The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 1 COMPLETE]

The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 1 COMPLETE]

by Robert Blaise

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The martial path of death and destruction. 


Now, the only way out.


Back to where monsters, gods, devils and ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ bring forth their calamities. 


A superior apocalypse is about to arrive. 

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Robert Blaise

Robert Blaise

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I basically seperate web novels into 3 tiers. Drop immediately due to horrible writing, read while waiting for better authors to put out new content, and worthy of paying a monthly patreon subscription to get my fantasy crack novel fix. This novel is tier 4, cultivation novel heroin. In other words, I am willing to shell out money for advance chapters just so that the author will write faster and more consistently.


Up to end of book 1.


Is this a perfect story? Nope, not even close. I could point out some issues in the story easily.


So why 5 stars? Because this is FUN. It's wild and unpredictable so far. Sure you can guess the big things, they are pretty obvious as they usually are for these web novels, but the chapter to chapter actions of the characters are in a different ballpark.


What I also like is that the author has written a character that is likable despite being edgy and essentially the villain of the story as far as we can tell. I haven't really cringed reading this story as I would normally reading an edgy story. That alone makes it worth it.


I hope the following books will continue this fun pace. The introduction was good, let's see the meat of the story now!


This book represents the beating heart of what makes Royal Road so special. Wether it be cultivation, litrpg, or just fantastic badassery, then this site is the place to be. Book one has all the elements of an excellent cultivation story with elements of of some "time-skipperiness". The MC is given depth and detail all throughout the beginning of the book, before settling on a personality. I hope to see him change and mature in book 2. There is a refreshing lack of deep inner monologues, even in periods of little to no dialogue the author kept the story engaging. I don't want to spoil it, but I definitely recommend giving it a try. If RR had a hall of fame, this would be in it, along with Azarinth healer, Mark of the fool and some others. 




Okay I need to hit a word count threshold

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Lord of trees

Good Show, I love that the MC is Op while still having downsides to his power, and that everything he accieved by anyone and are the result of "one" lucky coincidence not constant plot armor.

His vicories up until now also seem plausible.

His training in the demon world was exellent, since you managed totell a compelling story with only one character while displaying his mental degradation.


A very interesting story that has a lot of potential to become quite an epic. It needs a lot of TLC to fix up recurring grammatical issues and some confusing descriptions. As a reader, it would help for me to know some more details/rules about cultivation, life force, and spirit powers to maintain my suspension of disbelief when the MC starts powering up. Looking forward to a revised book 1 and wherever the author takes things from there!


Hey, so, um... read it.

The only minor spoiler that I will give is that while the loop is part of the story it seems like a really long setup arc.

I like the antics of the unhinged MC :D

The novel itself shows promise in being one of the novels I check daily for updates for here on out.


One of the best cultivation stories

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 - Interference

This is one of those cultivation stories that is just a must read. From the very start it's compelling and keeps you interested. The writing is good, character development is ok, and the overall story has me wanting more. It's fast paced, and one of the best cultivation stories of read on RR.


This story is very well done. It keeps a quick pace, avoids being annoying, and has many creative aspects in a cultivation world. The MC is not a standard xinxia character and while the world has some familiar tropes, it avoids being misery porn in any way. The time loop and the power progression are great and the handful of alternate POV tend to be quite purposeful. There is a certain degree of anime or LN feel to things, but the story is fresh enough that it isn't a problem. Being a bit vague to avoid spoilers about how it is different. If you're combing RR seeking that next gem, this just might be it!


This is a great story, but there is nothing different from the average cliché cultivation novels out there: A MC gained OP power by chance, and get chased around by those greeding for his OPness.

The first 15 chapters can be its own novel, describing an endless Time Loop impossible challenge scenario, that eventually the MC broke out of. After that, it's your usual cultivation novel; with MC doing impossible things, gaining power, defeating people several realms above, etc... 

The world building is much better than average cultivation novels, but again, still falls into the same cliché of "There are sky beyond the sky", with MC starts out in a high-mid-level sect in a backwater continent. As the end of book 1, we get a glimse of the outside world, with gods, demons and cosmic horror.

MC started out as a pragmatic nerd, reading books all day, refusing to cultivate because he saw the cultivators as brutish Barbarian. But after the Time Loop, he became a mentally unstable cultivator, sometime sane and reasonable, sometime having cosmic horror whispering zalgo texts into his mind.

In conclusion, if you like cultivation novel, this is a good read because it's much better than average cultivation novels out there. But if you came expecting something truthly unique, then don't have you hope high, as of book 1.


I Love this Story so far. one of the reasons is that we have an insane protagonist (and he feels actually insane) who is damaged beacause of the loop but it isnt at all the case that his insanity overwrites his personality. so go Autor keep up the amazing work.