Don't Feed The Dark

by S.Scherr

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Horror Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Supernatural Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Something malevolent has awoken in Northeast Ohio. Former acquaintances, neighbors, loved ones-all at random-transform into flesh-craving monsters hell bent on devouring the living. Corpses are rising from their places of unrest. Nocturnal animal-man hybrids hunt in packs. The dead are awakening from within the living… By morning, the sun weeps over streets splattered blood-red as an unsettling silence soon follows, lulling the broken remains of society into believing the blood bath is over. Survivors gather to lick their wounds and salvage what is left of their ravaged lives as local governments struggle to maintain law and order. As a second wave approaches, a handful of survivors from all walks of life must put aside their differences and band together to escape the pending slaughter while storm clouds begin to gather from within their fragile community. Some who were once respectable in the eyes of society will devolve into madness while the despicable rise to the occasion in a world no longer respecting of persons. It is their world now. The dead are hungry and do not discriminate.


Don't Feed The Dark, Book Seven:  The Prophet, will start spring 2020.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1-1: Demon Night ago
Chapter 1-2: Demon Night ago
Chapter 1-3: Demon Night ago
Chapter 1-4: Demon Night ago
Chapter 2-1: Dinner and a Movie ago
Chapter 2-2: Dinner and a Movie ago
Chapter 2-3: Dinner and a Movie ago
Chapter 2-4: Dinner and a Movie ago
Chapter 3-1: A Higher Education ago
Chapter 3-2: A Higher Education ago
Chapter 3-3: A Higher Education ago
Chapter 4: Happy Hour ago
Chapter 5: Breakdown ago
Chapter 6-1: Dinner and a Movie 2 ago
Chapter 6-2: Dinner and a Movie 2 ago
Chapter 6-3: Dinner and a Movie 2 ago
Chapter 7-1: Demon Night 2 ago
Chapter 7-2: Demon Night 2 ago
Chapter 7-3: Demon NIght 2 ago
Chapter 7-4: Demon Night 2 ago
Chapter 8-1: State of Emergency ago
Chapter 8-2: State of Emergency ago
Chapter 8-3: State of Emergency ago
Chapter 8-4: State of Emergency ago
Chapter 9-1: Desolate Shores ago
Chapter 9-2: Desolate Shores ago
Chapter 9-3: Desolate Shores ago
Chapter 10-1: The Plant ago
Chapter 10-2: The Plant ago
Chapter 10-3: The Plant ago
Chapter 10-4: The Plant ago
Chapter 11-1: Nowhere Safe ago
Chapter 11-2: Nowhere Safe ago
Chapter 11-3: Nowhere Safe ago
Chapter 11-4: Nowhere Safe ago
Chapter 11-5: Nowhere Safe ago
Chapter 11-6: Nowhere Safe ago
Chapter 12-1: The Devil's Dark ago
Chapter 12-2: The Devil's Dark ago
Chapter 12-3: The Devil's Dark ago
Chapter 12-4: The Devil's Dark ago
Chapter 13-1: Railway Exodus ago
Chapter 13-2: Railway Exodus ago
Chapter 13-3: Railway Exodus ago
Chapter 13-4: Railway Exodus ago
Chapter 13-5: Railway Exodus ago
Chapter 13-6: Railway Exodus ago
Chapter 14-1: The Marina ago
Chapter 14-2: The Marina ago
Chapter 14-3: The Marina ago
Chapter 14-4: The Marina ago
Chapter 15-1: Lost ago
Chapter 15-2: Lost ago
Chapter 15-3: Lost ago
Chapter 15-4: Lost ago
Chapter 15-5: Lost (Book One Finale) ago
Bonus Spin-off Story #1: Playing With Fire ago
Chapter 16-1: Prisoners (Book Two Premiere) ago
Chapter 16-2: Prisoners ago
Chapter 16-3: Prisoners ago
Chapter 16-4: Prisoners ago
Chapter 16-5: Prisoners ago
Chapter 17-1: Dark Territory ago
Chapter 17-2: Dark Territory ago
Chapter 17-3: Dark Territory ago
Chapter 17-4: Dark Territory ago
Chapter 17-5: Dark Territory ago
Chapter 18-1: Micom and Micolad ago
Chapter 18-2: Micom and Micolad ago
Chapter 18-3: Micom and Micolad ago
Chapter 18-4: Micom and Micolad ago
Bonus Spin-off Story #2: Red Light ago
Chapter 19-1: Get the Guns ago
Chapter 19-2: Get the Guns ago
Chapter 19-3: Get the Guns ago
Chapter 19-4: Get the Guns ago
Chapter 20-1: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-2: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-3: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-4: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-5: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-6: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-7: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 20-8: Welcome Home ago
Chapter 21-1: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-2: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-3: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-4: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-5: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-6: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-7: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 21-8: Goodbye Charlie ago
Chapter 22-1: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-2: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-3: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-4: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-5: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-6: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-7: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-8: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-9: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-10: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-11: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-12: Almost Dead ago
Chapter 22-13: Almost Dead (Book Two Finale) ago
Chapter 23-1: Recruits (Book Three Premiere) ago
Chapter 23-2: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-3: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-4: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-5: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-6: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-7: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-8: Recruits ago
Chapter 23-9: Recruits ago
Chapter 24-1: Blood Required ago
Chapter 24-2: Blood Required ago
Chapter 24-3: Blood Required ago
Chapter 24-4: Blood Required ago
Chapter 24-5: Blood Required ago
Chapter 24-6: Blood Required ago
Chapter 25-1: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-2: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-3: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-4: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-5: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-6: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-7: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-8: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-9: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 25-10: Reunions and Departures ago
Chapter 26-1: Further Actions Pending... ago
Chapter 26-2: Further Actions Pending... ago
Chapter 26-3: Further Actions Pending... ago
Chapter 26-4: Further Actions Pending... ago
Chapter 26-5: Further Actions Pending... ago
Chapter 27-1: The Stand ago
Chapter 27-2: The Stand ago
Chapter 27-3: The Stand ago
Chapter 27-4: The Stand ago
Chapter 28-1: The Den ago
Chapter 28-2: The Den ago
Chapter 28-3: The Den ago
Chapter 28-4: The Den ago
Chapter 29-1: War of the Gods ago
Chapter 29-2: War of the Gods ago
Chapter 29-3: War of the Gods ago
Chapter 29-4: War of the Gods ago
Chapter 29-5: War of the Gods ago
Chapter 29-6: War of the Gods ago
Chapter 30-1: Aftermath ago
Chapter 30-2: Aftermath ago
Chapter 30-3: Aftermath (Book Three Finale) ago
Bonus Spin-off Story #3: Hangar Six ago
Chapter 31-1: Marvin's Day (Book Four Premiere) ago
Chapter 31-2: Marvin's Day ago
Chapter 31-3: Marvin's Day ago
Chapter 31-4: Marvin's Day ago
Chapter 31-5: Marvin's Day ago
Chapter 32-1: Wasteland ago
Chapter 32-2: Wasteland ago
Chapter 32-3: Wasteland ago
Chapter 32-4: Wasteland ago
Chapter 32-5: Wasteland ago
Chapter 33-1: Detour ago
Chapter 33-2: Detour ago
Chapter 33-3: Detour ago
Chapter 33-4: Detour ago
Chapter 33-5: Detour ago
Chapter 33-6: Detour ago
Chapter 33-7: Detour ago
Chapter 33-8: Detour ago
Chapter 34-1: Secrets ago
Chapter 34-2: Secrets ago
Chapter 34-3: Secrets ago
Chapter 34-4: Secrets ago
Chapter 34-5: Secrets ago
Chapter 34-6: Secrets ago
Chapter 35-1: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-2: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-3: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-4: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-5: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-6: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-7: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-8: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-9: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 35-10: Dead Dolls ago
Chapter 36-1: Uprising ago
Chapter 36-2: Uprising ago
Chapter 36-3: Uprising ago
Chapter 36-4: Uprising ago
Chapter 36-5: Uprising ago
Chapter 36-6: Uprising ago
Chapter 36-7: Uprising ago
Chapter 37-1: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-2: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-3: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-4: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-5: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-6: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-7: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-8: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-9: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-10: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-11: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-12: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-13: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-14: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 37-15: Through the Eyes of a Devil ago
Chapter 38-1: Healing ago
Chapter 38-2: Healing ago
Chapter 38-3: Healing ago
Chapter 38-4: Healing ago
Chapter 38-5: Healing ago
Chapter 38-6: Healing (Book Four Finale) ago
The Living and the Dead (A Look Back at Where We've Been) ago
Chapter 39-1: Obituaries (Book Five Premiere) ago
Chapter 39-2: Obituaries ago
Chapter 39-3: Obituaries ago
Chapter 39-4: Obituaries ago
Chapter 39-5: Obituaries ago
Chapter 39-6: Obituaries ago
Chapter 40-1: Wick ago
Chapter 40-2: Wick ago
Chapter 40-3: Wick ago
Chapter 40-4: Wick ago
Chapter 40-5: Wick ago
Chapter 40-6: Wick ago
Chapter 40-7: Wick ago
Chapter 40-8: Wick ago
Chapter 41-1: Siege ago
Chapter 41-2: Siege ago
Chapter 41-3: Siege ago
Chapter 41-4: Siege ago
Chapter 41-5: Siege ago
Chapter 41-6: Siege ago
Chapter 41-7: Siege ago
Chapter 41-8: Siege ago
Chapter 41-9: Siege ago
Chapter 41-10: Siege ago
Chapter 42-1: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-2: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-3: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-4: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-5: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-6: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-7: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-8: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-9: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-10: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-11: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 42-12: The Kill Room ago
Chapter 43-1: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-2: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-3: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-4: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-5: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-6: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-7: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-8: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 43-9: Feed The Dead ago
Chapter 44-1: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-2: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-3: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-4: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-5: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-6: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-7: The Nomad ago
Chapter 44-8: The Nomad ago
Chapter 45-1: Predators ago
Chapter 45-2: Predators ago
Chapter 45-3: Predators ago
Chapter 45-4: Predators ago
Chapter 45-5: Predators ago
Chapter 45-6: Predators ago
Chapter 45-7: Predators ago
Chapter 46-1: Clementine ago
Chapter 46-2: Clementine ago
Chapter 46-3: Clementine ago
Chapter 46-4: Clementine ago
Chapter 47-1: The Enemy ago
Chapter 47-2: The Enemy ago
Chapter 47-3: The Enemy ago
Chapter 47-4: The Enemy ago
Chapter 47-5: The Enemy ago
Chapter 47-6: The Enemy ago
Chapter 47-7: The Enemy (Book Five Finale) ago
Bonus Spin-off Story #4: The Scientist, the Salesman, and the Serpent ago
The Living and the Dead (Refresher Course Updated) ago
Bonus Spin-off Story #5: Elsewhere ago
Chapter 48-1: Hell (Book Six Premiere) ago
Chapter 48-2: Hell ago
Chapter 48-3: Hell ago
Don't Feed The Dark Updates: 11/28/18 ago
Chapter 48-4: Hell ago
Chapter 48-5: Hell ago
Chapter 48-6: Hell ago
Chapter 48-7: Hell ago
Chapter 48-8: Hell ago
Chapter 49-1: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-2: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-3: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-4: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-5: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-6: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-7: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-8: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-9: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-10: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 49-11: Lions in the Dark ago
Chapter 50-1: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-2: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-3: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-4: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-5: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-6: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-7: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-8: Amusement ago
Chapter 50-9: Amusement ago
Chapter 51-1: The Desperation Factor ago
Chapter 51-2: The Desperation Factor ago
Chapter 51-3: The Desperation Factor ago
Chapter 51-4: The Desperation Factor ago
Chapter 51-5: The Desperation Factor ago
Chapter 51-6: The Desperation Factor ago
Chapter 52-1: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-2: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-3: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-4: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-5: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-6: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-7: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-8: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-9: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-10: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-11: Sodom ago
Chapter 52-12: Sodom ago
Chapter 53-1: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-2: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-3: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-4: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-5: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-6: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-7: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-8: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-9: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-10: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 53-11: Love and Loss ago
Chapter 54-1: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-2: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-3: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-4: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-5: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-6: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-7: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-8: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-9: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-10: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-11: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-12: Treachery ago
Chapter 54-13: Treachery (Book Six Finale) ago

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I've read up to chapter 12.

I agree with Holtz, but in a slightly different way: The dark genres have always been on RoyalRoadL, they have just never been written as beautifully as your work. 


Style: You have the knack for getting me pulled into your story. It’s really immersive, which works really well with how I read (I imagine the scenes as I read them,) and the descriptions really set the feeling well: like when you wrote about how the shadows slowly crept past the different buildings through the town.


Story: The flow from each chapter is, though over done, still well done. You seem to like starting a chapter off with talking about how it’s October, or how an inanimate object looks as if it were trying to grab the moon, but those can be written off as quirks. 


Grammar: There aren’t any elaborate designs, nor do you make much use of the site’s coding, but I still cannot find a single thing I would have any other way; which helps the style score too since I sometimes see style as how your literal writing looks.


Characters: This one was quite different. You see, most of the time when an author adds in too many characters, everything gets out of control and the quality suffers a lot. Somehow though, you made the quality go towards the opposite direction. Difference isn’t a deficiency to me, you see; and I find your characters, each and every one, to be alive and defining. You said that they all get together at Chapter 10 and here I am wondering whether our dark assassin is Doug (as he seems to be quite calculating, without showing it) or Marcus (who oddly seems to be very good at fighting, and gets a tad bit crazy at times.)


They’re fleshed out in a way that I can actually double take on a paragraph, and try to read between the lines and put two and two together. It also seems as if your characters were the one weaving the story instead of yourself, the author. I’ll admit though that I had to take a one day break from your story because I was starting to get annoyed with the character switches, but I’m really happy to be back on my crack.


A little suggestion if I may; slow down on the releases. If my guess is correct, you’re here for to get more viewers? Then slow down. The fictions on this site build their viewer-base slowly through the ‘latest updates’ tab, and then they get a large influx of readers once you reach the ‘top weekly’ or ‘top monthly’ rankings. While your double daily release is amazing and awesome, it doesn’t work well with the goal of getting more people to read your work. A daily release at the most, while a release every other day is advisable.

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Wrong place.... This doesn't belong here, sadly.

As I said in the title: you are at the wrong place, site, with this story. It is to mature, to serious for royalroadl. You will never get a footing here, never I tell you. I am not trying to insult you or anything, it's the other way around.


You are too good for this site, that's it.


Now onto the real review.


Style: It is gorgeous, just wonderful. It is immersive and descriptive, not too much though. Can't say much other than it being very good.


Story: I cannot come around but wonder if you got the inspiration for this story from a book series called: The Seed, The Blood, The Night. The Grimdark atmosphere, the mature themes, the horror -not as good as in the listed books but whatever- all entwine perfectly.


Grammar: Not one mistake, ergo: 5 stars.


Character (or should I say characters?): The characters are nicely fleshed out, real people with real problems, though it makes me wonder why in such a world only the broken seem to survive, it is always the same case with such post apocalyptic settings. Why do only the wicked and broken survive? That is unlogical and complete nonsense. But it doesn't hinder the enjoyment




Conclusion: It is a very good story BUT (very big but) there are some aspects that make it less savoury to read.


First off: Rape. It never goes well with rape. Yes, it can influence character growth and motivations but the mere idea of rape is repulsive and even more so if it is coupled with NTR (I think you know what that means.)

I myself had no problem with the rape part, it is all just written down, all harmless, I couldn't care less; most people ain't me.


Second off: The character(s). It is always difficult to balance a story with many MC's as long as they are not present in the same scene. For example, I liked the first Character the most and all other parts without him were rather... meh. But i still give you 5 stars in 'Character' because you simply did it so well.


Well written fiction, very mature and not for the lighthearted, that won't -I assure you- blossom on this site because it is filled with.... let's not continue down that road, alright?


You should give this a read if you are of the tolerant kind. It is very good and enjoyable. 

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This novel is a brilliant creation and mixture of brutality, ruthlessness, and realism. I have so far only found 2 grammar mistakes, but I'm not even sure if it was wrong. Characters act realistically, have actual personalities unlike most of the other stories (which might I add, are mostly fantasy) on Royal Road, and can be killed off as quickly as the other less important characters. But even then, calling them less important is a bit of a stretch, especially considering almost each person plays a part. You become attached to them. No, this isn't for light readers looking for a story where the MC somehow always pulls through, this is for people wanting to read something dark and tragic. Take the first character introduced, Russell, as an example. A psychotic serial killer, who even in the apocalypse is a predator to anything walking. He does what murderers do best; blend into the crowds. The story is great too. Each chapter that comes through slowly gets closer to revealing more and more about what caused it all. Was it a virus? An infection of some sort? Read! Style is detailed, and slightly fast paced. Slightly. Only a month or two has gone by. You can visualize the images produced easily, written in a way that adds each detail onto a picture puzzle. 

At first, I was hesitant to read because of the tags and thumbnail, but now that I am reading it, all I can say is that I was missing something in my life. I can't think of anything else to say besides that. 

  • Overall Score

im cant read this... its good for others but this kind of thing is not good for my heart... i mean  for light reader like me who cant handle extreme madness, rape , ntr. etc... OVERALL its great :'v

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The Darkness Within Demands to Be Fed

Disclaimer: This review was written as part of a review swap. This review will also focus exclusively on the first book of the on-going series.

First Impressions: I usually like to mention other stories, movies, or video games that flow within the same vein as the work I’m reviewing with this section, but I’m going to have to throw a wrench into this right now. With a story focusing on survival horror in a zombie apocalypse, most would expect the compulsory The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, or one of the many works of the late George A. Romero to be mentioned but I’m going to have to disappoint you right now. I’ll state the ones I feel are appropriate now and through my explorations below you might find out why I chose these: Silent Hill 2, Jacob’s Ladder, and The Shining.

Content: Right at the beginning of the story we are surrounded in the dark atmosphere that will be clawing and chasing after us for the remainder of our shortened lives. A gliding, moonlit tour of a little Ohio town seeping with sin whilst having turned its back on the edifices of higher morality. This sleepy little collection of souls, not just in this town but throughout the state, are just like any other collection of souls throughout America; those carbon copies of everyone you pass by during your daily grind. Behind vain protestations of righteousness, the desire to cloak themselves in mundanity, and drunk to the gills on tiny perversions, these people are just like so many others.

Beneath a rusted October-moon, we are introduced to the first of the characters we will be following throughout this twisted and macabre tale. Nothing is held back as we are deposited into the mind of Russell, a self-styled saviour of damned souls who redeems with sharpened blades and bodily violations. From this first meeting with our depraved protagonist, the story doesn’t let up one bit. No punches are pulled as the fevered pitch of madness reaches a boiling point, then breaks through to a whole new levels. The first character we get to skin-ride may be a predator, but when push comes to shove it is his own pragmatic self-importance that saves him from a fate worse than death. A choice we will become more familiar with as the story goes on.

In rapid succession we are introduced to several other characters that fill out the cast. We will get to stare directly into the face of viciousness behind the eyes of Gina; a talented stripper—tough-as-nails—whose desire to get out of the flesh-dealing trade makes her bite off more than she can chew. Stephen, a teacher who doesn’t just like to mould young minds but also steal their innocence, as well. Amanda, a spotty-drunk who indulges in far-too-many poor life choices. Finally, we are introduced to Charlie, an ex-con whose inflated sense of ethics brings him to take things way too far.

From the first moment we are introduced to a blood-thirsty serial killer the storytelling of this story is top-notch. The simple fact that the author can turn an otherwise repugnant personality into a character we start to root for within the first chapter proves the talent behind the words.

At first blush, the corrupted and infested antagonists of this tale seem like so many other of the undead. The first few twists that are apparent are that not all of the corrupted are mindless, animated cadavers. These zombies have a predatory instinct and depending on what is left of their bodies they can be both relentless shamblers and fast-paced killing machines. More than that, as hinted at both in the title and what we come to see through the horror-filled eyes of Gina, the source of this outbreak may not be what we’ve come to expect from most outbreak tales.

What if the vector of the outbreak isn’t some contamination from without, but a contamination from within? What if what separates us from the predatory dead is a simple choice whether or not to indulge the monstrous darkness that lurks within all of us? What if you had to exist in a world turned to a living hell by the bad choices of others, while always having to exist one bad choice away from losing your own very humanity? What if there was a final judgment for us all, not from some celestial or infernal figure but through the very sin that oozes out of our very minds? This is the ultimate shadow that looms in the darkness of this morality-play. Each of the characters in this story is tainted to the core, but something sets them apart from the rest, at least for now. How much longer until they submit like all the rest to the ravenous darkness that demands to be fed inside?

Particulars: This story is currently up to five books released on-line, so far, and the sixth is in the works. Books one, two, and three have been released in paperback form through Amazon. There are audio readings of the story available on-line. As such, this story has been through several revisions and is formally edited. I can’t complain one bit about the grammar, spelling, nor the content.

As mentioned above, this story is dark and doesn’t hold any punches as it explores the darkest parts of the human condition. For some this may be a godsend and for others it may touch uncomfortably upon things in ones past. The mature content that is present in the story are each done tastefully and nothing is trampled into haphazardly. If you can get through the second chapter, you can get through the rest of the story. Despite whatever negative situations may befall the characters—or that they may cause due to their own follies—it is always important to understand the larger morality-play that is going on within the story.

Conclusion: I don’t mention this easily, but Don’t Feed the Dark is both a masterpiece and something revolutionary for the darker side of web fiction. The storytelling is top-notch and surprising with its numerous twists and turns. The author has been committed to telling this tale for almost a decade with regular weekly updates and for that perseverance they must be whole-heartedly commended. I’ve always been a fan of the horror genre and I feel that this story is one of the best out there.

I’ve followed Don’t Feed the Dark for two years now and will continue to do so into the future. If you haven’t tried this story yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. If you have tried it out before, you need to turn off the lights in your house, lock and barricade your doors, then give it another shot to get caught up to the latest releases. Remember how to deal with the festering dead, a second shot to the brain-case is always needed.

  • Overall Score

One of the best on this site

 This story is really good and I'm surprised there's not more people following it. It's very well written, has compelling plot, decent characters, and well constructed drama. I don't think I've ever given a 5 star rating before, but here it is. Don't Feed the Dark does the zombie apocalypse genre incredibly well with a few unique elements mixed in that you don't find anywhere else. If you haven't read the story, you should.


Spoilers below (entire first volume)


Some minor criticisms:



You handled a lot of the character deaths pretty well, with good context, buildup, and suitable tragedy. However, I think your handling on Doug's passing was pretty bad. First, you raise so many obvious death flags that it's screamingly obvious he's going to die soon after. The conversations about having Gina take leadership  "just in case", giving her the map, and making himself completely expendable gave me feeling of watching someone who's been laid off and is handing things off to his replacement.

It also didn't help that his death was anticlimactic. A paragraph and he's gone, with no much exposition to set it up.



I'm not sure how I feel about all the magical elements in the story. On one hand, it's definitely unique. On the other, there's a reason the vast majority of zombie apocalypse stories stay very grounded in reality: to keep the story relateable to the reader. The realistic draw of apocalyptic stories is reading about how mundane everyday characters relate to a scenario with the reader forming his own opinion on how he would react as well.

The magical elements take away from that (spiritual sensing, Nicole haunting Stephen, Charlie's ability to semi-control the infected). In addition, I feel like the loss in realism could be exploited in the future for cheap, convenient plot advancement. All in all, I hope you steer away from the mystical in your continuing story and have a more grounded apocalypse.



Finally, a few minor issues about characterizations. I didn't like how initially, every single character of the main cast had major personality issues even before the apocalypse began. The apocalypse is supposed to be about the crazy mixing with the normals in a world gone mad. Your cast was oversaturated with messed up and crazy. It wasn't until they reached the plant and incorporated Doug, Greg, and Ashley that the cast became more balanced.

I had this initial theory that Marcus is actually Russell in disguise. However, as the story wore on, Marcus seemed to have way too much empathy and sanity to be the crazed psychopath we saw in the initial chapters. If it turns out he is Russell, then I would say you performed an inexplicable personality change and it isn't realistic. If not, then where is the serial killer? Why did you introduce him only to ditch him after the beginning?

Lastly, Frank seemed to have softened up way too much too quickly. The tough exterior but can't quite let everyone die personality we see in the second half of the volume seems completely at odds with the cold, calculating, and brutal (pushing Sam presumably to her death) person we saw at the beginning. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I feel like a broken record

This story reads more like a published work of fiction rather than a story on Royal Road. It's amazing in it's length and exquisite writing. Each new character is introduced in extreme detail, but done in a way that makes it all feel natural. The story just flows together perfectly. I began reading the first chapter and before realizing just how far I had gotten, I was ten chapters in and going strong.


I really did try to find ways in which this story could be improved. Maybe a grammar mistake or two, a plot hole that affected the story in a major way, anything that could use some sort of revision, but I couldn't find one. I'm surprised that this story isn't more popular than it is already. 

The one aspect that may be off putting to some of the Royal Road denizens is how dark the story is. This story focuses on killers, strippers, adulterers and other unsavory characters. The magic within this story though is that you actually care about the characters presented. They're flawed, they make mistakes, but that's what makes the characters in this story so great. They're some degree.


Now I wouldn't go so far as to call this story a masterpiece or anthing of such excess, but this story is one that will grab you immediately with its beautiful writing and fantastic characters. Reading the first few chapters is all it will take to get hooked on this amazing story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I feel a little silly giving a five out of five in every category. Surely there must be some flaws, in some places... right?


If they are, I really haven't found them. First the bad: ....Nothing to speak of on this front, really. I suppose it won't be to some people's tastes. Like a good Stephen King novel, things get unapologetically dark. You'll cringe, tense up, pause mid way through reading and take a break because things have gotten too intense. If that doesn't sound good, this is not for you.


If I really wanted to split hairs I suppose I could say that there were one or two semi-awkward sentences in the first chapter (I'm on 2-4 as of now). But really, it would just be so that I don't seem so crazily biased toward this story. I am. I must confess, I am RIVETED. I can't put it down. It's interesting, human, unique, bizarre.... and I don't think I've even gotten to the main story yet. This is professional quality writing - the kind that would have an honest to goodness shot at being published. 


The characters are interesting, well thought out, and 3-dimensional. They feel real. The grammar, as I mentioned, is spot on. The story is interesting. Again, haven't 'gotten to know' the main monsters just yet, but the precuror is so interesting that I fail to see him/her dropping the ball. The style is spot on. The 'normal' realities of the main characters (which already are a shade dark - though some darker than others, certainly) watch worlds become darker and darker and this is communicated through elegant prose and an acute attention to detail. 


Bravo, and can't wait to read more.

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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


Currently at chapter 22


If you’re looking for a story that’ll knock your socks off with how REAL the characters are, you’ve come to the right place. 


Have you ever read a story that left you cheering on your cast? A story that has you at the edge of your seat waiting for what comes next? This is most definitely one of them.


The introduction to our new life starts us off with Russle, a very cunning and that carries a devil with him, but has it trapped instead of the other way around. I won’t give away more than what needs to be, but he’s definitely my favorite character. 


There's so much to talk about but it’d ruin the fun! Just know everything gets flipped upside down and just when you think everything is ok, it gets worse. 


The intro takes a little to get into, but it’s very much needed, all the characters are worth getting to know. Except maybe not Charlie.


Anyway, I hope you all pick this up and give it a try like I did. I’ve been staying up till 4am reading this work of art haha. Don’t be like me, keep yourself under control. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Will update review in a bit

Style: The author knows how to perfectly orchestrate the story. 5/5!
Story: It's a zombie tale that focuses on the darker parts of humanity. I'll go into detail without going into detail when I update this review. 5/5 though!
Grammar: I like to think that you can tell the quality of a story on RoyalRoad by the quality of its summary. Go ahead, read it. Find any mistakes? You'll probably find as many mistakes as I found in the actual story: none! JK, author is not divine and has made a mistake once in a blue moon, but you really have to look for those mistakes... sooo 5/5!
Character: Ooh. Hmm. I wonder if this is another thing I should save for the mystical land of tomorrow?... Agh, I guess I'll have to. Just know that every one of the cast is FULLY fleshed out. Sometimes in a non-metaphorical sense as well. 5/5!