Dungeons of Danrya

Dungeons of Danrya

by AJ Pheloff

Built by the Grand Architect Danrya in an age long gone, the Dungeons of Danrya are perfect storms for activating the dormant mana inside living creatures. Are they dangerous? Yes. Is there a chance you might not make it back out alive? Yes.

But is magic really worth the risk?

Arc 1: A young boy is thrown into an ancient and terrifying dungeon: a huge ziggurat pyramid that could - if he makes it out alive - give him the gift of magic. But a monster stalks the Pyramid and has begun to hunt once more.

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AJ Pheloff

AJ Pheloff

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1. The Pyramid ago

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R. J. Rani

I simply love AJ Pheloff's writing style. It's so inviting and immersive. The world building is visual and fantastic. I find myself wanting to know more with every sentence I read. Highly recommend Dungeons of Danrya to anyone looking for adventure, magic, and the tale of a young boy who carries so very much on his small shoulders.