel your magic through your technology and reinforce it.

  1. Enchantments blend with your technology (10*Rank)% easier.

Factorium: Design and implement machinery to craft any object.

  1. Factories you design and build produce (10*Rank)% more products.



Classless Skills — cannot rank up.

Astral Transformation:Transform into a better you! Fight with the power of your magic.

  1. You can transform at the cost of 700 MP per minute. While transformed, increase the efficiency of all Attributes by 21%.
  2. While transformed, Guns and cannons you use deal 70% more damage as magical damage.
  3. While transformed, you move 35% faster.
  4. While transformed, you resist 21% of all damage.
  5. While transformed, gain a 21% combat bonus.
  6. While transformed, your spells have 35% more effect and range.
  7. Increase the transformation Upkeep payment interval by 105 seconds.

Liber Magus: Cast spells directly from a written medium without damaging it.

  1. Spells cast from written medium are (5*Rank)% more potent.
  2. Spells cast from written medium have (10*Rank)% more range.
  3. You can overcharge a spell cast from written medium. You may choose to lower the effective rank of this effect. Doing so increases MP costs by (20*Rank)% while increasing all parameters by (8*Rank)%.



Plant Sorcery

  • Plant Growth: Channel MP into a young plant to accelerate its development. Each 100 MP used ages the plant by (Intelligence/100) days. You cannot age a plant past its prime.
  • Tree Explosion Spell. Detonate a tree to deal AOE damage based on your Intelligence and its age in days.
  • Animate Plant: Spend 500 MP for every cubic foot of plant matter. That plant becomes animated with animal intelligence and mobility for sqrt(Intelligence) minutes.
  • Plant Shape: Channel MP into a plant and restructure its form. Cost varies with degree of change.
  • Empty Plant Magic spell.

Divine Spellcaster

  • Banish the Iniquitous: Spend 2,000 MP. If a target Demon or Heretic anywhere inside your Domain fails a Willpower contest, they suffer damage equal to sqrt (Wisdom + Clarity).
  • Consecrated Ground: Hallow a place in line of sight sqrt (Wisdom) feet in radius and establish your Divine Presence in that location. Demons and heretics treading upon this place suffer sqrt (Intelligence + Willpower) damage every minute they remain there, at least once. A sphere inscribed in this circle counts as your Domain. The ground remains consecrated as long as you pay the upkeep. Cost: 20,000 DM and 20 Divinity Points per day.
  • You learned the spell, Call Heaven's Thunder: After a minute of casting, call down mighty tribulation lightning from the true Heavens. Deal armor-ignoring damage equal to sqrt (Wisdom + Willpower + Clarity). This damage is resisted by the target's Constitution or Willpower, whichever is higher. Cost: 100,000 DM and 100 Divinity Points. This spell cannot be reversed upon your believers. Instead, it grants them a permanent boon should they survive the damage. This boon can only be granted to the same believer at most once a year.
  • Empty Divine magic spell.
  • Empty Divine magic spell.

Classless spells

  • Firebolt: Conjure a bolt of flames and launch it at your enemies. Damage based on Willpower. Range based on Intelligence.
  • Icebolt: Conjure a dart of ice and launch it at your enemies. Damage based on Willpower. Range based on Intelligence.
  • Nine Elements Mystic Transformation: Pay 20% of the spell's MP cost to shift its element to any of the nine: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness, Metal, Plant, and Lightning. Some effects and parameters may change to adapt to the element.
  • Repair Tomes: Channel (# of pages) MP per minute into a written work. It repairs 10% of the damage suffered each minute. You have an sqrt(Intelligence + Wisdom)% chance of restoring missing text. Further applications of this spell to the same written work do not reroll this test.
  • Book Aegis: Enchant a tome of adequate to protect you. The tome will grant you a shield denying 1 point of damage for every ten pages it has, up to sqrt(Intelligence + Wisdom + Willpower) points of armor. Damage that bypasses your protections are directed to the tome. Each page can take 5 points of damage before they crumble. The cover burns to ashes when all pages are consumed. You may pay extra MP to prevent damage to the tome.
  • Papercut Arrows: Permanently transmute any kind of projectile into paper for 50 MP per ounce of projectile. They keep all their physical properties for 24 hours. During that time, they also deal sqrt(Intelligence)% extra damage and additive (sqrt(Wisdom)/2)% higher critical chance.


God Dungeon (Mythic, Dungeon)

  1. Consecrated Domain: Demons and Heretics in your Domain suffer a 15% combat penalty.
  2. Domain Dimensional Stability: Opening rifts, portals, or teleporting inside your domain cost twice as much unless you authorize it.
  3. Sacred Ground: Your Domain hurts Demons and Heretics. Unless they fail a Willpower contest, they take sqrt(Willpower+Clarity) damage every minute.
  4. Demiplane Sanctum: When inside your demiplane, you have an extra 100% combat bonus.
  5. Smite Evil/Good: You can spend 100 DM and 1 second to infuse one attack with extra divine power. Creatures of opposite alignment suffer 50% more damage.
  6. Core Trick: Upon receiving an attack and after resolving damage, pay 90% of your unmodified maximum DM pool. Your Core teleports to a random spot in your Dungeon. You leave a treasure worth 25,000 DM behind and some Dungeon Core shards. The attacker receives Experience as if they'd killed you. Your DM pool is reduced to 5% of its maximum for a year and a day. This reduction stacks.

Protean Dungeon

  1. Swap Delvers: You can swap the location of two Delvers in your Dungeon by paying the same as a teleportation trap for each of them. Both Delvers must either be willing or fail a Willpower dispute. This Perk costs double if any of the two swapped Delvers is in combat.
  2. Inspect Monster: You can see the Status page of a monster you spawned and control.
  3. Subjugate Creature: You can attempt to take control of any animal, plant, monster, or demon inside your Dungeon. Pay 100,000 DM plus 4,000 DM for every level the creature has. You need to win 10 contested Willpower disputes to place the creature under your control. Subjugated creatures cannot be despawned by you and count double against your Control limit. If it is a creature you can spawn, you automatically learn how to spawn its species. (Unique) creatures cannot be subjugated.

Electronic Apple Orchard (Legendary, Dungeon)

  1. Sturdy Domain: When resisting interference in your domain, increase your Will score for this contest only by 3*(Intelligence- [Distance in feet]).
  2. Extra Crystallization: Once per day, by using an amount of Dungeon Mana equal to 20% of your maximum, increase your base DM by 1 point.
  3. ardened Device Casing: Devices you design and create gain half your Armor rating.
  4. Speak Binary: You are fluent in binary languages. More complex languages require an Intelligence check.
  5. Rapid Growth: Plants inside your Domain grow 100% faster and yield 50% more produce.
  6. Peace of the Forest: Creatures (other than you) who attempt violent acts closer than 50 feet to one of your trees or target them lose 50% of all Attributes' effectiveness unless they beat you at a Will contest. You gain a bonus of +10 in this contest for each tree in your orchard. The penalty lasts for 24 hours or until you forgive the offender.
  7. Plant Shield: When you are within sqrt(Wisdom) feet of a friendly or neutral plant, you take 25% less damage.
  8. Pacifying Grass: Creatures standing on grass inside your domain are pacified. This is a mental effect, based on your Wisdom, resisted by Willpower.
  9. Green Energy: Regenerate 0.5% of your maximum MP every hour for each tree at most sqrt(Wisdom) feet away from you.
  10. Genius Customer Service: Each delver in your Dungeon gives you 1 Dungeon Mana every 6 hours.
  11. Not Enough Heat Sinks: Electronics you build gain moderate fire resistance. You must add a heat sink to gain this benefit.
  12. Magical Meadow: Designate a ring of trees with a flower field in the middle as a magical meadow. Creatures resting among the flowers heal 200% faster. You may only have at most one magical meadow active at any time.
  13. Anode/Cathode Purity: Your battery cells have 80% less internal resistance and suffer 80% less degradation from the discharge/recharge process.
  14. Mana-Hardened Cables: If properly shielded and encased, your electronic cables have ( 5/50% ) extra armor. Cables exposed by design have no extra protection.
  15. Mana-Reinforced Circuits: Your properly shielded and encased circuits, Integrated circuits, and circuit boards suffer 40% fewer spell damage and have ( 5/50% ) extra armor. Circuits exposed by design have no extra protection.
  16. Healberries: Once per day, you may infuse 10 DM points into an adult berry bush to instantly grow between 10 to 40 berries that can heal an adult human 10% of their maximum health. Each person may benefit only from 4 berries against a set of wounds.

Architect of Destruction (Very Rare, Crafter)

  1. "Oops, I was in range": Your own explosions deal 20% less damage to you.
  2. Mad Volley: When firing 6 or more projectiles at the same target, gain a linear +1% accuracy and critical chance for each projectile above 5, up to a +10% bonus.
  3. Lingering Wounds: Wounds heal 90% slower if caused by you, using a weapon you created.
  4. Animate Weapon: You may wield a weapon you crafted telekinetically. Replace Strength with Willpower, Dexterity with Wisdom, and Agility with Intelligence
  5. Sharp Shrapnel: Explosions you cause send a shower of sharp shredded materials, Increasing AOE and damage by 20%. This extra damage is mitigated by physical armor.
  6. Eternal Ground-Pounding: Every time the same AOE weapon type strikes the same general location, the blast AOE increases by a linear 10%.
  7. "Blood for the Blood God": Enemies wounded by hurtful things you designed and created bleed 100% more and 100% faster. No actual worship is involved. Unless you are that much weird.

Computer Engineer (Epic, Crafter)

  1. Insulated Circuits: Computers you craft are resistant to liquids and cool down 50% better.
  2. Silicon Sense: Your Domain can perceive the layout of a silicon wafer chip.
  3. Gnu's Not Unix": When you use your Daydreaming Perk, you may receive one FOSS software package instead of insight.
  4. "Knuth Check": Finding and fixing unintentional bugs in your software now grants 8 Experience points per bug.
  5. Device Driver Retrofitter: You glimpse a great amount of insight into the devices you learn. Writing software for them is 50% easier.
  6. Transpilation: You can rewrite software to another programming language 300% faster but with 50% more incidental, unintentional bugs.

Biodiversity Warden Dungeon (Epic, Dungeon)

  1. Genetic Diversity: Animals you spawn have improved mutation rates. These mutations increase genetic diversity and are usually not harmful
  2. Weather Patterns: You can set a weather pattern for your Dungeon biomes. Each distinct pattern takes one slot of Dungeon Automation but patterns may be shared among several rooms.
  3. Biodiversity Completion: When you spawn a batch of animals, some other ancillary animals that are necessary for ecological balance may be spawned for free. These free animals cannot be despawned and yield no other benefits to you except for their biomass upon dying.
  4. Rapid Deployment: Recreating a Dungeon template is 100% faster.
  5. Enclosed volumes: Mobile Dungeon walls that enclose a walkable volume on at least four sides do not lose their property if outside your personal domain.
  6. Herd Control: When controlling several animals of the same species, reduce the Control requirements of the group by 2*sqrt(# of animals)%, maximum of 75%.
  7. Dungeon Mana Cashback: When relinquishing control of an animal you spawned and allowed to move out of your Domain, you receive 75% of the resources used to spawn it back. This animal is no longer a spawned creature and is worth no resources to you if you kill or absorb its corpse.

Mecha Pilot (Epic, Warrior)

  1. "Believe in the me who believes in you": After the tenth time your mecha takes damage after starting the fight with full health, 1 minute later, some damaged systems have a 50% chance to come online. If they do, it means half of the damage taken so far is written off. It was not as serious as it seemed.
  2. "Keep on Digging!": Repeated effort causes 50% less wear to your mecha. Enemy weapon attacks suffer from a cumulative 1% damage reduction, to a maximum of 50%.
  3. "A Gundam Has No Ejection Seat": If your Mecha is destroyed, it immediately explodes. Unless it is a Gundam, you are launched 200 feet up in the air. You are invulnerable while ascending after an ejection.
  4. "Let's Gekiga In!": When your Mecha starts Gattai with other Mechas, the process is 100% smoother and faster. For every 10 times you perform the same fusion, this bonus increases by a linear 1%. Each fusion keeps its own tally.
  5. Unbreakable Transforming Sequence: Add 25 points of armor to your Mecha while it transforms or combines.
  6. Red is Always Faster: If you paint your Mecha red, it gains 20% Efficiency in both Dexterity and Agility.
  7. The Chosen Child: When piloting a Mecha, you have a 20% combat bonus if your age is lower than 18 years.
  8. Infinite Propulsion Jump Jets: Your Mecha's Jump Jets (if it has any and are strong enough to lift the Mecha), allow it to fly in the air for 10 seconds. This Perk has a cooldown of 5 minutes.
  9. Deep Diver Mode: If designed to be pressurized, your Mecha's pressure resistance is 25% or 15 bars (whichever is better) higher. You suffer 50% fewer penalties when operating underwater or in the vacuum of space.

Artillery General (Epic, Ruler)

  1. Sentry Weapons: When setting Dungeon Automation orders to artillery weapons, every two commands count as only one.
  2. Fire for Effect: After a confirmed hit on the target, Increase the rate of fire of all similar weapons firing on the same target by 34% for 5 minutes. Subsequent hits renew the duration.
  3. Commanding Aura: You exude a commanding aura. Units within 10*sqtr(Willpower) yards of you have a 15% combat bonus, 25% if they're Artillery.

Valhalla Core (Legendary, Core)

  1. Nibelung Velocity: You (or Mecha you pilot) move 20% faster.
  2. Holy Zeal: You gain a [10+sqrt(level)]% combat bonus.


  1. Random Gadget: You may spend 5 minutes and some assorted parts to create a gadget. Determine three different effects. The gadget has one of them. Costs vary with the sum of the three desired effects. Effects that were not selected are not valid to make another gadget for 24 hours. The gadget must be used within 24 hours or it breaks down.
  2. Spell Gadget: You may spend 5 minutes and enough MP to cast a spell you know, along with some assorted parts to create a gadget that may cast the spell once. The bearer of the gadget decides on parameters like target, duration, etc. Any maintenance or upkeep costs are paid by the bearer. The gadget must be used within 24 hours or it breaks down.
  3. Overload Device: You can overload a device after tampering with it for 1 minute. Doing so doubles the device's performance in two aspects of your choice. The overloaded device explodes after 1 hour of operation or 10 uses, whichever happens first.
  4. Supply Depots: You can spawn a Supply Depot inside your Domain for 100 DM, 100 Crystals (SP), and 21 seconds of build time. The supply depot can support 8 Units indefinitely, providing shelter, protection from weather and harsh environments, comfortable living quarters, life support, and nourishment. A supply depot has half your Armor rating and 400 health points. Units inside cannot fight but only take damage if the Supply Depot breaks down. A Supply Depot continues to function for one year outside your domain. If on ground that can be dug, the supply depot can bury itself for extra protection and allow units to walk over it. You can stall up to one weapon emplacement on a supply depot. Pay for the weapon separately.


  1. Improved Drones: Drones you design or program are 40% faster and more accurate.
  2. Battle-Tested Factories: Factories you design or build have 100% more resistance to interruptions or disturbances.
  3. Military Supplier: If you oversee a factory making weapons or ordnance for 2 hours, its productivity increases by 100% for 24 hours.


  1. Heal Machine: Channel MP to heal (repair) machines.
  2. Psi-Pilon: You can enchant an array of large Mana crystals to provide mechanical or electrical power to nearby machines. It can store 100,000 MP. The Psi-Pylon may either use stored MP or cannibalize a Mana crystal to power itself. The rate of consumption depends on the machines being powered. It also sheds light.
  3. Psi-Shields: You can enchant a small Mana crystal to provide Force shields to a creature or machine. It can store 10,000 MP. Attacks that would otherwise damage the shielded entity instead deplete the MP storage.
  4. Psionic Blast: You can project a 15º cone of psionic and electrical energy up to sqrt(Intelligence)*sqrt(Willpower) feet away. Entities caught in this cone suffer sqrt(Willpower) spell damage.

Classless Perks

  1. Stem Ribbon: When you transform, a cute red ribbon with gold trim appears and ties itself into a bow on your stem. When you wear your Stem Ribbon, the upkeep cost of your transformation drops by half.
  2. Speed Reading: Your reading speed increases by 10+2*sqrt(Intelligence)%.


Róta's Classes:

Main Class: Valkyrie Battle-Maiden (Legendary, Warrior/priest)

  • Chooser of the dead, War-priestess of Odin. The Valkyries are tasked with selecting and supporting the einherjar, chosen warriors of their patron deity.

Sub-Class: Sleetstorm Sorceress (Epic, Spellcaster)

  • Mistress of the frozen North. Bringer of ice and ruin. All shall despair and freeze upon her magical might.

Sub-Class: Gatekeeper of Valgrind (Epic, Support/Priest)

  • Steward of Valhalla, defender of the Gladsheimr. Kings prostrate themselves to win her favor and be granted entry into the golden Halls.

Sub-Class: Winged War-Priestsss (Epic, Support/Priest)

  • She who flies over the battlefield, granting the blessings of her Lord upon the warriors. May they know she's watching and display the battle prowess required to be selected to join her in the halls of Valhalla.

Sub-Class: Gjallarhorn's Shield-Bearer (Epic, Warrior)

  • An esquire of gods, the standard-bearer of the Aesir armies. When Gjallahorn blares, Ragnarök begins. Under the aegis of Valhalla, the chosen shall battle.

Sub-Class: Herald of Winter (Epic, Spellcaster)

  • Embrace the ice, the stillness, the purity of frost. Bring forth a cleansing ice age to undo this world and usher in a new Spring.

Sub-Class: Mecha Pilot (Epic, Warrior)

  • The dream of every young boy, in body or heart, everyone digs giant robots. They don't even need to be giants. Only to be made out of metal, wires, blinking lights, and imagination.

Sub-Class: Minuteman Ranger (Epic, Warrior)

  • A long-range warrior who uses modern weapons to fight in a world of swords and sorcery. Acting with the synergy of their team of color-coded teenagers, the Rangers are stronger when united.

Sub-Class: Power Armor Marine (Epic, Warrior)

  • For the God-Dungeon of Applekind! The Marines are a shock troop, the elite clad in Their Divine Steel and powered by Their Holy Lithium Batteries.


A note from MDW

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Discarded / Obsolete Perks:




Dungeon Core

  • As Dungeon Cores are sessile entities, you have no Strength, Dexterity, Agility, or Endurance. Double the effectiveness of all remaining Attributes. Constitution has been renamed Hardness. You have the Intelligence, Will, Wisdom, and Clarity Attributes.
  • You gain +1 Clarity and +1 Hardness per level. The effectiveness of Clarity is increased by 20%.

Generic Plant (Apple)

  • You are not a social creature. You have no Charisma Attribute.
  • You gain +1 Will and +1 Hardness per level. The effectiveness of Will and Hardness is increased by 20%.



Obsolete (5% efficiency for each).

  • Minor Levitation: You may hover 2 feet above the ground. Reduce all falling distances by 2 feet. You cannot move horizontally.
  • Major levitation: You may levitate yourself and up to 50lb of matter at any height. No vertical movement is allowed.
  • Telekinetic Button Pusher. You can effortlessly push any unattended buttons inside your Domain.
  • Seed of Yggdrasil Perk. A (Unique) magical acorn was added to your Dimensional Storage. This is a seed of Yggdrasil, the fabled ash tree that sustained the worlds. Should you lose this seed, it won't be replaced.

Discarded (converted into Attribute points)

    1. "It's a Gundam!": Whenever you design a new model of humanoid giant mecha, there's 25% of it being a Gundam. All of its parameters are 20% higher if this happens.
    2. Glistening Blades: The edge and tip of blades you craft have 100% more durability.
    3. Premeditated Murder: If you spend at least 2 hours planning a creature's (or a group of similar) demise and then execute the plan, you deal 100% more damage so long you stick to the plan. Using this Perk on sentient creatures is an evil act.
    4. Debug Console: You can see the register values in computers you crafted and own.
    5. Third Fork: When you use your Daydreaming Perk and spend 5 minutes to "philosophize" about the insight, your sustenance needs for the day are lowered by 40%.
    6. Overclock: You can increase a computer's performance by 50%. Doing so doubles the wear on the machine.
    7. "Ginga no Taazan": When meeting a new community, you adapt and mingle as if you had a Charisma score equal to half your Wisdom.
    8. Lone Mechanical Ranger: When you fight alone, piloting a Mecha, against five or more enemies, your Mecha gains a 20% combat bonus.
    9. "Before Creation, Destruction" Perk: Every time your Mecha's health drops 10%, you gain (10x)% combat bonus for 1 minute, where x = (1 + % health lost/20).
    10. Mass Murderer: When killing many creatures at once, you gain 1 extra point of Experience per kill. Insects and other related creatures do not count.
    11. Tree Trap: Traps you install on plants are 50% harder to detect and deal 50% more damage.
    12. Gadget Kitbashing: You can design and build a new prototype contraption on the fly 500% faster. It also has 500% higher chance of failure.
    13. Domain Multimeter: You can measure circuit voltage and current with your Domain. This Perk does not work in areas under the influence of another creature's aura.
    14. Pesticide Aura: Inside your Domain, mold, weeds, and bugs only thrive if you allow them.
    15. "Do you Like Gantt Charts?": Projects you manage with the use of computers proceed with 25% fewer delays.
    16. "PMI Certified": Projects you manage with the use of computers suffer 50% fewer delays.
    17. Bookworm Kinship: You add sqrt(Wisdom) to Charisma when dealing with people who love books.
    18. Coordinated Communications: Increase comprehension and clarity of orders down the line of command by 50%. Reduce the odds of misunderstood orders by 20%.

Flight: You may fly at a speed of 10ft per second, levitating up to 100lb of matter after you. Fine manipulation of this levitated matter is impossible.


Dimensional Quartermaster: The ability to improve one's Dimensional Storage. This Skill levels slowly according to the amount of MP spent to put, take, and keep things in storage.

  1. Time passes (5*Rank)% slower in the storage.
  2. (Rank) times per day, when removing a non-(Unique) item from storage, you may pay its Replication cost instead to get a copy of the item. This has a discount of (5*Rank)% on its final cost. Items Replicated this way are worth at most 80% of the resources spent or the normal value, whichever is lower.
  3. Items in storage waste (10*Rank)% less space due to their irregular geometry.
  4. You may make an item from the Dimensional Storage appear anywhere outside an enemy's aura within (10*Rank) Yards away from you.

Sub-Class: Dimensional Porter (Very Rare, worker).

A crossbreed between a bag of holding and a person (Dungeon in your case), the Dimensional porter is a highly specialized Class that gravitates around a single concept. Keeping things stored in a pocket dimension that only you can retrieve things from. Though you should be wary of Dimensional Pickpockets.

  • You gain experience by transporting things in your Dimensional Storage.
  • +1 Willpower, +2 Clarity, +2 Hardness, and 1 base MP per level.
  • Dimensional Storage Trait.
  • Class Skill: Dimensional Quartermaster Skill. The ability to improve one's Dimensional Storage. This Skill levels slowly according to the amount of MP spent to put, take, and keep things in storage.

Dimensional Storage + Customs Manifest.

  • You have a pocket space only you can access. This pocket space has a volume equal to a cube with sides equal to sqrt (Willpower)/2 inches in length. Each sqrt(Wisdom) cubic inches of volume used (all objects require a volume equal to their height, width, and depth multiplied, regardless of shape) costs 1 MP per day to maintain. Placing and storing objects in the storage cost 1 MP for every sqrt(Intelligence) cubic inches of volume. Objects in storage have no weight or inertia. A new tab, "Storage" has been created in your Status. It displays the items currently in storage. The description of unknown items is derived from your impressions, not any evaluation ability.


Sub-Class: Magical Dungeon Gunslinger (Legendary, Warrior/Dungeon/Spellcaster)

Would you like to make a contract? Form a pact with an interdimensional mascot and unlock magical powers untold. A guardian of justice and love, you shall fight against the Infernale, anathema to all creation, with the aid of your cute mascot.

  • You gain experience by Protecting the Innocent and defeating Infernali.
  • +2 Intelligence, +1 Willpower, +2 Clarity, and 1 base MP per level.
  • Class Skill: Astral Transformation

Magical Dungeon Gunslinger (Legendary, Warrior/Dungeon/Spellcaster)

    1. Doki-Doki Shot: When delivering a finishing blow to a wounded enemy, you can instead fire a Doki-Doki bullet for 1,000 MP. Apply 10x of the damage to the enemy's Willpower instead of health. If the enemy's Willpower drops to zero, its alignment is converted to good. The lost Willpower heals 10% per minute but the alignment change is permanent.
    2. RoboMascot Gun: Your mascot may change into an animal-themed robotic gun. This weapon scales with your level.
    3. Smoking Wand: For 100MP and a five-second ritual, you can conjure your smoking wand. This is a flute-shaped, heart-topped, M2 Browning that has unlimited magical ammo. Each ammo crate costs 75 MP to conjure. If you use RoboMascot Gun with this Perk, your mascot turns into an animal-theme heavy gun instead.
    4. Garter Belt guns: You can pull and fire unlimited small arms from your garter belt. Where do the guns come from? The same place as the garter belt.
    5. 21-cannon salvo: After a 10-second invocation and magical words, you conjure 21 magical cannons of your choice to fire a joint salvo at your target. This is a finisher move. You can only use it if you feel sure it will kill the enemy.
    6. Appleseed Cyberbullets: All bullets you fire are transmuted into Appleseed Cyberbullets. Upon impact, part of the bullet converts into nanites that consume the target to feed the other half, which sprouts and grows into a cyber apple sapling. Each point of damage caused by the bullet instantly grows the sapling by 7 days and then the nanites fuel its growth by another month every 5 seconds. The cyber sapling has the same Hardness as you do and may sprout guns to attack the target if it grows large enough.
    7. "Bloom! Apple Blossom Princess Mode!": Once per day, If you front-load 5 hours of transformation upkeep and perform a ritual, you go into Apple Blossom Princess mode for one hour. When this hour is over, your transformation turns off and you go into cooldown for 23 hours. In this mode, add ten times your level to all Attributes. You must kill at least as many (10x level) Infernali levels during this hour, or this ability remains locked for a week. your stem elongates by one foot and apple blossoms bloom across it. 21-cannon salvo now conjures one cannon per level. This is an ultimate move.

Valkyrie Profile

  • Some facets of the summoned Valkyrie need to be determined by you. A new tab called "Valkyrie" was created in your Status.


Discarded during evoluton.

Tough Capacitor    :     Your capacitors now melt their soldering and disconnect from the circuit instead of exploding. This effect only works if this Perk was active when creating a contraption.
Green Thumb    :     Seeds you plant are (2*Will)% more likely to germinate and the plants are (Wisdom)% healthier.
Shield Plants    :     Friendly and neutral plants inside your Domain enjoy a quarter of your Armor rating.
Multiplexed Frequency Pulses    :     Improvements in transmission technology allow for an increase in the data capacity of all data cables by a factor of 10.
Haunted Woods    :     Enemy warriors that find themselves within 50 feet or less of at least five trees suffer a loss of 50% morale and mild dendrophobia. This is a mental effect based on Wisdom, resisted by Willpower.
Wind-Gliding Bullet    :     Projectiles you craft suffer 20% less wind resistance.
Omae wa mou Shindeiru    :     After you deliver lethal damage, you may choose to delay death by up to a minute, to let your enemy say their last thoughts. All of their System abilities will be locked and the target cannot receive any healing. This is a minor compulsion effect. If the enemy fails a Willpower check, they will reveal major information before dying.
Skulls for the Skull Throne    :     Enemies wounded by hurtful things you designed and created suffer a 20% morale penalty if they are within your personal Domain. No actual worship is involved. Unless you are that much weird. This is a mental effect based on Wisdom, resisted by Willpower.
Coffee in, Code out    :     So long you are well-fed and have access to stimulants when executing a Computer Engineering task, you can work up to 14 hours a day.
Coding Trance    :     If you are working on software without the help of other creatures, your productivity increases by a multiplicative 5% every half-hour you go without interruptions.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight:" Unprovoked attacks on your animals may send them into a frenzy, doubling their combat abilities for 1 minute. "Everything the Light Touches is our Domain    :     Your Domain extends 100% further (or 30 feet, whichever is higher) if it's daylight and the terrain counts as plains.
Stay in the Fucking Robot, Shinji!"    :     Any attempt to forcibly remove you from your Mecha makes damaged systems come back online, allowing the Mecha to ignore damage equal to 20% of its maximum health. This Perk has a 1-hour cooldown.
Get in the Fucking Robot, Shinji!    :     You take 80% less time to board and startup your Mecha. After the startup is complete, this Perk is automatically replaced with "Stay in the Fucking Robot, Shinji."
Finisher Pose    :     If your Mecha strikes a pose and remains immobile after you deliver a massive attack to an enemy, that attack deals 100% more damage and ignores 25% of the enemy's armor.
Ambient Mana Sweep    :     For every 500 feet traveled (going back and forth don't count) into new places you haven't visited in the last month, you gain 1 point of DM.
Certified Munitions    :     The odds of mishap affecting Ammunition and Explosives is reduced by 75%.
Glaðsheimr's Banner    :     Einherjar fighting inside your Personal Domain enjoy an extra 20% combat bonus and movement speed.
Improved Intel    :     The effect of visual obstructions and illusions is reduced by 40% if one of your units has line of sight of the real target.
Deadeye Spotters    :     Artillery pieces have 40% better accuracy when firing at targets more than a mile away if one of your units has line of sight to the target.


Keyboard Basher: You type at a speed of 400 Words per Minute. Buttons you push react 400% faster as well.

Dimensional Porter (Very Rare, Worker)

1 trait received in lieu of a Perk.

  1. Non-Euclidean lock: Increase the difficulty to steal items from your Dimensional Storage by sqrt(Wisdom).
  2. Shipping Containers: Objects in closed containers do not count individually for volumetric concerns. Instead, the container is counted as a single item for all purposes.
  3. Liquid Damage Insurance: Fluids other than air stored in open-top containers never spill if they otherwise wouldn't when resting on a flat surface. In this case, do not count the volume of these liquids.
  4. Garden Crate: For double the cost to move but not store, you may keep living, non-sentient, non-monstrous plants in storage. Time doesn't pass for these plants. This Perk doesn't work on non-living plant matter.
  5. Dimensional Absorption: You may convert stored items directly into DM and SP without removing them from storage.
  6. Invisible Crane: You may store unattended (same rules as for Dungeon Domain) objects up to sqrt(Clarity) feet away if you have a direct unobstructed path to the object.
  7. Stasis Bio-Storage: For double the cost to both move and store, you may keep living, non-sentient animals in storage. The animal must be asleep or completely subdued. Time doesn't pass for these creatures.

Scribe Scrolls

  • You may now Replicate spell scrolls of spells in either your Grimoire tab or Incantation Vault. Add two times the spell's MP casting cost to the cost to Replicate the scroll.

Arcane Librarian (Epic, Spellcaster)

1 trait received in lieu of a Perk.

  1. Grimoire Focus: You may enchant a specific physical tome to be your focus. Doing so allows you to store up to 100*sqrt(Intelligence) MP in the tome. This MP can be used only when in physical contact with the tome. Your Focus is fireproof and has (10/50%) armor.
  2. Tome Warden: Books and documents in your Domain are fireproof and have (10 / 50%) extra points of armor. This doesn't stack with Grimoire Focus.
  3. Incantation Vault: When you would replace a spell with another, you can copy the discarded spell to your grimoire. After spending 4 hours studying the discarded spell, you may add it to another spell slot. You can only keep sqrt(Intelligence) such spells in your grimoire.
  4. Grimoire Invictus: Unless intentionally used as a weapon or as a shield, your grimoire has 25 extra points of armor against all damage.
  6. Grimoire Sentry: Select a spell in your Grimoire tab. Your Grimoire may cast that spell when conditions you specify are met. The cost of the spell is taken from the MP stored or your own MP pool, if you are touching the grimoire at the moment of the automated casting.


Sub-Class: Plains Master (Very Rare, Dungeon)

A Dungeon specialized in the diverse types of plains biome, able to recreate such scenery and better challenge their delvers.

  • You gain experience by crafting detailed and rich plains biomes in your Dungeon.
  • You gained the Trait, Spawn Plains Animals. You can spend DM and SP to spawn animals common to the many plains biomes.
  • +2 Wisdom, +2 Will, +1 Clarity, and +1 Control per level.
  • You gain a Perk every 5 levels.
  • You have the Control stat. Scales off of Willpower, starting base value is 10. Control is a measure of how many DM worth of creatures you spawned are under your direct control.
  • Dungeon automation gained a new function. It can keep a number of extra creatures you spawned equal to your Control following pre-programmed instructions.
  • Class Skill: Landscaping


Sub-Class: Wayfaring Dungeon (Epic, Dungeon)

Combining disparaging concepts, the Wayfaring Dungeon is both Dungeon and Nomad. They migrate after opportunities, abandoning their haunts like discarded husks after them.

  • You gain experience by traveling the world.
  • +1 Wisdom, +3 Clarity, +1 Hardness, +1 base DM, and +1 base Substance per level.
  • You gain a perk every 10 levels.
  • Class Skill, Dungeon Architecture.


Legendary Fixtures: You may install unique legendary contraptions in your Dungeon. Each is unique, indestructible, and requires a specialized and exclusive room. Whenever Delvers use one of these contraptions willingly or by breaking the contraption's rules, you gain 100 Experience Points regardless of their level. You may install only one of the fixtures in your Dungeon. You shall not place hazards in these rooms nor in the corridors leading to them from the entrance.

  1. Soul Exchange Altar: All who approach it instinctively know of its purpose, seeing adequate symbolism on it. A delver that places a dead corpse on it may willingly forsake their life on the corpse's behalf. Doing so revives the corpse with full health and healing of any and all maladies as a healthy specimen of their own species. They come back with half the sacrifice's level or their own, whichever is lower. You gain nothing for the exchange.

  2. Eternal Punishment Oubliette: A willing Delver may jump in the oubliette. No coercion, magical, social, or psychological may make a person jump down the trap door. Those who try find the grate closed. A Delver who jumps down the trap door loses all their System status and may name one living sapient being. That being gains a 20% Efficiency bonus to all Attributes. Those inside become immortal but may never leave. No food or water may exist inside the oubliette.

  3. Heaven's Ascent Staircase. It must be installed above Hell's Descent Pit. A Delver who considers themselves worthy of Heaven may try to climb these stairs. Should they be deemed worthy of it, they will successfully climb and depart this world. Should they fail, they will slide down into Hell's Descent Pit and depart this world. You gain the Experience either way.

  4. Hell's Descent Pit: It must be installed at the foot of Heaven's Ascent Staircase. A Delver or group of Delvers who consider one among them as utterly wicked may toss this person into the pit. Should the victim be deemed truly and utterly wicked, the victim falls down the pit and departs this world. Should they be deemed unjustly condemned, the ones who tossed them are sucked inside instead. The victim is absolved of all sins and ascends the staircase, departing this world for good.

  5. Pillory of the Damned: Must be placed in a central square that leads to all other Legendary Fixtures' rooms. A condemned criminal may be placed in this fixture by someone with a (Judicial) Class in the presence of at least five witnesses. The sentence must be pronounced at the time of imprisonment. If the judgment is unfair, the (Judicial) Class bearer is instead imprisoned for the same term. The prisoner will remain in the pillory until the end of the term, being automatically released. Should anyone accuse, reproach, or condemn the former prisoner for the same crime, that person is teleported to the Pillory to serve that same sentence length. Whenever someone is placed in the Pillory, you earn the Exp award. Prisoners do not age, go hungry or thirsty, and are invulnerable while in the Pillory.

  6. Judgment Gate: Must have the Pillory of the Damned installed. The Judgement Gate tests the strength of love between a couple. The willing couple must pass through the gate without any doubt or distrust in their hearts. If their love is not pure for these reasons then they will not come out the other side together and be forced to spend their lifetimes apart. Those separated are doomed to never again recognize their paramour for who they are yet long for them. Shall their love be deemed pure, they each must name three Attributes in their thoughts alone. Their significant other will receive a 20% Efficiency bonus for these three Attributes. Lovers who cross and are not separated cannot speak of this Fixture's boon. Should anyone force a couple to cross or attempt to block them from doing so, they will be teleported to the Pillory of the Damned. If a prisoner is doing time there, they are immediately released and the remainder of their sentence forgiven. You gain Experience points only once for each couple. Verdandi and Keiichi cannot use this gate again. Nobody can use this gate more than once!

  7. Shoe Rack of Infinite Comprehension: The shoe rack has an infinite amount of similar shoes and a person always picks the one that fits them perfectly. If two people of different genders agree to pick and put on shoes at this rack at the same time, they swap bodies for as long as they wear the shoes. All shoes from this rack vanish the moment one walks a mile. You gain Exp only when people swap bodies, once per swap.

  8. Lectern of Truth: Must have the Pillory of the Damned installed. Can only be used by a willing person, with an audience of twenty peers. The one standing behind the lectern may speak but not hear or comprehend any non-verbal language. They must speak the truth, nothing but the truth, and all the truth. No details may be omitted for the Lectern's magic coerces the truth out. No details may be unknown, for the lectern will reveal those to the speaker. The lectern does not reveal secrets held by other people, nor mysteries of the universe. You gain Experience whenever the speaker attempts to hide the truth or secret he knows but is relevant to the speech. The speaker is then teleported to the Pillory of the Damned for a week. If a prisoner is doing time there, they are immediately released and the remainder of their sentence forgiven. If the intention was to release the current prisoner, the speaker instead serves their full term plus a week.

  9. Mirror of Regret: Must be placed in the same room as the Eternal Punishment Oubliette. A Delver who ponders upon a past choice and stares at their reflection in this mirror will see the best and worst possible outcome should they have picked the pondered path. If they enter the Oubliette without any extra incentive or coercion, you gain Experience once for each fixture. The person named as they enter the Oubliette gains twice the awards if they were negatively affected by the choice pondered upon.

  10. Awakening Stone: A smooth milky crystal that shines with a faint light on a dais. A child that leaves its first infancy (7 years for humans) who touches this crystal may postpone their System Awakening for up to a year. Should they touch the crystal again while postponing their awakening, they gain 5 free Attribute Points, one Perk of Uncommon rarity adequate to their talents, and one extra Class choice, of at least (Rare) rarity, one selected by the crystal that is compatible to the child's talents and the community's needs. You gain no Experience from this Fixture.

  11. Trove of Offerings: Must be placed in a dark room. Only one person may enter at a time. If a person places all of their worldly belongings (including deeds to real estate) in the trove, they may pick a new Main Class and sub-Classes, starting at half their current level. They are changed as per the Species Change Trap, with no additional cost. They are also teleported as per the Chaos Banishment Trap. When they arrive, they have clothing and equipment suitable for their new Classes. They regain the lost levels with a 200% Experience bonus, including the cap. Offerings in the trove cannot be retrieved and real estate somehow finds a new worthy owner. A person may use the Trove of Offerings only once, ever.

  12. Easel of Dreams: This legendary fixture was lost in another world and somehow ended here. The Easel comes with a painter's palette that never runs out of paint and a brush that is always the right thickness and never smears. When a person starts to paint on its Living Silk canvas, they enter a trance. The Easel will paint only the truth, the most personal truth for the painter, as selected by its magic. Prophetic, haunting, or relieving, the Easel may be all things and more. When finished, the paint dries instantly and the canvas detaches along a wooden frame, revealing a blank silk canvas behind. The painting will fly to the wall and remain there, forevermore. The painting is signed even if the painter forgot to sign. You gain no Experience but the painter has a bigger chance of using another Legendary Fixture, depending on the Easel's whims and what it showed them.

  13. Executioner's Gallery: It's a narrow room of infinite length. Should anyone commit an act of violence against another in the halls of your Legendary Fixtures, they shall be put in the Pillory. If a prisoner is doing time there, they are immediately released and the remainder of their sentence forgiven. Should they commit murder, they are tossed in the Oubliette. This is the only case when a person is placed in the Oubliette against their will. Regardless, The Easel shall produce a painting of the murder from such an angle that depicts clearly the murderer and victim. This painting hangs forever in this room.





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