Father of Monstrosity

Father of Monstrosity

by Dosei

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

PLEASE NOTE that this story is not for the squeamish who find gore and traumatising content abhorrent. This is a deep-dive into a fictional character that is very much aligned evil and would be considered psychopathic by any measure of the word.

My usage of the content warnings are very literal, as gore and traumatising content is at the heart of this novel. I hope that prospective readers are cognisant of this, as it is not my intention to expose people to content they are disgusted by.

There is no moral absolutism in this story, only bleak reality mixed with fantastical elements. If this sounds too depressing or off-putting to you, I would advise you not to read it.

If you want to read something I've written that's less depressing and gory, check out Exiled Realm.

Jakob was only seven when he was summoned to Helmsgarten’s sewers by the Fleshcrafter calling himself Grandfather. For seven painful years, Jakob studied the depraved craft of his monstruous mentor, before being let loose on the populace of the metropolis.

With the vague task of creating the ultimate being to rival the greatest creation of Grandfather, he is left with nothing but the flesh-stitched robes on his body and the loyal wight Heskel. Together, the pair explore a civilisation that is utterly alien to them, as they were both raised in the dark and damp of the city’s underbelly.

Along his journey, Jakob constructs many monsters and constructs, while dodging the noose of the guards and the Kingdom’s justice. He cavorts with demons and their spawn, joins the Adventurers’ Guild in his voracious hunt for knowledge, fights nightmares of his own creation, and parleys with Demon Lords and Great Ones.

Many who believe him a weak child suffer eternally for their arrogance. Even the Kingdom, with its inexhaustible wealth and power, rues the day it chose to cross the Fleshcrafter Boy and interfere with his great undertaking.

And in the end, even Grandfather must face the realisation that his creation is greater than he could ever have imagined.

Release schedule is a chapter Tue, Thur, and Sat. Chapter length may vary a lot, with some over 4000 words, and some as short at 1200.

Estimated length of the story when finished is roughly 150k words. I do have plans to continue with a second book, however, so make sure to follow if you enjoy the story.

The cover is a temporary stand-in made using the MidJourney art generator.

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Friendly Neighbourhood Eldritch Entity Invoker

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(English isn't my first language)

I haven't read anything like it on RR, it's dark, and has great old ones, subsidiary gods, different languages, demons, the good shit.

The description of the Fleshcrafting  is heavily detailed, the grammar is great and is easy to read, and the chapters are thick so don't be discouraged by the low number and start right away.

The world-building is sufficient for where we are in the story although I would love to know more (a good sign).

in summary, it's worth it give it a try, and the author seems experienced as he has written a  book before this one.


gave me nightmares, would read again 10/10

Reviewed at: XXVI.

source: trust me bro
Never would I have expected a grandpa to be an eldritch surgeon, much less a big, perpetually angry golem to laugh. The way the characters interact with each other is very realistic, with everyone having intentions of their own, even the so called gods are not beyond this *cough*flayedlady*cough*
The magic has its own ..lore, if you can call it that. Each demon can reproduce with another demon of a different species, and that spawn can create a new magic. Then theres ranks of demons, and how demons are connected to great old ones
Speaking of gre-P̴L̷U̴C̷K̴ ̴O̶U̶T̴ ̵T̵H̴I̸N̶E̵ ̶E̵Y̶E̶S̵,̷ ̴T̸E̵A̷R̵ ̶O̶U̴T̶ ̶T̷H̸I̵N̴E̸ ̷T̸H̴R̶O̵A̴T̴,̷ ̴L̵A̴Y̶ ̵W̷A̸S̷T̵E̴ ̷T̶O̶ ̷A̷L̶L̴ ̴W̷H̶I̷C̷H̸ ̷I̸S̴ ̵S̸A̷C̷R̸E̵D̶,̷ ̴T̵H̵E̴ ̶M̶O̷O̵N̸S̶E̶Y̶E̵ ̵C̵O̷N̴V̷E̶R̴G̸E̷S̸ ̶W̶I̷T̵H̷ ̵T̷H̸A̶T̵ ̷B̶E̷L̴O̴W̵. 
The worldbuilding is actually extensive for a short story ; as I've only seen one other novel where they explored the sewer system of a city as much as they did here, and even then it was still part of one arc.
By the way, one of the,̷ ̶M̶O̷O̵N̸S̶E̶Y̶E̵ ̵makes an appearance in another series by the same author, Exiled Realm

now go read it.


(sorry for not writing an essay, its my second review)


An incredible beginning

Reviewed at: XXXII.

It's still relatively early in the story, so I won't go too-indepth in this review. That said, so far I'm really enjoying this story. It goes in interesting places and holds back very little. I don't know where exactly its taking me, but i'm strapped in for the horrifying ride. 

Style: Very well written. Paragraphs flow from one to the next seamlessly. The descriptions are beautifully groteqsue and the dialogue is flawless, representing each character well. 

Grammar: I haven't noticed any mistakes. Tying in with the style, I love the choice of words and the way characters speak. 

Story: The story itself is decent enough, but where FoM really excells is in its worldbuilding and the direction its world takes the story. As a fan of all things Eldrich and unknown, this story really hits the spot when it comes to throwing us into a world where terrible things lurk in dark places. Those bits of lore regarding demons and Great One's.. can't get enough of it. Back the story and its direction. The overall plot is enough to keep me interested, but it's the moment to moment, and small arcs that excite me. I never know where the plot's going, but it's always intense, satisfying and incredibly difficult suffer in wait for the next chapters. 

Characters: Thus far, there are only but a handful of characters that stick around for any meaningful period of time. Each of them are well-written and uniquely interesting. Jakob (our MC) is especially.. something. It's hard to gage such an amoral bastard, but from what we've seen so far, I can't help but like his thought process and twisted origins. Other characters, such as the rarely seen Underking present fascinating directions for the story, but time has yet to tell. 

Inb4 this truly becomes one of RR's best rated works. (I can only hope). 


Horrific and yet lighthearted?!?!?

Reviewed at: XXX.

Not a nuanced or indepth review, just here to say that this is an excellent story with good writing and an engaging plot, and although the material is definitely nightmare fodder it reads like a lighthearted coming of age romp. Binged it in one sitting and am eagerly waiting for more. Good stuff.


Seek the knowledge of the elder gods

Reviewed at: XXIV.

I am in awe of this tale of blasphemous exploration, the ruthless mind of the main character and the dark magic, which comes alive in my imagination after reading this masterpiece.

Fans of Elder gods and truly black magic are getting their fix of fantasy from this story.

Many novels lack interesting magic, while here the crafting of abominations with the flesh of the living and the dead, is only the tip of an overly bloody iceberg. 

Follow Jakob as he discovers the depths of his unholy craft and leaves a grim world even grimer.

This story is undeniably one of the best featuring old gods, an evil protagonist and depth of the magic.

I truly recommend reading this story if you are intrested in dark fantasy, elder gods or an evil main character with chunni magic.

No mercy and no compromise will be given until Jacob has achieved his goal. But his Goal is changing, the more ancient secrets he uncovers...

After reading this story in one fell swoop, i need a ligthhearted story to ensure i will still get some sleep without nigthmares 

Goddammit how many more words are needed for this damn review? I will no often leave an advanced review, but this story is worth it.



A delightful taste of horror

Reviewed at: XXIX

It's rare to find stories as dark as this that don't rely on a grim dark setting. It's far from sunshine and roses, but there's no ever present corruption watering down the evils of the MC. There's character development, interesting and well thought out world building, and the scale of the horror is easy to be impressed by. Can't wait to see where this goes!


It is a very unique story, with very interesting characters. I really enjoyed all the chapters so far and can definetly recommend to read this.

I came, because I wanted a dark Fantasy setting with a more monster-like mc. Actually Jacob is reasonable under the circumstances he grew up. Another big point is that you don't find an op dude on every corner. Of course there are strong opponents, but you get a good understanding what ist considered strong in this world and there are only very few powerhouses that the mc meets. I really hate it, when the author just throws godlike opponents, that the mc barely beats just to meet the next killermachine.... I don't know what I am writing here, just wanted to make this review longer than 50 words. 

Now read that novel!!!


Popped Up On My Recommended, And I Love It!

Reviewed at: XVIII.

This story is a nice read, with a naive protagonist who is also an absolute monster, which in my opinion is a perfect combination! As the story progresses we see Jakob steadily become more rebellious, and that surprised me a bit to be honest, it was a welcome one though and where it's at where I currently am seems to have taken an interesting turn! Anyway, give it a try and have a read!


Overall: This is an enrapturing novel that I think anyone will enjoy and I highly recommend you give it a read regardless of whether the premise laid out in the synopsis is appealing. It will not disappoint.

Style: The writing is incredibly fluid; at no point while reading was I taken out of the world and story the author created. Its function and purpose is to be a vehicle for the story, no more(not overly verbose or descriptive), no less; smooth sailing all the way through. 

Grammar: No issues whatsoever.

Story: The story is intriguing and follows a morally black cast of characters wreaking havoc upon an unprepared grim-dark world. The progression comes in the form of ungodly abominations that the main character creates as he bulldozes his way through the populace of metropolis. The fights, exploration, and dialogue is done in an incredibly engaging manner and always seeks to further the story(Aka: not much fluff if at all).

Characters: The characters in this novel are by far the strongest aspect. They feel organic and real, nothing about their interactions screams robotic or forced. The main character is written in a way that highlights his childish naivete while simultaneously expressing the morally black framework that he operates in. It’s extremely enjoyable reading about him traversing the world through an essentially aristocratic, higher than thou lens, that allows for him to dehumanize the people around him. The side-characters are also very well written and it’s pure fun reading about the different quirks/character traits, skills, and knowledge that his bound servants(creations) and allies bring to the table.


Good book, would recommend

Reviewed at: XVII.

Didn't think I would have such a good time reading it, but the writing is amazing and fluid, the immersion is crazy, and the main character is so interesting. It's a well developed story with solid worldbuilding, morbid without being disgusting, and even though I don't normally like villainous or evil leads, I had a great time reading it.