Chapter 88 Multitailsking

"Greetings, dwarven traders. I have letters for dwarven kings. Will you please deliver them for us?" Lily asked the dwarven trader politely.

"Of course. Is it about the Golderite and Titan ore previously mentioned?"

"Yes. We shall spare no expense to acquire them. We even prepared a strike team to venture into these dungeons to acquire Titan ores." Lily replied.

"I see. You certainly had the resolve for this. Very well. I shall ensure this letter reaches the king." the dwarven trader bowed. He would stay in this quarantine zone for a week while his food was being prepared. We checked through their goods and found several resources like cement and ingots.

"This steel ingot was less shiny than ours…." Lily replied.

"They must have reduced their qualities. I do not believe their forge was less resourceful than ours. We need to remelt this again in our own foundry." Sarielle helped us check through their traded goods as Edelweiss's right-handed man.

"I wonder when the epidemic will be over?" Lily moaned. She could not wait to travel to those dungeons.

"In the worst-case scenario, we could simply march through their territory with our entourage while applying lotion every six hours. We will have enough supply in three months to do such a thing. Lord Edelweiss has decreed to confiscate every herb leaves from every tea shop to make that potion." Sarielle said. "Lord Silvane was in hot water now due to his region's first victim.

"I have already told him how to do operation on our tails. Does Lord Edelweiss manage to find a real cure? Not just preventive ones?"

"Not yet. Once the parasites are in your body, it requires operations to remove those bugs. Using medicine to kill them inside your body would have lasting damage to your body, so operation is the safest way." Sarielle said sadly, "Lord Edelweiss took leave just now to head to Silvane's territory to personally perform these operations. Once it is done, I believe we shall venture deep into those dungeons. I worry about my lord's health."

"It is odd that you worry about a doctor's health." Lily tried to crack a joke, but Sarielle glared at her.

"I am also tasked to meet this human of yours. His name was Jack, wasn't he? I need to ask several questions regarding human movement."

"Sure. He had just returned and was drinking beer in our tavern with Mattheus. We could talk to them anytime."

We then returned from our dealings with dwarves. After several checks through the quarantine area, we returned to the city. The guards and maids in the quarantine zone consistently applied those lotions. These epidemics were easier to handle than on earth since the cause can be seen with the naked eye. Moreover, the lotion could also ward off these bugs while working inside, so our quarantine was perfect.

To preserve our supply of lotions, Lily elected to be present at every trade and ran a fire through all their traded ores, ingots, and cement. Fire also worked well against these parasites. These parasites stood no chance against our defenses of both medical potion and fire magic.

When she returned to our town hall, Jack was already there. Apparently, he was done resting and having fun in the tavern.

"Lord Lily, I have a report for you. It is about human movements."

"Are they working together?" Lily asked. That was the most crucial piece of information we needed to know. If they worked together, we would be screwed, and any hope of liberating Northlangard will be extinguished.

"Umm, yes and no." He replied oddly.


"Well, They were rallying their troops, and the lords are all eager to invade these lands. However, the kings and queens worded it out like a race. Whoever conquered the most lands will own those lands. And thus, each lord will not work that well together. They might either attack their own or sabotage each other for their own profit." Jack replied. "There was an audition for mercenary to be incorporated into Lord's army with payments and free looting rights."

"Looting, huh?" I was wondering where the human got their money from. Apparently, it was through looting other settlements. I believe this also extends not only to the elves but fellow humans too. I mean, that's how Mattheus got his job when we first met him.

"And baron Gron was supplying weapons to the empire." Jack further explained. He got much more information after bribing his family with our gold. "He also lends several millions of gold as war effort funds."

"Him again?" I shouted inside Lily's mind. "He is really an important person. He always stood as our obstacle in our journey."

"baron Gron seemed to be the richest merchant after all." Lily nodded. "Maybe we could kill him, and half of the corruption in the human country will be gone."

"Eh, really? He is that important?" Nora and Mattheus turned to us.

"I was joking." Lily waved her hands.

"And that is basically it. I suggest we organize more scouting parties and standing troops at the ready. They might attack anytime." Jack clarified human stances.

"It's fine. They won't attack until we attack the undead first." Lhorne dismissed his worry, but Lily put the soldiers on yellow alert anyway. She knew how these humans usually behave, so she was on alert.

She put out an order for a thousand soldiers that was properly equipped to stay on guard. All training was put out on hold until each soldier got their own equipment. No more rotating spears or other equipment for training.

"Mattheus, how're our soldiers?"

"I think five hundred are about level 13 and the resting level 10. the reserve's level hasn't changed." Mattheus replied

"That's about Nora's strength when we first met, right?"

"Yes. If we only fight brigands, we could do just fine. But if their elite knights started to appear, we would be in trouble." Mattheus said honestly.

"Does all of our dungeons cleared?"

"There was only one more dungeon. After that, we must wait about two or three months before they respawn."

"Alright. Tell these soldiers to clear that dungeon as soon as possible, and then we shall await further news from dwarves and humans. I will write letters to Master Ghander and Lord Resse. Alith and Sana, I am afraid I will have to leave all the messages for you. I will not leave Edenthal now." Lily made her decision, and the group went back to work.

The following month was a surprise to us all.


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