Runeshield Mage: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

Runeshield Mage: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

by Buller

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Book 1 complete, as of 14-01-2023

Theo had been forced into a world gone mad.

To the inhabitants of Regil, it was no surprise that the downfall of man came at the hand of men.  A curse so foul that one shuddered to imagine the blackened heart that stood at its inception, a sinner who made the innocent pay in blood and flesh for his greed.

Many have forgotten, but those old and wise enough to remember know that the curse would one day, return with a vengeance. In this world near-devoid of hope... there was a remnant piece of Arcane Magicks engraved upon an unassuming stone in a [Facility] that had been abandoned for centuries. Upon it lay the cumulated wisdom of the last [Rune-Crafters], the final bastion of hope.....

The only chance for salvation.

What to expect:

- Blue boxes with numbers. The author of this work is a fan of LitRPG and the color blue, which has resulted in its representation in this story. While it isn't the main focus of this work, it will have an meaningful influence on the story as a whole.

- Actual progression. The MC will be a hard worker, with the goal of reaching higher levels of power. While they won't be extremely powerful in the start of the story, their fortitude will increase with time.

- Minimal/No romance. 

- 1 chapters/day. More can be expected sporadically. 

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Table of Contents
145 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End ago
Chapter 2: Beneath the Stone ago
Chapter 3: The First Encounter ago
Chapter 4: A New [Level] ago
Chapter 5: A Spark of Magic ago
Chapter 6: Consequences of Patience ago
Chapter 7: Taking on the Many ago
Chapter 8: The Fear of the Future ago
Chapter 9: The [Horde] ago
Chapter 10: A Daring Position ago
Chapter 11: A Dangerous Position ago
Chapter 12: Another Place at Another Time ago
Chapter 13: Evidence of Excellence ago
Chapter 14: Mad Pyromancer ago
Chapter 15: Mapping out the Future ago
Chapter 16: Increases in [Everything] ago
Chapter 17: [Rune-Engraving] ago
Chapter 18: Brute [Force] ago
Chapter 19: Dual-Casting ago
Chapter 20: The Bane of Rust ago
Chapter 21: The Forgotten ago
Chapter 22: Run ago
Chapter 23: [Intimidate] ago
Chapter 24: Technician’s Log ago
Chapter 25: Internal Transfers ago
Chapter 26: Upgrades ago
Chapter 27: Ignorance ago
Chapter 28: Learning from History ago
Chapter 29: [Security Room 4] ago
Chapter 30: A Broken Heart ago
Chapter 31: Connections ago
Chapter 32: Irony ago
Chapter 33: Paradise of a Weightlifter ago
Chapter 34: Dig ago
Chapter 35: The Curse of Confusion ago
Chapter 36: Deadly ago
Chapter 37: Thinking about the Future ago
Chapter 38: The End of the Beginning ago
Chapter 39: Free Fruit ago
Chapter 40: Smoke and Mirrors ago
Chapter 41: Skill-Fusion ago
Chapter 42: Wolflion ago
Chapter 43: Reality Check through the Shoulder ago
Chapter 44: Change ago
Chapter 45: A Corpse ago
Chapter 46: Acceptance ago
Chapter 47: Retrospect ago
Chapter 48: Not a Fire-Mage ago
Chapter 49: Origins ago
Chapter 50: The Bare Truth ago
Chapter 51: Introductions ago
Chapter 52: Wanderlust ago
Chapter 53: Bad History ago
Chapter 54: Luxury of Spice ago
Chapter 55: Impersonation ago
Chapter 56: Teaching the Secrets ago
Chapter 57: Improvised Peace ago
Chapter 58: Spreading the Talent ago
Chapter 59: [Teach] ago
Chapter 60: An Idea ago
Chapter 61: The Warhammer ago
Chapter 62: The Invitation ago
Chapter 63: Blights ago
Chapter 64: [Facility-3412 “Arthur’s Enemy”] ago
Chapter 65: A Question ago
Chapter 66: An Answer ago
Chapter 67: Rabbit-Killer ago
Chapter 68: Perks of Assistance ago
Chapter 69: Omnipresent Energies ago
Chapter 70: [Mana-Paths] ago
Chapter 71: Regenerate the Metal ago
Chapter 72: The Final Flourish ago
Chapter 73: Risk of Explosions ago
Chapter 74: The Formations of the Path ago
Chapter 75: Comparisons ago
Chapter 76: Under a Rock ago
Chapter 77: Not an Easy Day ago
Chapter 78: Baseless ago
Chapter 79: [Enchantments] ago
Chapter 80: Wings ago
Chapter 81: Privilege of Experience ago
Chapter 82: War Machine ago
Chapter 83: The Fifth Dimension ago
Chapter 84: Little Vortex ago
Chapter 85: A Leap ago
Chapter 86: An Idea ago
Chapter 87: Force ago
Chapter 88: [Citadel Transfer System] ago
Chapter 89: Draven Wulfric ago
Chapter 90: [Bringer of the Apocalypse] ago
Chapter 91: Hidden Paths ago
Chapter 92: The Last [Log-Entry] ago
Chapter 93: [Familiars] ago
Chapter 94: [Entity-5f575c] ago
Chapter 95: A Murder-Happy Rabbit ago
Chapter 96: A [Bond] ago
Chapter 97: Emergency Exits ago
Chapter 98: [Gale Rune] ago
Chapter 99: Testing ago
Chapter 100: A Plan ago
Chapter 101: Progression ago
Chapter 102: [Highly Dangerous Specimen] ago
Chapter 103: [Improvised Cell Protocols] ago
Chapter 104: A Fight ago
Chapter 105: [Emergency Exit 104] ago
Chapter 106: The Fate of Those who wanted to Help ago
Chapter 107: The Fall ago
Chapter 108: The Reason behind Everything ago
Chapter 109: Sneak ago
Chapter 110: Forced Treatment ago
Chapter 111: Herta ago
Chapter 112: A Retelling ago
Chapter 113: Leaving the Familiar ago
Chapter 114: The Reasons ago
Chapter 115: Age ago
Chapter 116: Promises Kept ago
Chapter 117: A Flying Dwarf ago
Chapter 118: [Petrification Rune] ago
Chapter 119: Chaos ago
Chapter 120: [Transform] ago
Chapter 121: Infinite Possibilities ago
Chapter 122: Stress ago
Chapter 123: For Now ago
Chapter 124: Oslaker ago
Chapter 125: Drew ago
Chapter 126: Power in the Wrong Hands ago
Chapter 127: Flee ago
Chapter 128: Rejected Fates ago
Chapter 129: Morsepult ago
Chapter 130: Howls ago
Chapter 131: Long-Term ago
Chapter 132: The New Village ago
Chapter 133: An Inn ago
Chapter 134: Old [Space Mage] ago
Chapter 135: Side-Quests ago
Chapter 136: [Haggle] ago
Chapter 137: Plants ago
Chapter 138: Goop ago
Chapter 139: Dolor ago
Chapter 140: Quasi ago
Chapter 141: Petals ago
Chapter 142: Fool's Gladiolus ago
Chapter 143: Wounded ago
Chapter 144: A Talk with Death ago
Chapter 145: Necromancy ago

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Decent liRPG progression fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: The Forgotten

Overall it's a well-written, classic litRPG story. It has a few qualities but also most of the flaws typical of the genre. And as much as I liked the first two chapters, the following twenty were a slog to get through.

The main problem is that it’s difficult to be invested in some random guy fighting spiders alone in a deserted facility. Like, yes, the numbers are going up and that satisfies my monkey brain, but that's not enough. Why should we care about the MC surviving when there has been no attempt to develop him beyond your average isekai-ed self-insert character with a shitty job and no future prospects? it would be so much more entertaining if Theo had any personality and we were made to care about what happens to him.

The lack of a satisfying long term goal is also pretty annoying. Saving the world is both painfully generic and terribly vague. In a progression story you have to set somewhat more concrete benchmarks to draw us in. Instead from the very first chapter it’s made clear that Theo is the chosen hero, which takes away a lot of the tension.

Overall the story is decent. It's reasonably well-written and the magic system in particular is quite interesting. But the main character is definitely a moot point.


Slows down in the middle

Reviewed at: Chapter 63: Blights


Recent chapters have been very short, and unfortunately uninteresting. Just scrolling as fast as I can through it to see if a blue box comes up. MC personality is still really non-existant.


So just as stated in my title, I am enjoying this. Defs reminds me of the japanese novel shield hero. I am intrigued by a grim dark world as set forth by the first chapter.

Always give benefit of the doubt, specially for a new novel. That being said, previous reviews have mentioned some good points even if they graded it harshly. Our MC could use some more fleshing out in personality, or even have break downs. Just a guy who accepts it, and kills spiders will lose your audience fast. I know you obviously have further plans than spider-geddon, just want to point out that an arc can be in the location for awhile with no issue, just have your boy grow, or maybe ask yourself what you'd do personally in his situation. Create armor? Or a spear? Experiment with ignis ruin drawings? Etc.


Too much fat, needs some trimming down. The chapters blend together pretty quickly and the other povs are more confusing than anything. I get that they are supposed to tease events to come but personally I think they should be held off until they are closer to becoming relevant. Short snippets of some random future character are useless in the early parts of the story.


There are definitly some issues, like how he can eat the venom sacks of the oh so dangerous spiders, yet only gets a skill Iron Stomach to help him, not poison resistance for this and the many bites he takes, but Iron Stomach. Its still pretty good but there are some issues that need to be addressed if/when the author gets around to editing.


A few words missing / used wrong / not tracking per chapter.

Otherwise an interesting story that at least to me is semi origional.


Would recommend. 

Edit: Sorry no advanced review, 200 words is a bit much.

Edit no. 2: fifty words minimum for a simple review is a bit much in my opinion, not that the stories I have read here are not worth it but I'm not an writer but a consumer. 


Wanted to like it. Tried hard reading it... but...

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Dual-Casting

I dislike it.

19 chapters in and nothing really happened.

The mc got like 20 or 30 skills and we get tiny snippets on how he instantly kills everything (for now spiders) in his way.

The mc is a blank shell and not a real character. The system is supposed to make this story interesting but it is so boring and stupid.

Nothing gets explained. Random stats and skills flying around everywhere. No logic, no explanation. Just empty words and numbers. This should be used as a perfect example on how to kill a LITRPG story.

It is just that bad.


Solid LITRPG, doesn't do much special butenjoyable

Reviewed at: Chapter 79: [Enchantments]

Should have written this during 1review=1chap. Oh Well, not shoutout for me
Style: Theres not really much to say about style. It's compotently written with plenty of blue boxes, it's functional and effective.

Grammar: Grammar mistakes are fairly often, can't really fault the author with the trail blazing pace he's setting though, must've had some mad backlog. Definitely does need a redo of chapters though.

Story: The meat and potatoes. So far there really isnt too much to say. His shield flips between plywood plastic and "impervious steel" very quickly. If the author wants infinite steel the protagonist can munch away at his shield like a beaver. If the author wants an impenetrable defence then thats the shield's role. Would be nice if the shield part of "Runeshield mage" was consistent but story's gotta exist somehow. Would it have been that hard to give him  a skill/explanation that he can weaken his soulbound weapon if he feels like it?

I also have seen a lot of negative comments about the MC getting his iron stomach skill and honestly I can't tell if i agree or not. The MC guzzles spider venom constantly, even without the skill initially. (This venom can melt steel and can very easily kill if not immedietaly treated) but well wouldn't have been a great choice if the story goes "MC eats spider, MC Keels over dead chapter 2" so im fairly apathetic. 

I have nothing to say on the PoV swaps to the citadel or whatever its called, I skipped them as i dont think anyone really cares and they're boring.

As part of the story, i also do really like him slowly training the Dwarves in runecraft (And yoga hopefully?). I think too many LITrpg MC's just kind of hoard their skills and dont bother contributing to local societies other than "i kill monster now i hero yay temporary solutions solved!!" Something something teach a man to fish and all that.


Theo: Likable, maybe very slightly insane. Pragmatic, resourceful and occasionally relatable. I feel like he adapted to his situation slightly too quick (it would take more than a few hours to begin to inhale furry spider corpses) but well just goes to show his adaptability.

Stig: Likable funny man, don't like him having a "SUPER SECRET SPECIAL ABILTIY" as i feel it kinda cheapens what he learns and his growth, I've always despised this trope as it DOES cheapen characters, also gives precedent to magical eugenics but we'll ignore the whole issue of "born genetically superior" as a lot of "born better" characters do skirt around that issue. Nice to see someone more liberal in a very conservative society

The only other characters are intensely forgettable and skippable, so I don't remember their names or their personality.

overall: Solid Litrpg, blue boxes abound, some finicky choices to make the story function but eh thats passable

Daoist Enigma

A comprehensive all-you-need-to know review

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Mapping out the Future

Runeshield Mage, first and foremost, is a LITRPG written for the fans of the genre. It is faithful to the genre tropes in the vein of long running, chapter spanning stories that are narrated across thousands of pages. It is a journey and we stand at the begining of it at two hundred and twelve pages, which could be considered an entire novel in some genres. 

It is a story that will grow along with the author, as he experiments with new ideas, introduces new plot threads and plays with different mechanics- much like the humble beginnings some of the greatest LITRPG in our genre have originated from, to becoming stories that have followed us through the years, letting us watch as the story blooms and the author improves with every subsequent chapter. 

The same is true for this story. 

Style (4.5/5) - If you are a fan of LITRPG, you will be familiar with a simple, to-the-point storytelling style that cuts down on fluffs and gives us what we came from: 

the numbers, Mason. 

Story (4.5/5): The foreshadowing and worldbuilding is there. I expect it to bloom at the 300-350 page mark, but so far it has been enjoyable. 

Grammar (4/5)- The author has uploaded 60,000 words in seven days, which gives it more leeway in that area. Clear, to the point writing with no-immersion breaking errors. 

Character (4.5/5): This one is subjective, something that you have to decide for yourself. I personally like thr relatable MC. 

Overall, if you like litrpg and want a new read, give Runeshield Mage a fair shot.


Great Start to a cool story :)

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: A New [Level]

As with most LitRPG's expect blue stat boxes in addition to the Authors writing ability, which is advanced, this shows in the quality of the writing. I like how the system is described and the way things are organized… maybe I can learn a few things from this story on how to improve my own writing. I'm not too good at these reviews and like to keep things short and snappy. Here goes…

To begin with the story is action packed and the premise is quite interesting. Fantasy setting with cool rune magic system. I would say Chapter 1 is more of an action-packed intro to the world and not slow for the people that like getting neck deep in that. The MC is a standard office guy whose having one of them days when you want to slap that keyboard in your boss’s face and shout “I Quit!”, before the Isekaination, if that’s a word, hits him from nowhere.

Dude then goes on a spider rampage, as someone that dislikes spiders, I like how the MC sure knows how to kick the poo poo out of them :D

I can’t wait to read on and see where the story will be going. I will update this review as the story progresses, but I have full confidence in the author to give us all a wonderful journey all the way through.

So, the best advice I can give you is to read it, you won’t be disappointed if you like reading LitRPG's/ GameLit.

Ali’Creed 😉


This is a great story with really cool world building and magic.

I am usually one to complain about blue boxes and mechanics bogging down a good narrative, but this is not one of those times. I am thoroughly enjoying and incredibly well thought out story. I'm a sucker for fantasy and this book is checking all the boxes for me! Go ahead and read it already.